Sunday, December 29, 2013

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: White Sox

 Funny story. I predicted the White Sox to be in the world series sometime in December 2012. I said it would be a Dodgers-White Sox series. You can see how far off I was. At least in the AL.

Paul Konerko will likely be retiring after 2014. A shame, too. He's a great player, a great 'mainstay' you can always count on.
Alexei Ramirez...funny story (again). A friend of mine took me to a Phillies game this year, and he knew basically nothing about baseball. So I had to explain which players were good, and which teams were good when. And it baffled him that someone could exist with the name Alexei Ramirez. He said 'sthat mean he's Russian and Spanish?'

Coming Tomorrow- The Yankees. And the last customs you'll see until Spring Training photos show up.

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