Thursday, September 7, 2017

Things to do in Denver When You're Dead

(And now, the ceremonial 'Augh' at Jordan's realization that the Cardinals are, indeed, back in the playoff race)


I understand that pretty much anyone left in the Wild Race is essentially competing to be Arizona's bitch, but...the St. Louis Cardinals, after lapping the Brewers, despite ignoring EVERY SINGLE SIGN that they're not really supposed to be competing this season, are scooching up on the Rockies for that last spot. Just no. This shouldn't be a thing we have to talk about in September. The Cardinals aren't a playoff team, they were just selling pitchers. We don't need to go through another year of this.

Besides, the Rockies have had a better all-around season, always volleying for some piece of the NL West hierarchy, and having a consistently solid year, with great pitching and a solid lineup. Plus, the Rockies used the deadline to strengthen the team, picking up Jonathan Lucroy as a solid catching option, replacing the inefficient Tony Wolters. Plus, with the seasons that Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMaiheu are having, they have every right to be there.

What the Brewers need to do in this last stretch of the season is cement their status as a playoff team, and defend their spot from anyone who's trying to take it away from them, even those pesky Cardinals.

Coming Tomorrow- Stealing? What stealing? Let's instead talk about their newly-acquired and streaking infielder.