Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Update on Yankee 2nd Baseman Search

Reportedly, the Yankees are still pursuing Robinson Cano, even if they have no real means of affording him. This makes absolutely no sense. However, the latest wrinkle in this story makes even less sense.

I hear the Yankees are looking at 2nd baseman Kelly Johnson, who is a professional utility man, with no real expertise as an actual star second baseman. If they don't get Cano, which is becoming more probably by the day, they will likely go with Johnson.

Kelly Johnson is 31.

Ellsbury is 30, and McCann is 29.

Brian Cashman obviously has to understand something about 30 year old ballplayers. Could someone please tell him that they're better when they're younger than thirty, ESPECIALLY if you're paying them for defensive abilities for 5/7 years. I mean, at least get somebody younger than 29, that plays the position well.

I begged for Cashman to look for a young, speedy defensive 2nd baseman, and what does he do? He talks to Kelly effing Johnson, who is not young, hardly speedy, and barely even a second baseman.

Effing Cashman. Does your ineptitude know no bounds?


  1. since you guys love former Braves so much.... I hear Dan Uggla is available....

  2. That sounds so awful that I'm fearing that Cashman might actually sign him.