Friday, April 22, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Tex Edition

Being that I haven't made a Yankee yet, I figured Mark, one of the more underrated Yankees nowadays, would be a good one to customize. I know I promised a Granderson, but the guy has to get some good photos sometime soon. Still, Teixiera is a good asset to have on a team, through offense and defense.

Tomorrow- I need to make some more. Any requests?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Romero Edition

For some of you, this wasn't the Romero you had in mind. Some of you might have wanted to see a custom of JC Romero, the sad sack steroid abusing reliever for the Phillies. A few of you probably thought it was George C. Romero, that horror dude. But no, this Romero is important too. Because with his help, the Blue Jays are going to jumpstart. It's a shame they're in the AL East.

Tomorrow- Possibly someone in pinstripes. Whose name rhymes with Schmanderson.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Custom Card of the Day

Mike over here was the number one outfielding prospect for the Phillies back in 2007. Of course, knowing Ruben Amaro Jr.'s way of telling prospects their futures, you can already tell what happened. Michael Bourn, along with several other prospects deemed "too good" for Philly, were shipped to Houston, for a seemingly washed up closer named Brad Lidge. Although looking back on it now, it seems as though Houston got the better end of the deal.

Bourn has been playing beautifully for the past 2 seasons, even making an all star team last year. If he remained with Philly, he'd be the current centerfielder, Ben Francisco would be his backup, and Pat Burrell would be an Astro.

Coming Tomorrow- like Michael Bourn, this guy was a promising prospect, until he was sent to No Man's Land, aka Toronto, where it all changed for the better.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Custom Card of the Day- Ethier edition

This card, above all else, should make you feel happy. The colors, the photo, the gleam in Andre's eyes as he waits for greatness. I tried to make a good Dodger custom, and I succeeded. I know I've been quiet as of late, and my posting has been less frequent than usual, but I'll try to get back to posting customs daily. For you, the readers.

Tomorrow- A youngster out of Houston who was originally a player for Philly. Imagine that.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ten More Packs of Topps Series One

I don't know why I keep snatching up packs of Topps. Maybe for the inserts. Maybe for the base cards. Maybe for the NotYoMamma cards. Maybe for the ToppsTown. Still, ten packs about to be ripped for your reading pleasure.

Pack 1-

131- Kevin Kouzmanoff

121- Brandon Inge

35- Shin-soo Choo. The GUM! You are named after the GUM! HAHAHAHAHA!

138- Leaders...of the lost ark, if we wanna keep the Indy references going.

34- Rick Ankiel

68- Indians.

31- Erick Aybar SHINY CARD!!!

Lou Gehrig reprint


271- Adam Dunn

86- Carlos Silva

229- Jonathan Sanchez

Pack 2-

323- CJ Wilson

265- Danks for the memories

211- Joey Votto MVP

45- Hunter Pence

77- Tim Hudson

Ty Cobb Mini

Mike Piazza NotYoMamma


233- Ramon Hernandez

278- Marco Scutaro

84- Roger Bernadina


Pack 3-

216- Jose Bautista


324- Boston team card

282- Buster Posey ROY

243- Omar "How am I still playing" Vizquel

Babe Ruth Topps 60

Brooks and Fank Robinson NotYoMama

Cano tt

250- CarGo

207- Angel Pagan

212- Pedro Feliz

Pack 4-

262- Alex Gordon

28- Carlos Carrasco

309- Cubs

61- David Price

110- Aroldis Chapman Rookie

98- Bronson Arroyo SHINY CARD

CarGo Red Diamond

Stan the Man 1960 NotYoMamma...ORGINAL BACK!

Chapman tt

310- Alex Gonzalez

295- John Jay

60- Andrew McCutchen

Pack 5-

197- Aaron Hill

36- Ted Lilly

8- Julio Borbon

223- Gregory Infante rc

304- Thome cl

204- A's

Markakis mini

CODE CARD! Let's see who I get:

1979 LaMarr Johnson. Not that bad. At least I've heard of him.

219- Ruiz

78- Mike Stanton

316- Chris Young

Pack 6-

31- Erick Aybar

302- Adrian Beltre

106- Felix PA

70- Kyle Drabek rookie

157- Mets

158- Casey Blake

Josh Hamilton Topps 60

Steve Garvey NotYoMamma


162- Ronny Cedeno

1- Ryan Braun

23- Jaime Garcia

Pack 7-

64- Yorvit Torrealba

296- John Buck

103- Cliff Lee

152- Orioles

203- Dillon Gee

329- Brett Walace

315- Big Poopi

66- Hey, it's RA Dickey #'d to 2011

MigCab mini


242- Brad Lidge

194- Andres Torres

Pack 8-

55- Matt Joyce

30- Gio Gonzalez


211- Joey Votto again

217- Yonder Alonso

12- Carlos Marmol


Honus Wagner reprint


81- Omar Infante

100- Albert Pujols

142- Johnny Cueto

Pack 9-


63- Edinson Volquez

98- Bronson Arroyo

Prado mini

Eddie Murray NotYoMamma


22- Barry Zito

101- Gregor Blanco

48- Andrew Cashner

266- Rickie Weeks

Pack 10-

doubles on base cards

Chapman and Seaver duo

Jackie Robinson NotYoMamma


229- Jonathan Sanchez

10- Stephen Strasburg

240- Andre Ethier

That was a nice rip. The diamond dig gave me a Padres ring, and being that it was my 10th, I got a Shop Topps gift card. Dunno if I'll ever use it, but still...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Custom Card of the Night

This is another one of my favorites, because it seems like Miguel Tejada's flying off the card. It isn't the easiest element to create, but it still makes a great finished product.

Tomorrow- Irony is what you call following a Giant with a Dodger. No coincidence is the fact that it's possibly the best batter on the team.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Vladdie Edition

I didn't steal this look from the Larry Gura card of the same year, although the looks are kinda similar. I think mine's a little better, though.

Tomorrow- An older shortstop currently residing with last year's champs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Custom Card of the Night- Epic Royal Edition

This is another one of those cards I've made that truly embodies art, and its beauty raises many eyebrows. Judging by my record of posting awesome customs, this one might not be well viewed or publicized, but whoever sees it will probably love it.

And as a fun fact: The original card I took the design from: COOKIE Rojas. A running gag among the blogosphere.

Coming Tomorrow- another epic custom, this one of a well traveled future hall of famer, currently residing in the city which come early August, will be occupied by hundreds of collectors for the National.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Ichiro edition

I think the correct phrase is "RUN, ICHIRO, RUN!"

Not much else to say, because I'm kinda lacking in originality today. Just...I hope you like the custom

Tomorrow- I really don't know. Any ideas from you guys?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Riddance- Manny retires

All of New York breathed a heavy sigh, and began to cheer today. Manny Ramirez, former bringer of death and steroid abuser, and current bench staple, has finally retired after 20 years of playing...or something like that. Am I happy. You better believe it. But is it sad to see him go in this way. Kind of.

Manny was nabbed for drugs- which ones he was nabbed for is a topic of question-, and this forced him to retire. Now granted, while I'm happy to see the man go, it would have been better if it wasn't due to this. Maybe it could have happened after the year was over, or maybe when he was really done playing. Because this was abrupt. Too abrupt.

And the truth was that he wasn't really playing too well either. The Rays were happy to have him, because him and Johnny Damon were preventing the team from going down the crapper, but he wasn't living up to the expectations that Rays fans wanted when he was acquired. So that, added to the drug thing might have preempted it.

Still, even though this is Manny Ramirez we're talking about, it'll be kinda sad to see him go. Before he became what everyone remembers him as, he was still a pretty good player with Cleveland, and those few years alone were great. Then, in Boston, he played well, and reached two championships, but his temper on and off the field defined him. And that really brought on what well think of him as- Crazy Manny Ramirez.

And there's a chance that he could end up in Cooperstown. But at the end of the day...he was a Red Soc, and he antagonized my team to the point of near explosion.

And to coincide with the Green Day reference in the title, it's simply unpredictable, and in the end it's right. And I hope he has the time of his least until he's busted and indicted for steroids.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Cool Looking Edition

I've always wanted my customs to have a sort of "pop", a eye catching brilliance that lures the readers in, and captivates them with a single picture. While the man on the card may not be the biggest thing to brag about, the beauty of the custom sure is. Some of it has the look of a propaganda poster of sorts, or the famous Obama Hope poster. But it's a striking, colorful image, altered without tampering with its brilliance, but simply strengthening it.

This may be one of my greatest. This and the Matt Kemp one from last week. I hope you all agree with me.

Tomorrow- He's overhyped! He's overpowered! He's overqualified for cooperstown! And he's only known by one name!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 Packs of Topps Series one...because I needed some

Being that I hadn't gotten cards in a while, I figured I needed some, so I went to target and fetched ten packs of Topps Series 1.

Pack 1-

311- James Shields

224- Milton Bradley. Hahahaha.

69- Brett Gardner!

161- ChiSox

319- Braves

Steve Garvey NotYoMammaCards



233- Ramon Hernandez

278- Marco Scutaro

84- Roger Bernadrina

210- Brian Wilson, the craziest man in the MLB

Pack 2-

179- Armando Gallaraga

262- Alex Gordon

28- Carlos Carrasco

59- Gaby Sanchez GG

88- Brian BouGousvic

82- leaders

Code Card- Lets see who I get:

Nice. 1973 Pat Jarvis of the Braves. Not a big namer, but a 70's common. Okay.



227- Nate McLouth

297- Jason Jaramillo

312- Gaby Sanchez regular

Pack 3-

3- Jon Lester. BOOOO!

54- Brian Fuentes

321- Jeremy Guthrie

138- leaders

34- Rick Ankiel

98- Bronson Arroyo

68- indians

Duo- Hamilton and Vladdie

Mantle Lost Card


247- Starlin Castro

136- Jason Marquis

Pack 4-

170- David DeJesus

150- Miguel Cabrera

130- Robinson Canooooooo!

209- Carlos Santana

268- Jake "Not Bombshell" McGee

283- Rockies

Code Card #2- let's see who I get:

1988 MIKE SCHMIDT of the Phillies. Nice card of a Hall of Famer.

Nick Markakis Topps 60


240- Andre Ethier


78- Mike Stanton

Pack 5-

215- Edwin Encarnacion

37- Vincente Padilla

186- Carl Pavano. Sighhh...

218- leaders

24- A's


Manny NotYoMamma 2001 that I already had


256- Tyler Colvin

58- Edgar Renteria

66- RA Dickey

301- Seth Smith

Pack 6-

296- John Buck

103- CLIFF LEE! Not a Phillie uni, but still.

132- Brian Duensing

235- leaders



Stan Musial NotYoMamma


276- Miguel Olivo

56- Johan Santana


139- Eric Young Jr,

Pack 7-

232- CJ Wilson

265- John Danks

188- Kung Fu Panda

24- Neil Walker

152- orioles

202- leaders


Cargo/Tulo Duo


127- Chris Volstad

72- Jair Jurrjens

43- Brendan Ryan

Pack 8-

221- Scott Hairston

307- Alex Rios

46- Mr. Taiwan, Hong Chi Kuo (Mr. Taiwan formely Chien Ming Wang, but Kuo is taking his place while Wang recovers from the 09, 10 seasons.

184- Brandon Morrow

317- Yonder Alonso

98- Arroyo again

Code Card #3- let's see who I get:


Justin Upton 60



Pack 9-

4- Jason Kubel

294- Luke Scott

116- Russell Branyan


317- Yonder again

315- David Ortiz


Babe Ruth Vintage Reprint



16- Aramis

305- James Oh So Lonely

Pack 10-

121- Brandon Inge

25- Choo

260- Freddy Sanchez

197- Aaron Hill

213- Brandon Snyder

181- Magglio Ordonez

CODE CARD #4- Let's see who I get:

1979 Tom Hausman of the Mets. Not too bad.

Ian Kinsler 60



Good packs. On Diamond Dig, with my code cards, I redeemed A Frank Robinson ring, then I redeemed a prize, which was another code card. I recieved a 1998 Mike Mussina, which isn't bad at all. I then kept digging, and recieved a Giants ring, a Rays ring, a Mariners ring, and a Cal Ripken ring. So I think I did pretty good on my digging.

I think I did really good on my ripping.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I hate April Fool's Day

Seriously. I hate it. And that's not an April Fool's Prank.

Sure, it's fine for a small chuckle, but what if there's actual things going on in the cardblogosphere. The Phillies opening day is today. Isn't that news? Hell no. It's April Fools Day! Let's everyone tease something great on their thumbnails only to really "fool" them in the end.

Hell, look at last year! There were a whole bunch of them, even Dayf's now legendary Stamp Blog Prank. And that was kinda funny. But it's kinda pathetic if you go to the sites you trust, and they've screwed up their design just to screw with you. What's Google today? "Topeka", like last year? I don't even wanna look. And I hope to god that Facebook hasn't riled up a prank. Can you imagine Mark Zuckerberg grinning devilishly on the front page, while it directs you to a video of Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give you Up". Youtube's probably wired all their front page vids to Rebecca Black singing Friday, but all you people probably don't care about that.

Okay...maybe I'm paranoid (Update- I am). Maybe I'm just a perfectionist who is used to how things are, and is terrified when they change (Update- I am). Maybe I'm not funny at all (Update- the jury is still out on that). But the fact is that I won't be doing a lot online today, for fear of getting April Fooled.

(Postscript: Anyone who did pull an April Fools prank, I don't blame you. It's basically second nature for someone who runs their own website. So if you did, or are going to, have fun with it. I'm not here to discourage you. Besides, I'm only 15 years old. For most of you, I'm half your age, or less. Nobody wants a teenager lecturing them around. Except...other teenagers)

Have a (Somewhat) Happy April Fool's Day, everybody.