Sunday, January 31, 2010

Takeo Spikes has tried to kill me

I was working with the NFL films crew (that my dad works for. I volunteered to join) on the Flag Football Tournament of Champions in Miami, and the guy they had hired as the talent was former Eagle linebacker Takeo Spikes. Sure, I liked the guy, but there are a few things about him that made me unsure he was right to be hosting this.
  1. He had no neck. Only a chin and muscle that just developed into his torso. Matter of fact, what was there instead of a neck was pure muscle. Sorta like The Blob (No, not the last out in the World Series)

He didn't smile much, because he always had a stern, "I want to kill you" look on his face. Seriously. He could not turn off the linebacker face. I was not looking at Takeo Spikes-- I WAS LOOKING AT ANDRE BRAUGHER!!

Either way, it was great working for the guy. if I can get an auto, I will.

Friday, January 29, 2010

America Downstairs

I landed in Miami today.

I don't know if that's a momentous occasion, but I'm sitting here in my hotel room, looking out at the skyline, enjoying every minute.

I just hope to God that there's a card shop here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a strange world we live in

Jim Edmonds is now a Brewer.

Jose Contreras is now Phillie

Jason Giambi remains a Rockie

I am officially tired

Here's a card:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You have got to be friggin' kidding me

Johnny Damon is a veteran that has been a popular player for the Royals, Red Sox and Yankees. He is also a free agent.

Randy Winn is a aging veteran who used to be great, but is slowly falling off the face of the earth. He is also a free agent.

Who would you sign to play Left Field for you next season.

If you picked Randy Winn, congratulations! You're Brian Cashman, and you're an idiot!

And the Thome goes to...

Minnesota! Let's note that Thome is not the first aging superstar to come to Minnesota (Or the first to constantly screw up when faced with a playoff spot)
The bad news is that now Topps is scrambling to photoshop him into a Miinnestota ui for the Update set. As if the last year had them scrambling, where the waiver deal went past the printing finale for Topps, this year will be even worse.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oakland has a new starter, which means they don't have to count their #1 as Justin Duchduchduchduchduchduchducherer.

Ben Sheets is going to Raiderville, home of the A's.

Not that it matters.

By the way- THERE ARE TOO MANY GIMMICKS IN 2010 TOPPS! The Legends I can deal with but the pies AND the Grandy? The Yankees are now fighting back (I hope)

Monday, January 25, 2010

What I learned from watching the game last night.

Brett Favre is the best there is at what he does...

and what he does is choke in the playoffs.

Will be excited to see him playing for the Lions, Chargers or Dolphins next year. Who cares anymore, he just picks a team out of the hat and starts begging them to sign him.

Still, looks like a damn good super bowl. And even though I'm not doing what I usually do to screw up a big sports event (get tickets), I will be (somehow) going to the Pro Bowl next week down in Miami.

This above paragraph is why I'm the biggest jerk in the blogosphere. Because I just say these things in a "oh, and by the way" kind of way.

But hey, at least Favre's going to Miami...and not to reha- I mean the super bowl.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Topps Baseball 8 Pack Rip

Yep, I finally got me some swag. It took 2 hours, 4 places and 1 trip to a mall, but I eventaully got some sweet swag.

Let's rip already!

Pack 1-
143- Omar Vizquel. Now on the White Sox
183- Jonathan Poopelbon
235- Neftali Feliz
325- Julio Lugo
97- Luis Durango
207- Colby Rasmus. Nice!
Peak Performers of A-ROD!
Red Back Mini Lou Gehrig, soul patch-less
Todd Helton Topps Town
251- John Lannan
264- D-Backs Franchise History. Yeah, 2001 series. Thanks a lot.
85- Ken Griffey Jr.! Nice way to end a pack!

Pack 2-
52- Billy Butler
278- The Carlos on the Mets that ISN'T missing the first half of the season.
119- Wilkin Ramirez
147- Huston Street. How was this guy the AL ROY in 05. Just sad.
32- Reds team card
Peak performances of Tom Seaver
Mariano Rivera Red Back
David Wright Topps Town
7- Gee, who's #7 again. Mickey Mantle! Usually, it takes me more than 2 pacsk to find this guy.
16- Johnny Cueto
45- David Hernandez. I saw this guy get bombed by Boston last year.

Pack 3-
182- Coco Crisp- Part of this complete breakfast!
276- Matt Lindstrom
31- Jason PropaneElaini
326- Tyler Colvin
260- Yankees Team History
197- Indians team card
Rogers Hornsby Peak Performances
Red Back of...HEY! Rogers Hornsby!
Roy Halladay ToppsTown
17- Dexter Fowler
62- Kevin Millwood
91- Erik Bedard

Pack 4-
267- Blue Jays Franchise History
35- Rick Porcello
128- Garrett Mock
92- ECK...stein
227- Josh Thole
65- Nick Swisher getting pied. Is this like the Texiera card?
Cards I Thank my mom for throwing out- Carl Yazstremski
Tales of the game- The bloody sock.
Albert Pujols ToppsTown
89- JA Happ
170- Jason Bay, not updated
213- Ricky Nolasco

13- Melvin Mora, who is probably out of a job now.
81- Ryan Theriot
176- Yovani Gallardo
228- Chris Petit
222- Granderson NOT YET on the Yanks
140- Matt Holliday, who I am not yelling at Topps for. He's on the Cards, and I'm happy for that.
Peak Peformers of Big Poopi
Another Red Back Rogers Hornsby
HanRam ToppsTown
208- Tim Wakefield
111- Ty Wiggington
290- O-hud. Good player, without a home.

255- Chris Davis
133- Freddy Sanchez
323- Jim Thome. Yeah, I think they got that back image from Google. Even I used that for my custom.
138- Leaders
73- Leaders
History of the game- thing.
Gordon Beckham when they were young
Adam Dunn ToppsTown
24- John Maine
69- Royals Team
117- David DeJesus

Pack...ah, who cares
76- Joe Saunders
139- Frank Fransisco
189- Beltre
292- Tommy Manzella
34- Michael Dunn.
145- Justin Upton
72- Brewers Franchise
Baby Bull of Cards my mother wouldn't ever throw out.
Tales of the game of Josh Hamilton's Homer Derby Smash
Ichiro Topps Town
186- Andrew Bailey

Last pack-
249- Jon Neise
215- Max Scherzer
163- Josh Bulter
236- Andrew Bailey ROY
311- Jose Valverde
Turkey Red...hey, it's Rogers- sorry, CC SABATHIA!!!
Legendary Lineage of Willie McCovey and Ryan Howard
CC Sabathia ToppsTown
26- Zach Duke
146- Yunel Escobar
151- Mat Gamel

Not bad. I am totally satisfied, now that I've got my precious Topps.

Now I'm Angry

For two reasons:

1. There are still no 2010 packs at my local Target
2. Now there is an actual gimmick coming around of Mark Teixiera getting pied.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Target trying to tell me something?

I went to Target a few hours ago, and I couldn't find anything related to 2010 topps. I was pissed, but I didn't show it until I got in the car. I mean, when you've been waiting 3 days to go someplace, and when you get there, the reason you went in the first place is not there yet.

That is sad.

I'm going to the other Target near me tomorrow, and they damn well better have it.

(Update: Just found out another blogger is having the exact same problem)

The 2010 Topps epidemic

I haven't opened a pack in a few days, and now, being that 2010 Topps has been popping up, I plan on checking Target this weekend. Now, since my last post, a few more things have popped up:

  • Target blasters cotain more Throwback cards
  • There have been a few more SP sightings, like Jackie Robinson, Cy Young, Willie Stargell and Christy Mathewson
  • A few base cards are Team Highlight cards (I will have to look for a few of those)
  • The ToppsTown cards are much cooler than last years.

I don't know what I'm waiting for. Next chance I get, I'm hitching a ride to Target and getting me some new cards

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, dear...


Over at Stale Gum, Chris presented the Carlton Fisk gimmick, one I am split on. Let me give you the situation (Cue dancing Jersey Shore idiot)
  • It's an unannounced card of a retired player
  • It's replacing a card of a current player with the same nickname
  • It's a unnecessary short print
  • It's Carlton Fisk. Shut up.

If Topps is doing another SP set this year, I'll be fine with it. I had a grand time finding the last few (I have the Cobb and the Frank Robinson from UH), so it'll be cool.

UPDATE: I have been alerted that since this post, there have been a few other sightings, like a Robin Yount and a Roger Maris. Still, I NEED to get my hands on this product. It's sort of like going Cold Turkey (Which I have never done, unless you count Brownies and Tic Tacs)

You try and go without it for so long, and you know you can't have it, but you need to. The temptation is all over the place. I have seen all of the bloggers presenting their newly ripped '10 packs, and I have to restrain myself until the only clear spot in my week- the weekend. I can't get any tonight, and I'll TRY and get some tomorrow, with no luck. Either way, I will give you some 2010 Topps THIS WEEK, whether the bloggers can take my boring, pictureless pack breaks or not. And yes, I will include some photos this time, just to show you guys.

This has been a public service announcement from the Custom Card Meister, Jordan. Remember: Do Cards, Not Drugs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The calm before the storm

It happens in the twilight of the cold
It sprints throughout the aisles with no consent
This event has but ceased to become old
As Series One arrives without relent
Collectors scour the hobby shops with glee
In hopes of getting hits of then and now
A chance is held of pulling a Cliff Lee
Whose uniform's unaltered; discuss how
But in the coming weeks the masses tire
Of pulling several copies of Vizquel
The most horrendous fact doth catch its fire
For finding several doubles seems like hell.
It's sad what these collectors tend to do:
Ditch Series One, and hope for Series Two.

(Well, this is my second most viewed post ever. I kinda had to make it worthy of that honor.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Battle of the Throwback sets

Target finally had some blasters today. I got a box of 206 and a box of Goodwin. This has led to a thought that, since both are practically the same product, which one will come out on top?

We'll start with the Goodwin box, because that's the box I have the lowest expectations for

Pack 1-
133- Joba Chaimberlain. Good way to start a rip.
HOLY CRAP, A GAME USED. It's a Bill Hall Jersey swatch. Not bad at all.
34- Some hockey guy

Pack 2-
82- Justin Morneau
106- Ryan Howard
Chuck Liddell Mini
145- Joey Votto

Pack 3-
28= Brain McCabb
51- Carlos "Out before the season starts" Beltran
38- Another Hockey guy
89= Joe DiMaggio.

Here comes my rant. You guys know that movie theater ad where they make that animated movie with the pantsless hedgehog. They finally make pants, but they leave the fly down. This is the equivalent-

Why is Joe Dimaggio touching his privates?

Okay, back to our normal pack rip

Pack 4-
67- Josh Beckett. BOOOOOOOOOOO!
121- Pedroia mini
118- BFD. OH YEAH!

Pack 5-
(I'm skipping this sucky pack filled with non-babseball players and Fausto Carmona)

Pack 6-
60- Matt Garza
88- Peggy Fleming
Brad Ziegler mini
7- Ryne Sandberg, Awesome

Pack 7-
8- Johnny Damon
32- Josh Hamilton
247- Paul Maholm Gypsy Queen mini
131- MigCab

Pack 8-
101- Cal Ripken.
127- Liria-No, you'll never play in the majors again
54- KosFu mini
73- LeBron James

Pack 9-
19- Scott Kazmir
46- Big Jim
22- Hey, nevermind the rage, it's Jim Palmer

Pack 10-
97- Johan Santana
124- Steve Carlton
108- The Dreaded Artribator, Tim Lincecum
98- Jason Giambi

Pack 11-
42- Justin Upton
69- Ichiro!!!
UD Crappy Aniversary of... Hey, the Cowboy killer himself, Brett Favre
52- Nolan Ryan

Last Pack-
134- King Felix
16- Honest Abe (!!!!!)
109- Chad Billingsley

Now for the 206!!!!

Pack 1-
241- Kris Melden
126- Brandon Webb
239- Joakim Soria
Michael Young Mini
227- O0h, a Brad Lidge thick
72- Rick Porcello Rookie

Pack 2-
172- Michael Young
50- Joe Crede
Matt LaPorta Rookie...SHORT PRINT
Travis Snyder Rookie Mini
24- Big Poopi Thick
142- Eva Longoria

Pack 3-
200- Todd Helton
45- Derek has sunken this Lowe
168- Aaron (Not Richie) Cunningham
Varitek mini (Least it isn't Youk)
260- Andrew Miller thick
174- Gordon Beckham rookie
Mantle Checklist

Pack 4-
24- The real Big Poopi
266- Josh Hamilton having a snack
Johnny Peralta Mini
189- Scott Kazmir thick
129- Ichiro
274- Colby Rasmus Rookie

Pack 5-
253- Akinori Iwamura
40- Dan Schlereth
196- Jeremy Hermeida
Tony Gwynn Jr. Polar Bear back mini
165- Thick Smoltz
103- Andrew Bailey Rookie
Another Matle Checklist

143- Cy Young
136- Edgar Renteria
228- Will Venable
25- Magglio Thick
71- DUstin Pedroia

Pack 7-297- Micah Ownings, best hitting pitcher in the game
78- Hank Blalock
Kenshin Kawakami Short Print
Kotchman mini
77- Thick Joe Nathan
271- Lou Gehrig, who is not tpuching his privates

Last pack-
15- Max Scherzer
222- Clay Kershaw
185- Brian Duensing
George Sisler mini
277- Andy Pettite thick
154- Mickey Mantle

The verdict? I got a game used out of Goodwin, but I also got a lot of crappy non-baseball players. 206 had a great design and a lot more rookies, but no Game used

The winner is- TOPPS 206!!!

BTW- Wantlists will be up later tonight.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Because you all wanted it- My wantlists

For many months, you, the beloved readers of this waste of internet, have begged me for wantlists, so I could bless you with my crap that I don't need anymore.

Well, the wait is over. Over the next few days, I will be posting my wantlists. Mostly, I'll be showing the cards I HAVE and you'll just have to fill in the blanks from there.

From now on, I am no longer the Grinch, who sits up on Mount Krumpit and watches, not doing anything, and silently loathing his fellow people. I will be the Cat in the Hat, who enforces collaboration and has no boundaries.

Welcome to Phase Two of my master plan to rule the blogs.

A wasteland

I went there to get cards, and I saw the unthinkable

The Target Card aisle was filled with Football, Baskeball and Hockey. Not baseball

The only real cards were those 10 dollar repack boxes that are never very good.

Hopefully, I will still try and get SOMETHING sooner or later

(BTW, Look at those Saints! Next week is going to be mighty predictable if Dallas wins. If Favre wins, we already know our Super Bowl champs)

Friday, January 15, 2010

This time it's personal

Remember a few days back, when I said there was nothing wrong with National Chicle?


Look, I will never picture Lou Gehrig again without seeing that f'in soul patch. Compared to this, the Babe Ruth thing is a masterpiece.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ha ha

Yeah, the Mets have to play the first part of the season without this guy. We had a monthlong injury on the other side of town last year. Now it's your turn.

(Pants on the ground?)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 2010 Topps National Chuckle

I have seen the previews on Beckett

I have seen the negative feedback (Dayf, Sooz, Chris)

Here is my opinion on this years new throwback product, National Chicle:
I think it's okay

I know, all of you out there are thinking "WHAAAAAAT? Jordan, what are you saying. This opinion may cause a sudden eruption from the Beckett offices!" Well, maybe not that. But I think it's an okay product. I mean, for one thing, it's a retro product that actually has a pretty good design in the first place.

For another thing, the thought of putting new players in old uniforms, and old players in new uniforms, isn't the worst one. I've been waiting for a picture of Ichiro in an old uni for years now. I mean, i't s concept that boggles the mind, eh?

Anyway you look at it, whether you love it or hate it, Topps is certainly drawing a lot of attention to their independence. Whether this is the right idea or not may affect their single-ness after all.

Or not.

This is a bad month for the Angels

They lose Lackey

They lose Figgins

They lose Vladdie

How do you think this guy feels?

But luckily, they gained Matsui, so they'll be JUUUUST fine

Sunday Pondering

How the hell do we lose in the playoffs to Dallas. Somebody get me a mathmatician so he can tell me I'm right about this= there is no way we should have lost last night

But again, this is the Cowboys we're talking about.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Sweet Spot

A belated Birthday present for me was a box of Sweet Spot, which gives me mixed response. Yes, I get a game used in every pack, but it's never really a good one. But the base set it pretty cool, and from what I hear, the inserts are too. 3 packs per box, which is either a ripoff or a good idea

We have to rip to find out,

Pack 1-
86- Roy Halladay, now on the Phillies
52- Joba Chamberlain36- Han-Ram
Unnecessary UD Insert
69- Kosuke Fukudome
37- GODZILLA!!!!!!!
93- Steven Drew. I just can't understand why they include him in a high end product.
17- Chutley

Pack 2-
92- Ryan Zimmerman
12- Carlos Beltran
68- Kevin Youklis, who I keep getting too many cards of
19- Chippah
73- My 9,000,000,000th card of Texiera on the Yanks (Not really)
57- Johnny Cueto
33- Freddy Sanchez, shopped into his Giants uni
89- Ryan Braun

The last pack, containing the card that will make or break this tin
22- Cliff Lee
6- A-ROD
62- Hamilton (Not the one played by Will Forte)
30- Eva Longoria
And my game used is a Sweet Swatch memorabilla of...2009 CY YOUNG WINNER ZACK GRIENKE!!!!!! I am satisfied. It's not a yankee, but it's a game used of a very, very good player.
21- Clayton Kershaw
77- Michael Young
13- Carlos Quentin

This was a 30 dollar box conatining 3 packs. Was it a ripoff-- HELL NO! I got a star card of a guy who won the AL CY Young. This will be worth something. I know some people are getting crappy luck from Sweet Spot, but I LOOOOOOVE this product.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andre Dawson...

"...You've just gained entrance to the Hall of Fame and knocked Blyleven out yet again! What are you going to do now?"


...And now the Transactions

First, we have to say goodbye to one of those pitchers where if he retired right now, he's be a lock with Cooperstown. Randy Johnson has retired, and I hope to see him in bronze someday.

Also, Troy Glaus has signed with the Braves, which isn't that bad of a deal. He's a good third baseman, so the Braves might need him.

In other third baseman news, Adrian Beltre has signed with the Red Sox. Now my opinion


...In other news, Matt Holliday has signed with the Yaank- sorry, with teh Cardinals. You guys can have him. He'll be great over there.

and OH CRAP! The Red Sox also traded for Bill Hall. Someone has to go to Boston and direct the GM to the me's room where we'll find all of the past Red Sox trades.

My Picks for the Hall of Fame

First of all, it's absolutely ridiculous that Andre Dawson hasn't gotten in yet. He played a stellar 20-year career, and had those great seasons with the Cubs. And if it must bhe said, was a great player on a hard luck team.

In the other corner, I would have to go with Larkin. He was great at his position, was a multiple time All Star and had an amazing 19-year career.

Of course this means other greats like Blyleven, Baines, Alomar, Galarraga and McGriff will have to wait another year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Night Pondering

The Sixers have some of the best, classiest players in the game, Like Iverson, Iguodala, Brand and LOOOOOOOOUUUU

How the f@(^> do they lose to Washington?

Just a pondering

Monday, January 4, 2010

These things just happen

I know I've been posting a lot of nosensical random things lately, but I just found this out and I had no choice but to express my feelings, and yes, it involves a person that is associated with baseball.

Darryl Strawberry is going to be on the next Celebrity Apprentice.


I mean, seriously! Does this show target every single drug-addled, money grubbing star that doesn't have anything to do? Was Straw just throwing rocks outside the NBC building. Did SNL suggest it just to have The Rock come back on to play another cheesy celeb for a promo skit?

I mean, let's be fair. He had a solid first 9 years of his career. After that, he couldn't stay healthy and his career spun out of control, and he spent the rest of his short career with the Yankees.

But still, that'll be the only reason I watch, other than to laugh at the little ferret on Donald Trump's head.

The unveiling of the inevitable

I'm staying out of this. Seriously. Before it gets ugly. I'm not that kind of person. I have bigger fish to fry... Dan...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Custom Project

This project is meant to hold me over until we get the new pics of the new uniforms. I have decided to make a new series of one of my favorite sets, using photoshop. It's a fun series to collect, and it'll hopefully be just as fun to customize.

Yeah, here is card #1 of 2010 All Tim Fan Favorites

And here's the Short Print of Reggie

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Updates and Highlights Jumbo

Most likely the last 2009 pack of 2010, my relatives got me a pack, and I am here to rip it

13- Scott Hairston
71- Chutley All Star
274- Mauer All Star
121- Inge All Star
275- Ryan Garko
159- Chad Billingsley ALL sTAR
215- King Felix All Star
103- Eva Longoria All Star
125- Fernando Martinez Gold
154- Gerardo Parra Highlight
78- LaTroy "I played for New York for appox. 30 seconds" Hawkins
111- Livan...Livan likes his MONAAYYYY
174- Omar Vizquel, current White Soc
288- Jon Garland
79- Robert Andino
278- Gaby Sanchez
238- Kevin Cashless
106- Johnny Gomes
33- Some no-talent hack from Boston
37- Adam Kennedy
58- Omar Quesadilla
129- Victorino All Star
213- Josh Johnson All Star
230- Freddy Sanchez
26- Ryan Howard All Star
131- Derek Jeter ALL sTAR
314- Brad Hawpe All Star (!)
Steve Carlton Legends on the Cardinals
Mariano Rivera ToppsTown
262- Jeff Niemann
271- Frank Cattleprodnotto
50- Gary Sheffield
270- Combo
36- Highlight of the Konerko and Dye thing

Card Shop Finds

I trotted by the card shop today looking for some of the usual swag. Here is some of the stuff I got

2007 Masterpieces Mike Piazza, Josh Hamilton
2000 Topps Randy Johnson
2002 Heritage Pudge Rodriguez
2001 Donruss The Rookies of Justin Duchduchduchduch
1998 Topps Roger Clemens
1998 Score Eck
1995 Donruss (Last great Donruss set) Jeff Bagwell
1985 Topps Tony Perez
2004 All Time Fan Favorites 1980 Alan Trammell
2003 Topps Mo Vaughn
2002 Topps Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio
2001 Gallery Roy Oswalt Rookie
1998 Topps Cal Ripken
2007 Topps Greg Maddux
2006 Fleer Tradition Carlos Lee
2006 Upper Deck Rafael Palmiero
2005 Diamond Kings Scott Rolen
1998 Topps Randy Johnson
2001 Topps Archives Jim Palmer, Kirk Gibson, Fergie Jenkins, Ozzie Smith
1994 Donruss Randy Johnson
1993 Stadium Club Dave Winfield
2005 ATFF 1959 Al Kaline
2007 SP Authentic Mike Piazza
1998 Topps Mike Piazza, Nomah
2003 Topps Gary Sheffield
2002 Gallery Rickey Henderson
2001 UD Legends Stan Musial, Eddie Murray, Nomah
1993 Topps Traded Dave Winfield
1989 Topps Traded Rafael Palmiero
1993 Topps Kirby Puckett
2003 Fleer Authentix Jim Edmonds
1994 Fleer Darryl Strawberry, Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor
1993 Donruss Eddie Murray
2001 Topps Golden Moments Cal Ripken
2005 Topps Lance Berkman
2000 Ultra Hideo Nomo
1995 UD Jose Canseco
2003 Authentix Carlos Lee
2002 Donruss Fan Club Rickey Henderson
1995 Topps Eddie Murray
1996 Score Hideo Nomo
1999 Ultra Harold Baines
1982 Topps Paul Molitor
1998 Donruss Matt Willaims
1981 Topps Bobby Bonds
2003 Topps Juan Gonzalez
1994 Bowman Bo Jackson
2001 Fleer Focus Fred McGriff
2001 Fleer Platinum Fred McGriff
1996 Fleer Roberto Alomar