Monday, September 11, 2017

Phillies Update: Go Eagles Edition

It's gotten to the point of the season in Philadelphia when it's a ton easier being a Philly sports fan by just watching Eagles games and forgetting about the Phils for a bit.

Not to discredit the Phillies...too much. The way Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Altherr, Nick Williams and Aaron Nola have performed this year has impressed me, and makes me excited for the years to come. That doesn't change the fact that the team's a mess, the pitching's stocked with injuries and overinflated ERAs, and...they're still gonna end up as the worst team in baseball. It's happening. They're already preparing for the 2018 draft.

And it's nice that at this exact moment, where the Phillies' season is absolutely hopeless and they have no chance of doing anything else groundbreaking this year, that the Eagles' season has begun, they had a big win over Washington, and the eyes are becoming fixed on them. Yes, Rhys Hoskins is wonderful, but Carson Wentz is our lord and savior and he deserves our undivided attention.

So...we're just gonna assume the Phillies are gonna keep doing what they've been doing all year. Win a few games, lose several. Have one good performance, as well as several poor ones. And then, hopefully the exploits of those birds in green are gonna make us forget about the 2017 Phillies' season.

Coming Tomorrow- The Tigers have absolutely nothing left. This guy falls under 'absolutely nothing'.

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