Sunday, December 8, 2013

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Cardinals

I got home late, so these are a bit overdue, but either way, they're up.

The Cardinals continue to make great teams out of a constantly prospering farm system. It's like an evergreen well of raw talent. And that's killing everyone else in the league. Allen Craig's a great player, but he can be pretty infuriating. Mostly because he's a Cardinal, but also because he just...kinda is.
 Lance Lynn is trying to eat his glove here. This is the kind of photo that Topps would zoom in on and slap a Stadium Club logo on at any point in the 1990s. But today, it's overneoned and served far enough away so we can see the displeasure spread to the rest of Lance Lynn's body.

This is a very well lit, yet still very bland, shot of Matt Adams. I love this design, by the way. One of Fleer's more underrated ones. It reminds me of 1981 Topps.

Coming Tomorrow- A few players from yet another pitiful Cubs team.

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