Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sad Panda

2010: World Champions
2012: World Champions
2014: World Champions
2017: Last Place in the NL.

That escalated rather quickly, d'ya think?

I feel bad for the Giants, but at the same's a plausible downslope. The core got old and beat up, and a lot of the pitching was either too burnt-out or too inexperienced. Hell, the late season "trade" for Pablo Sandoval was basically an excuse to land old-school fans back in seats...even if he did continue to hit below the Mendoza line.

I honestly don't know how they're gonna rebuild, because a lot of the youth that saw playing time this year wasn't especially good, and can't really inherit the team right now. Buster Posey's still the best catcher in baseball, but is keeping him around to be the Joe Mauer the best idea? There's a ton of instability, and there aren't a ton of easy answers to questions, unlike a fellow NL last place team.

Bottom line is I'm not sure if the Giants will be 'back' next year, or anywhere else in this decade. Yes, they won 3 World Series', but...if the core can't survive a few years after, then what's the point?

Coming Tomorrow- One of two people named Frazier currently playing for the Yankees.

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