Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wrigley Relapse

Now is NOT THE TIME for the Cubs to start losing games. But, sadly...they're not having a great week, and the Cardinals and Brewers are catching up. This is the exact thing they didn't want to happen.

It doesn't help that this team isn't as outwardly powerful as the 2016 team, but the Cubs have had some structural flaws, a few guys slumping, and a pitching staff that isn't as consistent as last year, leading to some losses, and sliding further and further down, closer to competitors. And, no, this would NOT be a great year for the Cardinals to take 1st place. They don't even deserve it.

Plus, Javier Baez has arguably been having a more masterful season than the one where he won the Series. He's been taking 2nd base more consistently, hitting really well, and making a case for permanence when Zobrist inevitably leaves. He's been a part of a nice infield, even with Addison Russell injured and Zobrist and Tommy La Stella filling in.

This isn't a bad team, it's only one that needs to build back its momentum for the playoffs. The Cardinals and Brewers are far enough away that it's not a huge problem, but enough that it must be discussed.

I don't know if the Cubs will be as good as they were last year in the postseason...but I'm just glad they're being discussed to make it.

Coming Tonight: A shortstop for the too inexperienced to compete Athletics.

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  1. As a Brewers fan, I'm just thrilled that - in a year where people accused the Brewers of tanking - they are making the world champs sweat. That said, if the sweep at Wrigley ends up opening the door for the Cardinals, I'll regret it all winter.