Saturday, September 9, 2017

Deader Than Chili Over Spaghetti

There's really nothing more to say about the 2017 Cincinnati Reds other than to eulogize them.

The lineup was great, the bench had some depth, Joey Votto had one of his best seasons since his won the MVP in 2010, and added to his Hall of Fame case in a big way. Adam Duvall had another 30 home run season, Scooter Gennett had a great year when he could have slid into obscurity, Scott Schebler, Eugenio Suarez and Jose Peraza had solid seasons, and Zack Cozart started an All Star Game. There's promise in the future, with Phil Ervin having some great games, and Jesse Winker giving a taste of his abilities before landing on the DL.

Of course...the Reds had...the absolute worst pitching staff in baseball this year. Even the Padres' was better than that, because at least they had someone competent that didn't get injured. It was a mess, and it prevented them from actually having a nice season. The injuries, not just to the staff but to people like Billy Hamilton, were insurmountable. This team could have been way better than a last place mess. Plus, I don't know how long it's going to take them to rework that pitching staff. It could take another few seasons, and they could lose the lineup.

But yeah...the Reds season was not great, and hopefully they'll be able to learn from it...soon.

Coming Tomorrow- A catcher for a team that...MIGHT make the playoffs? Too soon to say.

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