Monday, August 31, 2009

Now I know why we got this guy

Mark Texiera is on a roll in the Bronx. He's hitting 30 homers and has 100 RBI so far-- and we haven't even gotten to the end of the season yet!

I am so impressed with how Mark is doing for us, and now I realize why we got him- to divert attention away from the outed steroid abuser and hit big for a slumping team. That's what he did for the Rangers. Don't you think that the 2004 season would've been a lot different for the Rangers if Palmiero was getting all the attention? So Mr. Texiera is at the moment a third wheel of Jeter and A-rod, but in a few years that's going to change. Let me just roll off the list of the most impressive accusitions for the Yanks.

2009- Nick Swisher. Swish was supposed to be a dumb move for the Sox, sending away the quirky outfielder for Wilson Betemit. What it turned out to be was the Sox shamelessly sending us a guy who can mash the ball and play outfield really well, and achieving a fourth rate utility player who can't hit.

2006- Johnny Damon. Yeah, the Yankees got crushed by Scruffy in the 2004 (sigh) AL Series. What a heartbreak. So what did the Yankees do? Did they crush him in the playoffs? No, sir. They signed him to a pretty good deal. Why? Because when faced with a challenge, they keep it cool

2004- A-Rod. Now let's think about this for a second.

1996- David Wells. Boomer was an excellent pitcher, and he showed that by throwing a perfect game for the Yanks against the Twins. He was also consistent, pitching very well. He came back to the team for a few years in 2002, but not before being traded to the Blue Jays for...

1999- Roger Clemens. Yeah, you knew he was going to be on here somewhere. Clemens was throwing fire for the Yanks and actually got them into a few World Series', some they won and others they lost. Clemens was an awesome pitcher back before the steroid allegations. He also came back to the team for his final season in 2007.

1994- Paul O'Neill. The Warrior played like it was a battlefield for his years in New York. He led the team to a couple of World Series' and finally bceame a poster boy for the team. He also showed loyalty, staying with the team until his retirement in 2001.

1993- Wade Boggs. Wade was a stellar player for Boston, and the Yanks did not waste time in letting him sign with the team. It was a good idea, too- he was a major threat to all pitchers everywhere, and hit in the World Series as well. Soon, he left the team to join the Rays, where he stayed until his retirement.

1978- Rich Gossage. Goose was in Pittsburgh the year before, and having the worst season. Then he signed here, and di not disappoint. He pitched 6 wonderful seasons as the closer, and led the Yanks to two World Series. He later came back to the team in 1989.

1977- Reggie Jackson. Again, do I have to spell this out for you?

1974- Sparky Lyle. Always the prankster, Sparky brought his unique closing ability to the team, and it helped, leading them to the 1976 and 77 series'. He even won the Cy Young in 1977, the first for a closer. Then Goose came along and he was traded to the Rangers before retiring with the White Sox.

196-something- Roger Maris. 61. All you need to know.

1920's- Red Ruffing. Red was a very good pitcher, and that's all I know because that's more than half a century before my time.

Anyone I'm forgetting?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sergio Mitre- 1 hitter

I can't believe I'm putting those words in the same sentence. I thought he was just a regular pitcher. Now he's shutting out the Sox and having Ozzie Guillen go into mad tirades. We're definitely not trading this guy, now, right?


Oh dear, Brian Cashman just winked at me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh, and by the way

Move over, John Lackey, there's a new star pitcher in Anaheim- Scott Kazmir!

2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Target Box

Well, wouldn't you know it, I finally found some place hat sells baseball cards. Target. Ahh, Trget, I will always remember you as my collecting hero. Anyway, I got a 10 pack box of UD Series 2, because A-I like the product and B- I'm rounding out the last of my Topps set.

What are we waiting for? Let's rip!

Pack 1-
644- Zach Miner. I don't know who this kid is, but he's a pitcher for the Tigers.
525- Gregor Blanco. This kid is going to be good. I think he Braves have found another Chipper...or another guy to trade.
674- Kyle Farnsworth. Ahh, memories. He didn't do that well for the Yanks, but he made wearing glasses while pitching a new fashion style, back when Greg Maddux had started wearing contacts.
UD20 of Pedro Martinez on the Sox. Thanks for also bringing back a horrid memory, Upper Deck!
Starquest Nick Markakis. Hey, Nick! Great player, and I'm not just speaking for the Orioles fans in the room. Nick is also great to watch.
960- AAAADRIAN Gonzalez Gold Glove. Adrian is wearing his army tan uni, which looks pretty good and Tan makes sense for the Padres.
583- Carlos Quentin. Two years ago, if you would have told me that the outfielder for the D-Backs would become a big time star, I would've laughed my butt off.
670- WANDY a staple of a mediocre box break

Pack 2-
748- Joe Nathan.
813- Ryan Howard. Now we're talking. This is a guy that never disappoints when I see him play.
885- Adam Kennedy
954- Adrian Beltre Gold Glove. Wait a sec- HOW did this guy win the Gold Glove again?
Starquest of...Nick Markakis! Only this one's a Gold Rare. Anyone want a Marky Starquest?
724- Chris Duffy. He'll have you begging him for mercy- wait, wrong Duffy.
914- Ian "How did this guy hit a homer against the Yankees" Kinsler
815- Paul Maholm. Seeing by the number, I wonder if this guy was in a plane cra- Yes, I am a Lost geek.

Pack 3-
532-Jim Johnson. Wow,a card of a Nascar driver-or not. I have no idea who this guy is.
876- Ryan Ludwick, someow the sidekick to Albert Pujols this season.
751- Carlos Beltran.
538- Chris Ray. Another reason why the Orioles are in trouble- no real pitching.
Starquest Curtis Granderson. Great player.
993- Wilson Betemit Checklist. Why is this guy a checklist, as opposed to the million other stars that the Sox have.
756- Mike Pelfrey.
610- David Delluci.

Pack 4-
685- Brandon Wood. Who?
915- TJ Beam. We had this guy once, and we canned him.
550- Ramon Ramirez. Another studio shot.
Starquest Gold Rare Tim Lincecum. Yeah, Lincy's awesome, but this looks like the Topps picture.
Goodwin Champions Derek Jeter. This is a very cool insert set, hopefully they won't go the Goudey route with it.
818- Nyjer Morgan. Again, wasted, traded talent.
881- Jason LaRue. HOLY CRAP, look at that guy's mustache on the back! It's a Village People stache!
612- Masahide Kobeyashi. Most unprounouncable name since Jeff Samarhfjldhfjlhf.

Pack 5-
568- Alfonso Soriano, who I somehow keep getting cards of.
686- Erick Aybar.
978- Kevin Gregg Checklist. Why is this guy a checklist?
Starquest Geovany Soto. Have it. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
782- Michael Wuertz
910- Joaquin Benoit. Does Upper Deck have to include everyone?
834- Cla Meredih.
781- Alex Rodriguez.The token A-Rod has arrived.

Pack 6-
795- Justin Ducherrer.
586- Clay Richard. Now on the Padres. A shame, though.
704- Mark Lorretta.
Starquest Curtis Granderson Gold Rare. What's with the double Starquests?
628- Jason Marquis.
636- Clete Thomas.
734- Fransisco Liriano. Great pitcher.
725- Seth McLung.

Pack 7-
732- Ryan Braun. One of the young stars of the Brewers.
649- John Baker. Who? This punk instead of Ronny Paulino? And Cody Ross?
555- David Ortiz. Even though he plays for the Red Sox, I don't hate this guy. I hate Youklis.
961- Brandon Phillips Gold Glove. Brandon is wearing Army Tan. It is ugly and doesn't make sense for the Reds to wear.
1006- Ryan Perry. This is one of the extra rookies.
Starquest Josh Hamilton. Finally, someone new.
513- Doug Davis.
557- Jonathan Papelbon. Again, no hate.

Pack 8- This pack feels thick.
66- Roy Oswalt. Common for me to pick out at this point.
Starquest Cliff Lee. Now on the Phillies, and pitching Beautifully.
HOLY CRAP A GAME USED!!!! This is of a USA team member, Chris Hernandez. I don't know who this guy is, but I'm probably keeping it. Was this the Pirates guy?
855- Ken Griffey Jr. 2003 Season. This is a cool card. It's a 2009 base card of him on the Reds, and it only goes up to 2003 on the back.
671- Esteban German.
666 (DEVIL! DEVIL! AHHHHH!)- Carlos Lee, who I keep getting in UD packs.

Pack 9-
860- Brandon Morrow.
504- Jon "Nice Tats" Rauch
983- Felipe Lopez Checklist. Why is this guy the checklist?
Starquest of...Geovany Soto. Hey at least it's gold.
888- Ben Zobrist. Good picture. Maybe that is the only reason fans wanted him in the All Star Game
647- Anibal Sanchez.
898- Evan Longoria. Nice player.
829- Heath Bell, the other All Star huh.

Pack 10-
608- Kerry Wood. What a stare.
831- Kevin Kouzmanoff.
770- Nick Swisher, who is doing wonderfully for the Yanks.
UD20 Nolan Ryan HOF.
Starquest of Carlos Quentin. The Quentins keep coming!
972- RAAAUUUUUUUUUL! Checklist. Finally I get a Raul on the Phils.
595- How's the Weathers up there? Doing clumsily for the Reds.
787- RAJAI! another staple of box breaks.

I think I did pretty well. I got the Jeter, A-Rod, Howard, RAUUUUL and billions of Starquests. I also got a cool Game used, even though I don't know who the guy is. So no regrets.

Friday, August 28, 2009

There are no card shops in Point Pleasant

Y'now...just wanted to, let you guys know.

Everything else is alright, I guess. Just that there's no cards except for Series 1 packs in the arcades. I kinda always get this luck, since the last card shop down here closed down...God knows when. As a last resort, I got lotto tickets, but we all know how they usually work out. Plus, as you can see from my lack of pulls, I have sucky luck. But it could happen.

Don't worry, I'll be back on Tuesday. I might be hitting the local card shop soon, so expect something cardish before the Philly Show at the end of the month.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I've learned when it was a little too late

Transformers 2 is exactly like Transformers 1

A weekend with your grandmother isn't exactly good to everyone

Raisins come with a small side effect

Same with broccoli

Making comics with action figures isn't as interesting as collecting baseball cards

If a Kennedy falls, and no one is around to hear it, yeah, it'll make a sound because he's a Kennedy (I'll still be missing Ted- I don't know why)

America's Funniest Home Videos really isn't funny once you get past the 1st ten nutshots

If you reboot a long loved product, there will still be a few flaws

and finally, Yes, there is WiFi in Point Pleasant. Which means I will be with you for the rest of my vacation. Now I know there is a god, because he loves me as he loved Jac- I mean, loves me.

(PS- Anyone who got that Lost reference, congratulations! You really shouldn't be reading a baseball card blog. (Only fooling, of course)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Red Sox' current bull(sh--)pen

Jonathan Papelbon

Hideki Okajima

and, newly received, BILLY WAGNER!!!!


Good news is that we have

Mariano Rivera

Brian Bruney

and that's pretty much it.


Custom Card of the Day

Hey! What do you want? I did this one after returning from the Orioles game!
All madness aside, this one was also fairly easy aside from almost nicking the little player on the left hand side. I am currently scouring my collection for more 70's and 80's cards I can use for the bases of my customs.
Anyway, later today I might be doing something with a fellow collector, and that may end in a trade, so stay tuned for that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Custom Card of the Day

Mariano was pretty easy to shop in there. I just made the P box another layer and put him in. Unless I do the 1983 or 84 designs, this is going to be easy.
Anyway, I'm sure most of you saw what happened yesterday at the Mets/Phillies game. Eric Bruntlett, famous for being signed to the team last year for no important reason only to be a Smithers to Matt Stairs' Burns, did the unthinkable. Francoeur was up, and Bruntlett was playing second. Francoeur hits a liner to second, where Bruntlett catches the ball, steps on the bag to tag Luis Castillo, and tags Dan Murphy going to third.
My jaw dropped.
Not since a certain 2nd basemen for the Rockies have we seen such a play. Suddenly,the Phillies are hot again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Custom Card of the Day

Lincy was pretty easy. I took out whoever was in there, put in Lincy and got the font. I sitll can't get the font right, can anyone help me. I have Photoshop, so what would be the right font for this kinda thing.
Anyway, I regret to inform you that after my long vacation, I will be going on ANOTHER long vacation- only this time there's no WIFI!!!! Luckily, I think there may be some cards up there, so I will post the day I get back. BTW, It's a shorter drive, so It'll be easier to get home.
I need your opinion on my custom cards. Vote in the poll on the sidebar.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 Upper Deck X Pack Break

I'm back in my home state, thank god, and before my awful long drive back, one of my cousins gave me a pack of UDX, and I was a little mad. Of all the packs, he just had to choose UDX. Even Dayf hates it. After one card, this was his response-


But nevertheless, I open the pack for you, my readers, and for you only.

70- Jimmy Rollins. Starting the pack with a Philly is always good.

26- Victor Martinez Die-Cut.

Carlos Beltran Ex-ponential. I like this insert set.

UD 20 Insert of Chase Utley's final at bat at the Vet.

19- Aramis Ramirez, either he's overrated, or underrated, I just think it's good to be rated in general

99- Koji Uehara Rookie.

Bluh. I may or may not be opening more of this stuff, but the Philly Show is coming soon, and cards may just so happen to fall into my hands.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adironpacks Final Part

I caved

I went back to the card place you all hate. I bought 5 more packs. I'm about to open them using the formula from my rip yesterday

Pack 1-
The Headliners- 2006 Ultra Ryan Howard, 2004 SP Authentic Vladdie
The Hall of Famer- 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Dennis Eckerseley
The Astros- 2004 Donruss Elite Jeff Bagwell, 2007 Finest Lance Berkman
The Diamond King- 2004 Brett Myers
The Retired Stars- 2000 Prism Mo Vaughn, 2000 Skybox Larry Walker
The Obligatory Griffey- Fleer 1996
Etc- 2007 Allen&Ginter Craig Monroe, 2004 Topps Ryan Dempster, 2003 UD Game Face Vernon Wells, 2003 Victory Carl Crawford

Pack 2-
The Headliners- 1999 Finest Barry Bonds, 2006 Flair Showcase Vladdie
The Rookie- Hunter Pence UD Rookie of Month
The Retired Stars- Pacific 2000 Tim Salmon, 2001 Fleer Platinum Bernie, 2006 Flair Showcase Luis Gonzalez, Some UD Jay Buhner insert
The "Before they were traded" stars- 2007 SP Dontrelle Willis, 2003 Topps 205 K-Rod.
Etc- 2007 Turkey Red Brian Giles, 2006 Ovation Troy Glaus

Pack 3-
The Headliners- 2006 Fleer Tradition Jose Reyes, 2006 Turkey Red David Wright
The Yankee-2004 SP Authentic Mike Mussina
The Obligatory A-Rod- 1997 Score Insert
The Fatolo Colons- 2004 Bazooka, 2006 Ovation
The Freddy Sanchez'- 2006 Turkey Red Sketch Card, 2006 SP Authentic
The Hall of Famer- 2005 UD Classic Lou Bordeau
Etc- 2002 Fleer Tradition Troy Percival, 2007 Finest Carlos Lee

Pack 4-
The Headliners- 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Hideki Matsui, 2007 Turkey Red Ichiro
The Pudges- 2003 Skybox Limited Edition Die Cut(Wow), AND his 1992 Fleer Ultra Rookie! What a grab!
The HOF- 2003 SP Legendary Cuts Early Wynn
The Definite HOF- 2007 SP Randy Johnson
The Possible HOF- 2004 Donruss Fred McGriff
The Quick Outfielders- 2003 UD Patch Shannon Stewart, 2003 Ultra Juan Pierre, 2000 Fleer Tradition Jermaine Dye
The Exclusive- 2006 National Trading Card Day Miguel Cabrera
The Phillie- 2007 Turkey Red Cole Hamels
Etc- 2000 Vanguard Juan Gonzalez, 2004 Playoff Prestigue Edgar Renteria

Pack 5-
The Headliners- 2006 SPX Ryan Howard, 1998 Donruss Barry Bonds
The Berk-2003 Victory
The Randy- 2003 Topps 205
Etc- 2004 Playoff Prestige Paul LoDuca

Will be back in Joisey tomorrow

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cooperstown Haul

I'm back.

I have returned from Cooperstown (Yeah, I'm still stuck in the Adirondacks, though) and I have some sweet cards to share as usual.

I ended up falling pray to the wax in the gift shop. Yeah, I know. I bought 2 packs of Goudey and 1 pack of Allen and Ginter.

69- James Loney.
263- Brian Duensing
39- Hanley Ramirez
309- KosFu
National Pride of Derek Jeter
Jeff Suppan mini

The Yankees- Phil Hughes, Mark Texiera Heads Up
The UD Insert- Jim Edmonds
The Tigers- Curtis Granderson, Carlos Guillen
The Young Stars- Edwin Encarnacion, Travis Snyder, Scott Kazmir
The Hitters- Jeff Francoeur, Carl Crawford, Rafael Furcal
The Aging Slugger- Jim Thome
Etc- Josh Willingham, Fausto Carmona

I also grabbed some late 90's early 00's swag I didn't have.

302- Barry Larkin
316- Will Clark
166- Gary Sheffield
304- Jason Kendall

398- Wade Boggs
243- Tom Glavine
150- Jeff Bagwell
180- Mike Mussina
330- Jeff Kent
360- Tim Salmon again

417- Rafael Palmiero
38- Bobby Abreu
140- Roberto Alomar
165- Kenny Lofton
40- Juan Gonzalez
186- Roy Halladay
116- Jermaine Dye
109- Adrian Beltre
392- Mike Lowell

122- Paul Konerko
64- Carlos Lee
527- David Wells
450- Todd Helton

Will be going back to the shop tomorrow, and then back home to Jersey

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Adironpacks

I went back to that card shop and sure as hell there were more mix packs, and there would be even more coming that day. So I got a few.

Pack 1-
2006 Fleer Tradition Carlos Beltran. I like this set.
2004 Donruss Elite David Wright. This might be his rookie, so I definitely likemy chances so far.
2007 Finest Chris Carpenter. Yay, more Carp!
2000 Crown Royale Andruw Jones.
2001 Donruss Jason Kendall. More of the color coordiated 2001 set is good news.
2006 SPX Omar Vizquel. I keep getting a lot of Viz.
1998 Bowman CHIPPAH!
2003 Victory Vlademir Guerrero. Vladdie on the Expos.
2003 Fleer Patchworks Aubrey Huff. Mr. Huff just got released by the Orioles and signed by Detroit.
1990 UD Greg Vaughn Rookie.
2006 UD Piece of History Zolio Versalles.

Pack 2-
2006 Turkey Red Ken Griffey Jr.
2003 Play Ball Adam Dunn.
2006 Flair Showcase Jeremy Hedmida Rookie. This is nice.
1999 UD Holographics Jeff Bagwell. More Bagwell is great.
2006 UD Piece of History Phil Niekro. WOOOOOOO!
2005 Skybox Autographics Miguel Tejada. I like this set also.
2003 UD MVP Jimmy Rollins. J-ROL!
2000 Stadium Club Gary Sheffield. I've been getting a lot of Sheffield also.
1999 UD SPX Tony Clark. Awesome set, and awesome player.
2003 Play Ball Torii Hunter. Another Torii?
1997 Pinnacle Jose Canseco. More Jose is not bad.

Pack 3-
2006 Turkey Red Chipper Jones. No complaining here. Love Turkey Red and Chipper.
2000 Fleer Tradition. It is also tradition to rip off Topps designs back when they didn't notice.
1997 Topps Chrome Tim Salmon. Most underrated Angel of all time.
1982 Fleer Mike Schmidt.
2001 Topps Archives 1988 Topps Dave Concepcion.
2002 SPX Luis Gonzalez. Lotta Luis this week.
2002 UD World Series Heroes Gary Sheffield. On the Marlins.
2001 Topps Reserve Kenny Lofton.
2002 Donruss Shannon Stewart.

Pack 4-
2006 Flair Showcase Travis Hafner
1999 EX Jeromy Burnitz. This is a cool transparent card.
2001 Fleer Genuine Jeff Bagwell.
2006 Piece of History Larry Doby. Love this set.
2000 Pacific Omega Darin Erstad.
2003 UD MVP Roger Clemens. Yankee Clemens is good.
2000 UD Trevor Hoffman.
2004 Fleer Classic Clippings Chipper Jones. I got a lot of this set a while ago, but that's a story for another time.

Pack 5-
2004 Playoff Prestige Hideki Matsui. GODZILLA!!!
2002 Fleer Mystique Curt Schilling.
2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilla Omar Vizquel. Absolute waste of carboard.
1999 UD Ionix Ivan Rodriguez. Pudge has been dealt back to the rangers.
2001 UD MVP Derrek Lee.
2001 Donruss Mike Hampton. Pretty colors...
1997 Pinnacle Certified Billy Wagner. Shiny....
2003 Play Ball Eric Chavez.
2003 Fleer Focus Sean Casey.
1999 Stadium Club Sammy Sosa. SAMMY!
2004 Donruss Classics of ICHIROOOOO!

Tomorrow I will be off to Cooperstown, so stay tuned for results of scouring all 1000 card shops.

100th Post!! YAAAAYYY!


I FEEL SO- Hang on, what's this?

Favre signed with the Vikings???



Excuse me, I need to cry now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greetings from Nowhere

I'm sutck in the middle of the Adirondacks with so many aunts and uncles yapping about dead bugs. I say to myself, welcome to hell.

Anyway, I just got here yesterday, and almost immediately I went into town and grabbed some cards. This guy had mix packs of all kinds of stuff. So I but and got 5 packs of crap. You could see the front and backs had a few good cards, like Jeter, Posada, Howard, Cal, Gwynn and even an All Time Fan Favorites Card.

Pack 1-
2000 Topps Derek Jeter. I love this set, and I'd love to complete it, so Jeter helps that cause.
2003 Donruss Champions Jorge Posada. I always hated this set. It was mire of a high end products with stripes and shapes. Then UD recreated it as UDX
2006 Allen and Ginter Brad Penny
1988 Donruss Tony Gwynn
1991 Donruss Tony Gwynn. GYWNN-JO!
2003 Stadium Club Hank Blalock. Wow, and actual Stadium Club set!
1991 Studio Mark McGwire. Great sets, and another McGwire.
2003 Studio Josh Beckett. The set's birth and the set's death all in one pack!
2001 SP Authentic Mike Hampton. Great, another mountain.
2003 Topps Chrome Rich Aurillia

Pack 2-
2006 National Baseball Card Day Albert Pujols. PU-JO!
2003 Donruss Cahmpions Torii Hunter. AGAIN WITH THE CHAMPIONS!
2000 Revolution Jermaine Dye. OOOOOH, Shiny!
2005 Leaf insert Ivan Rodriguez. PUDGE-JO!
2002 Topps Ryan Dempster
2003 Stadium Club Carlos Delgado
2007 Turkey Red Dan Uggla
1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Andres Galarraga. Cat would fall under the latter
2005 SP John Smoltz
2007 SP Hanley Ramirez. SP-MANIA
2007 Ultra Carlos Zambrano Gold.
2002 Bowman CC Sabathia. WOOOOO! CC!
2002 Fleer Eric Gagne, back when he wasn't getting released.
1995 Studio Garret Anderson Credit Card. I don't get this insert set.
2007 Allen and Ginter Dick Perez sketch card Ryan Howard. Can't get enough Perez!

Pack 3-
2003 All Time Fan Favorites Mike Schmidt. I LOVE THIS SET! IT'S SO COOL!
2007 SP Authentic Insert Garret Atkins. Card of the guy who's always smiling on his Topps Cards
2004 Fleer Authenix Bernie Williams. Another great set.
2003 Donruss Classic Barry Larkin. Somehow, I keep getting the Larkins and Dan doesn't.
2002 Fleer Omar Vizquel
1999 Fleer Tradition Insert Troy Glaus. Wow, I get cards of the guys I got game useds of last week
1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars John Smoltz. Smoltzie is a star.
2007 SP Chris Carpenter.
2001 Fleer Triple Crown Mike Sweeney. What happened to this guy?
2002 Bowman Roy Oswalt.
1998 UD Mo Vaughn
2007 Topps Finest Ryan Howard.

Pack 4-
2005 Donruss Champions Derek Jeter. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
2001 Donruss Pedro Martinez. What a comeback.
2002 Fleer Ramo Hernandez. On the A's
2005 Fleer Tradition Jon Garland.
1998 Fleer Tradition Mike Piazza Checklist.
2002 Fleer Tradition Ben Sheets. This guy disappeared too.
2003 Fleer Focus Paul Konerko
2006 Turkey Red Jorge Posada.

Pack 5-
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Tony Gwynn.
2003 Donruss Classics Roy Oswalt.
2004 SP Authentic Ivan Rodriguez. Everyone so far I have gotten already in this pack.
2001 Fleer Futures Jacque Jones. Sacre Bleu! A new player I haven't seen before?
2003 Fleer Focus Lance Berkman. I have been getting too many Berkmans
2007 SP Trevor Hoffman
2007 SP Legendary Cuts Roy Campanella. My grandma saw this one and loved it.
1997 Topps Finest Cal Ripken Jr. CAL-JO!

Overall, it was okay, the highlights being Schmidt, Campanella and Ripken. Will be going to cooperstown soon so stay tuned for that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Custom Card of the Day

I made this one off a Doc Gooden rookie back in 85. I cut him out of it (Sota like he cut himself out of baseball) and put in Johan. I think it went pretty well.

Also, I must apologize to all seeing eye dogs, Andy Reid, the city of Philadelphia and Michael di- excuse me, Vick, for yesterday's tornado of a rant. I must say it went a little too far, and I'm sorry. But make no mistake, Michael Vick. You are still ON NOTICE

On a somewhat lighter note, I will be heading to New York. No, I'm not going to a Yankees game, but yes I wish I was. I'll be spending a week in Lake George, NY. I'll be getting a cabin with some family members up there, and they have a card shop up in the village, so expect cards to come from that. Also, I will be trekking up to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown with my Ebbets loving Grandmother. This is my 3rd time, her 1st and the last for neither. Yes, I am bringing a laptop, so you will still see my antics up in the Adirondacks

Friday, August 14, 2009

Custom Card of the Day

I actually had a lot of fun making this one. I had to find a separate studio shot to get Chutley onto. It was tough to doctor Joe Morgan out of a card, but I still came up with this one. And truth be told, I love it. I'm pulling out my old 70's and 80's cards I don't need so I can give you guys more. I might have a poll in a couple of days if you like these or not.

Also, this is where the smile fades from my face. I recently found out that Michael Vick, most likely one of the meanest people around dogs since the invention of the seeing eye dog, has been (unwillingly, I hope) shipped to Philadelphia. I hated this news. We love Donnie McNabb down here. Why would some bad-mouthing Falcon be the one to replace him?

This morning, I looked out my window and it kinda looked like what Will Smith saw in I Am Legend. The entire town was just as pissed. Most of my buddies are Eagles fans, and they hate this news. I have to hand it to Dan from House of Cards for just reporting it, if he hasn't done so already (How is he on the Sports Card Blogroll again?). He's a Bucs fan. In New Jersey. I'm crying just thinking about it.

So to the GM of the Eagles- Thank you for ruining my season. Now that Farve's retired, I have no one to root for this season. I don't root for the Packers (HEY! Don't take this the wrong way! I root because of Favre!) or the Jets, I sure as HELL won't root for the Eagles now. Who do I root for, then? I root for Roger Goodell to end this monstrosity!

I'm Jordan and I approve this message.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

About last night

Did anyone else see the Phillies game last night?

Just me?

Well, if not, you missed further proof that Pedro Martinez is BACK, BABY! He got a win for the Phils against the Cubs (Even though the Cubs beat the Phillies 3-2 on the count of bloggers who love them) and made all haters of his July deal simply turn away. This was Pedro's big game. Some people were doubting he still had the energy left to pitch (Unlike Jamie Moyer), but he showed them.

Sorry about the recent rambling, but apparently, that's what landed me here

Custom Card of the Day

This one was pretty easy. I got the picture from Andy's 78 Topps Blog (Loved it before it went down). I took out Ed Figerroa (Everything happens to poor Figgy) and put the baseball up top into a new layer. Then I put it CC and put in the new name.

This is probably the last Yankee for a while, I have other teams coming.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's up with the Custom Cards

So many of you are wondering why I put up a Jeter 81 card last night. Well, turns out, my Photoshopping skills need to be put to the test. Awhile back I said I'd be doing a lot more retro cards with current players, and now I'm going to finally take a crack at it. As you can see by my Texiera up here, they are okay, but I've been following Bad Wax's How to. I seem to be getting the hang of it, and I wanted to share with you guys, and girls.

I might be leaving the 81 design behind and going after other classic designs. Also, non Yankees might be getting the custom card treatment (I'm doing this since barely anyone else likes the Bombers in the blogosphere).

BTW- I may or may not get a pack or two before Saturday. On Saturday, I will be leaving for vacation to Lake George NY. During my time there, I'll also be going to the Hall of Fame, which definitely means cards.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Topps 2010 Design Blueprint

Thanks Upper Deck, for being a partner to your dying day.

And yeah, I made this. I know. Well, it's better than nothing...

What I can't believe

The Yankees played the Jays last night, right? The Yankees were on a 7-game winning streak, and had recently come back from a 4-game sweep of the Red Sox. Now they're in Toronto, and even when Toronto is missing one of it's star players, Alex Rios, they still steamroll over my Yankees.

Seriously- WHAT?

Right now the Jays only have 3 notable stars (Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay, Travis Snyder Pretzel) and yet they still cream my boys. Maybe we weren't even trying, or something. Either way, we're still in the lead in our division, and nothing can stop that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Card Show- Awesomeness

Today was yet another card show, this time at a more local mall. This one had a lot of awesome cards, and for once the pack guy didn't make it. Don't know why. Might've been at a money convention. I went this time with fellow card collectors Dan and Scott, and we all got some really cool stuff.

One collector had 2009 stuff for 10 cents each, and I gave in.
Allen and Ginter-
22- Mariano Rivera
5- Luke Hochevar. Two closers

Topps Series 2-
455- Adam Jones. I saw Mr. Jones play at Camden Yards last week. Awesome player.
527- Jason Isringhausen.
592- Fred Lewis.
629-Lyle Overbay
630- AJ Burnett
651- Jake Westbrook.
636- Armando Galaraga. May or may not be related to Andres.
354- Mike Aviles MSPaint Error.
615- Robbie Cano. I thought I had this one.

Also, some other Topps stuff that was pricier.

490- Joba Chaimberlain. Awesome player.
658- Rick Porcello Throwback.

There was an elderly woman and son selling $2 Jersey cards, so I got:
2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Troy Glaus, numbered to 200.
2003 Donruss Studio Barry Larkin, Numbered to 300

The same old woman had 10 cent bins, so once again, I bit.

1996 Topps Edgar Martinez. My uncle's fave player.
1993 Topps Jose Canseco. Steroid cowboy on the Rangers.
2002 EX Fred McGriff. I love this set.
2003 UD Sweet Spot Troy Glaus.
1992 UD Bo Jackson. Hard to have a Card Show post without Bo.
1993 UD Dave Winfield. On the Twins.
1993 Topps George Brett. One of his last seasons.
2994 Topps Carlos Delgado/Jason Kendall Rookie.
1992 Donruss Jim Thome Rookie.
1995 Skybox Insert of Jeff Bagwell.
1992 Stadium Club Joe Carter. I still have painful memories of this guy dancing around after hitting a World Series ending homer off of Son of a Mitch Williams.
1996 Select Dennis Eckerlsey. On the Cardinals.
1992 Donruss Eddie Murray on the Dodgers
1993 SP Jose Canseco. On the Rangers.
1992 Donruss Fred McGriff
2003 Topps Rafael Pamiero
2003 Topps Barry Larkin
2003 Studio Ivan Rodriguez. On the Marlins.
2003 Studio Larry Walker
2003 Studio Mark Grace

Overall, great show. I might be going to the Valley Forge Show next month, so stay tuned for that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homeless Hall of Famer

The same day that my man Jason Giambi gets released, John (Not Jon) Smoltz gets designated for assignment!


Why is it that the once great players that were picked up because of star power are all suddenly being released!?!?

Good news is, apparently the Yankees aren't releasing A-Rod after last night's game. And Burnett and Beckett firing at the teams with so much power that neither team could do anything! Did anyone else see that?


Well, I saw a few hours of that, and that may be some of the best pitching felled by more of the best pitching. It's like Beckett and Burnett both got mirrors and faced them at each other. Kudos to A-rod for breaking the tie after 15 innings. That takes skill. You know what else takes skill? Pitching a shutout, that's what.

This is why we got Burnett. So that the toughest pitcher against the Red Sox would pitch against the toughest pitcher against the Yankees. And win.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Where in the world is Jason Giambi?

Apparently, the answer isn't Oakland anymore, as the A's released the former Yankee today. I'm shocked about this news, but this can only mean that he was having a sucky season, and he needed a reprieve.

Here's hoping someone else can pick him up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Upper Deck Series 2 3 Pack Extravaganza (Featuring Allen and Ginter

After the devastating blow this morning, I decided to get myself some UD cards to mourn the loos. Since my Target wants to piss everyone off and doesn't carry O-Pee-Chee, I got 2 packs of Series 2 and a pack of Allen and Ginter. Yes I know it's a Topps product, but it's a high-end throwback product using cardboard nonetheless.

Let's rip. We start with the Allen and Ginter

271- Jair Jurrjens. One of the best names in the Major League. Earlier this season, he faced Jamie Moyer, and Jair's year of birth was the same year Moyer broke into the majors- 1986.

142- LaShawn Merritt. Hmm, a non-baseballer. This guy is a USA runner for the Olympic team. Yes, Topps, a USA player is swell, but why not use USAIN FRICKIN BOLT???

119- Scott Lewis rookie. I have never heard of this guy on the Indians, although he may just pop up and win a Cy Young and boom- another guy the Phillies can spontaneously take for no reason other than to divert attention away from the failing deal to trade for an aging fireballer.

35- Geovany Soto. NL Rookie of the Year, and, apparently, snacking buddy of Mikey Phelps.

Mini 67- Ian Kinsler. These mini's are fun, but you have to be younger than my age to read the very small print

National Pride of Joba Chaimberlain. WOOOO, a Yankee!

Onto the UD

812- Eric Bruntlett, the guy that for some strange reason saved Philly for one game last October. Hmmph. Weird.

640- Gary Sheffield. Sure, it's Series 2 and all, but couldn't Upper Deck be nice and put Extraordinary Gary in a Mets uniform? That's why they lost the rights!

750- Ryan Church. Yes, great player, but for Lastings Milledge?

718- Corey Feldman

559- Hideki Okajima. One of the most underrated Boston Pitchers. Mainly, because the other pitchers are a Japanese Superstar, a Marlin phenom, a Braves legend, a knuckleballer, a homegrown closer, a washed up would-be-star, Lucky Lester and a Dodger hero. At least Topps didn't have this much competition.

909- Nelson Cruz, somehow, the hero of the Home Run derby.

668- Geoff Geary. Former Philly, but he still sucks.

987- Rocco Baldelli checklist. This guy may have gained my trust by not being hurt the entire season, but he's still not as popluar as, oh, the entire starting lineup!

UD 20th Anniversary of Bob Gibson.

Starquest Brian McCann. Another underrated player, but still the second best player on the Braves.

1000- Michael Young checklist. Wow, I got the last card in the set, if it weren't for a couple of rookies.

755- JJ Putz. Not Jewish.

716- Hiroki Kuroda. Facial expression on card has him holding his breath. Looks like he's about to light one, if you know what I'm saying.

764- Carlos Delgado. Delgadofest carries on.

633- Fernando Rodney. Packful of underratedness.

670- WANDY!!!

815- Paul Maholm. I'm trying to remember if the Pirates traded this guy.

610- David Bonaduce- sorry, Delucci.

Pack #2

880- Yodel Pinero.

635- Bobby Seay, some guy who I've never heard of. That's the problem with Upper Deck. They include every single player.

534- Nick Markakis. Saw him play a few nights ago.

687- Robb Quinlan. This is what I mean. I've never heard of this guy,and BOOM-UD set. That's why they lost the rights!

565- Mike Tatertot

959- Yadier Molina Gold Glove. Catcher's gear makes him look like he's on the Tigers.

546- Josh Bard. Again with the white sheet background. I hate it as much as NightOwl does. This is why they lost the rights!

Starquest Geovany Soto. Another Soto.

948- Ricky Romero. Again, who? Every single rookie, even the ones that have no chance of making the Majors this year, like Steve Strasburg? This is why they lost the rights!

977- Mike Hampton, looking a lot like Gary Sinise. Also, why do they print the players on the checklists? This is why they lost- oh fer cying out loud!

916- Marco Scutaro
597- Mike Licoln. Who?
882- The actual Yaider Molina card.
780- Jose Molina!
787- RAJAI!
616- Ben Fransisco, now on the Phillies.
729- Rickie Weeks.
561- Javier Lopez.

That's what you get.

Hopefully, my Target will get some OPC, and I'll break it right in front of you. Here's hoping.

This post has no title, just words and a rant

So I was reading the blogs this morning, as usual. I checked Dayf's Cardboard Junkie, and he said that Topps had achieved the Baseball rights, while UD hadn't. I didn't believe him, so I searched my many other resources. JayBee, Mario, and others had all reported the same thing, and then I was convinced. Upper Deck was the only competition for Topps, and without it, Topps may soon be a dull product.

I was crushed. I liked Upper Deck, but to a lesser extent than Topps. O-Pee-Chee was beginning to become a favorite of mine, and this year's product was their best design since...a while ago. I was looking forward to Timeline 2009, and then UD slammed the door to their prius, and drove away into the sunset, with the playout music from The Incredible Hulk swelling in the background.

In a couple of days, I will be working on a custom card that may be considered as Topps' next design. Maybe.

Monday, August 3, 2009

One crazy weekend

Well, the Orioles lost, as usual. I was trying to get some cards out of the deal, but whenever I buy cards from a stadium, the results are never very good. Good news was I got to see a few future hall of fa- oh, right, roids, nevermind.

I just got back from a day in Ocean City, and yes, I DID buy some cards this time. I got a pack of 2004 Topps Series 1. Among the possible rookies are...uh, there really aren't many.

Let's rip

69- Marlon Byrd. We all thought he was going to be big. My friend Mason has an entire binder full of Byrd cards on the Phils. Sadly, he was traded mid-2005, and we were stuck with a little guy named SHANE VICTORINO!

100- A-Rod. Well, this may be the closest thing possible to a hit in this pack. This card has him on the Rangers, although he was traded to the Yanks after printing started.

151- Erubiel Durazo, who seems to keep popping up in my wax rips. Durazo did, however, share a rookie card with a certain former Philly who has flown the coop and plays for Tampa.

99- John Halama, who also seems to be popping up here.

129- Dmitri Young. Another guy who ended up in my hands in a past rip, but this guy is someone worth bragging about.

356- Carlos Delgado Sporting News All Stars insert. Awesome player, and can't get enough on the Jays.

198- Byung-Hyun Kim. Hey, waddaya know, a South Korean prospect that DIDN't pan out!

289- Lloyd McClendon. And managers need their own cards why?

218- Luis Castillo. Used to be a great player but now he's reduced to making crummy errors for other teams' expense.

313- Kyle Davies first year. Never panned out.

Decent rip, I'd say, but it only means that I have a new place for old wax.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The aftermath

After the deadline yesterday, there really isn't that much to hope for this season. We already know that the Yankees are definitely going to the plaoffs, while the Red Sox, hopefully not.

I will be going to a Orioles (yeah, I know) game today, with a few friends. Wish me luck