Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Topps Update Rack Packs

Today was my birthday. I'm not gonna make a big deal of it, since I'm pretty young (still in my teenage years), but I'm still not the youngest cardblogger out there. But, I will say that was enough to bring me into Target on the biggest shopping day of the year, to get some rack packs (I also threw in 1 regular pack as well, because the $ was burning a hole in my pocket. Now, the results:

Regular Pack:
69- Lance Cormier
275- Hong Chih Kuo, representing the 1st ever Taiwanese player to be an All Star. My dentist will love that one.
101- Jake Westbrook
43- Brennan Boesch RD
29- Livan Hernandez (And he shall be a good man...)
184- Blake DeWitt
81- Rich "Not the NFL Network Guy" Harden
190- John Lackey.
Pee Wee Reese mini.
CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:
1999 Jason Kendall. Not THAT bad. At least I've heard of the guy, and at least it's a sweet picture.

Rack Pack 1-
92- Pedro Felciano
155- Pudge Rodriguez.
167- Ramon Santiago
232- Jason Kendall, speak of the devil
102- Chris Carter
294- Aaron Heilman.
59- Jeanmar Gomez
54- Akinori Iwamura, this time in a real Pirates uni
268- Logan Morrison
69- Lance Cormier GOLD #'d to 2010. Bleah
CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:
1954 ROY MCMILLAN. Nice. A vintage card of another player I'd heard of.
Turkey Red of Christy Matthewson
281- Jose Valverde AS
56- Matt Holliday HRD
187- Checklist
156- Matt Thornton
194- Vernon Wells AS
104- Paul Konerko AS
99- JOSE BAUTISTA. Fun Fact- Jose was with 4 teams in 2004- Orioles, Rays, Royals and finally Pirates.
147- Argenis Diaz
166- Jon Garland
138- Brandon League
283- Kevin Frandsden
270- Vlad Guerrero AS
28- Bill Hall
55- Starsberg RD
311- Felix Doubront
Peak Performance of J-Hey
Yo Mamma card of Arod, Nomah and Jetah Shortstops.
290- Justin Verlander AS
161- Holliday AS
153- Brian McCann AS
220- Jon Lester AS
24- CL
247- Swisher HRD

Rack Pack 2-
103- Matt Tuiasosopo
115- Brad Lincoln
79- Johnny Gomes
310- Derek Jeter AS
261- Jason Vargas
297- Don Kelly
140- John Hamilton
27- Koyie "Say my name 10 times fast and it sounds like you're hyperventilating" Hill
208- Jeff Keppinger GOLD #'d to 2010. Bleah
MY THIRD CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:
Huh. Doug Rau 1980. It's amazing, I just traded a Doug Rau 1976 away for something, and now I got another Rau.
Turkey Red Pee Wee Reese
3- Sam Demel rookie
78- Jon Link rookie
109- Luke Hughes
213- Alex Gonzalez
309- Andruw Jones
169- Ryan Ludwick
102- Chris Carter
142- Mike Canmeron
151- Kerry Wood
82- Emanuel Burriss
294- Another Aaron Heilman
59- Another Jeanmar Gomez
54- Another Aki Iwamura
268- And another Logan Morrison. Great collation, Topps!
159- Ocatvio Dotel
Lineage- Rod Carew and Robinson Cano. That's about right.
Yo Mamma of 2001 Vladimir Guerrero
87- Trevor Plouffe
209- Bengie Molina
66- Ronnie Belliard
212- Mitch Talbot
273- John Jaso
89- Frank Herrmann

Well, it was an okay rip. There was good code cards, and Yo Mamma, but STILL NO ROOKIE STRASBURGS!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Topps Box Extravaganza

I waited a few days to post this one, because...I really don't know. I'll just spill it now.

My dad's PR guy not only works for him, but also with Topps. So being that Baseball Cards were mentioned, one think led to another and on Friday, a box from Topps arrived at my house. Inside were:

3 Cereal Boxes of Topps Series 2.
1 Retail Box (Actually, by Retail I mean "The box of 24 packs that Target usually gets and has people take packs from) of Topps Update.
1 Hobby Box of Topps Football.

I started with the Cereal Boxes, and aside from 1 New Yo Mamma and a few base cards and inserts, not a lot was going on there. How ever...I did happen to pull a SHORT PRINT! I pulled from the 2nd one a Ernie Banks short print, which is pretty nice.

Then, I ripped Football. I'm not a football collector, but I keep some cards. Here are some of the Football Selects from the box:

Base Cards:

Notable Stars:
Reggie Bush
Brett Favre
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Drew Brees
Ladanian Tomlinson
Terrell Owens
Donovan McNabb
Chad Ochocinco
Aaron Rodgers
Ben Rothlesberger

Notable Rookies:
Dexter McCluster
Jahvid Best
Jared Odrick
Ben Tate
Trent Williams
Arrelleous Benn
Tim Tebow
Taylor Price
Golden Tate
Sam Bradford
Dez Bryant
Jacoby Ford
Ndhdsjdhosafj Suh

Gold #'d to 2010
Nick Magold
Koa Misi
Jacoby Ford
Erick Decker
Phillip Dillard
Roger Saffold

Drew Brees Ring Of Honor

Jimmy Clausen
Adrian Peterson
Mark Sanchez
Dez Bryant
Ronaldo McClain
Drew Brees
Ladanian Tomlinson
Tim Tebow

Jamaal Charles
Ben Tate
Troy Aikman
Matt Leinart
Golden Tate

John Elway
Mike Williams
Steven Jackson
Colt McCoy
Dexter McCluster
Reggie Wayne
Jamaal Charles
Tom Brady
Troy Gerhart

Rookie Reprints:
Aaron Rodgers
Peyton Manning
Adrian Peterson
Larry Fitzgerald

Maurice Jones Drew
Ben Tate
Arrellious Benn
Tim Tebow
Miles Austin
Randy Moss
DeAngelo Williams
Golden Tate
Matt Schaub
Jon Beason
Eric Berry
Larry Fitzgerald

Guaranteed Auto:
Rookie Premiere #'d to 90 Jahvid Best. He's having a nice season, and it's probably worth a lot of money.

From the Update box, I got a lot of rookies (Castro included), and a ROBIN ROBERTS SHORT PRINT, which was awesome.

Overall, a lot of awesome cards.

Friday, November 19, 2010

King Felix

Great Job on the Cy Young, Felix. I guess this was really the way everyone wanted it (Except me and all the Yankee fans)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Okay, so maybe I was wrong about Felix

Within two hours of me voicing my displeasure on King Felix's Cy Young win, I've gotten a few defenseful, and somewhat angry comments. And I'm still pissed about the whole "Felix only won 13 games, so naturally he deserves a Cy Young" thing. But maybe I should rethink my viewpoint a little bit thanks to the few of you that bothered to make me.

Maybe most of you people are right. I mean, CC had a hell of a season, that's for sure, but Felix seemed to dominate the mound a lot more from your perspective. I mean...if anybody was gonna win it besides CC, I would have said David Price, but apparently the MLB voted for the person who flat out dominated, despite the complete failure of his team.

Hell, that's why they gave Andre Dawson the MVP in 87. Sure, the Cubs sucked back then, but Dawson was a hell of a player on a hard luck team. So Andre was rightfully rewarded the Cy Young. And last year, we had Zach Grienke and Tim Lincecum winning the Cy Youngs. Both of them were standout pitchers in hard luck teams (For the Freak, the tables have indeed turned), and were deservingly honored as the best pitchers of the year.

About Felix...I'm not saying he's a better pitcher than Roy Halladay (which he isn't), but in the terms of strikeouts, and all other things that matter BESIDES WINS (His record was 13-12), he was pretty good. And according to you, he deserves the mantle of Cy Young.

Hell, it's arguable that Steve Bedrosian and John Denny didn't deserve their Cy Youngs with the Phils, but if I even utter that around here, I could get arrested.

So look...if you people really think that Felix Hernandez deserved the Cy Young, I have nothing against you. In terms of wins, CC Sabathia should have won. In terms of overall power and wowing ability, Felix did win. Which proves that nobody gives a damn anymore if you won 20 games in a season.

The fact is that according to this New York based mind of mine, the New York pitcher that won more games than anybody else should have won. But everyone is entitled to their opinion (No matter how judgemental it is, like some people I know).

Tomorrow, I'll make you people proud, and make a new Felix custom.

But if Cliff Lee lands in Boston, you're getting another angry rant.

Now wait a minute...

21 wins, and a postseason run. Sure, he didn't make the Series, but he's arguably the best pitcher in the AL

13 wins, last place in the division. His team didn't do much this year. WHY THE HELL DOES THIS GUY WIN THE CY YOUNG AWARD????????
And I don't want any sympathy posts, like "He had so much more strikeouts". I don't wanna hear it. CC should have won, and they instead give it to Felix. Why? Just...just WHY?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks, Doc

For 3 no hitters, a wild postseason and a Cy Young award. Philly thanks you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rookies of the Year

Called it.

Kinda thought he had a rookie year last year (But hey, Geovany Soto started in 2006). I put Austin Jackson in my betting pool anyway.
Bring on the other good awards.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Retail Box of Update

Swung by Target today, and yes, they had some boxes. Let's see what I got:

Pack 1-
136- Jarrod SalatdmklsfmlkdsmlfkmlsdkmkdmfkdmsRedSoxccia
216- John Baker
6- Adam Ottavino
194- Vernon Wells
104- Paul Konerko AS
Lineage: Dave Winfield to J-Hey. Brain Cashman's ears are ringing
Nolan Ryan stuck in 1957

Pack 2-
76- Another Tabata
62- Another Chris Narveson
270- Vladdie All Star
28- Another Bill Hall
249- Rafael Soriano AS
127- SWISHER! As
Johnny Mize Turkey Red

Pack 3-
106- Orlando Caberra
308- Matt Thronton
54- Aki Iwamura
9- Danny Worth
20- Hey! It's Jason Bay on the Mets
GOOOOOOOLD NUMBERED! Ryan Ludwick #'d to 2010. Nice.
Roy Campanaella Turkey

Pack 4-
98- Yunel Escobar
312- Coco Crisp (Part of this Terrible Franchise)
268- Logan Morrison
223- Henry Blanco
Vladdie Peak (Is this a Vlademir Guerrero hot box?
YO MAMMA! Eddie Matthews 1952

Pack 5-
39- Killa Killahue
261- Jason Vargas
163- Marco Venutos
72- Milton Bradley (Family Shame Night!)
Bob Gibson and Ubaldo Jiminez Lineage.
Another VL Nolan Ryan

Pack 6-
300- CLIFF LEEE!!! (Now pitching for your New York Yankees...)
159- Octavio Dotel
177- Chris Heiesley
120- Brennan Boesch
CODE CARD! Let's see who I get-
1966 Bo Belinski. Nice, a Philly from the 60's.
YO MAMMA 1971 Steve Garvey.

Pack 7-
175- Drew Storen
282- Rhyne Hughes
297- Don Kelly
140- Josh Hamilton AS
113- Brad Ziegler
Orlando Cepeda Turkey

Pack 8-
94- Reid Brigniac
93- Jon Rauch
27- Koyie Hill. Congratulations, your name sounds like someone hyperventilating.
5- Troy Glaus
135- Starlin Castro RD
137- Austin Kearns
More Tales- Walter Johnson

Pack 9-
8- Fred Lewis
237- Jhan Martinez
22- Ty Wiggington AS
208- Jeff Keppinger
Rogers Hornsby in 1982

Pack 10-
184- Blake DeWitt
81- Rich Harden
256- Mike Gonzalez
6- Another Adam Ottavino
217- Norbit Torreavla
202- Mitch Moreland
YO MAMMA Rickey Henderson 1982. So for those of you counting, your mother thre out Rickey's 80, 81, and now 82 cards. Must be one brave woman.

Guaranteed Patch- 2010 AS Game...VLADIMIR GUERRERO! So this is a Vladdie hot box.

Overall, no Strasburgs, but a decent box.

From the Deep Dark Recesses of the Basement

My dad was doing some frantic basement cleaning today, and he happened to spot a card container amid the clutter. He fetched me, and I examined the contents of the box. Needless to say, I was satisfied. It was mostly things that my dad had put in a case that he'd picked up years ago, and when we dug up all the boxes from the basement, this one got left behind. It was full of Late 70's, 80's and a ton from 1966. I guess you can call these "Cards my dad put in the Basement"

Hall of Famers:
1980 Jim Palmer, which I had.
1982 Phil Niekro, which I had.
1978 Burger King Goose Gossage. I didn't have this one, and it's a cool addition to the collection.
1982, 1983 and 1984 Andre Dawson All Star cards. Musta likes Dawson.

Damn near hall of famers:
1978, 1977 and 1983 Steve Garvey.
1987 Barry Larkin rookie, which I had.

The 1966 Topps:
Norm Cash, Moose Skowron, Jim Brewer, Bob Allison, Sonny Siebert, Art Mahaffey, Roger Craig, Charlie Smith, Jim Maloney, Bob Lee, Dave Nicholson, Grady Hatton, Ty Cline, Jack Baldchun, Al Ferrarra, Bob Miller, Glenn Beck(ert), Bob Priddy, Bill Faul, Chris Krug,

And a bunch of other 1974 stuff. I also got a 1973 Dave Kingman and Joe Pepitone.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gentlemen, start your offseason

And with that, David DeJesus is an Athletic.

I'll make it official again- the Royals for the umpteenth season, have no hope.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 Topps Update Series Retail Box Rip

After a week of exile, I've finally returned with a box from Target (FINALLY!) of the product I've been waiting weeks for. Update...I've always looked forward to update, to to my strange facinsation with players in other uniforms. It's interesting to me. But anyway, here's the box-

Pack 1-
36- Matt Holliday Derby
187- Checklist
61- Alfredo Simon
170- Carl "Leading off for your 2011 Yankees" Crawford AS
76- Jose Tabata Debut
62- Chris Narveson
Tris Speaker stuck in 98.

Pack 2-
156- Matt Thornton AS
194- Vernon Wells AS
51- Tom Gorzellany
236- Matt Daley
186- Scott Hairston
95- Jamie Moyer!!!
Tales of Harry Truman
Buster Posey TT

Pack 3-
281- Jose Valverde AS
247- SWISH! Home run derby
319- Josh Tomlin
26- Jesus Felicano
157- Jason Marquis
211- Daniel Huson
YO MAMMA CARD! Mark Fydrich from 1977.

Pack 4-
220- Jon Lester
24- Checklist
118- Jose Bautista
168- Wilson Ramos
188- O-HUD!
154- Jose Guillen.
Vernon Wells Turkey Red

Pack 5-
161- Matt Holliday AS
153- Brian McCann AS
160- Josh Johnson AS
280- A ROD AS!
60- MIguel Tejada on the Padres
CODE CARD! Let's see who I get-
Dennis Eckersley 1989. Not bad. It's a hall of famer, a good one, from a set I need to complete. Fair exchange.
1985 Dave Winfield YO MAMMA!

Pack 6-
38- Chris Young AS
290- Justin Verlander AS
210- Ubaldo Jimines
172- Josh Donaldson
179- Juan Pierre
Walter Johnson in 1952

Pack 7-
73- Torii Hunter AS
215- CL
75- J-Hey AS
221- Heath Bell AS
149- Kevin Russo
Lineage- Steve Carlton to Jon Lester- HOW DARE THEY!!!!!
Eddie Matthews Tales

Pack 8-
Scott Rolen AS
Adrian Beltre AS
JoBrox AS
Capps AS
Omar Infante
Daniel Nava Peak Performance
Hey! A Curtis Granderson Turkey Red!

Pack 9-
79- Johnny Gomes
94- Reid Brigniac
Code Card! Let's see who I get now!
1972 Bruce Kison of the Pirates. Not bad. Vintage wax.
YO MAMMA 1988 Eddie Murray RB

Pack 10-
173- Lornezo Cain
139- Jorge Cantu
28- Bill Hall
257- Joel Hanharan
191- Cool, a Danny Valencia rookie
Lineage- Larry Walker to Justin Morneau. Does this mean Morneau's gonna gain some weight, move to an expansion team and never make the hall?
Jimmie Foxx stuck in 94. I feel for you, Jimmie.

Now for my guaranteed Patch Card-
1993 Roberto Alomar!!! Okay. Just wait until he gets to Cooperstown, then it'll skyrocket

Overall, nice box. Good Yo Mammas and Cool hit.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Congratulations, San Francisco

It was a hell of a series, and the Giants came out on top, thanks to Edgar Renteria's 3 run homer (that he called), and great players like Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey, Pat Burrell, Tim Lincecum and Madison Baumgarner.

For the next few months, I will be oftenly checking this

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm calling it

These guys are going to win the World Series. I know some of you may not be happy about it, but if the Series is 3 to 1 in their favor, and if Lincy's pitching a hell of a game already, I don't think Texas has much left up their sleeve.

Besides, whoever beats my Yankees will pay. Just ask Tampa...