Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Autumn Wind Changes (A tribute to Steve Sabol)

The Autumn wind was a Raider
Pillaging just for fun
He knocked you 'round and upside down
And laughed when he'd conquered and won.

The times have changed since his era
With age, the Raider's grown grey
He used to run from the rich for fun
Now he lets all his foes get away.

The Buc, like the wind, has grown colder
And he lacks the great spirit he had
All his rivals, yes all, run away with his ball
If anything else, it is sad.

The Autumn wind was a Raider
His age was an time long ago
When he'd steal all three rings, for the joy of these things
And parade about in the snow.

Now the pirate can't keep down his rivals
As they scamper away with the win
And the Raider will sigh, and just wonder why
He's reached these dark ages again.

But every wind needs a successor
To keep the sun and the moon still at bay
To shout when the victories evolve into history.
A new wind blows in Green Bay

The Autumn Wind's now a Packer
Who breezes through triumph with style
He'll beat you hard, and take full charge
...And he'll do it all with a smile.

I know this is belated, but thank you Steve Sabol, for everything you've done for the game of football, and for sports television. And for taking a chance hiring my dad all those years ago.

You will be missed by all football fans everywhere, those who glance upon football fields to enjoy, embody and embrace their own pastime, all amidst the autumn wind.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Philly Show: Dime Bins Prevail

If anything, I was depraved

I hadn't been to the Philly Card Show in Valley Forge since the first floor turned into a casino.When we got to the convention center today, I was confused, but found my way. Good thing too, for, thanks to numerous 10 cent bins, I had a nice day.

2012 Topps (yes, I needed a lot of this):
Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Joe Mauer, Carl Crawford, Alcides Escobar, Ben Revere, Neil Walker, Billy Butler, Michael Young, Nyjer Morgan NLDS, Mike Moustakas, Alexei Ramirez, Freddy Sanchez, Lance Berkman, Victor Martinez, Adrian Gonzalez, Adrian Beltre, Curtis Granderson, Freddie Freeman, Mark Teixiera, Craig Kimbrel, CC Sabathia, Matt Cain, Jonathan Papelbon, Joakim Soria, Francisco Rodriguez, Jair Jurrjens, Andrew Bailey, Chris Perez, Jason Motte, Tim Hudson, RA Dickey, Hiroki Kuroda, Wade Miley, Kerry Wood, Jim Thome, Jerry Sands,
2010 Topps Update Placido Polanco.
2011 Topps Update
2012 Topps Archives reprint of Juan Marichal
2004 Fleer Patchworks Pedro Martinez
1998 Topps John Smoltz, A-Rod "rookie"
1994 Topps Barry Larkin, Eddie Murray
1995 Topps Ivan Rodriguez, John Smoltz, Paul Molitor
2011 Topps Lineage O-Hud, Andrew McCutchen
1999 Topps Alex Rodriguez, Paul Konerko, Vladimir Guerrero,
2010 Topps National Chicle Manny Ramirez SP (YAY!)
2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Orlando Cepeda, Luis Aparicio, Colby Rasmus, Dave Winfield, Rollie Fingers, CJ Wilson
2012 Topps Archives Prince Fielder (double)
2012 Topps Heritage Andrew McCutchen
2007 A&G Sketch Alfonso Soriano
2007 SP Authentic Roy Halladay, Dan Haren, Scott Rolen, Travis Hafner, Francisco Rodriguez,  Carl Crawford, Felix Hernandez, Paul Konerko
1980 Topps Steve Carlton

2006 Topps (this is also a lot):
Brian Westbrook, LaDanian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning, Jonathan Vilma, Chris Cooley, Cedric Benson, Jerome Bettis, Warren Sapp, T.O., Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Michael Strahan, Darren Sproles, Hines Ward, Tedi Bruschi, Lofa Tatupu, Ray Lewis, Jason Witten, Phillip Rivers, Roddy White, DeMarcus Ware, Brian Urlacher, Andre Johnson, Heath Miller, Antonio Gates, Osi Umenyoria, Alex Smith, Troy Polumalu, Charles Woodson, Larry Fitzgerald, Ben Roethlisberger, Ed Reed,
2001 Topps Archives Fred Biletnikoff, Ronnie Lott
2000 Topps Gallery Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk
2003 Fleer Authentix Junior Seau
2009 Topps National Chicle Phillip Rivers, Maurice Jones-Drew, DeMarcus Ware, Chris Johnson, Jay Cutler, Andre Johnson,
2010 Topps Dallas Clark
2008 Topps Throwback Tony Romo, Matt Ryan
2001 Topps Brian Urlacher
1999 Topps Charles Woodson, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Terrell Davis, Michael Irvin, Junior Seau

Topps Archives (this year)

1954- Jered Weaver, Matt Garza, Brett Gardner, Pablo Sandoval, Mark Teixiera, Madison Bumgarner, Lance Berkman, Paul Konerko, Carl Crawford, Adam Jones, Billy Butler, Nelson Cruz, Wade Boggs, John Danks, Drew Pomeranz, Grady Sizemore
1971- Josh Beckett, Mariano Rivera, Brian McCann, Ryan Zimmerman, Shaun Marcum, Reggie Jackson, Ervin Santana, Jose Reyes, Craig Kimbrel, Mike Schmidt, Joe Mauer, Phil Rizzuto, Johan Santana
1980- Adrian Gonzalez, Ricky Romero, Catfish Hunter, Jose Bautista, Ryan Howard, Jason Motte, George Brett, Tim Lincecum, Dustin Pedroia, Rickie Weeks, Elvis Andrus, Chris Carpenter, Mike Napoli, David Ortiz, Jarrod Parker, RA Dickey, Clayton Kershaw
1984- Felix Hernandez, Michael Young, Prince Fielder, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Santana, Jay Bruce, Lucas Duda, Daniel Hudson, Eric Hosmer, Adam Lind, Michael Bourn, David Wright, Matt Cain, Jim Rice, Brad Peacock, Brandon Morrow.

47 Cards to go until I have to find all those pesky short prints!

Overall, awesome show. A lot of awesome cards

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Latos Edition


Can't really think of a topic tonight, so I'll list some the Top 10 captions that those internet junkies might add to a photo like this.

10. "You put your right leg in, you put your right leg out..."
9. "Oh, so there aren't any stiff-arms allowed in baseball?"
8. "Wait, I forget the catcher's name. Is it Yonder? No, Yonder was traded for me. Is it Ramon still? Nobody tells me these things"
7. "This episode of Sesame Street is brought to you by the letter F"
6. "Looks like rain"
4. "My impression of a stork! Ya like that Joey? Eh?"
3. "Just try and sneak up behind me, Brandon. I dare ya."
2. "where's my other arm?"
1. "Annnd how you swim through land!"
Play me off, Paul!

Coming Tomorrow- Due to a looming Marching Band event, I might not get around to posting tomorrow, which is kinda fitting since I'm out of customs. By Saturday I'll likely have stuff from the playoff-bound teams. Because why not?

A pack of Baseball, a minibox of Football

Update set is looming. The set will have already hit the streets this time next month, and until then I have the baseball and football sets to finish up. So, I bought a pack of series 2 and a box of Football to settle things.

370- Lyle Overbay. Ach, I just realized I have a lot of these. For all the doubles, I'll dish out an insult.
358- Jacob Turner. Probably won't thrive in Miami.
630- Logan Morrison. In three seasons, hasn't yet become the star he's been hyped up to be.
351- Corey Hart. It's not very wise to wear your sunglasses at night.
479- Johan Santana. So, you pitched a no-hitter, that I get. Then what?
409- Greg Holland. I don't believe I have this one.
491- Jose Valverde. Oh, be quiet.
595- David Carpenter.
533- Ian Stewart SHINY CARD! Anyone else sick of these?
Ryan Howard Career Day. This is a nice one.
471- James Shields.
439- Elvis Andrus. Will be a great star someday, hopefully for another team.
590- Humberto Quintero
467- Juan Francisco.
426- Eric Hinske. PffffffffffHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
350- Eva(n) Longoria.
395- Jonathan Lucroy
485- Carlos Marmol. Good gosh, he's been with the Cubs longer than Alfonso Soriano!
573- Kyle Farnsworth, winner of the Chris Sabo award for excellence in spectacles.
343- Salvador Perez.
522- Matt Downs
416- Todd Helton. Needs to get back on the lineup.
375- Drew Stubbs. Isn't the most productive performer on that team.
356- Endy Chavez. Love the guy, but needs to perform to be taken more seriously. Also, Braves and Marlins need to sign him, then the NL East quinta-fecta will be complete. 
482- Chris Capuano. Glad to see he's come back, but of all teams...
619- Tyler Greene. Now with Astros. Haw, haw.
435- Jeff Baker. Gosh, another Cub. Y NO YANKS?
Rickie Weeks mini. I love these.
Golden Giveaway card! Let's see what I get. Because why not?
Cool, a Wade Boggs coin! Also, a coin I never unlocked gave me a Joe Morgan one. So...WHY CAN'T I UNLOCK A CARD?!?!
376- Carlos Quentin. Haaah, Padres.
490- Chris Carpenter. Wow, I need this one!
462- Brett Lawrie rookie. I needed this one too! Great season he's been having.
649- Brandon Crawford. Jeez, the Giants are really good this season.
354- Jeremy Hellickson.
503- Tyler Clippard
609- Lorenzo Cain

234- Davone Bess
288- Patrick Peterson
299- James Harrison. Great collation, Topps. Really swell.
168- Kyle Arrington
184- Brandon Jacobs
263- LeGarrette Blount
144- John Abraham. AARRRGGHHH!
397- Cedric Benson. He's great for the ol' fantasy team
333- Laurent Robinson
196- Curtis Lofton.
124- Sean Weatherspoon. FINALLY something I don't have!
111- Drew Brees. Lost three in a row, now up against the Packers. Good luck, bro.
321- Kenny Britt
128- Trent Cole. Nice, some Philly action in there.
311- Raiders
371- Vontae Davis, the not-as-good Davis
269- Nick Mangold. Great player
58- Dwayne Allen
252- Jarius Wright
too many rookies I already have
90- JPP. wow, the doubles are back.
394- Brian Orakpo
341- Deion Branch
258- Randy Moss
150- Larry Fitzgerald
more doubles
99- Robert Meachem. FIIIINALLY!
141- Cam Newton ROY
117- Early Doucet.
297- Charles Tillman. Have all the Bears starters been there since 2003?
220- Wes Welker. Meh
205- Greg Jennings. Wish he was doing better for my fantasy team
420- Jared Allen. Annnd we're back to doubles
etc, etc,
291- Toby Gerhardt
330- Michael VICK! YEAH!
5- John Kuhn
176- John Skelton. Hurt, paving way for Kevin Kolb
even more doubles
Drew Brees QB Reprint. Good God, even the inserts are doubles!
Terry Bradshaw QB Immortals. I have that one too!
Luck/Elway Paramount Pairs. This one I didn't have
GIVEAWAY CARD- Let's just find out-
Andrew Luck 1960 insert. NICE!
Robert Mathis tall boy. Aw dammit I have this one! GOOOSHHH!
Shonn Green Unnamed Insert
217- Stevan Ridley PINK #'D TO 399. Wow. I always thought the Patriots and pink go together well.
more rookie doubles
359- Cliff Avril
9- CJ Spiller
68- Dolphins

Welp. Lotta doubles but still got a pink insert.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Lowrie Edition

My only comment tonight is that this is likely my first and only Houston Colt-45s custom. Not much to say about Lowrie, who only got marginally better with his move to Houston, but the throwback was unavoidable.

Coming Tomorrow- The Reds are October bound, and so is their newest (in 2012 standards) starter, who's been doing pretty well.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Beckett Edition


I like this card. Very much so, actually.

You wanna know why I like this card?

Josh Beckett is grinning. But that's the not the reason. He's putting on a funny face for the fans, which is kinda cool. That's not why I like this card. I like this card because he's making a funny face for Dodger fans. Not for Red Sox fans. Which is quite nice actually.

I certainly enjoy the Dodgers, not because I know a lot of Dodger bloggers (all 50,000 of them), but because they're stadium's nice, they're a fun team, and Donnie Baseball's at the helm. And I especially like them more than I do the Red Sox.

So seeing Josh Beckett, a man who continuously, for 6.5 seasons, pummeled the sh-- out of my Yankees, in between injuries of course, wearing a uniform of a team I like, instead of one I despise, is pretty nice. It's kinda refreshing, being that he's been pummeling my hometown teams since his rookie season.  Hell, he even destroyed my Yanks in the World Series. That hurt.

Seeing him as a Dodger, striking out people like Angel Pagan and Brandon Crawford, who I could really do without, is pretty cool.

Please, Josh, whether you re-sign or not, please stay as far away from Boston as possible. I'm trying to tolerate you now.

Coming Tomorrow- Since it's the end of their 50 year anniversary trainwreck season, the Astros have been pulling out every throwback uniform in the book. I found approximately one I've never customized. And it's a good one, too. Featuring a former (sigh) Red Sock.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Kimbrel Edition

Closers. They get no respect.

There's a heaping pile of them in the Hall of Fame, but the ones there (Fingers, Sutter, Eck) are only a few of the many who've gave it a go.

Of the two greatest closers of all time, one is retired and the other is injured. There are no shades of grey in closing.

And yet the man above may end up clinching the Cy Young award, despite being a lowly closer for a team that may or may not (verging on the latter) be making the playoffs. It's weird, but it makes something resembling sense.

Kimbrel is establishing himself as one of the best closers in the NL, which can be a dreadful task for a rookie. Injuries may haunt the rest of his career, but he doesn't care. He'll keep his saves up, and he'll keep his career up. The Braves may have a Rivera on their hands.

Although that's hard to believe.

Coming Tomorrow- His team isn't making the playoffs. But it would have happened either way.

Swimming with Minor League Sharks

Where I live, Citizens Bank Park is 20 minutes away. So yeah, in terms of Major League baseball, my town has its mind made up. However, when people around town feel like going to see a game that's like a Phillies game, only with more of a chance of losing, they go to see the Camden Riversharks, the local minor league affliliate. Which is exactly what I did last night, on a whim.

I've been going to Sharks games since I was very young. Matter of fact, the first time I ventured out to see a game there, I had an interesting encounter with a flying bat, which is a story for another day. But I've been there a million times ever since, from enjoying as a kid to enjoying it as a teenager.

What I love about these games now is the number of ex-major leaguers playing or managing. Last night, Ron Karkovice was managing, and among the players in the game were Reid Gorecki (former Tampa Bay Ray). They were playing the Long Island Ducks, and yes, those were the guys that had Rickey Henderson for a year about a decade ago. Before you ask, yes of course I saw him play, and it was awesome. He even stole a base against the Riversharks.

And the amount of stardom in the local division doesn't end there. Scott Kazmir, Armando Benitez, Timo Perez, Tim Redding and Brian Barton all lie on other teams in the division, and that's just scraping the surface. Of course, another team in that league is the Sugar Land Skeeters, and you probably know why I'm bringing them up. If Roger sticks around with that team I will snap up as many Sharks tix as possible whenever they're in town, just to see Roger Clemens pitch.

It was a fairly slow game, and it was nice because we had really good seats. Camden isn't the nicest part of Jersey to say the least, but the stadium's nice and the concessions aren't that bad. Besides, they have Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries, a staple of Philly-area sports parks.

The Riversharks ended up losing 4-2, but it was still a great game. We got to see Ron Karkovice absolutely flip his lid when the pitcher was ejected for allegedly intentionally hitting a batter. Oh boy. It took three umpires to calm him down, but only one to throw him out, which didn't help matters. What a show. They should advertize that instead of the game. Of course, then it'd just be hockey (awaits boos from Canadians).

I go to the Sharks games to have a good time, and to spend my night watching players who roam the field simply just to play again. And it's pretty nice.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Pettite Edition


I don't think that Andy Pettite is a Hall of Famer. I mean, if he does get in, it won't be immediately. He's under appreciated solely because he played on winning Yankees teams, and a pennant-winning Astros team (yes, one of those existed). Actually...why IS he underappreciated?

I mean yeah, he didn't rack up too many wins, and he was never a huge star, but he's a great pitcher, and he at least deserves some consideration. Of the 1995 4, 2 are Cooperstown Definites (Jeter and Rivera) and one is a probable. Then there's Pettite. Nobody knows what to think about him.

But I do. I think he deserves at least some sort of accolade. 

I think he got one too. This card is one of my favorite customs I've made. Not just in a while. Ever. This might be one of the best I've ever churned out. I mean, look at that.Overflowing with color, it's almost like a work of art, and not a baseball card. I think it's as good as last year's Ryan Howard and the year before's Mo Rivera.

So if he doesn't get to the Hall, he can at least be in mine.

Coming Tomorrow- In 1977, Sparky Lyle became the first relief pitcher to win the Cy Young again. He, if anything, proved that it can be done. But can it be done for a team that might not even reach the playoffs, even if this sophomore closer is one of the best in the league? Maybe.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Reddick Edition


You know the old saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? The Oakland Athletics, at the beginning of the season, rather than having a bag of lemons, had one highly publicized, but still juicy, lemon. You're not gonna get much with one lemon. However, in the following months, the A's have cranked out a nice batch of lemonade, using as little juice as possible.

In non-analogy speak: The A's have made a brilliant team out of just one or two stars. 

Josh Reddick, seen above, is one of the unlikely stars who are more prominent in the current Oakland roster. He plays his position well, he can hit well, and he's quick (read: young). His only drawback is playing in the minor league system of a team that will not be named, but let's be glad they gave him up. I might add that he was given up for a former ROY-winning closer. Said closer is now a middle reliever who hasn't been getting any pitching time. You can clearly see who got the advantage.

Now Reddick is a prominent member of a slowly growing squad who have a hardening grasp on the Wild Card. It's either going to be them, Detroit or Baltimore( or the Yankees, whoever loses), and it looks like Detroit is falling out of it. I'm hoping they have a solid finish, but I can guess they have a series with Texas up ahead, and that's not gonna be pretty.

Still, I hope the A's can give the fans what they want. If, of course, they were asking for some lemonade.

Coming Tomorrow- I need to make more, and I know I have to make an Andy Pettite. Any requests? And keep in mind, this is the last week before the reg. season ends, so any teams that might not make the playoffs, now's your chance to ask me for something. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Desmond Edition

In 1994, two remarkable things happened.

1.) The Montreal Expos had a winning record, fueled by a power hitting offense and some stellar pitching, thanks mostly in part to Pedro Martinez.

2.) The season ended early thanks to a (poorly timed). Had the season finished, the Expos would have been the likely favorite to win the World Series. This was a year after the Phillies claimed all, and before the Braves would have their multitude of pennants.

For a brief second there, the Expos were on top. And the sad thing is that it took them 18 years and a location change for them to get back there.

I'll say this about Ian Desmond: brilliant defensive player. He's young, he's quick, and he's really good at his position. A shame he got hurt around the All Star Break, because he deserved that nomination.

I'm really glad that team is doing well, and I hope they get pretty far into the postseason.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of teams inexplicably doing well, you'd have to travel back to the era of the Bash Brothers to find this team in the World Series. Now, as the team returns to the Wild Card race, an outfielder tries to sell his team on speed and defense alone. And no, not the one that is part of this complete breakfast.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Motte Edition


Doesn't he look ridiculous?

I mean, my God. He looks like a bear raided the locker room and stole a jersey. I know it's a throwback, but it's a bear wearing a throwback. So...Al Hrabosky. 

I know this isn't really a thought driven post tonight, but I had a really good one yesterday. Cut me some slack.

Coming Tomorrow- A player whose autograph I got in person, and who has been playing pretty well this season.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Miley Edition


(Disclaimer: To any confused tweens, this post does not involve pop star Miley Cyrus. This is a blog about baseball cards. The writer appreciates the pageview, but he asks that you please go away before your bubblegum pops and your bff texts you simply to say "lol")

(2nd Disclaimer: The writer wishes to apologize to all adults/teens reading that last paragraph. Those who refer to it as sterotypical of teens must be reminded that the writer is, in fact, sixteen years of age, and that many of his friends actually act like that)

For those of you who don't know, forgot, or simply refused to remember, I took a cruise this summer, which was very nice. It was out of New Orleans, so I got a nice mix of Southern accents, and a heaping pile of LSU alums, who make up 70% of the city of New Orleans 

(3rd Disclaimer: The writer apologizes if any LSU alums are reading this post. If they are, the writer wishes them all good luck with the rest of the season takes his comments back)

 But still, the nice smorgasboard of Southerners made for a very interesting trip. We sat at a table with some very nice ladies from Arkansas. We spoke with Texans and New Orleans residents.

However, the most interesting part was when, after a midnight comedy show I surmise, we got into an elevator with some relatives of a major league baseball player.

I was wearing a Phillies shirt. Which, in itself, was genius, because it's always a nice conversation starter when you're on a boat with people whose conversations you can't understand most of the time.

(4th Disclaimer:--Tired of these yet? No? Okay. 

(4th Disclaimer- The writer apologizes for any jokes made at the expense of Southerners. The writer also wishes to add that the Rangers will likely win the World Series, albeit while snickering)

But still, the kind people in the elevator saw my Phillies shirt, and asked, obviously, if I was a Phillies fan, to start a conversation. They proceeded to tell me and my folks that a relative of theirs, a kid, pitched at Citizens Bank Park, against the Phils.
They asked if we'd ever heard of Wade Miley. Of course we had. He was an All Star, a great young pitcher, and he was one of the youngsters giving Arizona a small bit of attention this year. 

I just thought that was kinda cool, is all. Meeting a baseball player's relatives isn't something you do everyday. Whenever I see Wade pitch, I'll remember that.

Coming Tomorrow- Because the world demanded another one, a Cardinals custom. It's their closer. You can easily see how enthused I am about this.

Another $10 box of Topps Football

Yeah, I'm really liking this year's football set. So much so that, after appraising a friend's collection, said friend gifted me with yet another offering. Which I graciously accepted.

310- Ndamukong Suh. Him and Megatron are the Tigers and Bears of the Lions.
375- Tony Gonzalez. Definite Hall of Famer
358- Kevin Smith. In a row?
93- Jason Peters. Hey, at least some Eagle gets a pro-bowl nod
171- Vince Wilfork
391- Redskins. Why do they keep doing these?
190- DeMarcus Ware. He does the exact same thing on every card.
350- Peyton Manning, the QB of the 2000's. Glad I pulled this one.
40- Dwayne Bowe. What a pose. Ow.
116- Jake Ballard
426- Mario Manningham. One of the many people who left the Giants for the 49ers.
438- Brandon Marshall. Glad to see he's back with his man Cutler.
140- Andrew Luck. Have this one, but need another just in case he's that good.
149- Michael Egnew
289- David Wilson.
65- Marvin McNutt. So many rookies. To pass the time, I'll give when every rookie was picked.
427- Brandon Taylor. 73rd. His name is too plain.
357- Chris Givens. 96th.
257- Lavonte David. 58th. That;s what you get for having your name in the wrong order.
242- Lamar Miller. 97th. Musta been friends with Chris.
56- Bills team.
281- Lance Moore
370- Sam Bradford. Probably isn't going to pan out. Sucks for my Bradford/Tebow/McCoy/Clausen jersey card.
11- Earl Thomas.
288- Patrick Peterson
299- James Harrison
168- Kyle Arrington. Yay. Doubles.
215- Marques Colston
175- Ed Reed
98- Jon Baldwin. No relation to Alec, Steven, William or Daniel.
301- Mike Williams
96- Devery Henderson
54- Kevin Kolb. Now apparently starting for Arizona. Because somehow, a QB that wasn't trusted didn't do very well. Who'da thunk?
35- Justin Smith
336- Kendall Hunter. Why so many 49ers? Want my fantasy team to bleed?
264- Johnny Knox
105- Knowshon Moreno
216- Bengals tc
147- Lions tc. Seriously?
Cool, a Michael Vick QB Reprint. Nice.
QB Immortals of Len Dawson. Now that is a nice one.
Colston and Sproles Paramount Pairs
243- Peter Konz GOLD #D TO 2012.I wish I'd get golds of people I've heard of.
Giveaway Card! Lets see what I get!
A Lions token........WHY CAN'T I EVER UNLOCK A CARD????
Kevin Kolb tall boy mini. I love these.
Mike Williams Unnamed Insert
225- Matthew Stafford
265- Reggie Bush. Played great against the Raiders yesterday
342- Pierre Thomas
184- Brandon Jacobs, another Football to Baseball Giants player
132- Coby Fleener. 34th. Close but no cigar.
77- Ryan Broyles. 54th.
104- Travis Benjamin. 100th. I wish that actually meant something.
368- Orson Charles. What is this, the 1920's? 116th.
154- Stephon Gilmore. Do they call him happy? 10th. I guess they do.
214- Bernard Pierce. 84th.
367- Greg Childs. 134th.
256- Jordan White. 244th. So naturally, he gets a football card.
229- Vinny Curry. 59th. He's from where I was born.
44- Bruce Irvin. That last name has some potential. 15th.
47- Mark Barron. 7th. Baron of the Buccaneers? Naw, it doesn't work.
326- Kirk Cousins. Backup QB for Washington. Will likely be out of a job soon. 102nd.
63- Nick Toon. What a name. 122nd.
97- Jared Crick. 126th.
283- Ronnie Hillman. 67th.
206- George Iloka. 167th. GAAHHH, SO MANY ROOKIES!
287- Shea McClellin. 19th. At least this one's better.
207- Plaxico Burress. I forget where he is now.
221- Ben Tate.
259- Cliff Avril.

Well, that was a nice box, especially with the Manning.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Throwback Cashner Edition

I'm sorry...I just love throwbacks

Forgive me if they kinda hinder the overall awesomeness of the custom, but to me they make them even better. Those throwbacks make the card look even more authentic, and even more like it could have happened. Lately I've been doing research and making sure I'm using the right uniforms for the timeperiod. If I would have made this a 1990 custom, I would have been a year late.

Of course, not everything's perfect. While I would love to have done a throwback of every awesome uniform, I don't think I have. So I'll give a list of every team, and a throwback I'd like to do from them.

Angels: I've done their 60's (Mike Trout last year) and their 80's (Torii Hunter last year) unis, but I'd love to do a Late 90's Anahiem Angels one. That would be pretty cool. Dunno which design I'd do (1997 seems easiest), but those uniforms are kinda cool.

A's: 60's uniforms. Not the Kansas City Athletics ones, but the ones right between the Kansas ones and the bright yellow ones. Those plain green ones that Rollie Fingers wore in his first few cards.

Astros: I don't think I missed any good ones.

Blue Jays: 70's/80's one?

Braves: I've covered all the good ones.

Brewers: I'd love to do a throwback custom of their Seattle Pilots unis. If they ever decide to wear them again. If not, their 1995 ugly ones. Oh yeah. I went there.

Cardinals: Did most of the good ones. One of which is coming in a few days.

Cubs: I don't think they've had any distinctive uniform changes in a while. Which is nice.

D-Backs: The one I always wanted to do is coming tomorrow.

Dodgers: Probably their 70's uniforms. Nothing much, but still pretty good.

Giants: Oh, their mid 80's/early 90's uniforms. I'd love to customize them. With the almost-yellow SF on the cap. Those were cool.

Indians: Have I done their 70's pink ones? If not, I need to. Those were kinda cool. Weird, since "cool" and "Pink" don't go too well together.

Mariners: Maybe their late 90's stuff. But I'm reaching.

Marlins: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. If they ever do a 1993 Teal Night, I will do customs of the whole damn team. I mean it, too. I freaking loved those teal unis. I wanna customise that one so badly, except I doubt they'll ever wear that one again.

Mets: Nothing really.

Nationals: Who wouldn't want to see Strasburg or Harper in an Expos jersey? Seriously.

Orioles: I don't think anything stands out.

Padres: Most of the good ones I've done already.

Phillies: I don't really see one I've missed. Maybe a 70's one.

Pirates: Oh, there are tons. Some 70's yellow, those 80's hats, the list is endless. There are a million different throwbacks I wanna do with the Pirates.

Rangers: Did most of the good ones. Even the 90's Red.

Rays: 1999 rainbow chest. Please Joe Maddon?

Reds: Maybe the 80's unis. Whatever Norm Charlton wore.

Red Sox: Nothing that specific. They've had the same real uniform design forever, so I can't really do any throwbacks for them.

Rockies: 1993, but that looks too much like what they wear now.

Royals: Oh, their 70's stuff would be really cool. I mean it. Or an Athletics night.

Tigers: Nothing really.

Twins: 80's/90's stuff. What they won the World Series' with. That would be so great to do a throwback with.

White Sox: Their two unis (the red throwback and the current black) I've done tons of.

Yankees: Yeah, it would have been awesome if they modernized their uniforms 20 years back so I could do some throwbacks. No. Yankees don't play dat.

But yeah, as long as Throwback uniforms still continue to exist, I will continue to make customs of people wearing them. Oh yeah.

Coming Tomorrow- What's that? A custom of a card from eleven years ago? What demonry is this?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

3.5 games back


Baseball is a crazy sport. It's also an unpredictable one.

It took bonafide lunatics to convince me, back in May, that the Phillies would wind up in the playoffs. And by a bonafide lunatics, I mean several die-hard Phils fans who live in my neighborhood.  Could they not see the standings? Could they not glance at the scoreboard? The Phillies were declining, and fast. Their stars were injured, their other stars were gone, and their team was aging, and inexperienced. I honestly couldn't see them fighting for a playoff spot.

As I've said many times before, I never get tired of being wrong.

As of today, the Phillies are 3 and a half games behind the Wild Card frontrunners. The phrase being uttered all around my town is simply "It could happen". Because it certainly could. I don't see them clinching the East, but they could theoretically end up in the playoffs anyway.

If they do, it will make the 2012 season one of the most insane seasons in baseball history. A losing Red Sox team! A winning Orioles, A's and Nationals teams! The Angels circling last! The Yankees fighting to stay in it! A rookie being even better than Bryce Harper! It's all incredibly crazy. 

The Phillies getting that wild card would only add to the craziness. If it happens.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Lillibridge Edition


Nobody goes out and tries to create someone's Twitter photo. Intentionally, that is. 

You can make artwork, and it can be awesome, but the #1 goal is never for it to end up as someone's twitter photo. It's just a bonus. You see something you made as someone's twitter photo, and say "well how about that..." It's never really what you wanted in the first place.

Last year, what I wanted in the first place, as with any custom, was to make it look so good that it would be prized by the player depicted. Of course, that was an exaggeration. But it happened.  Last year, around this time, a fan of mine, (aka The Fan), who has been one of my more loyal followers, and who always gives me awesome requests, gave me one I couldn't refuse.

He wanted me to make a custom of a player he was pretty friendly with. Brent Lillibridge. I obviously couldn't pass this up, so I whipped a nice one up, and sent it to the fan. Within a week he showed it to Lillibridge, who loved it, and put it as his Twitter photo.

So that was the highlight of my 2011. Someone used a custom as their Twitter photo. A baseball player saw one of my customs and liked it. That was probably more than I would have asked for.

Flash forward a year. Brent Lillibridge has gone through 3 teams in one year, dealt to Boston for Kevin Youkilis, and claimed off waivers by the Indians. He's playing well, but not like 2011 well. I'll say that he's still as tremendously fun to watch as in the past.

A week or so ago, The Fan gave me a request to do another Lillibridge custom, this one for the Indians. And I immediately said "YEAH!" This was while I was staying in a hotel near Baltimore, so the when I got home that was on the slate. I got a really nice photo, a great design, and hit save. And I sent it to the Fan, and he loved it.

And that's the story so far.

I'll say this: I'm not hoping for a sequel. I mean I am, but I'm not intending to enforce any decisions. I'm not dead set on the same baseball player using another custom of mine as his Twitter photo. Whatever happens happens. I don't know if anything's been shared, or anything. I don't want to assume anything, because it makes an ass of you and me, as we all know.

However...I'll be checking Brent's Twitter page constantly, just in case.

Coming Tomorrow- I need to make more. Any requests?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Pierre Edition


Last year, an outfielder came to Philly that was so good at the game, and so awesome, fans immediately snapped up his jerseys and became fans of his. That outfielder was Hunter Pence. He just left a month ago. Philly fans are sad.

I'll say that if they didn't have Juan Pierre to root for, they'd be sadder.

Juan Pierre is the quintessential backup outfielder. He doesn't play everyday, but he can hit, and he can definitely field. Also, he's accumulated the most stolen bases (active), and possibly the most successful bunts (activated). He's Rickey Henderson and Willie Keeler rolled into one guy. Add an incredibly fun to watch player to the mix, and you have someone Phillies fans always cheer for whenever he's on the roster.

Will be be re-signed for 2013? Who knows. The last time the Phillies had a backup that could hit homers, they sent him to Baltimore, where nobody used him for anything. But hopefully Pierre will find a team that uses him nicely. Or the Phils could pick him back up again. Either or.

Coming Tomorrow- Last year a custom of mine was a baseball player's Twitter photo. Said custom needed a sequel. Said player needed a new Twitter photo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Scherzer Edition


Justin Verlander has a tight grip on the Cy Young lead. Chris Sale and David Price are close behind, but it's Verlander's year. Yet while he's been getting most of the stardom in Detroit, the guy above has been doing a lot of the work.

Max Scherzer is on the leaders lists in strikeouts and ERA. He's been pretty dominant this season, and he's been pitching as well as his teammate. The problem is star power. Verlander, because he's Verlander, is getting all the acclaim. None of said acclaim is going to Scherzer, because nobody knows who he is. All they know is Verlander. And that's sad.

Max Scherzer, when he team does well, pitches great, and if he wasn't on Verlander's team he'd be the best guy on the roster. It's a shame that his teammate will likely come out on top.

Coming Tomorrow- In February I noted that he was competing with Scott Posednik and Laynce Nix for the Phillies' backup outfielder role. Posednik's gone, Nix is unreliable. Guess who's been the indefinite backup?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Liriano Edition

Not a lot to say about this one tonight. Liriano used to be great with the Twins, and now he's trying to get his stuff together. Not a lot to write about there.

Coming Tomorrow- While Justin Verlander makes his 2nd straight Cy Young race, his second in command has been pitching pretty well on his off days.

He was safe!


When I posted that I was attending the Yanks-O's game yesterday, first of all, I had no idea that Internet Explorer would screw up the formatting. Therefore most people reading it on IE probably got something resembling an eye chart and not a blog post.

But mainly, I had no idea that the whole game would be surrounded by a blown call, and the final one at that. The play, as ESPN has shown countless times already, was a runners on 1st and 3rd, Tex up play. Teixiera hits down to short, who gets the out at second, and throws to first, where a headfirst-sliding Tex was claimed out.

Mark Teixiera's first action was to slam the base in frustration, and yell at the ump. He touched the bag before the tag, and countless replays would later show that yup, he was safe. However, we were dealing with an umpire who may not have been right in the head. He clearly wasn't a Yanks fan, and wanted to go the bleep home. So he's out.

I'll say that if Tex would have been safe, the Yanks would have eventually gone on to win it thanks to a strong surge and a blatantly awful performance by Jim Johnson, whose custom is up at the helm. They were coming back, and Tex was indefinitely safe, so the game shouldn't have ended right there.

It's sad, it's controversial, and above all else, it's infuriating. The Yanks would have had that game had it not been for that call.

The rest of the game was pretty cool. My friend Colin won Fan of the Game. I tried nudging into the 'tron, unsuccessfully. A fan behind us kept trying to put a yankee cap on his orange fright wig.

Also, I effing love Camden Yards. That's probably my favorite place to watch a game, and it's awesome that I go there pretty often. Our seats were high up, but we had a few of the whole field, and it was cool. 

It's a shame that such an awesome game was marred by a blown call.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yankees vs. Orioles: This time it's Personal


There's less than a month left in the season, and really the only battle that matters right now in baseball is this one. Mainly because they're two great baseball stories waiting to happen.
 The Yankees, if they get to the playoffs, will have come from the loss of their veteran catcher, and the signing of only unreliable veterans. Their pitching staff and wild offense catapulted them into the lead. Then, the Orioles caught up. If they end up back on top, it'll be one of the better comeback stories of the year.
The Orioles on the other hand came from nothing. Last year they ended the season circling last and without too many options. As the season went on, their pitching staff expanded and grew, and their team slowly became a contending one. If they end up making the playoffs, it'll be one of the more memorable baseball stories, of how a tiny team ended up slaying the best team in baseball.
Who'll come out on top? Who's really to say? But I feel as though I owe it to myself to find out firsthand, tonight. Yes, I'll be attending the Yanks-O's game in Baltimore tonight, wearing my Derek Jeter jersey no less. They say it's going to rain- they clearly do not know the magnitude of this game. Rain can wait until tomorrow. Just in case the rain makes it past security, I'll bring an umbrella.
Whoever wins tonight, be it the Yankees strengthening their lead, or the Orioles tying it all up, it'll be a memorable game nonetheless.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Encarnacion Edition


The man above is a veteran whose trade to the Blue Jays has sparked a hitting streak and close to thirty homers so far. And no, he's not Jose Bautista wearing an Edwin Encarnacion mask.

I get that they're the same mold, and their sudden inclines have both been noted by many sportswriters. Edwin isn't getting as much publicity as Joey Bats, but when he's on the top homers list, and he just barely missed the All Star Team, people take notes.

Of course, the Jays are in last, and not too many people are looking over there for power. But Edwin can hit for power now, and he's doing it so well for Toronto.

There's an 100% chance that the Blue Jays will not make the playoffs. But Edwin Encarnacion's 2012 season will probably be remembered.

Coming Tomorrow- A former Twins phenom trying to get his stuff together in Chicago.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Price Edition


Right now, David Price is one of the best pitchers in the AL. You ask someone to rile off awesome pitchers, and David Price is usually among the first five. Verlander, Sabathia and Price is usually how it goes. And that's good.

I'm not a fan of the Rays, by any stretch. To be honest, I probably wouldn't like them if they were in any other division as well. But Price...he's just a great pitcher. He throws strikes, he jumps to the top of the stats, he racks up wins. He's a strong pitcher for the modern ages. And I'm kinda glad he's been throwing well this season.

Then again, the AL Cy Young race is tighter than a Cheesecake Factory at 6:30. You have Justin Verlander, who's having a beautiful season, Chris Sale, who has broken out tremendously, CC, who's been dominant whenever he's healthy, and Price. Those four have been commanding the talks, but while the talk is mostly Verlander vs. Sale, it's kinda odd that Price isn't up there with them. Chris Sale's star has fallen since the All Star Break. Price has done the opposite, having a great July and August.

Again, the Cy race is too close to call, but if David Price gets it, I'll be satisfied.

(But a little bit more satisfied if CC Sabathia gets it).

Coming Tomorrow- Stop me if you've heard this one before: an oft traded corner is sent to Toronto, where after awhile he blossoms into a hard-hitting outfielder. And no, not Bautista. Bautista, while on the DL, didn't land on the home-run charts, and on the minds of most sportswriters.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It was going so well...

(WARNING: This post was written in an incredibly frustrated mood, at the realization that the Yankees had completely blown their lead. Needless to say, if anything in this post offends you, remember: this is the one time in a blue moon that the Yankees are losing games. This doesn't happen often, and they'll be back to winning soon. Plus, I'm kind of allowed to be mad right now. So don't mind the constant moping and bitching of a frustrated fan.)

I don't even know where to begin about my Yankees.

We shouldn't be tied for first right now. We really shouldn't. We should be way ahead, with a playoff spot secured, already putting the pennant up on the rafters. But it doesn't work that way, apparently. It's like the last few days of a semester. After just phoning it in most of the year, now you have to work to get what you want. And it's nuts.

I don't really know what's worse: that the Orioles got hot when they did, or that the Yankees got cold when they did. Don't get me wrong, the Orioles are a sentimental favorite of mine, but the Yankees really should have stayed in first, instead of losing all those games in the last month.

I honestly don't know what happened. Maybe it was A-Rod and Teixiera going on the DL. Maybe it was the O's getting all those stars at the deadline. Maybe it was Ichiro. Either way, I don't get it. We had it going, too.

And we were all so damn confident! Two months ago, the Yanks were a LOCK for the playoffs. And now we're effing fighting to stay in first. It's insane, and terrible, and thousands of other adjectives. And overall I'm just disappointed, because this is a good team, and they should be playing better than this.

You people don't understand. All your teams have up seasons and down seasons. The Yankees always have to be the best, and even when they are, people hate them. And the moment when the lead slips, and when all the other classmembers start pointing and laughing, that's when it hurts. When everybody else in the damn league look at each other and say "hey, look how far those Yankees have fallen", it really grinds my gears. And no, I'm not cutting to that screencap. I've already pissed off enough Canadians, anyway.

So yeah, needless to say, I'm not a happy fan right now. The Yankees aren't playing like the Yankees, and they're making me, and most other Yankee fans, very angry.

Who knows, maybe I'm overreacting (note the sarcasm). Maybe they'll snap up the lead again and be atop the AL East in no time, and the Orioles will just take the Wild Card. Maybe they'll make the playoffs. But then again, maybe they'll be the unfortunate 2012 Yankees, who came so damn close, but missed it.

Don't mind me. I'm just bitter. And I'll be a lot more bitter if the Yankees don't get that playoff spot.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Profar Edition


Not much to say tonight. He hit a home run in his first game. He's also an awesome up and coming infielder.

He also plays for the Rangers. Hate him.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the best pitchers in the game right now, and his team's stuck behind the Orioles.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Frazier Edition


There's always one.

That rookie that pops up mid-year, even though he was probably playing last season. Either way, he's suddenly hitting well and on ESPN and everything.

Yeah. That's Todd Frazier for ya.

The reason he's been getting so much attention is the fact that his team is Red hot, no pun intended. The Reds have been on fire for the last month or so, with most pitchers on par, Bruce and Votto hitting strongly, and this guy blossoming well. 

So if there's a rookie hitting well on a team playing's a big deal. And Todd Frazier should be a big deal this season. He'll probably be in consideration for the ROY.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of rookies, this one debuted earlier today, and hit a home run. The only downside is that he's another freaking Ranger. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Jennings Edition


Not much to say tonight. Just look at the card. It's a nice one.

Coming Tomorrow- And with that meaningful post, I'm out of customs. I had a streak going and everything. Any requests? Don't say Todd Frazier, because I have him next on the block.

Two $10 Boxes of 2012 Football

There's two months until Update, so until then...FOOTBALL BINGE!

Yeah, like last year, I'll be spending a few weeks gorging on countless football cards, esp. the Topps release. I really like this year's set, and I wish to collect more of it. So, I picked up a few ex-cereal boxes of the stuff.

Box 1-
385- Miles Austin. Of course, we start the pack with a Cowboy.
20- Andre Johnson. There's a legitimate star.
161- Seahawks tc. Do they make these just so they'll end up in clumps in cardboard boxes?
13- Bears tc. Another one. Of course.
133- Fred Jackson.
298- Ahmad Bradshaw. I think he's on the Niners now.
294- Fred Davis. First Jackson, now Davis? Add in Taylor and we can have...Right Said Freds!
86- Sebastian Janikowski. Of course, for that bad joke I get some doubles.
227- Lance Briggs. got it.
203- Cowboys tc. Sigh...
392- Shonn Greene. Got it
129- Pat Angerer.
373- Justin Tuck
262- Kellen Winslow. Just got cut.
82- DeMarco Murray
8- Eric Weddle
162- Hedley LaMarr Woodley
110- Darrelle Revis. The Jets are lucky to have this guy. Who are they unlucky to have? Tim Tebow. And I am too, since I picked the short straw and he ended up on my fantasy team.
167- Christian Ponder. Currently Pondering why he's still starting in Minnesota.
193- Kevin Zeitler.
433- Luke Keuchly. Another highly praised rookie.
91- Michael Floyd. Wow, I'm 3 for 3 with first-round rookies.
266- Devon Still. Aww, you broke my streak.
380- Trent Richardson. THERE WE GO AGAIN!
139- Jerel Worthy
58- Dwayne Allen
252- Jarius Wright
84- Pierre Garcon. Wow, he's with the Skins now? From one sinking ship to another. At least he'll have RG3 to attempt to catch.
119- Arrellious Benn. Wow, an overhyped 2010 rookie.
223- Antonio Brown
237- Demaryius Thomas. I have a game used of him, but he'll only be known for catching the 316 yard pass.
304- LaDainian Tomlinson. Hall of Fame in 6 years.
200- Adrian Peterson. Hopefully he'll regain his mojo after last season's injury. Actually...screw that, I have the Packers' defense on my fantasy team.
142- Darrius Heyward-Bey
241- James Handerson
172- Carlos Rogers
280- Jimmy Graham. He's nuts. Though not as nuts as Cortland Finnegan
130- Hakeem Nicks
26- Antonio Gates.
74- Doug Baldwin. No relation to Capital One's spokesman
349- Chris Ivory
102- Jaguars tc. Ugh...
361- London Fletcher
247- Leonard Hankerson
Paramount Pairs of Willis McGahee and Lamar Miller. Okay...
Sonny Jurgensen QB Reprint. Okay, as an Eagles fan, that card is awesome.
QB Immortals of John Elway. No matter what he did in football, I'll always think of him as Homer Simpson's suggested identity (ie.e- "Oooh...I wanna be John Elway!")
GameTime Giveaway Card, which looks cool. Let's see what I get:
Chiefs coin. Bleh
1960 Rookie of RG3! YES! This is really, really nice! I'll be holding onto this one.
Ryan Grant mini. I like these
Willis McGahee Unnamed Insert. I like these too.
138- Matt Cassel CAMOFLAGE #'D TO 399! This is cool, although I wish it was someone other than Matt Cassel.
308- Michael Turner
398- Ryan Mathews
64- Andy Lee. Him and Akers must be buds
315- Mike Tolbert
123- Robert Mathis
92- Chandler Harnish, the world's most unnecessary QB draft.
15- Harrison Smith
364- Antonio Allen
44- Bruce Irvin
83- Kendall Reyes
89- Michael Brockers
319- MATT KALIL ROOKIE! Another good one.
285- Dontari Poe
240- Justin Blackmon. Another good one!
28- DeVier Posey
418- Browns tc
72- Bucs tc
292- James Starks
219- Osi Umenyiora

Box 2-
192- Jake Locker. Needs to get better
384- Brandon LaFell
166- Falcons tc
396- Adrian Clayborn
404- David Harris
352- Greg Little
30- Patrick Willis. Met the man. One heck of a guy. He's pretty nice, and he's a great player. I always like pulling cards of him.
323- Aaron Hernandez
416- Jordy Nelson. He's really, really good.
251- Willis McGahee. Going by pattern, will likely spend three more seasons with Denver before signing with someone else.
260- Matt Forte
313- Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs
174- Nick Barnett
25- Ray Lewis. What a great player. We're looking at a legend, folks.
94- Sidney Rice
411- NaVorro Bowman
335- Michael Crabtree
277- Matt Flynn. Good, but apparently not good enough for the city where the sun don't shine.
334- Law Firm.
348- Clay Matthews. Man, that guy's a nut. He's a great player, too.
379- Jason Hill
32- David DeCastro
245- Devon Wylie
239- Jake Bequette
73- Rookie Premiere card. Yay?
21- Eric LeGrand. What a story
51- Gerell Robinson
278- Juron Criner
413- Aaron Corp
255- David Nelson
53- Jermichael Finley. Got it
160- Mark Sanchez. Got it.
272- DeAngelo Williams
346- Eagles tc. Damn right
382- David Akers. Great kicker.
248- Bernard Scott
410- Tony Homo.
135- Jay Cutler. Needs to stay healthy
344- James Laurinatis
198- Joe Thomas. Arguably Cleveland's best player.
235- JJ Watt.
38- Jonathan Joseph. Yes, last name?
181- Chris Clemons
395- Texans tc
12- Owen Daniels
210- LeSean McCoy. SHADY!
159- Steelers tc
217- Stevan Ridley
10- Troy Effing Polamalu
Drew Brees Rookie Reprint
Jim Kelly QB Immortals. Yeah, you could say that
Luck and RG3 Paramount Pairs
81- Chiefs tc Gold Card. Why am I getting all this Chiefs crap?
Another Code Card:
 Steelers coin. Meh again
Greg Little mini. Hah, little mini.
Patrick Willis Unnamed Insert
213- Asante Samuel. Nice.
377- Kellen Moore
417- Chad Greenway
354-Chris Houston
126- Quinton Coples
22- Melvin Ingram
61- Brandon Gibson
106- Mark Ingram
121- Marcedes Lewis

Those were some nice boxes...but if any Chiefs fans want my Cassel, they can have it.