Monday, February 28, 2011

Contest Winnings from Crinkly Wrappers

Today I found a package in the mail that I had been waiting for for a week. I had been in Florida for the past few days, working with my dad on a shoot (more details on that later). I saw that my winnings from Crinkly Wrappers' contest had arrived. Inside would be a card from every Topps set since 1952, and some Yankees stuff.

Yankee stuff of note-
2010 Turkey Red Thurman Munson. Great card, of a young, beardless Thurm.
Obak 2010 Mike Coolbaugh, an up-and-comer for the Yanks.
1991 O-Pee-Chee Kevin Maas. Wow.
4 Yo Mamma cards- 2004 Thome/Schmidt, 1966 Robin Roberts, 1993 Thomas and 1957 Yogi/Mantle. Awesome.
2009 Legendary Cuts Sabathia, Wang, Jeter and Rivera. Cool.
2009 Icons Wang and Rivera. I liked that set, so those are great.
A few 206 Mickey Mantles
some Topps stuff from the past few years.

And now, my account of every Topps card pulled from the package, in chronological order-

1952 Tookie Gilbert
1953 Preston Ward
1954 Jerry Lane
1955 Bob Turley (1st Yankee)
1956 Norm Zauchin (booooo)
1957 Milt Boling
1958 Frank Bolling (Heh. Both Bolling brothers)
1959 Jim Pisoni
1960 Jack Striker
1961 Willie Tasby
1962 Jim Owens (Phirst Phillie)
1963 Gene Green
1964 Jim Cooker
1965 John Bateman
1966 Rick Reichart
1967 Tom Haller
1968 Tom Phoebus
1969 Bob Tillman
1970 Ron Stone
1971 Tom Dukes
1972 Ron Taylor
1973 Ed Farmer
1974 Aurelio Monteagudo
1975 Bill North
1976 Cesar Cedeno (First person I've heard of)
1977 George Medich
1978 Roy Howell
1979 Garry Maddox.
1980 Ron Davis
1981 Rick Sutcliffe
1982 Danny Ainge
1983 Jack Clark. Nice.
1984 Claudell Washington
1985 Joe Carter
1986 Tim Wallach
1987 Butch Wynger
1988 Joe Magrane
1989 Will Clark
1990 Mike Pagliarulo
1991 Dave Parker
1992 Kenny Lofton Damn near a rookie
1993 George Brett
1994 Mark Grace.
1995 John Wetteland. Nice shot
1996 JT Snow
1997 Lenny Dykstra
1998 Fernando Vina
1999 Todd Walker
2000 Vladdie Guerrero
2001 Charles Johnson
2002 Mike Remlinger
2003 Dmitri Young, himself a card collector
2004 Carlos Beltran
2005 Nice shot of Jeromy Burnitz
2006 Nick Swisher
2007 Chad Billingsley
2008 Carl Crawford
2009 Cody Ransom
2010 Ichiro
2011 Ryan Braun

Wow. That was awesome. I hope My Mother doesn't throw out those cards. Thank you Crinkly Wrappers for the awesome contest winnings.They will be great in my collection.

Speaking of contests, there may be one coming on this blog in the next month. Maybe...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

500th Post! 2011 Pack Rip!

Today, more than 2 years after starting the blog, I've reached 500 posts. I know, I'm not the most consistent poster, but at least when the season kicks in I'll be making a lot of customs. Right now, I have the 4 pack + a code card thing, and 2 rack packs, all full of Series 1.

Pack 1-
275- Clayton Kershaw
172- Lyle Overbay
163- Carlos Pena
254- Red Sox rookie
134- Leaders
Mini of Brando Morrow.
Bernie Williams Cards Your Momma Threw Out That Aren't as Important as The Other Ones.
HanRam Topps Town
56- Johan Santana
139- Eric Young Jr.
167- Clay Hensley

Pack 2-
4 doubles in a row (not of the same guy)
49- Angels
198- Buster Posey.
7- Mickey Mantle.
135- Mike Stanton SHINY CARD!
Starlin Castro tt
246- John Lannan.
264- Ryan Perrt
228- Scott Rolen

Pack 3-
3 more doubles
29- Josh Hamilton MVP
117- Brett Sinkbeil
91- Lucas May
245- Omar Vizquel, who should be retired by now.
Man-Ram Topps 60
Ryan Braun tt
97- Carlos Gomez
244- Mike Aviles
233- Ramon Hernandez

Pack 4-
131- Kevin Kouzmanoff
121- Brandon Inge
35- Shin-soo Choo
196- Jose CEDAGIIVE?
249- Aaron Harang
236- Nelson Cruz
Rogers Hornsby/Matt Holliday duo
Andre Dawson 1981 Reprint
278- Marco Scutaro
84- Roger Bernadina

This thing contained a code card. Let's see who I get:
1989 Bob Melvin of the San Francisco Giants. Eh, at least I've heard of him, but it's still 89 Topps.

Rack Pack 1-
(The first part of this pack contained 11 base cards I already had. Grrrrr
Jimmie Foxx 1934 Goudey thing
Pedrioa TT
(The rest of that section has 4 more doubles. Why did I even bother?
209- Carlos Santana. Wow, a card I don't have!
(This was followed by 7 cards I did have. Crap)
125- Evan Meek, #'d to 2011.
Jeff Keppinger Shiny Card.
Ike Davis and Ryan Braun
Tommy Hanson Topps 60
Carlton Fisk reprint
119- Jason Bay.
220- Todd Helton
(This pack was played off by 3 cards I did have. Worst rack pack ever)

Rack Pack 2, which better be collated better-
302- Adrian Beltre
106- Feliz Pie
281- Kevin Slowey
289- Yuniesky Betancourt
52- Rays
83- Greg Halman, who was never married to Cher
132- Brian Duensing
187- Brewers
51- David Eckstien
235- Leaders
Babe Ruth reprint thing
Joe Mauer tt
142- Johnny Cueto
162- Ronny Cedeno
1- Ryan Braun
23- Jaime Garcia
44- Martin Prado
55- Matt Joyce
30- Gio Gonzales
330- Derek Jeter
31- Erick Aybar
213- Brandon Snyder
165- Jeremy Hellickson
298- Jeff Keppinger
96- Zach Duke
16- Aramis Ramirez GOLD NUMBERED TO 2011
David Eckstein Shiny card
vladdie mini
Killebrew/Thome duo
Ryan Braun Topps 60
Manny Ramirez 2001 reprint
100- Albert Freaking Pujols

Well, there you have it. A few good packs and a crappy one. But still, 500 posts of okay sports blogging can amount to things like that.

Friday, February 18, 2011

They're Baaaack...

Spring Training is upon us. Custom Cards are here again.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Diamond Giveaway- let's see if this thing works

Now that Million Card Giveaway seems to be drawing to a close, Topps has opened up its Diamond Giveaway, which in no way is to be confused with the Million Card Giveaway. So far, all I've been seeing on the blogosphere is old 80's and 90's cards. Let's hope I get something better.

Code #1- Mickey Mantle 1952-

Redeemed- 1974 Don Hood of the Baltimore Orioles. I'll take it. It's not huge, but it's not a Bip Roberts.

Code #2- Tim Lincecum Die Cut-

Redeemed- BLUHHH! 1994 Domingo Jean of the New York Yankees, Future Star. GYAAAH, WHYYY? It's a Yankee, but it's a crappy Yankee.

Last Code: Halladay diamond

Redeemed- 1974 Gates Brown of the Detroit Tigers. Not bad. If 2 out of 3 of my codes are 70's, I can deal with that.

In the year to come, I'll be monkeying around with this thing a lot more, and hopefully I'll enjoy doing so.

Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Topps Series 1 Finally- 1st Packs of the Year

After a long night, I ventured out to my local Target, Knowing that they had some Series 1. As I rounded the aises, I saw Robinson Cano's body emrege from the packs, and I knew I'd be getting some today. I smiled as I got SIX Packs, and TWO rack packs.

Pack 1-
My first card of 2011 is 21- Michael Cuddyer. Could have been much worse...
118- Howie Kendrick
135- Mike Stanton, the new face of the Marlins
235- Leaders
200- ICHIRO!!! In my First Pack!
Clay Kershaw mini thing that I don't care about
Bruce Sutter 60 Year Reprint. Nice.
Shiny Brett Wallce ToppsTown
250- Carlos Gonzalez
207- Angel Pagan
212- Pedro Feliz Navidad
19- Derek Lowe

Pack 2-
122- Bobby Jenks. Bluh, a Red Sock
170- David DeJesus, now an Athletic
150- Miguel Cabrera
157- Awesome Mets Team Card
24- Neil Walker Cup
279- Nick Swisher
Mickey Mantle Red Diamond
Diamond Duos Hornsby/Holliday
Carlos Santana TT
101- Gregor Blanco
48- Andrew Cashner
266- Cool Rickie Weeks photo

Pack 3-
173- Jose Lopez
320- Michael Young
27- Ben Zobrist
317- Yonder Alonso Rookie
70- Ex Phillie Kyle Drabek
279- Nick Swisher. Damn, my first double's a yankee
Code card
Mat Latos Mini thing that I don't collect
Adrian Gonzalez TT
92- Chris Narveson and his long Minor League career
286- Melvin Mora
147- Jon Niese

Pack 4-
140- Brett Anderson
102- CC Sabathia!!!
255- Torii Hunter
141- Ubaldo Jiminez cl
65- Chris Sale
315- Big Poopi, David Ortiz
306- Leaders
J-Hey and Freddie Freeman Duos
Whitey Ford 1956 that should have been
Dan Haren tt
78- Regular Mike Stanton

Pack 5-
216- Jose Bautista, Mister Blue Jay
323- CJ Wilson
265- John Danks
83- Greg Halman, not Cher's ex
77- Tim Hudson
181- Magglio Ordonez, nominee for the best shot of the year
code card
Mini that I don't collect
Buster Posey tt
104- Oh, look, Ian Stewart.

Pack 6-
272- JJ Hardy
195- Nick Markakis
144- Lance "Fat Elvis" Berkman, now with the Cards
304- Jim Thome checklist
211- Joey Votto MVP
158- Casey Blake
Mike Stanton/ Justin Upton Duos
Roberto Alomar 60 Year Reprint
Ryan Braun tt
245- Neil Walker
277- Trevor Hoffman's final card
125- Evan Meek

Rack Pack 1-
164- Koji Uehara, with a photo I USED for a custom
47- Kevin Correia
261- Alexei Ramirez
131- Kevin Kouzmanoff.
121- Brandon Inge
83- Greg Halman
132- Brian Duensing
187- Brewers team
168- CC Sabathia, I mean Felix Hernandez CY Young
206 Chase Headley LaMarr
45- Hunter Pence
Lou Gehrig Goudey reprint
Brett Anderson tt
147- Jon Neise
308- Ian Desmond
22- Barry Zito
101- Gregor Blanco
252- Michael Saunders
140- Brett Anderson
102- CC again
155- Torii again
165- Jeremy Hellickson
52- Rays team card
200- Ichiro again
87- Dainel DeCalso
WHOA! Jake McGee Sparkly Silver and stuff. Whoa!
Markakis mini that I don't want
Ty Cobb/MigCab Duo
J-Hey Topps 60
Troy Tuowitski Reprint

Rack Pack 2-
55- Matt Joyce
30- Gio Gonzalez
31- Erick Aybar
303- Emilio Bonifcacio
161- White Sox
73- James McDonald, a sucky pitcher who I saw against the Giants
181- Magglio again
319- Braves team
146- HALLADAY CY Young
Jonathan Papelbon Topps 60...Autograph. Irony...a Yankee fan pulling a Red Soc. Irony.
Adam Jonestt
10- Stephen Strasjo.
240- Andre Ethier
316- Chris Young
35- Shin soo Choo
260- Freddy Sanchez
197- Aaron Hill, Mister Overrated
36- Ted Lilly
8- Julio Borbon222- Matt Lindstrom
274- Michael Brantley, lord of the dance
77- Hudson again
Lars Anderson Silver Sparkle
code card
Jeter and Cano duo
Ryan Zimmerman Topps 60
Vladdie Guerrero 2002 Reprint
271- Adam Dunn
86- Carlos Silva
229- Jonathan Sanchez

All in all, great packs. If there are any Red Sox fans that would like to take the Papelbon, drop me a line, email on the sidebar. Also, if anyone is collecting the Kimball's Champions mini set, and want some of those, I have a few from today that I don't want.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Years

On February 9th 2009, I was already familiar with the blogosphere. I was also a steady collector, and wanted to join my "idols", and create a blog. So, that day Cards that Ruth Built was born. However, my friend Dan told me it was too corny, so I changed it to Mint Condition. It was a small blog, but it soon built up to...yep, still a small blog.

But still, two years ago today, I became a blogger. It was different 2 years ago. Nobody had ever heard of Stephen Strasburg, Eisner was still ahead of Topps, Upper Deck was still in existence and Wax Heaven was still active. These are different times now, but I'm glad that I wasn't one to stop, or move on with my life. I've kept going for two years now.

As for my future, once Spring Training begins, Custom shots will come out, so the Custom cards will return. And soon, once Series 1 comes out, I'll be going back to ripping. But's been a fun two years, and hopefully I'll be around for a lot longer.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NFL Experience: Awesome Swag from Topps

Yesterday, being that I was in Dallas the day before the Super Bowl, I ventured out to the NFL Experience, which is basically Comic Con for Football. Topps had a boooth, and had a bunch of football cards on sale. However, my dad works with a guy who also works with Topps, and does some business with them. So all we had to do was say the word, and Topps would give us some swag. Well, thanks to the very nice people at the Topps booth, we were given three hobby boxes:

2010 Topps Chrome Football
2010 Topps Prime Football
2010 Topps Magic Football

Delightfully, I ripped all three. Here are my reports from the box breaks:

You know the deal. Chrome was crappy this year because some of the cards were bent. Still, I was guaranteed a bunch of refractors, inserts and an auto.

Lineage: 6 (Harvin, LaFelkl, Best, McCoy, McCluster, Addai.
Bowman: 2 (Tebow, Edwards)
Rookie Reprints: 4 (Montana, McCoy, Dorsett, Marshall
Refractors: 7 (Tony Gonzalez, Percy Harvin, Joe Flacco, Julius Peppers, Jonathan Stewart, Andre Roberts, Jimmy Graham.
Blue Refractor: Javier Arenas rookie
Autograph: Armanti Edwards rookie.

Overall: Not too bad. At least I've heard of Edwards, but I could've done better.

This product is the definition of a premium set. There were no packs, there were heavily protected mondo packets. I regard these as "Cards for the Kings". I was guaranteed 1 Auto, 2 relics and 1 auto/relic.

Numbered to 999: 3 (Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, Sean Lee)
Numbered to 699: 2 (Rolando McClain, Mike Kafka)
Numbered to 199: 1 (Kellen Winslow)
Numbered to 75: 1 (Joe McKnight)
Single Insert: 2 (Marcus Easley, Ben Tate)
Double Insert: 2 (Dwyer/Sanders, Tebow/Thomas)
Triple Insert: 4: (Peterson/Johnson/Jones-Drew, Spiller/Mathews/Best, McCoy/Hardesty/Mitchell, Tebow/Cooper/Hernandez)
Quadruple Insert: 2 (Bradford/Tebow/Bryant/Thomas, Bradford/Tebow/Spiller/Mathews)
Autograph: Jordan Shipley of the Bengals, #'d to 599.
Single Relic: Armanti Edwards, #'d to 420.
Quadruple Relic: Tim Tebow/Sam Bradford/Jimmy Claussen/Colt McCoy #'d to 175. Wow.
Relic/Auto: Demaryius Thomas #'d to 399.

Overall: Not bad at all. That Quad relic is going to be worth a lot if all of them are great. Good box.

This is not a set for relics and autos- this is mainly about design and collectability. I wasn't caring about the hits, mainly because I love this set because of the design, and the packs.

Black Border Minis: 5 (Benson, McCoy, Gibson, Gonzalez, Harrison
Numbered Mini: ADRIAN PETERSON Numbered to FIFTY!!!! WOW!!!
Rookie Stars: 4 (Gronkowski, Benn, Gresham, Mathews)
History's Best: 2 (Elway, Brady)
Magical Moments: 7 (Greene, Favre, Romo, Wilson, Brees, Tomlinson, Jackson.
Autographs: James Davis of the Browns, Quan Cosby of the Bengals, MARSHAWN LYNCH of the Seahawks.

Overall: Very nice set, and impressed with not only the Lynch auto, but the Peterson numbered.

Thank you to Topps for supplying me with these boxes, aall three were very good, exactly what I expect from Topps.

(BTW- If you're interested in any of these cards, drop me a line. I can decline, if I want to keep some. But if you really want one for your team collection, I can make that happen.

Tonight: THE SUPER BOWL! Pictures included!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm going to Dallas

And before you ask, yes, that means what you all think it means. I'm going to the Super Bowl.

I'm not going to bring up how the tickets were waved in my direction, but lets just say someone I know very well had relations, and we got lucky. The seats are pretty good, but it will be loud as hell, I know for sure.

I've known about this one for a few months now, but waited until today to spill it, mainly because I didn't wanna look like a jackass by telling everyone in December.

I'll be leaving tomorrow, and attending the NFL Expirience tomorrow as well. Sources tell me that Topps has a booth, so I will be sure to check that one out.

And after I get back, I'll be finding some 2011 series one, and ripping that. And sometime after that, when Spring Training starts, Custom Cards will return.

But, I hope you don't hate me by "bragging" that I'm going to the Super Bowl. After all, I have to sit through the friggin Black Eyed Peas at halftime. It couldn't be anyone tolerable, like Green Day, or Bon Jovi- hell, I'd even had settled for Dave Matthews. NOOOOO...The Black Eyed Peas, and their partying image. Terrific.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks, Andy

You may not be headed to Cooperstown, but the Bronx will remember you for years to come.
Thanks for 12 decent seasons...and for not retiring like you said you would after the 07, 08 and 09 seasons.