Friday, December 6, 2013

The Big One Leaves

Tony Womack was the last person the Yankees hired to play second base. He came in 2005, played 26 games at second, turned 26 and that was about it.

Then came Robinson Cano. I am ever so thankful that Robinson Cano was as good as he was for as long as he was. His tenure as a Yankee was one of the more consistent since Derek Jeter's career until 2010.

Sadly, Cano left for Seattle today, taking his single world series ring to a place where none have appeared, and aren't likely to. It's incredibly sad, because if we hasn't wasted all that money on Ellsbury we would have been able to afford him.

I'm definitely going to miss him, and I hope he remains a consistent, excellent 2nd baseman.

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