Monday, September 12, 2016

Kerplunk (An Ode to the 2016 Royals)

The whole darn country watches on in awe.
Rob Manfred pops his Orville, grabs a sweet
And all of baseball figures it's a law:
The Kansas City Royals must repeat!
But anxious glances quickly turned to shock.
When Moose and Gordon wound up sitting out.
'Why NO!', fans cried, 'they can't just give us SHLOCK!
These underdogs are what baseball's about!'
Yes, rags to riches tales are mighty grand;
The story flips in favor of the meek.
But Yost's boys didn't pull the greatest hand:
With 30 left, KC looked tired and weak.
Not cause there was no greatness left to earn,
But because it was someone else's turn.

Coming Tomorrow- When your 4th starter has one of the best ERAs in baseball, you're doing a pretty damned great job.

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