Thursday, May 14, 2020

An Extremely Random Blaster of 2017 Panini Diamond Kings

Yeah, took  me long enough to figure out something worth writing about.

I was in Target today, just waiting patiently for Big League or Stadium Club or SOMETHING WORTH COLLECTING to catch my eye, and I ended up finding, just sitting alone...a blaster of 2017 Panini Diamond Kings. I have  no idea  what it was doing there, why it was still in a Target in 2020, was better than nothing.

So here's the blaster. 7 packs, 5 cards per. Good, logo-less Panini goodness.

Pack 1-
4- Billy Martin. First card is a Yankee and it's not even one  I collect.
94- CHIPPAH Jones.
1- GRAY PARALLEL of the Bambino, Babe Ruth. Okay so a Yankee I collect. Nice learning curve, Panini
Aurora insert of Jon Lester. I friggin love the color schemes of these
131- Andrew Benintendi rookie. This is a variation/SP, there's a different photo than base, and the card number's in a different place. Gray, unnumbered parallel of a Yankee, and a short print of a Red Sox player in his rookie year. I am conflicted.

Pack 2-
62- Corey Kluber
20- Kiki Cuyler. This is why I like Diamond Kings. How often do you get to pull Cubs legend Kiki Cuyler from a pack?
52- Freddie Freeman
Originals insert of Pedro Martinez
149- Gavin Cecchini rookie

Pack 3-
77- Maikel  Franco. Heh, member when he was the only Phillie worth putting on a checklist
76- Khris Davis
33- Stan The Man Musial
Heritage Collection of Ken Griffey Jr. These are cool too
118- Kyle Seager

Pack 4-
100- Billy Williams
58- Kyle Schwarber, still depicted as a catcher
Ted Williams collection insert, all of which are very cool
Memorable Moment of LOU GEHRIG
127- Alex Reyes. This, my friends, is also a variation. I am 2 in 4 packs

Pack 5-
16- Jim Thorpe. Pulling Jim Thorpe cards is always gonna be really  cool
90- Daniel Murphy
48- John McGraw
Aurora insert of Jose Altuve. These still look really cool
145- Carson Fulmer. This one is NOT a variation. To ease my mind

Pack 6-
73- Brian Dozier
30- Pee Wee Reese, very nice
6- Carl Erskine. Double the Brooklyn is always good
Originals of Robin Yount
116- Jonathan Villar

Pack 7-
87- Josh Donaldson
64- Nolan Arenado
22- Leo Durocher. Another Brooklyn guy. Awesome!
Heritage Collection of Astros-era Nolan Ryan
90- Daniel Murphy. With a different photo than the one in Pack 5, therefore giving us our THIRD short print  of this box. High-seeded SPs, man.

Not a bad rip. Some cool stuff, even in base cards. I'll try to keep the content coming.