Thursday, February 28, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Young Edition

The A's couldn't wait for the season to end to make the first move of the offseason, and they chose well, nabbing the second-in-command of the strong D-Backs.

I think Chris Young is the outfielder that Oakland needs right now. Yeah, they made the postseason last year, but the same team can't make lightning strike twice. Maybe they need a team that can get past the Tigers, or defeat the Yankees. Young's outfield work might help them do that. Also, he's fast, adding more speed.

Still, I'm not entirely sure if the A's are going to be great again this year. The Angels and Rangers are going to try very hard to be great (whether they fail or not is beyond me), and the Mariners and Astros are going to try desperately hard to stay out of last (see the last part of the sentence). The A's...whatever happens to them needs to be decided by them getting ahead, not everybody else falling behind. If they lead the division by their own efforts, it might be a very fun postseason for them.

Coming Tomorrow- 1/3 of the Angels' outfield. Yes, I am going to be that vague.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Wright Edition

(For those of you counting, yes, I have made an Indians custom, a Mets custom and a Rangers custom before a Yankees, Phillies or Orioles custom has even surfaced. I blame Zimbio)

Poor, poor Mets. You really can't help but feel sorry for them. Even if they have a strong resurgence, they'll still have to contend with three really strong teams for the helm of the division.

And I say this with all the respect in the world for the Mets. Being a Phillies fan and tolerating the Mets is very rare, especially 20 minutes outside of Philly, but I don't hate the Mets. I think David Wright is a fun player, and I think the team will have some potential in maybe 5 or so years. But as of right now, they're kinda screwed.

The Phillies, Braves and Nationals will all most likely be stronger than the Mets, because all three have had some time to compose themselves, and form a strong teams. Maybe with less emphasis on Philadelphia, but either way.

I could be wrong. The Mets could have a fantastic season, surging under people like Lucas Duda, John Buck and Dillon Gee. Wright could stay healthy the whole time. So could Ike! The Braves and Nats might fail miserably. The Phils might end in third, like we're all thinking. It could go any way this year, even in favor of the Mets.

Still, I hope for the best, and I hope they don't finish in last.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the two D-Backs outfielders to split for a stronger team. This one stayed on the west coast, and added another outfield arm to a eternally-underdoggish team.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Pierzynski Edition


Believe me, I know how random this is. I do an Adrian, a Buehrle, and a Bourn, and that's all well and good. However, even purists are gonna be confused by me putting AJ Pierzynski on the first week of customs. It's almost as foolish as...signing him to a long term contract.

But, truth be told, I really have no apprehensions upon putting an aging player on a new team, like AJ, in the first week, or month. Why? Because miracles have happened before.

In the first week of 2011 customs, I posted a Lance Berkman, and thought it was odd. That year he has an amazing season, and helps propel his Cardinals to a World Series.

In the first few weeks of 2012 customs, I posted a Carlos Beltran, and called him a cheap way to replace Pujols. In reality, he was an EXPENSIVE way to replace Pujols, having an amazing season, getting an All Star nod and a jolt to his fading career.

So, could me posting AJ's card here save his sure-to-be-a-failure 2013 season? Maybe. It has happened before. This doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen again, as a pattern here at Mint Condition is that once a pattern is pointed out, the fates turn, and soon enough it is no longer a pattern. And the fact that the previous sentence makes no sense is, in itself, a pattern.

In any case, I could be dooming AJ's season as we speak, and he could have worse numbers than Kris Humphries' math test. Nevertheless, posting his card here may either make his season a great one, or an awful one. Because posting great stars in their 30's on the first week, and watching those stars have a pitiful season, is also a pattern here at Mint Condition. Also becoming a pattern- pointing out patterns. But, I digress.

If you really need a reason for me to post an AJ Pierzynski card during the first week of customs...just look at the card. There's your reason.

Coming Tomorrow- The Mets' third baseman. Why? Because it's the first week, and I can do whatever I want. Sensing a pattern here?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Buehrle Edition


(checks if the spelling's right one more time)

Today, I made five customs. They were all scrapped from a pretty nice shooting day from Zimbio, and they all were pretty cool. Of those five customs, including Buehrle here, not one of them are among the players I thought I'd be making during the first week of customs.

Okay, I lied. One player. He won't be up for a few days, when it is no longer the first week of customs. But still, this week will be filled with...the others. No Greinke, no Hamilton, no Youkilis, no Reyes. Just other people, who still are good at baseball, but not the kind of people you'd want to see during the first week.

Still, I won't deny Buehrle's accomplishments. He's a great pitcher, one whose luster hasn't vanished with a change of teams, which has befallen so many pitchers of his caliber. He actually had a relatively decent season with Miami last season, though the team sorta tanked. Now that he's one of the stars of a jammed Toronto team, he really has no choice but to perform like he did 5 years ago. 

And yes, I'm fully aware what he did five years ago, in July. Toronto would like more of that.

Coming Tomorrow- Another setback of a big-star-less First Week- people who you'd never expect to be featured in the first week. Like the starting catcher for Your Noticeably Depleted 2013 Texas Rangers.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: AAAAAADRIIIAANN Edition

No, this isn't a rerun from 1991. It's a custom of Adrian Gonzalez, but it's a new, Spring Training custom. And one that has a much better outlook for the Dodgers if you know what happens in 1978.

It's a weird decision for your second custom to be a guy who isn't really in a new uniform, but it's all zimbio's giving me, and they ain't giving me much.

Coming Tomorrow- I need to make more, so who knows.

P.S.- If anyone out there knows of a place that has current spring training photos, unwatermarked, without pay, that isn't Zimbio, please let me know. Every since Daylife went out, I've been struggling.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'd say you've waited long enough

I'll say that this is the first 'first custom of the year' not to be a pitcher, but either way, it's Michael Bourn. It's one of the bigger deals of the offseason, and one of the few that actually played today.

So there. Customs are back. Parade about it in the streets. Dance around the house. They won't be going away for another 10 months.

Coming Tomorrow- I have no idea. That's the thrill of spring training.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some more Topps Series 1, and Topps Magic Football

Well, I've been meaning to get some cards for a while now, and I finally got some. I kinda went all out, getting a $10 box of Series 1, three packs, and three packs of Magic Football, because I loved that set in 2010.

Magic Pack 1-
4- Jason Pierre-Paul. Decent start, as I met him. Big, imposing guy, but really nice
171- BenJarvis Green Ellis, aka Law Firm
Magical Moments of Antonio Brown. I like this insert set.
149- Jarius Wright mini
81- Philip Rivers. I really like the design, but not as much as the 2010 version.
6- Matt Cassel, currently out of a job.

Pack 2-
144- Greg Childs
146- Chad Greenway. Already a Vikings pack
251- Joe Flacco, the Super Bowl MVP, and local hero.
72- Joe Montana mini
12- Patrick Willis, another imposing player I met.
79- Davone Bess

Pack 3-
128- Jim Kelly. That's a nice pull, as he's a big deal.
Rookie Enchantment of Kendall Wright. I really like these inserts
148- Jim Kelly mini. Weird
38- TJ Graham rookie
214- Dexter McCluster. Dunno if he's gonna make it big.

Topps Series 1 pack 1-
151- Alex Rios, hopefully used less next season.
116- Brian McCann. Sorta lost his luster, but will have a decent season, possibly
108- Kendrys Morales. Oh great. Doubles
44- Anthony Rizzo
149- Yovanni Gallardo
282- Russell Martin. Typical collation
97- Danny Espinosa. I don't have him, but he sucks
Code Card. Let's see who I get:
Wilin Rosario, backup catcher for the Rockies. Can't you just feel the excitement?
(My other code from my first box yielded Jay Bruce, which is much better)
285- Addison Reed
66- Daniel Nava
307- Norichika Aoki
324- Cameron Maybin

Pack 2-
38- Brian Wilson. Have it
133- James Shields. Have it
120- Ian Desmond
210- Vernon Wells
225- Will Venable
136- Tyler Clippard
232- Jake Odorizzi, rookie
Drew Smyly Chasing the Dream insert. I like these.
187- Nick Maronde RED
129- Ike Davis. Nice, a card I don't have
114- Casey McGehee
205- Ryan Theriot

Pack 3-
275- Johnny Cueto
135- Eric Hosmer
255- Josh Johnson
329- Rafael Soriano. Man, the collation's been really crappy
88- Jamey Carroll
10- Adam Jones. That's better
172- Nyjer Morgan
Chasing History of Johan Santana. I like these too
295- Brandon League
259- Bartolo Colon and His Cuban Mystery Cream
60- Jon Rauch

And now, the Cereal Box (and this is some good stuff):
308- Desmond Jennings.
43- RA Dickey, now pitching for the Blue Jays, and not as well as 2012 at that
122- Andrew McCutchen. The card has his dreadlock-ness swinging at the plate. REMEMBER THIS NOW.
240- JJ putz
214- Curtis Granderson
8- Ryan Braun, whose career's likely been tainted
289- Jeremy Guthrie
239- Ramon Santiago
323- Michael Brantley, lord of the dance
215- Gordon Beckham, yet to actually do anything
279- Vicente Padilla. Good gosh, he's still playing?
23- Jemile Weeks, Rickie's better brother
100- Mike Moustakas, the 2nd banana to Hosmer
283- CC Sabathia ALDS Game 5.
157- Carter CAPPS (See what I did there?)
249- Vance, the Vannimal Worley, rocking a Phils throwback, and soon to be rocking a Twins uniform.
69- Marco Scutaro NLCS Game 7
122- Andrew McCutchen...only this time he's catching a fly ball and not swinging. One of these two cards is a short print, dunno which one.
37- Max Scherzer EMERALD SHINY
Rod Carew Chasing History, which is awesome
Tommy Milone Chasing the Dream
Cut to the Chase of Nelson Cruz. Hate the guy. Love these cards
Nolan Ryan 72 mini. Still love these.
CODE CARD. Let's see who I get:
David Murphy, outfielder for the Rangers, king of awesome card poses. Not bad.
257- Mike Minor
62- Tommy Hunter
25- Mark Teixiera. It's also his uniform number. Woo!
107- Joe Mauer, who needs to have a better season this year.
59- John Axford, who had a less than memorable season
219- Josh Beckett! Happy he's not a Red Sock anymore
324- Cameron Maybin. Hello.
307- Aoki. double
295- League, double
259- Colon, double
60- Rauch, double
129- Ike, double. Nice job, Topps
231- Melky Mesa rookie. That's muuuuuch better.
268- David Lough
247- Luis Perez
99- Paco Rodriguez
264- Roy Halladay checklist. Doc needs to rebound in 2013.
87- Mike Olt
301- Jarrod Saltolomacchia, settling into the backstop for Boston
206- J-ROL
54- Jaime Garcia
236- Joe Nathan
18- Mitch Moreland
53- Alex Cobb
144- Jason Bay. Homers in 2009: 36. Homers in tenure with Mets combined: 26.
198- Chris Coghlan. Still undeserving of 2009 ROY title
119- Chris Davis
81- Leaders
269- NLDS Gmae 5
112- Mark Reynolds. Either he strikes out or he gives you gold.
105- Freddie Freeman RED
16- Andre Ethier RED
137- Edinson Voloquez RED
34- FELIX HERNANDEZ RED. Nice bunch of reds.
128- Buster Posey! This is awesome
218- Ben Zobrist
328- Jayson Werth
327- Jhonny Peralta
285- Addison Reed. Hello again
66- Daniel Nava
286- Jurickson Profar RC. NICE!
303- A-Rod cl. Meh
303- A-Rod cl. AGAIN??
Chasing History Roy Halladay SHINY. AWESOME
Chasing History Hanley Ramirez SHINY
Chasing History Frank Robinson SHINY. AWESOME
Chasing History David Wright Shiny. Great end to the pack

Well, that was pretty awesome.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Design Rank: Topps designs of the 1980's

Here's a fun little blog series I might as well introduce. Unlike the other 5,000, I might actually decide to continue this one.

Many bloggers take some time out to choose a favorite Topps design, or a least favorite. Only a few have actually tried ranking designs from the decades of their youth, the idea I'm trying tonight. While the 80's are about 5 to 15 years before my youth, or my existence, these were some of the very Topps sets I ever saw.

Back in the mid-2000's, when I was 'young' and 'shorter', my dad brought home, from his folks' house, a bunch of boxes filled to the brim with his old baseball cards. This is way before we'd recieve the billions of boxes from the basement and attic that would serve as the basis for my collection.

No, these ones were from my dad's childhood. The oldest of which came from 1966 (which probably belonged to my grandfather), the most recent of which came from the late 80's and early 90's. And, as the aspergery kid I was, I decided to take the old cards out every once and a while, and sort them. Most of the time it was by team. Sometimes it was by year. One ill fated time it was by position. This ended with the pitcher pile toppling over.

Through my years of sorting my dad's baseball cards, I became acquainted with all the designs. I initially thought the year of the design was the last line of stats, until being directed to the copyright info. And slowly the designs began to stick in my mind. I'd think 'oh, that's the one with the hats, that's 1981', or 'oh, that's the one with the circles, that's 1983'. And I chose favorites, and chose least favorites. Now I think it's changed a little bit, but if I was gonna rank any decade's Topps designs, I might as well start with the 80's.

#10- 1985
I put this one last mainly because the others outweigh it, but mostly because it's not the most eye-pleasing design. There are just some little price-tags, and subdued colors. Not much is going on. It lacks the brightness and colorfulness of the years before. Not much is going on design-wise for 2/3rd of the card. Also, I didn't really have much of the 85 set as a kid, so the little I saw, I didn't love.

#9- 1989
I didn't know this set existed until around 2007, when we recieved the rest of my grandfather's collection. I enjoyed opening packs of it, but I had the same feeling I had with 1985. It was a bit bland, and the cursive was kinda uninspired. The little squiggle where the name went was clever, but it wasn't much. It was a definite late 80's design, with lot of shapes (though it lacks the dated-ness of the 1991 donruss design).

#8- 1980
Okay, I don't want any backlash. I know a lot of people love this set, but I always thought it was a bit uninspired. There are little flaps, and tags, but it's not very original. It's not as bland as 1985, but for a 10-year-old, it's not the kind of set you'd want to sort over and over. I get why people love it, but it never really got me.

#7- 1988
I remember having a box of this, which I opened. I'll admit that the design is creative, and the big team name is very creative, but I don't really like how they crop the heads and bats over the team name. As a customizer, I'm horrified of this, because I can't just replace what was there with something else without getting sloppy. And also, the little ribbon with the player's name is kinda bland.

#6- 1984
This one I always remember enjoying. The nice block-lettered name, the colorful headshot, the cool picture, the 80's-ness. I had a Dave Winfield one of those, and I always remember liking that one. It was a cool design, although I can kinda see why everyone doesn't like it. It may have been just a rehash of the 1983 design, but at least it looked cool. It's not like the 2005 design, which made no effort to hide its parody of the 2004 one. Still, I'll defend this set all I can.

#5- 1982
I really, really, really like this one, it just got outweighed by the top 4. The hockey-pucks was a nice, cool idea, and the design is still pretty creative, even today. It's a colorful set too, one that is remember well by a lot of bloggers. The only reason it's #5 is because it's not as good as 1-4.

#4- 1986
I didn't have too much of 1986 when I was young, but what I saw, I was blown away. It was so cool. The team name up top in block letters, the player name stretched out at the bottom. It was reminiscent of everything that was cool about the 80's, and it was kinda awesome. The reason it's #4 is because of its scarcity in the household, and because of the awkwardness when the design tried to stretch out 'A's' and 'Cubs'.

#3- 1983
Everyone says this one is their favorite of the 1980s, and I'll say that it was pretty cool. Having a headshot that was just as cool as the action shot was a nice innovation, one that would be copied in 2003, and also a year later, in 1984. Also, the colors on here were nice and vibrant, and it's just an iconic 80's design, that is one of my favorites.

#2- 1987
I know that this was the most overproduced Topps set of all time, and it shows, because I have a million different copies of Mark McGwire's rookie, and Tony Gwynn's card, but I still love this design. The wood panel design idea is creative, and is executed well. The colored nameplate is also a nice idea. I'll add that this was the first set I completed from scratch, and it was a nice achievement for me.

Nothing even comes close. My younger self always loved sorting this one, due to the sheer awesomeness of the little hats, and how they were similar to the actual ones. This was one of my favorites mostly because of those caps, but also because of the color of the borders, and the overall vibrance of everything. Even today I can't see a 1981 card without smiling, because it's probably my favorite Topps set to date.

Well that's the 80's ranked. I might do the 90's and 00's Topps designs sometime in the near future.

Monday, February 11, 2013

There is hope for Cleveland yet

You have to hand it to those Indians. They've come in the clutch, and stolen a handful of really nice players this offseason. Nick Swisher, Trevor Bauer and Drew Stubbs were the memorable ones to date, and I really don't think Dice-K counts as memorable.

Of course, now they've finally got an awesome signing on their hands, and I mean a truly awesome one. Michael Bourn was one of the top 5 free agents at the beginning of the offseason. Why it took so long to claim him I've yet to determine. But still, the Indians landed Bourn, and to that I owe them a hunk of respect.

First of all, the Indians have always been my 3rd or 4th favorite team. One of my best friends is a big Indians fan, and he's hung in there through the last 5 years of mediocrity. Hell, I was in the room with him when he found out Cliff Lee was traded to my Phillies. And now, I think he's finally got a team he can be proud of.

The outfield's gonna be great. Bourn and Swisher, obviously. Sizemore when he's healthy, and Stubbs when he's not. That's a very solid outfield right there, one the Indians should be proud of. If they work hard this year they could very well clinch a playoff spot. That would mean overpowering the Tigers and White Sox, the former is incredibly strong, and the latter was incredibly strong.

But the Michael Bourn signing puts an idea into the minds of Cleveland Indians fans: 2013 doesn't look too bleak. It could indeed happen.

(Yeah, two posts in one day. I'm that good.)

Baseball and the Grammy's: Kinda similar

This is sorta a day late, but it's not like I'll be marked off or anything.

Last night was the Grammy awards, the celebration of the best (and also most overrated) albums of the year, featuring, for no apparent reason, random performances. Today is really the start of baseball; pitchers and catchers report to spring training today, except for the one or two people who pull a Sparky Lyle and don't show up for a week.

Yet, under further inspection, both events are so alike that you're surprised when the MLB awards ceremonies don't take place in between the nominees 'performing' by hitting home runs into the audience.

So, for no apparent reason other than to stay relevant, I'll show the many ways that the music industry is similar to the baseball world, in some very convoluted, but still sorta appropriate, ways.

The Black Keys are like R.A. Dickey: Both have been around since the early 2000's, and people are juuuuust finding out how awesome they are. Unfortunately, future offerings don't look to be as memorable as their 2012 ones.

Taylor Swift is like Manny Ramirez: Both make it a point to cut ties with everyone they were previously acquainted with. For both, their performance in front of an audience doesn't exactly sound and feel the same as their performance in a studio.

Rihanna is like David Freese: Both have had so many offerings in the last three years that everyone in America has become sick of them. Both need to go away sometime soon.

Jay-Z is like Magic Johnson (owner of the Dodgers): Both own a franchise team of a sport they are not very acquainted in.

Coldplay is like Johnny Damon: Their last offering was so long ago that people tend to forget what they're still doing there. Both will likely be back (more likely for the band than the ex-Yankee)

Mumford and Sons is like Brian Wilson: Both are too quirky too last much longer. Both are known for their plentiful facial hair.

The Rolling Stones are like Chipper Jones: Both are absolutely legendary in their craft. Both have said their 2012 offering will be their last, and many fans are not happy with this.

Maroon 5 is like Tim Lincecum: Both were bright young stars of the late-2000's. Both have since become annoying and lackluster.

Phoenix is like Kosuke Fukudome: Both have a gigantic cult following overseas. Both were well lauded when the came to America, and haven't been the same as when they performed specifically for their home country. Both should probably go back home, as fame has made them kinda pathetic.

Paul McCartney is like Derek Jeter: Though their 2012 performances seemed to be showing their age, both are eternal, and both will always be legends, even way after their days with the Fab Four.

Green Day is like Alex Rodriguez: I appreciate the effort, as I saw a lot more of both of you this year, but there wasn't too much going on. Both need to go away for a little while.

Foo Fighters are like Mariano Rivera: Might be going away for a while. Shouldn't.

Well, that was fun, but I put way too much time into it, and I probably left out a heap of players/artists.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


"...I shoulda yelled 'two'!"

The doldrums of February have givdn me an entire week with absolutely nothing to post about. I realize I could have done something on the Super Bowl, but I highly doubt anybody in the blogosphere missed that.

Good news is that today, February 9th, I have something to post about. Today is Mint Condition's fourth anniversary. And it feels great.

I realize that most of the big bloggers will be hitting their 5th and 6th anniversaries this year, so I'm one of the relatively younger elders. But still, I've had more than 1,000 posts, made hundreds of Custom Cards, and become one of the cult successes of the blogosphere. What I mean by that is not everybody knows I exist, but the ones that do really like my work.

So, what's in store for the next year? Hopefully weeks that are unlike the one that preceded this post. I wanna be more consistent in terms of posting, customs, and everything. I wanna have almost as many posts as the year has days, which is a pretty nice ambition. I wanna make better customs than the last 4 years combined. Maybe I'll start scanning the cards I pull, since that's what seems to make the blogger audience happy.

I can already say that, in a month, I'll most likely be going to Baltimore for something relatively huge for my family, and I can say that numerous baseball games are already being planned. And yes, there will be tons of cards. Hell, you might even see some this weekend.

As for whether I'll ever stop blogging...I've got a year and a half before I go to college. I have no idea whether by that point I'll still wanna do this, but I think I might. But you have to remember that when I started, I was a 7th grader who had too much time on his hands. Now I'm a Junior in high school, one whose free-time is declining slightly.

One could never be sure when the love for blogging and card-collecting will cease, but this blogger hopes it won't be anytime soon.

Friday, February 1, 2013

FINALLY! A Blasterful of 2013 Topps Series 1

(To be read with Jon Facenda impression):
It comes in the cold of winter, in the snow, when all hope for tomorrow is mired. It comes in early February, when the leaves of September have faded away. It is every man's dream, every man's hopes, and the most glorious event of the year. It is...the release of 2013 Topps Series One.

Yeah I know there's a Super Bowl this weekend, but that can wait. My dad happened to grab a nice blaster full of the hottest item on the block, Series One. and I am pumped!

Let's check out the guaranteed patch card first:
Trevor Bauer, of the D-Backs. That's pretty nice. Since the card, he's been sent to Cleveland, where people hope him to turn the team around. I hope he does.

Pack One:
And the first card of 2013 is....
108- Kendrys Morales. Okay then. A card of a player no longer on his team. Alright then. Not bad, but not as good as last year's.
44- Anthony Rizzo. Pretty nice considering the season he had.
169- Brad Ziegler. I really, really love this design. I do. It's so freaking awesome. Photography is better too.
Chasing The Dream insert of Addison Reed. I kinda like these. They're cool.
245- Jason Isringhausen Red. He's still playing?
41- Daniel Hudson red. I like these red inserts, especially if they fit the team.
178- Justin Maxwell. I love that the 'Stros will be Orange instead of red. Much cooler color for them.
242- Matt Kemp. And, we get our first OMG star of the box. Which is nice.

Pack 2-
275- Johnny Cueto, coming off an awesome 2012
42- Tigers ALDS Game 5. I am calling this an Prince Fielder card, since he's featured prominently.
Annnd...A CUT TO THE CHASE INSERT OF JOSH HAMILTON! Those are rare, and that's awesome. I like this card design, too. Pretty sweet.
A 1972 mini of Tony Gwynn. I love these. Any unwanted minis from this year or last year Topps, shoot me an email
276- Luis Ayala Red
228- Aw, this one's awesome. Adrian Gonzalez RED! Doesn't match, but it's still A-GON as a Dodger! Night Owl got a ton of Yankees, so I probably got his box.
21- Lucas Duda, aka Kruk 2.0

Pack 3-
135- Eric Hosmer. I really hope he turns out to be good.
17- Shin Soo-Choo. I forget where he is now, but out of Cleveland
197- Tyler Cloyd. Phillies rookie. Must be OK
248- Colby Lewis EMERALD SHINY
19- Joey Votto RED. This fits him, making the card cooler
14- Paul Konerko, a Chicago legend
98- Gaby Sanchez
174- Jason Grilli

Pack 4-
255- Josh Johnson. What a decline, from playing in sunny Miami to playing in...Canada. I kid
329- Rafael Soriano, now the closer for some team I'm forgetting that is probably Washington
149- Yovanni Gallardo. He needs to do something big this season
A Don Mattingly Chasing History insert. Nice
241- Jacoby Ellisbury RED. Funny, I was just talking about him...
110- Justin Upton RED. Now on the Braves
321- Allen Craig
132- Ryan Vogelsong

Pack 5-
38- Brian WIIIIIILLLSOOOOOOOON. Now looking for a job
133- James Shields. Now the lone Royals pitcher
282- Russell Martin. Now joining his pal AJ in Pittsburgh
79- Adam Eaton RC
Million Dollar Chase. Judging by this, it won't be unlocking cards. Sighhhh
204- Alex Gordon RED
234- AJ Burnett RED.
77- Dustin Mosely

Pack 6-
120- Ian Desmond. I have his autograph.
88- Jamey Carroll
Clayton Kershaw 72 mini. More proof that I got Night Owl's box
315- Rafael Furcal RED
13- Brett Lawrie RED. Hopefully he'll have a nice career
74- Kenley Jansen
243- Aaron Crow

Pack 7-
210- Vernon Wells. Meh
240- JJ Putz, rocking an awesome D-Backs throwback
10- Adam Jones. I love this card
Chasing the dream of YU DARVISH! Yu gotta be kidding me! (avoids boos)
Calling Card of RA DIckey, also deported to Canada
176- Robert Andino RED
101- Bryan Shaw RED
327- Jhonny Peralta

Pack 8-
8- Ryan Braun, still pretty nice.
40- Chien Ming Wang, one of my favorite players, simply because of his heritage having to do with my dentist's.
Chasing History of Ian Kinsler, the sole star left in Texas
46- Craig Kimbrel RED
301- Jarrod Saltolomacchia RED
285- Addison Reed
66- Daniel Nava

Pack 9-
37- Max Scherzer
225- Will Venable a dead ringer for Bruno Mars
330- Ryan Raburn, The Best Card of The Year
192- Javier Lopez EMERALD SHINY
206- Jimmy Rollins RED. This is pretty nice
54- Jaime Garcia RED
307- Norichika Aoki
324- Cameron Maybin, rocking an awesome throwback

Pack 10-
15- Dustin Pedroia. How's that for a pairing?
266- PUJOLS checklist
Andrew McCutchen 72 Mini. NICE
236- Joe Nathan RED
208- Desmond Jennnings RED
295- Brandon League
259- Bartolo Colon, and his Cuban Mystery Cream

So, that's Topps Series 1. I love it, and the next time I get a chance to refuel, I will refuel.