Monday, March 30, 2009


Would the Phillies release Ronny Paulino?

They had two talentless catchers and they couldn'tve been ousted


Monday, March 23, 2009

Another sock done

Curt Schilling has retired


Think of the painful world series' we've witnessed, and that f*(&(*& bloody sock.

He was still a great player, and will be missed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hitting the Target

Back in my BMC period (Before Mint Condition), I used to take time out of my Sundays to get a few packs of cards and Target. Whether it was Timeline or Heritage, or even Upper Deck, I still got it.

Today, while out with my friends, we went over to that Target, and I got three packs. 2 packs of Heritage, 1 pack of Upper Deck. I haven't opened the packs yet, and am excited.

Let's rip.

We'll start with the UD

45- Daisuke Matsuzaka. BOOOOOOOOOO!
76- Rich Harden. Decent player from back when the A's rotation was full of people- unlike today, where they only have one semi-good guy.
10- Chris Young. Meh.
199- Rafael Furcal. Dumb move, Dodgers, dumb move
101- Jeff Keppinger. Who?
164- Brian Bannister. Great player, hard to believe the Mets gave him up. BTW, glad that UD isn't using the Royals baby-blue-pajamas uniforms for their cards. Thank a lot, Topps!
403- Jonathon Niese- Speaking of rookie greats the Mets gave up, this may be the next one.
457- Dodgers Team Leaders. Billingsley, Kemp and Loney.
UD Anniversary 442- Some Hockey card. Wait- HOCKEY IN A BASEBALL CARD PACK?
447- Rockies team leaders- Holliday, Cook and Taveras- only one of which is still on the team.
498- Jack Cust Team Checklist. Why does Upper Deck always have checklists on players?
232- Delmon Young. Sweet!
249- Pedro Martinez. Currently teamless and looking for means of employment.
283- Daric Barton. Who?
266- Melky Cabrera. YANKEE IN DA HOUSE!
332- Felix Hernandez. Decent pitcher.
400- Jesus Flores. Worst. Name. Ever!
349- Jason Isringhausen. Also currently teamless

Now for the Heritage.

Pack one-
146- Ramon Ramirez Rookie. Who?
112- Scott Lewis Rookie. Sorry, could we at least have a Fred? Or Randy?
44- Barack Oba- I mean Dana Eveland. Sorry. Still crazy about those gimmicks.
94- Yovanni Gallardo. Good pitcher.
432- Glen Perkins short print. Good find, bad player.
423- Brian Bucher. Who?
74- Marlon Byrd. The Phils HAD this guy, and then BAM! He was gone!
227- Eric $%^$^%$%^$ Wedge.

Pack 2-
144- Matt Antonelli Rookie. Who?
421- Bengire Molina. NO GIMMICK? WHAAAAA?
New Age Performers of Josh Hamilton. WOOOOOOO!
493- 08 All Star (Legen...) Ichiro (Wait for it) Short print (...Dary!)
267- Hank Blalock. Sweet.
229- Kaz Matsui. Good player, YET ANOTHER ONE THE METS GAVE AWAY!!!
158- Gregor Blanco. Ugh.
219- Bob $%^$%$$ Geren. I HATE MANAGER CARDS!!!

All in all, it was a great couple of packs, and I hope to be ripping more soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not much action

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy. A lot of crap has been happening in my life, and I had to attend to it.

I'm discontinuing my I love the 70's thing. Turns out it just can't work. And also, I don't want to be sharing the turf with 30-Year-Old-Cardboard.

Tomorrow, I might get something, but you never know. Sundays are usually open.

It's been a long day, and tomorrow might be even longer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series 1

A few nights ago, I went to a barmytsfah, and one of the little favors they gave out were baseball card packs. I only got one, but it's enough to garner a post

Let's rip

70- Ryan Theriot. He's okay, but not great. May or may not add him to my "book"
5- Orlando Hudson. Now with the Dodgers. Still one of the best 2B's in the game.
68- Ted Lilly. Another okay Cub. Again, not really that good.
184- Howie Kendrick. Great guy, hopes to be Angels top dog soon.
168- Tony Pena- the one on the Royals. Meh, as Dayf might say.
121- Jason Grilli. Okay, but not Jason Propane Elaine-i
438- Padres Team Leaders. Gonzalez, Peavy and Giles.
Yankee Stadium Lunacy Robinson Cano. Sweet.
UD Documentary James Shields. Why, oh why, did UD brinf this mediocre series back?
417- George Kottaras. WHOOOOOOOO???
481- Brandon Phillips Checklist. Decent Second Baseman.
300- Jamie Moyer. Philly great- WOOOOOO!
234- Craig Monroe. Good player, just not what he used to be.
210- Clayton Kershaw. NIIIIIICE!
318- Kevin Kouzmanoff. Good player.
389- Shannon Stewart. These days. Mr. Stewart is a nomad.
372- Chris David. Who?
355- Ryan Ludwick. Who?

Great pack. Hoping to open more soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Ivan Rodriguez is an Astro

Now what's taking Frankie Thomas so long?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gimmick or no gimmick

(Ladies wearing baseball outfits come out)
Hello ladies
Okay, now it's time to play...

Our contestant today is from the Chicago Cubs, a friend of mine picked up his rookie at today's card show. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Aramis...Ramirez!

Now, can you please tell us if this is really a gimmicked variation, or just a topps card trying to rip off Ichiro.

Please...I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!

2009 Valley Forge Card Show


It was a great show today, and I walked away with lots of cards. Among the older ones

1981 Traded Bobby Bonds
1982 Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton both on the Astros
1988 Traded Lee Smith with the BoSox. BOOOOOOOO!
1989 John Smoltz rookie.
1990 Nolan Ryan
1992 Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson both on the White Sox.

I also got a sweet numbered card of Dave Winfield, numbered to 550.

In addition to that, I got a ton of rookies

2002 Bobby Jenks
2003 BJ Upton and Johnny Gomez
2004 Zach Duke
1992 Draft Pick Jason Kendall
1992 Coming Attractions Jim Edmonds
AND...the icing on the cake...
1992 Top Prospects.
Manny Alexander
Alex Arias
Wil Cordero
and some kid on the Braves named CHIPPER JONES!!!!

In addition to that, a Philly favorite Dickie Noles was signing autographs, and I happened to be around at that time with his rookie card. Long story short, I now have something to brag about.

If that wasn't enough, my friend Dan (who also has a blog) came along with me and he got some even sweeter swag. I beleive he got rookies of Josh Hamilton, Mark Texiera, Pat Burrell and others.

All in all, it was a great show. Expect a new I love the 70's coming tomorrow, and a post about Gimmick #7 coming tonight.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Love the 70's #25

And now, the long awaited beginning of I Love the 70's.

Our lowest entry is of a guy who played for the Reds his entire career. For nineteen seasons, he played in Cincinatti, and he never tired. He wasn't the best offensive player, but defense was his speciality. For four straight years he won the gold glove award (1974-1977) and again in 1979. He also won the NL MVP in 1982. He hasn't made it to the the hall of fame yet, but we all hope he does.

Dave Concepcion.


Thom Glavine

Hanley Ramirez

John Smoltz

Fred Lewis

You can now add Conor Jackson and Randy Winn to the list of unnannounced gimmicks. And neither of them are necessary.

In other news, Pudge Rodriguez has yet to be signed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Love the 70's

Don't worry, Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks weren't invited.

30-Year Old cardboard does his "30 in 31" lists, so why don't I do one?

Over the next 25 days- or more, we're counting down the 25 Greatest players that debuted in the 1970's. From 1970 to 1979- nothing else. I'm not allowing Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver. No. This is the 70's.

Each player will have a brief summary, followed by his rookie card.

After this one, I'll be doing the 80's, 90's and today (I sound like a radio station)

Later tonight- or tomorrow- I will post #25. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coming soon to Mint Condition

Eat your heart out 30-Year-Old-Cardboard

The first Mint Conditioned List

Coming tomorrow

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Really Big News

Remember I said that I wouldn't post today if something big happened?

Something big happened.

A Rod is now on the DL for about 2 months.


On a lighter note, I'm going to the Valley Forge show next week- YAAAY!

Mays and McCovey are signing. It may be the biggest card show I've ever been to.

I might even bump into Chris Harris from Stale Gum, but ya never know.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slow day

I went out to the hobby shop today, and afterward I was hoping to go to the nearest cardshow, but, things happened and I ended up missing it.

I still got a few good cards...a few of those Upper Deck Legends Yankees from a while back.

I remember getting Rich Gossage, Dave Winfield and Wade Boggs.

Slow day, I guess.

Heading into Staten Island tomorrow, prob'ly won't post anything unless there's REALLY big news.

Or if Pudge Rodriguez gets signed.

Either or.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One more big one.

Ivan Rodriguez has not been signed.

The Yankees could take him.

The Red Sox don't want him.

So I ask you this.

If a catcher falls, and no one is around to sign him...does he still play baseball?

(Sorry about this, Lost has scrambled my mind again).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Long Last

Manny Ramirez has found a team.

All the notable free agents (besides a few) have been signed.

Now we can start this damn season.

Nomar and Manny

Remember a few weeks ago I said that Manny Ramirez and Nomar Garciaparra were free agents? Not anymore, it looks like.

Nomar has signed wih the A's, which ultimately makes Jason Giambi their DH. This is a great deal for them , and FINALLY makes Nomar noticeable again (No Topps card since 2006).

And Manny is very close with signing with the dodgers again. Good luck with that, crazy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Topps Heritage is out... and so are a couple of @&&#%##$%*(** Gimmicks

Let's start with the Thom Glavine card. This is almost exactly like the Ex Rod scam Upper Deck pulled a few years ago. Just a few letters off, and that's all that's wrong with the card. This is pretty ridiculous. Why couldn't they just draw a mustache on Mister Glavine. One thing's for sure- Dayf would get mad anyway.

We also have the Hanley Ramirez as a Boston baby card. It's hard to believe that this guy started playing for the Sox. I don't know which is more painful for a Yankee fan, the gimmick or the truth.

Either way, Topps, this is getting waaaaay out of hand.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Topps Walmart Cereal

I got a Cereal pack at Walmart just to see if I could get any of the black cards that everyone's babbling about. Had Babe Ruth on it, a sign of good luck.

Here we go

135- Carlos Delgado. I guess we got the pack off to a good start.
82- Miguel Cairo. Utility guy that used to be a Yankee, and Met. Groan.
240- Ryan Braun. Ugh. Braun looks so lazy in this one.
133- Brandon Jones. Who?
160- Evan Longoria. That's the spirit! We have the card that I've been wanting from the start of the rip.
305- Ivan Rodriguez. YANKEE! But, I already have him.
59- Eric Gagne. Have him.
289- Josh Banks. Who?
41- Mike Mussina. YANKEE- But I already have him, too! Can't I get people that I don't already have? That are Yankees?
239- Brandon League. Who?
235- Chad Billingsley. I think I might have this one.
69- Rich Aurillia. Have him.
303- Zach Duke. Have him.
244- Sean Rodriguez. Have him. Can I get an ALEX?
111- Troy Percival. Have him, I think. DAMMIT!
188- Josh Bard. Have him.
21- Jack Wilson. Have him.
118- Josh Johnson. Have him.
79- David Eckstien. Have him. AUUUUGHH!
114- Chris Dickerson. Who?
162- Mike Cameron. AHA! Now we have someone who COULD HAVE been a Yankee.
25- Jon Lester. BOOOOOO!
246- Postseason Highlights- Rays. Right idea, wrong team.
259- League Leaders. Lincecum, Santana and Haren.
278- Postseason Highlights- Phils. Can we actually get a PLAYER?
227- Freddy Sandoval. Who?
145- Alex Gordon. Okay, now we have something.
Josh Hamilton Topps Town. Have him.
Legends of the game Mickey Mantle. Have him.
Turkey Red Christian Guzman. UGGGGHHHHH!
208-James MacDonald. Have him.
202- Gaby Sanchez. Who?
267- Michael Bowden. WHOOOOOOOOOO!?!?
191- Postseason Highlights- Shane Victorino. Have him, I think.
224- Max Scherzer. Have him.
12- Andrew Carpenter. Have him, and he only played one game.
22- Classic Combos Longoria and Pr- Hell, this is sounding like an exact repeat of my last pack.
183- Jason Michaels. Worst. Face. Ever.
141- Mark Teahen. Getting better.
44- Barack Obama- Oh, I mean Geoff Jenkins. PHILLIE!!
175- Jeff Smard- Smardi- Uh, Jeff Smarty Pants. Looks pretty good.
232- Gabe Kapler. Yawn.
32- Daric Barton. Who?
219- Shin-Soo- Choo.
181- Jerry Manuel. Please, no more Mets.
87- Brad Hawpe. Yawn again.
220- Jay Bruce. Have him.
48- Mike Napoli. Yawn.
280- Joe Saunders. Who?
99- Juan Castro.
279- Ryan Chruch.
215- Ian Kinsler.
296- Reid Brignac. Come on!!!
298- Johnathan Van Every. BOOOOOOOO!
And Finally, 204, Andy Sonnastine.

This sucked. My only chance is my Legends Chrome Refractor.
And it is...


(Ric Flair is suing me after this post.)

Anyway, it was an okay box of Cereal, with a big hit and some big misses.

Hope to be eating more Topps Cereal soon.