Friday, September 8, 2017

Robbery, Assault, and Battery

Oooooooh, taking some cues from the Patriots, are we Red Sox?

I'm sorry, but as a Yankee fan, and as a human being, I can't NOT make fun of this. As good as the Red Sox are, and as certain as their playoff chances are...who am I kidding, they cheated. They stole signs from the Yankees...which, by the way, didn't work 3/4ths of that series, and they got caught. And now they're sort of being scrutinized by the entire league, which...of all teams...

Maybe it's the fact that I actually got to see this team live this year, but...there's a shred of sympathy. I saw how this team was building up. The unbelievable duo of Rafael Devers and Eduardo Nunez had shook up this team and made them even tougher to beat. Chris Sale kept perfecting his Cy Young caliber season. The inevitability of the playoff run was strengthening. If it wasn't for the last two weeks, I'd be firmer in saying how dangerous this team might be in the playoffs, but right now they seem to be taking a passive approach. The Yankees are regaining ground, and the real story in the AL is how many more games the Indians are going to win.

Right now the Indians are at the bottom of the 'protected' teams, so they'll likely be going in seeded third, which means they'll have to defeat whoever is seeded 2nd. I'm not gonna pin down who that's gonna be, because one's rising fast, so...assume you have to play either the Astros or the Indians...and you're the one that's losing momentum. So yeah. I'm thinking it MAY not end well for the Sox. Of course, if the Yankees break past the WC, they'll have to play the 1st seed, so...either way, it's gonna be tough for the AL East.

Still, the Sox' scrutiny is the cherry on top of their shit sundae that was this week.

Coming Tonight: Step One for the Mets was to trade away most of the established stars on the roster. Step 2 is looking like it's bringing up the big rookies and seeing if they can carry the team. And so far, one of them's been doing pretty well.

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