Monday, December 16, 2013

Lost Customs of 2009: Jim Thome

This one's a few weeks old, but it needs posting, so I'm getting it done.

Jim Thome is probably of my favorite players, mainly due to his time in Philadelphia, where he helped bring the team back to relevance, and set the stage for the uprising of 2008.

But what I love about Thome is how fun to watch he was. Even when he was playing for somebody like Los Angeles, as he was for their 2009 playoff run, he would have a great time, and to that extent, we'd all have a great time watching him.

I did make a Thome custom in 2009, but it was pretty awful. It was the same Thome photo that everybody was using, and even Topps used it in 2010. I just wanted to give him a good one, for once.

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