Monday, September 11, 2017

The Punk and the Toddfather

This is the part of the season where the plot thickens for the New York Yankees.

They're playing well. True, they're not in 1st right now, but they're winning games, and playing really well. Plus, Todd Frazier is a pretty nice addition...even though the reason they traded for him is now playing amazingly again.

Now, the Yankees' season is going to go one of two ways. One of those ways involves going in as the Wild Card pick, winning that game, and playing the first seed, which...will probably be the Cleveland Indians. This could be extraordinarily difficult for them, but it will likely have to happen if they want to make it all the way.

The other option would involve the Red Sox continuing to slip down the standings, and for the Yankees to take the AL East. If that happens, they'll probably play the Astros. They've done this before, and it's been...fine. The momentum for the Astros seems to be slipping a bit, so if the Yankees are going to pick up some themselves, they need to do so this month.

They've got one more game against the Rangers, then a series against the Rays, which may be relatively simple for them (MAY be; they just beat the Sox). They definitely have a shot at making a move. They just need to be sharp over the next week or so. This is a truly great team...and it better not come short of a playoff gig.

Coming Tonight: A member of those building-but-ill-fated Philadelphia Phillies.

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