Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ranger Danger

(Anguished Sigh)


If you've been reading the blog for a while, you probably can tell that I'm not a big fan of teams that have no right being competitors trying to sneak into the playoffs. In my eyes, you can't get far into the playoffs without a reason to be there. You have to earn it. I think about the 2016 Cubs, or the 2009 Yankees. They earned it. They deserved to be there. I think about the Dodgers and Astros, how much they deserve their shots.

And then I think about how awful it would be if someone who didn't deserve to be there, like the Texas Rangers, took it all away from them and stole their glory.

There's an argument that baseball complements the underdog, but the real underdog is some team that's been fighting the whole time, up against the best, and sneaks in after getting robbed from 1st. The Rangers were circling last for most of the season. Their lineup is scattered, they've given away some pretty big guns to competitive teams. Despite the fact that they have a pretty solid rotation, and a few good bats, they have no reason to even be anywhere near the conversation for the Wild Card spots. They haven't had the season for it.

The Angels I can kind of get, because while they've not been fantastic, they've been circling second, and they've been building off of nothing, and they just got Justin Upton, and they could theoretically make it past the Twins. But the Rangers were a bad team for most of the season. What's the use of them getting good now and jumping into the playoffs with the best teams of the year?

I don't think this will escalate to the point of a playoff spot, but if it does...I will not be happy.

Coming Tonight: The Padres suck. I only have to do one or two more of their players until December. Here's one of them.

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