Thursday, December 12, 2013

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Giants

Both of these customs are awesome enough to eclipse the fact that the team was pretty subpar this year, especially for a Defending Champion. However, you could argue that they were like that in 2011, too.

Scutaro has blossomed from a 'sure, we'll take him' utility dude to an everyday all star shortstop for a decent team, and for that, he has my respect. He's getting up there, but he's still pretty good at his position.
Sergio Romo was left with the daunting task of replacing Brian Wilson as the facial-hair-friendly closer for the Giants, and he certainly excelled, sporting a different, possibly easier-to-replicate chin-bush, and having a more consistent season. In two seasons, he's proved he can go for the long run, and hopefully the Giants will keep him around.

Coming Tomorrow- A few members of the Indians, a favorite team of mine, besides the Yankees and Phillies of course.

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