Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Chen Edition


First of all, isn't this awesome? You could see this out of a pack of 1982 Topps.

I'm kinda tired tonight, and I really don't have much else to say. But he's a good Taiwanese pitcher, that's been pitching well for Baltimore. That's about it.
Coming Tomorrow- In his first major league at bat, on the first pitch he saw, he hit one over the wall. And if that isn't enough to put him in the spotlight, then his team is helping boost it.

The Ten Most Crucial Trade Deadline Deals

Oooh, this one's a doozy.

Remember...yesterday, when the Phillies had a reliable outfield? Oh, gosh. They picked us clean. They left us with only Juan Pierre, John Mayberry and a pair of socks. It was terrible. But...more on that later.

This was an inredibly crazy month of July, much crazier than the otherwise subtle July 2011. People were flying across the leagues left and right, and the deadline was ugly. The last trade of the deadline was the deadliest, especially for all the Yankee fans. But I'll get there later.

I'll get to the list finally. Top 10 most crucial moves of the trade deadline.

10. Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez to Detroit, Jacob Turner and prospects to Marlins. Who won- Tigers. Not only did they need a new starter in Anibal, but Omar Infante, a former Tiger who got his stardom elsewhere, is back in his old town, a better player than when he left for Atlanta.  How the Marlins benefit- Jacob Turner is one of the best young Detroit prospects, and he will be a good piece for the team.

9. Francisco Liriano to White Sox, prospects to Twins. Who won- White Sox. They needed more pitching to add to the already-strong rotation. Liriano may not be reliable every season, but when he's on, he's reall on. Hopefully he'll reclaim the magic from the 2009 and 2010 seasons. How the Twins benefit- prospects for the future will hopefully get them out of the mess they're in currently.

8. Paul Maholm to the Braves, Aroydis Vizcaino and prospects to Cubs. Who won? Braves. Maholm gives the young rotation some experience,as Maholm will be the older, wiser member to the mostly young and up and coming staff. How it helps the Cubs: The team lost alot today, and the prospects can help them gain it back. Vizcaino is a young sar who hopefully has a spot.

7. Carlos Lee to Marlins, prospects to Astros. Who won? Marlins. Carlos Lee obviously isn't what he used to be, but what he is is a nice, strong back. The Marlins need some of that in order to stay in the race. Lee will lend his bat to a growing roster. How it helps the Astros- come on, they need something. They're getting a crapload of prospects this July, and hopefully they'll do something to help.

6. Shane Victorino to Dodgers, prospects to Philly. Who won? Phillies, surprisingly. I know, they robbed an important piece of our lineup, but he wasn't hitting, and he wasn't playing like he did when we won the championship in 2008. The Dodgers can have him. What the Phils need was helpto the farm system, and this gives them just that. They need pitching and infield help for the future, and this gives them that. How it helps the Dodgers- Victorino will help in the outfield with Ethier and Kemp, I guess...

5. Ryan Dempster to Rangers, prospects to Cubs. Who won? Rangers. The strongest team in the Majors got even stronger with this one. Dempster is a great pitcher, and will aid the already strong rotation. This was a steal, because I thought the Yankees had him at the end. Sadly, the rich got richer, and the Rangers got a replacement for the struggling Roy Oswalt. How it helps the Cubs- more prospects.

4. Hanley Ramirez to Dodgers, prospects to Marlins. Who won? Dodgers. They needed a shortstop, and they need a bat. They got both in Hanley. In his last few games, Hanley has gtten a lot of RBI, and has become a reliable member of the lineup. Him and Victorino are great additions to a staff that needs some. How it helps the Marlins- An aging team needs some youth.

3. Hunter Pence to Giants, Nate Schierholtz and prospects to Phillies. Who won- Giants. This kills me, because I loved Pence as a Phillie,and it pains me to see him join the enemy. The Giants do need another outfielder, and Pence will add moreof a bat to the lineup. It's sad, but it might work. How it helps the Phillies- again, more prospects, because we need some,

2. Zack Grienke to the Angels, prospects to the Brewers. Who won- Angels. I've said before that the Angels have the best rotation in the AL, with Weaver, Haren, Santana and Wilson. This adds a strong fifth man to the hat, and it makes the team an even bigger force. The Rangers should be afraid. How it helps the Brewers- after Braun goes, the team will be in trouble. They're gonna need some young stars.

1. Ichiro to the Yankees, prospects to the Mariners. Admit it, you saw this coming. I don't have to say much about how this helps us, because he's Ichiro. He's awesome. How it helps the Mariners- more prospects.

Hopefully this is the end of the moves during the season...I don't want to screw up the already done Update set.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Pedroia Edition


Admit it, you knew this was coming.

After Kevin Youkilis thankfully emigrated from Boston, I was left with a choice: who do I hate now?

It was a tough one, since I loathed a lot of people on that team. It couldn't be Ortiz. The one rule is that I don't hate Papi, because I think he's one of the best DHs in the game right now. He's a good hitter too. It also couldn't be Cody Ross. I hate him, but I'm never making a custom of the man.

Who does that leave? Dustin Pedroia of course. Why do I hate him? Well...he's an infuriating player because he always hits against the Yankees, tries to contend against Cano for AS spots, and is just...a really loatheable player.

So...here are the Top 10 jokes I can make about Pedroia.

10. As a second baseman, he gets a good view of Josh Beckett's ass on a regular basis.
9. Doesn't even have facial hair, just remnants of fur, desperately trying to escape the end of the chin.
8. When he started playing, his shortstop in crime was Alex Cora. He was never the same since.
7. He won the rookie of the year the same season where Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsusaka and Hideki Okajima debuted. Which means, if anything, that voters were looking really hard.
6. Spent half of 2010 on the DL. The other half was spent on shelves as Series 2's poster girl- I mean boy.
5. The other New England star flaunts his long locks. He can't do that.
4. Someow won MVP in 2008. How? Experts are still trying to determine this.
3. Him being on the Red Sox this season is embarassing, but don't worry...if the Sox ever try to trade him, the team he's on will crash and burn.
2. Only in Boston can the town's main baseball star be a "qweeeah"
1. Nice hair. Did Bradshaw give you some tips?

I'm done. At least for a while.

Coming Tomorrow- Remember how I keep saying that Chien Ming Wang is the greatest Taiwanese baseball player. This guy might be #2. And it ain't Hong-Chi Kuo. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Ethier Edition


Back in May I spoke of the Dodgers' rise. Then, in June, I spoke of the Dodgers' fall. The good news is that the current series with the San Francisco Poseys might rocket them back into first. If they do, it will be thanks in part to this man.


I realize that Matt Kemp is the lord and savior over there, but when he's not having a big game, Andre Ethier probably is. Remember him? Was big in 2010? Ring a bell?

Anyhow, Ethier's been having a great season, and he's been keeping his team out of last (and third in that matter) for most of the season. Kemp has been doing his part, oh sure, but Ethier's been red-hot for longer, and he's the real fuel.

Kemp is the golden boy, and Ethier's the silver secret.

By the way, this custom (or the idea to do an Ethier) was requested by The Fan, Chris. Hope it's everything you asked for.

Coming Tomorrow- Youk is gone. So now who's my least favorite Red Sock? This guy.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Cabrera Edition


I consider myself a shallow fan of the Indians. One of my best friends is an Indians fan, and I've grown to respect the team. I know they plastered my Yanks in the 2007 ALDS, but I'm blaming the flies.

This guy has been a nice, solid 2nd baseman for 5 years. He started his career with a triple play, and worked from there. He's become one of the more reliable 2nd basemen in the league, and he usually does his part, hits up a storm and gets an All Star nod, which is all the fans really want from him.

For my friend Josh's sake, I really want the Indians to get to the playoffs.

Coming Tomorrow- A Dodger who's been having a pretty nice season, and his name is not Matt Kemp.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Bombshell, this one from Anaheim


Well, we knew he was going somewhere, just not where.

I feel like the Angels have been the one team that swoops in at the last second and gets the biggest stars to add to the already expanding roster. That rotation is awesome enough, with Weaver, Haren, Santana and Wilson, but now the fifth man is thrown into the hat, and the rotation turns into the AL's answer to the Phillie Four. 

This kinda gives a bit more power to the AL, but everyone's already been saying it's off balance, so who cares.

In exchange, the Brewers received Jean Segura, the Angels' top position player prospect. This could do them some good in the future, and who knows if head-case Greinke will stay full focused in LA.

Amazing stuff, and the deadline hasn't even hit yet.

Custom Card of the Day: Ichiro Edition


Yeah, I know I said today's would be Asdrubal Cabrera, but today's my 900th post, a milestone that took me 4 years to get to, and isn't nearly as good as my 1000th, which might be later this year. I figured I'd commemorate it with a Yankee, and a good one at that.

Ichiro...somehow has always been a perennial favorite of mine, maybe because he's such a fun player to watch. Now that he's a Yankee, he's a bit more fun. I know he's 38, and the end of his playing time is coming, but even if he doesn't hit, it'll be great to see him play for the Yanks. Sorta like seeing Jim Thome as a Phillie again, or as an Oriole. He's not gonna have a massive home run season (Leave that to Raul), but he's gonna do a great job, and he's gonna make the fans love him, cause he's Ichiro.

Of course, now everybody else hates him. But would you rather him as a Yankee or Pujols? 

Coming Tomorrow- Now I'll get you that Asdrubal Cabrera...

Packs of Archives, A&G and Series 2

I'll be headed to North Jersey in a few days for a week, then come home, then another week. Because of this, I might not be going to the National. I will return when it comes back to Baltimore in 2059.

Nevertheless, I snatched a rack pack of Archives, 2 rack-packs of Ginter, and a "cereal" box of Series 2.

For Archives, I had a great blaster last week, but I don't know if the collation will be that great. For every card I need, I'll give a compliment. For every card I don't, I'll give an insult.

185- Roberto Clemente. Possibly the greatest hispanic player of all time. If you don't respect this man, you're crazy.
49- Mike Moustakas. A very good third baseman prospect who should have made the All Star Team.
86- Trevor Cahill. I enjoyed him in his years with Oakland.
129- Darryl Strawberry. He had such great years with the Mets. He's a guilty favorite. My one gripe is that he should have let Homer Simpson play his position, but I digress.
53- Adam Wainwright. Can't seem to get off the disabled list.
141- JP Arencibia. This is Topps' third straight season of calling JP a rookie star. Sooner or later both those statements will be untrue.
154- Starlin Castro. His team sucks.
22- Mickey Mantle. One of the greatest Yankees of all time (according to Topps). Still, he made my grandfather very happy with the Yanks.
74- Ty Cobb. Mean-ass cheater.
143- Marco Scutaro. Uhhh...his team's pretty okay. That's all I've got.
203- Willie Mays. Topps' collation sucks. I already have this shortprint!
108- Cliff Lee. Love the guy, but you can't bother to win more than one game?
159- David Price. My usual insult: is wrong, bitch.
41- Corey Hart. Does not wear his sunglasses at night. Does not stand a fighting chance of making the postseason.

Well, 6 out of 14 ain't bad.

Ginter Pack 1-
286- Neil Walker. Not bad for a first card of the series
143- Nick Hagadone.
161- Freddie Freeman. Seems pretty good, but that's what the hype tells me.
109- Tim Lincecum. What happened, man?
David People of the Bible mini. Famously slayed large, intimidating beast. But enough about Barry Bonds.
Burj Khalifa World's Tallest Buildings.
172- Chris Perez. I'm happy he's atop the saves list.
213- Joe Nathan. Glad he's back to his old standard.
154- Bob Hurley Sr. Have no idea who he is.
74- Johnny Cueto. Should have been an All Star.
276- James Shields Black border mini
Roy Halladay What's in a Name insert. Not bad.

Pack 2-
49- Jeremy Hellickson.
79- Yoenis Cespedes rookie. Very, very nice. The 3rd most-coveted rookie in the set.
200- Matt Kemp. I have nothing but respect for the man.
341- Colby Lewis. Nominee for worst card of the year? I think so.
184- Notre Dame coach I can't retype Mini
Historical Turning points of The Reformation. Very cool.
296- Mark Trumbo. Has a future.
144- Joe Benson
63- Zach Britton.
133- Carlos Beltran A&G Back Mini. Where's the planter?
What's in a Name of DEREK JEEETAAAH!

Series 2-

500- Alex Rodriguez. I blame King Felix.
497- Andrew McCutchen. I would love it if he got the MVP this year.
440- Chien Ming Wang. Greatest Taiwanese Player of All Time. I mean it.
244- Nelson Cruz
364- Brandon Beachy.
349- Tim Lincecum. Again, needs to get his stuff together
417- Carlos Pena. The current version of Ellis Burks, the prominent Yankee killer
509- Travis Snider
348- Alfonso Soriano
405- Nathan Eovaldi. Now a Marlin
584- Daric Barton
445- Ramon Santiago.
646- Francisco Cervelli, backup catcher.
459- Eric Surkamp
530- Cliff Pennington
Crappy plug for Topps' new app
504- Ryan Dempster. Will be traded soon
636- Chris Heisey
576- Jonathan Herrera
457- JD Martinez, the other good young star on the Astros.
456- Omar Infante. Now back with the Tigers.
631- Ryan Kalish
492- Rickie Weeks. Have it
514- Brian Roberts.
547- Jason Giambi. What a career. Probably won't make the Hall.
365- Aramis Ramirez
654- Yovani Gallardo. Is still here.
517- Francisco Liriano. Is also still here.
361- Chase Utley. CHUT!
392- Cliff Lee. Needs to win some games.
506- David Ortiz. I can still kinda respect the guy.
543- Josh Johnson. Will probably be traded soon.
473- Evan Meek. Needs to stop getting hurt.
400- Robbie Cano, don't ya know.
647- Bruce Chen. Has played everywhere.
353- John Mayberry. Needs to step it up.
411- Tsuyoshi Nishioka.
380- Daniel Murphy. One of the few young Mets stars
401- Kenley Jansen
644- Andy Dirks
603- Lonnie Chisenhall. Unfortunately on the DL
538- Wilson Betemit
337- Glen Perkins
568- Jason Castro
420- Barry Zito. I know another Giants pitcher who could have been card no. 420.
641- Jeter cl
637- Brad Brach
553- James Darnell
635- Brett Gardner GOLD SHINY
Golden Moments of Mike Schmidt
Mound Dominance of Warren Spahn. That's a nice one.
Gold Standard of Tom Seaver
Mike Napoli 87 mini. Why does everybody love this guy?
Giveaway Card! Just for blogging's sake, let's see what I get:
An Indians coin. Welp.
512- Josh Willingham
502- Collin Cowgill
532- Tim Stauffer
372- Daniel Descalso
331- Hey, it's Albert Pujols! Nice!
357- Aaron Harang
577- Dallas Braden
378- Brandon League
385- David Murphy, the king of Topps card poses
580- Tony Campana
376- Carlos Quentin. Just got resigned. Nice.
490- Chris Carpenter, The King of Injuries.
471- James Shields
439- Elvis Andrus.
594- Ricky Romero.
366- Jose Molina RED CARD
340- Adam LaRoche RED CARD

Pretty solid packs. If anyone wants the A&G for their set, shoot me a request.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Howard Edition


See? SEE? The Phils are getting their stuff together! Look at the last couple games, they've ended in walkoffs! Granted, it's still an aging team, and they need to get their asses out of last, but they've got the materials. 

Howard and Utley are back, and they're hitting. Not as well as they should, but they can still hit the ball, unlike a certain recently acquired Japanese outfielder for the Yanks. 

Add those two to Pence and Chooch, and you've got a solid buncha hitters. All they need to do is step up the defense, get the rest of the lineup to hit, and not keep in Papelbon for too long.

But again, these are the tired ramblings of a hopeless Philly fan, who's more interested in the Yankees. Move along.

Coming Tomorrow- A midwestern second baseman, who's always been a Mint Condition favorite.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Revere Edition


I'm sorry...this card is just awesome. I know the guy's team hasn't been doing the greatest job of late...but who can say something bad about that card (besides some Canadians I know)? It's really a marvel, and it's one of my best of the year. 

Not much else to say there.

Coming Tomorrow- One of my favorite players, back on his throne.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Parker Edition


I feel like the AL West is the least publicized division in baseball. Why? Well, the whole time it's a race between Anaheim and Arlington, and the other two (soon to be three) are just...there. They don't do anything to speed the action along, they just stand there for the fans. You know, kinda like Short Round. 

I think the A's have the best chance out of the two lower teams to have a sliver of a chance in the future. The team is growing, the farm system is excellent, their star power is growing after last year's purge, they have solid stars in Kurt Suzuki and Yoenis Cespedes, and they can fight off huge teams without breaking a sweat.

The man above has been a solid rookie prospect in the past year, and I hope he continues his reign. Him and Ryan Cook have been strengthening the bullpen this year, and making an impact on the game.

Coming Tomorrow- Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are getting old. There must be an heir apparent in Minnesota. Thankfully, there is one, and he's been the under the radar rookie of the last few years.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Hanrahan Edition


It's good to be home. Neither Hamels nor Victortino were traded, and the Yankees landed Ichiro. Of course, next week I'll be away again, but this time I'll have a laptop with me.

The man above was a good pitcher for Washington, and now Pittsburgh. And now, thanks in part to his efforts in the pen, the Pirates are vying for first with the Reds (thankfully, the Cardinals are staying out of it). If the Pirates make the playoffs this year, it'll be absolutely huge for the the city, and for baseball itself. It'll be quite possibly an even bigger story if they get farther than one round in the playoffs.

Coming Tomorrow- A rookie pitcher for Oakland, who's been having a pretty good season.

To Ich His Own


Would you believe me if I said I didn't see this coming at all?

Ichiro Suzuki, as long as I can remember, has been one of baseball's biggest stars. He's a big deal, and everyone knows it. Another thing that everyone knows is that his ten year hitting record and consistency will likely land him in the Hall of Fame before any other Japanese player. 

And that's a big honking deal.


And then, while readying customs at home for the first time in a week, I hear he's batting eighth for my team tonight.

Isn't that the wackiest thing ever?

Possibly one of the best personalities in the game, and one of the biggest stars of the last decade, is now a New York Yankee. I couldn't be more surprised.

Ichiro has been Seattle's Golden boy for twelve seasons now, and I realize how shocking it is for them, as well as for us. 

It's Ichiro, man! 

Ichiro IS Seattle. 

There's nobody else, not even King Felix, that can compare to Ichiro. 

I know that team is in last place, and I know that team hasn't seen October since they won more games than anyone else, but at least they could have held onto him, just for the fans sake.

Seattle must be pissed at us now. First we steal Pineda and ruin him arm, and now we steal their biggest star, possibly ever. They will likely send an angry mob down to the Bronx and complain.

Unless they wanna watch the game. They're more than welcome to see a game played in weather other than rain.

The bottom line- am I happy to see Ichiro Suzuki playing right field? You bet your ass. Am I happy that Brian Cashman actually made a decent move this July? You bet your ass. Could this team resemble the Titanic any more? No. 

Will I make a custom of him by the end of the week? You know me. 

In which the Astros lose everything and gain nothing

Francisco Cordero has a lot of weight on his shoulders right now.

This is mainly because he is Francisco Cordero, and he has a lot of weight on everything.

But right now, for him, the pressure is on. The pitching staff has been purged, and JA Happ and Brett Myers are currently in other cities (and wow, Happ is suddenly back in last. What a twist!). Ever since Carlos Lee left last year, and before that Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence and Lance Berkman, the team has been going in a direction...directly down.

Cordero has to pitch the ninth inning now. Standing where Brett Myers, the crowd favorite and current White Sock, once stood is an aging, sad, troubled, even obscure reliever, dealt to the team in a blockbuster trade, with only one companion- Ben Francisco, a survivor of another monster trade. Now Cordero has to pitch the ninth with the entire crowd knowing it won't be the same.

And it really is a damn shame. Seven years ago this team was in the World Series led by Bagwell, Biggio, Berkman and Clemens. Sure, they lost, but they were good.

What happened to them?

In their place is a sad team, represented only by Jose Altuve, Wandy Rodriguez (for now), and, yes, Francisco Cordero.

Next year, the Astros will be in the American League, shoved to the bottom of a division whose worst will now be the second worst. The Mariners and Athletics will have nothing to fear, other than beating the Astros. The downward spiral will probably continue.

For now, all Houston has to rely on is for Cordero not to blow those saves. Or else they'll truly be lost.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Lynn Edition


I'm home right now, but I'm too tired and lazy to make a post. So, here's another preplanned one from 7/12. Wow, what amazing things have happened since last Thursday! Most of which I'm finding out about as you read this...and hopefully they don't involve Cole Hamels or Shane Victorino being traded to the Dodgers for absolutely nobody and Jerry Sands.

So here's Lance Lynn. He was pretty good in the first half. Then, just as he started declining, he was picked to be an All Star. How convenient! He's currently pitching alright, albeit much better than Chris Carpenter. 

Coming Tomorrow- The old me. And posts other than customs. And besides that, a reliever for the...this feels weird...okay...PENNANT CONTENDING PITTSBURGH PIRATES! (this better not have changed while I was on a boat)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Lee Edition


What, you were expecting Giancarlo Stanton? The 7/12 me has a sense of humor. At least I think he did. The 7/13 me found out that Stanton was on the DL, and quickly whipped up a card of the newest aging star Miami will settle for. I know it's old news, but now I know I can use this design for future trades.

Coming Tomorrow- The Cardinals are misrepresented custom-wise. Tomorrow, I give them one, for fear of them making the playoffs, and giving my pain in the butt Cardinals fan "friend" another reason to live.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Quentin Edition


This design is one of my favorite Topps designs ever. When I first saw it as a kid, I thought it was a cool set, similar to the 1982 football release. I still love it, to this day. I think I've made a 1981 custom with every team. Here are the only exceptions, which you'll probably be seeing soon.

  • Astros. This is obvious, because they don't have too many amazing players, sad to say. Maybe if there's a prospect that comes up and amazes everyone, I'll do one of him.
  • A's. Another team that doesn't have many good players. They have a lot of rookies this year. I could do a Jarrod Parker or a Ryan Cook. Or I might fall back on Kurt Suzuki.
  • Braves. This a is a shocker. I've done a million Braves customs, especially of their prospects, but not an 81? This blows my mind. I'll probably do one of these soon.
  • Marlins. It's an expansion team, so no sweat. I have a lot to choose from, anyway, since I've only done Reyes and Buehrle. I have a Giancarlo Stanton on the workbench, so maybe a Bonifacio or a LoMo?
  • Mets. Another shocker, since, in my opinion, I've been leaning toward the Mets a lot lately. A lot of my family are Mets fans, and while I'm not a fan, I can still respect them. That being said, they don't have much other than the big guns. I guess I could do one of the younger ones, like a Dillon Gee or an Ike Davis.
  • Nationals. I could try this one, being that an Expos one would be a little too obvious. Like with the Marlins, I have a lot to choose from, but their big guns have already been customized this year.
  • Pirates. I kinda need to do more Pirates now that they're in the lead, so this would be a wise idea. Not too many stars, however. A Joel Hanrahan or a Neil Walker wouldn't hurt.
  • Royals. Aside from Hosmer, Moustakas and...no one else, there isn't much star power. Of course, I could do a Billy Butler, eventually.
  • Tigers. Another shocker, seeing as how many of them I made last year. Several options, though I don't know which one I'll do, since I did most of their starters last year. 
  • White Sox. I have done too many Sox customs lately, and this one might wait awhile. But I have a lot of options.
 So 10 teams have yet to be customized in the 1981 design. Of course, they might not all be done this year.

Coming Tomorrow- Oh no! 7/12 me is out of customs! Have to make more. One might be a Giancarlo Stanton. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Abreu Edition


I'm kinda banking on the fact that Bobby Abreu won't be a Hall of Famer. But I can admit that he's a good player, and he's great to watch when he's playing for you. When he was with the Phillies, he hit tons of homers, and the fans loved him. When he was with the Yankees, he hit homers and was a good replacement for Bernie Williams. When he was with the Angels...uhh, he played baseball.

Now that he's doing pretty well for the Dodgers, you can say that the fans kinda like him. He's got a high batting average, and he's a decent enough outfielder. He's not what he used to be, but who (besides Bartolo Colon) is?

Not much else to say about the guy. Hope things get better and better.

Coming Tomorrow- Remember when this guy was an All Star for Chicago, and he hit home runs, and was a good outfielder? What happened to that guy? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Weeks Edition

I really like Jemile Weeks. He's a fun player, and he's fun to watch.

What else do I have to say?

Coming Tomorrow- He played for both my teams, and both teams in Los Angeles. And now he's having a good season with one of them.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Cueto Edition


Johnny Cueto is an awesome pitcher than should have been an All Star. Enough about that.

You see that watermark in the center of the card. That's the number one reason why you don't see this set customized often. Because the watermark gets in the way of the design. This is a pain in the but, especially considering the fact that I love this set. 

But it's not the only set that's hard to customize. Here are a few others:

  • 1983 design. The watermark also has a hand in this. I love the set, but the watermark keeps me from doing too much. Although there will be one of these on the blog in a few days.
  • 1985 design. More watermark issues, but it isn't really a big loss.
  • 1969 design. It's hard for me because the team name on the bottom is hard to cut out.
  • 1967 design. Same as 69. The black text is also kinda hard. Never liked this design.
  • 1970 design. The white lettering up top is hard to cut around. 
  • 1991 and 1992 designs. Oh, the border is so tedious. I spend about 20-30 minutes on customizing whenever I have to do one of these. It's pretty agonizing.
  • 1989 design. I've always done these, but as of late I've stopped. The swerved name doesn't always look right when squeezed into the banner.
  • 1995 design. I can never find the right font, and it's hard to weave through the patchwork image.
  • 1998 design. How the hell do you recreate that? Seriously. If anyone knows how, please share the secret. 
  • 1984 design. I love this one, but it usually takes a little longer than most, due to the second headshot. I do it all the time, but it's a little difficult.
  • 1988 design. Again...how do you recreate that? Topps has tried, and THEY can't even get it right! It's really weird!
Coming Tomorrow- His brother has had a terrible season. Good thing he's prospering in Oakland.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Hellickson Edition


Look at those throwbacks.

Pretty original, right? They weren't even around in 1979, and yet poof...there they are. I think those are kinda awesome, while kinda ugly. It's a really cool retro look, that brings echoes of old Pilots, Mariners, Padres and Royals uniforms.

It's a look that has sort have gone out of style, like the man wearing it. Jeremy Hellickson was big last year, despite the fact that Mark Trumbo or Michael Pineda probably should have won the Rookie of the Year award. Now he's not doing as hot, and it's a shame. 

Still...forget the guy on the card. Look at those uniforms.

Coming Tomorrow- The Reds pitcher that should have made the All Star Game. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Goldschmidt Edition


Okay, fine. I cheated. You caught me. But only a few times. 

You see, it takes twice as much time to customize an older design for an expansion team than it does for a regular custom. I have to redo everything. And it only works for some designs. So if I'm having a lazy day, I have to cut corners somehow.

This one, yesterdays, and the Matsui from last week are taken from products like Trading Card History and Archives. But really, does it matter? It's all the same, really.

It isn't?

Fine. I sincerely hope the commissioner does not fine me for this misuse, or strip me of my Most Valuable Customizer award. I only did it once, and I'm not doing it anymore.

Coming Tomorrow- Yes, another expansionist, but one I put work into making look old. The uniform did most of the work, though.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Cuddyer Edition


I really don't have much to say about this guy. Matter of fact, I won't have much to say this week. Right now I'm on a plane headed for New Orleans, where I'll be taking a weeklong cruise. Therefore what you're reading now was written Thursday night.

How are things in the future? How did Friday go? Did the Phillies trade Victorino yet? If not, give it another week.

Either way, you'll be getting a heaping load of preplanned posts from now until next Sunday. Don't worry, because they'll be good preplanned posts. 

Coming Tomorrow- A rookie for Arizona whose name isn't Wade Miley or Trevor Bauer. Yeah, him. He's really good, and can hit really well. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Andrus Edition


You ain't nothin' but a shortstop
Just playing third base
You ain't nothin' but a shortstop 
Whose team is in 1st place
You ain't never had a ring, but you spray Pujols with Mace.

Crappy Elvis jokes aside, Andrus is a pretty good player. I can definitely see why he earned the All Star nod, and he's pretty speedy as well. Some bloggers may complain the card is too cropped, but the running shot couldn't fit, and I had to make poor Elvis an amputee. 

I respect the guy's efforts, and I hope he continues to make more All Star Games. 

EDIT- Yeah, now you tell me. I know he's a shortstop, I just was making this custom for the All Star Game, and that's where he was playing. I know I messed up. It happens. At least this time it didn't involve Melky Cabrera.

Coming Tomorrow- One I've been saving for a while- a former AL central holdover whose team is doing alright in the West. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Chooch Edition


I never really gave the Phillies' catcher all that respect for a while. Now that he did a nice job in the All Star Game, I finally landed a good custom of him. But this disrespect I speak of stems back to his rookie season.

Even in 2007, when he was brought up, I thought the Phillies catcher was still Mike Lieberthal. When corrected, I then guessed Rod Barajas, and finally Chris Coste. 

In 2008, I saw his Topps card looked exactly the same as the one from the year before. I refused to put him into my Phillies binder.

In 2009, 2010, and 2011, despite the fact that he was still playing, and now the once and future starter, I still refused to acknowledge his existence. 

Of course, this year, he's been hitting well, and holding one of the best Batting Averages in the league. So I guess I was wrong. 

And that never happens. Not even with posts about Melky Cabrera.

Coming Tomorrow- Ever since Michael Young got injured (ba-dum)
He played in the All Star Game (ba-dum)
And all you'll hear about him is the guy that shares his name
(He's feeling so lonely, I take it.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Weaver Edition


I just wanna fathom this. This is gonna be a pretty simple post, but I just can't grasp something.

The AL has 3/4 people advance to the 2nd round of the home run derby. There, Fielder, Bautista and Trumbo continued to knock the living hell out of the ball numerous times. The one NL advancement couldn't even hit into it. Then, Prince Fielder wins with 28 total home runs.

Altogether, on Monday night, the AL hit 61 home runs. 

On Tuesday night, they had five hits. 

Think about this for a second.

A team that dominates a Home Run Derby one night is powerless against a couple of hits, a couple of Giants, and, in J-Bats' case, THE SUN!

After a while...it was just hard to watch. Sure, they had SOME hits here and there...but the NL drove in eight stinking runs, and that was all thanks to Melky Cabrera and his weirdly timed hitting streak. 

So...the AL can hit against the players they choose...but not against ones Tony LaRussa did.

Just keep your mouth shut, Joe Buck.

(Oh, and Jered Weaver's pretty awesome)

Coming Tomorrow- Surprisingly the one Phillies position player I've NEVER made a custom of, in all four years...until now, that is.

(By the way, if you guys want a laugh, I've updated this now-incredibly-ironic post about the Melky Cabrera trade, in order to explain how comically wrong I was.)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Sale Edition


This season, if remembered for anything, will be remembered as the Year of the Underdog Teams. Currently the Nationals, Pirates and White Sox are all in first place in their respective divisions. Keep in mind that all of them were near last the year before. All of these teams have fell on some dark days in past years, but this has been the season for all three. 

The White Sox in particular have surprised the league, with Adam Dunn as the star hitter, and Chris Sale as the star pitcher. Remember, this guy came up as a middle-reliever back in the Buehrle days. He's now possibly the best pitcher in the AL, and he's leading his team to great heights. 

He definitely earned the All Star nod, as did his rostermates Jake Peavy, Dunn, and Paul Konerko. It'll be interesting to see how he does tomorrow night.

Coming Tomorrow- Probably a card of the Home Run Derby Champion. 

A Blasterful of Topps Archives (yes, more)

I doubt that I can get enough of this set. I have a National Chicle vibe from it, that may last me most of the summer if not some of the fall. Of course, I still haven't completed Chicle, and I need to. But Archives is a fun set, one that I'm definitely collecting. And yes, that means maybe eventually landing the Bryce Harper one of these days.

Today I bought a blaster. Last week I got an entire pack without doubles. The week before I got an entire pack of doubles. You can guess which week I'm hoping to repeat. Just for fun, I'll count if we have more doubles or more All Stars in these packs.

Pack 1-
1- Matt Kemp. Will be hitting tonight. Good thing, too.
59- Hunter Pence. Still the best hitter on the team, but a far cry from where he was last year.
112- Todd Helton. Is this guy a Hall of Famer? I kinda hope so.
161- Chase Utley. So glad he's back.
212- Andy Van Slyke SHORT PRINT. This guy was fun to watch.
97- Brett Lawrie. Would be a bigger star had Mike Trout not had his huge year this season.
147- Justin Masterson. Somehow among Cleveland's best pitchers.
194- Gary Carter. Interesting, putting him in a 84 design the year before he actually joins the Mets. Though he's best known as a Met, he was most tenured with the 'Spos.

Pack 2-
16- Yunel Escobar. Kinda hoped the other Toronto shortstop would get a card.
51- ROY HALLADAY! Hoping for a strong return.
116- Alex Avila. Currently suffering from Geovany Soto syndrome.
167- Michael Pineda. Ooh, I really hope this man actually dons pinstripes someday. He's too good to be a flameout.
Justin Verlander Heads Up insert. Dunno what to do with these. All Star #1
35- Zack Greinke. Will likely be traded, sadly.
85- Matt Holliday. Has become the Cardinals big star, which is nice.
137- Jason Heyward. Needs to come back.

Pack 3-
36- Martin Prado. First Yunel, then J-Hey, now Marteeeen? Is his a Braves hot box?
95- Yoenis Cespedes. Aha. The 3rd most requested rookie card of the set. Glad to have it.
119- Yu Darvish. And now the second. What a pitcher. All Star #2
198- Casey Kotchman. Topps-STOP MAKING CARDS OF THIS GUY! HE IS NO GOOD! He is only good for being traded FOR people!
A Fan Favorites insert of Roberto Clemente! Nice!
179- Michael Bourn. MOOOORE BRAAAVES! All Star #3
10- Ryan Braun, the Hebrew Hammer. Have sorta forgiven him for last year's steroid use. All Star #4
70- Joey Votto. Probably will win the MVP this year. All Star #5. That's four All Stars in one pack.

Pack 4-
31- Joe Morgan. Wow. That's a nice one.
81- Adrian Beltre, Mr. Overrated. All Star #6
133- Mark Trumbo. Has a lot of potential. All Star #7
182- Ian Kennedy. Why did we give him up?
A CC Sabathia Topps 3D insert. Very, very cool.
123- Ryan Vogelsong. What a story.
173- Daniel Hudson.
11- Curtis Granderson, one of my favorite players. All Star #8

Pack 5-
23- Chris Young. Not the pitcher, the awesome outfielder.
72- Ian Kinsler. Yeah, he got the All Star nod, but it wasn't a starting one! All Star #9.
124- Brandon Phillips. Should have been an All Star.
156- Ubaldo Jimenez GOLD CARD! Nice, but if I got it 2 years earlier I'd be happier.
210- Sandy Koufax SHORT PRINT! And a nice one, at that. Koufax is awesome.
58- Tommy Hanson. Double #1. Still, at least it took us 5 packs.
111- John Axford. Double #2.
162- Jayson Werth. Double #3.

Pack 6-
170- Justin Upton. Nice player.
30- Jacoby Ellisbury. It took us six packs to get a Red Sock. Topps is doing something right.
64- Derek Holland. What happened to him? He had a hell of a first quarter.
115- Gio Gonzalez. Among several battling to be Washington's ace. Jeez, they should make it a reality show. All Star #10
Andrew McCutchen cloth sticker. Very nice.  All Star #11
2- Nick Swisher. Double #4. Sad, too.
52- Geovany Soto. Double #5.
102- Dee Gordon. Double #6.

Pack 7-
6- Paul Goldschmidt. Has a nice season going.
55- Jesus Montero. Now the fourth-biggest rookie of the year. Wish he was playing for us.
John Kruk 1982 IN ACTION! Wow, these are 1:32. Glad I pulled one, and that it's a Phillie.
Eddie Murray Fan Favorite Insert. Very nice.
152- Johnny Cueto. Double #7.
18- Tom Seaver, Double #8. A shame.
67- Justin Verlander. Double #9, All Star #12. Yeah, it counts.
Dummy plug for Topps' crappy iPhone app.

Pack 8-
106- Alex Gordon.
157- Carlos Gonzalez. All Star #13.
39- Jackie Robinson. Very nice.
89- LOU GEHRIG! Jackie and Lou in the same pack. Wow.
George Brett Cloth Sticker. Is this a Hall of Fame pack or what?
118- Desmond Jennings. Double #10.
169- Michael Morse. Double #11.
42- Aroldis Chapman. Double #12, All Star #14. Oh yes.

So the All Stars win, and this was a truly great box.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Jackson Edition


First of all, I love this custom. Just getting it out there.

I'm always going to be adamant that we were robbed in giving up Austin Jackson in the Curtis Granderson trade. To be fair, I think Grandy's awesome, and we're lucky to have him, but there was a brief period of time when I thought Jackson would be the centerfielder of the future. This was as brief as the time I thought Jesus Montero would be the catcher of the future, or that Kei Igaw-oh who am I kidding.

Still, after the season Jackson's having, it would be cool if he were still a Yankee. He's been playing pretty well, backed by a solid team and a star pitcher. 

How he didn't make the All Star team is a mystery. I blame Ron Washington. 

 Coming Tomorrow- His team's leading the AL Central, and he's their star pitcher. And no, that isn't Rod Serling waiting in the dugout.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Moustakas Edition


It's a little odd to see a different third baseman in a 1979 Topps design. Nothing else to add to that one.

Moustakas is a good player who's been having a really good season. His Royals aren't necessarily leading the division, but they're hanging in there. Maybe trading away Melky Cabrera was part of the problem, but I digress.

The Royals are a team that has a lot of potential, too. Hosmer, Moustakas and the rest are very good players that could theoretically make it far. If the Royals eventually make the playoffs, I'll be overjoyed. But it's a tough division. The White Sox, Tigers and Indians stand in the way, and all but Detroit have legitimate shots at making the playoffs. The Royals need to step it up. 

But I'll say this about underdog teams: currently two are leading a division. The Nationals, who have never made the playoffs, and the Pirates, who haven't been to the playoffs since Bryce Harper was an infant. 

If they can get there, why can't the Royals?

Coming Tomorrow- The one All Star snub that makes me a little mad. And yet it comes from the man who could have, and arguably should have, been still playing center for the Yanks. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Matsui Edition


First of all, don't call me out for cheating. This is really the only way I can make these designs work with expansion teams.

Secondly, I'm kinda glad that this Japanese superstar hasn't gone out of style. He's not hitting homers like he did with the Yankees, but he's still an all around fun player. Unlike, say, Kosuke Fukudome, who now has forgotten how to hit, Matsui is still a good DH, and can give you a few good hits, even this late in his career. He's not a Hall of Famer, at least I think not. But he's a solid player, and Tampa is lucky to have him.

Coming Tomorrow- Yes, we know Billy Butler is the token Royals All Star this year, but why wasn't it this third-baseman, who's having a pretty good season?

Return of the Swing


You all knew this was coming.

The biggest, strongest hitter in the NL has returned to his throne, and he's out for revenge. Jason Motte, David Freese and Skip Schumaker are all on his hitlist...unfortunately the Phillies don't play the Cardinals for a while.

But either way, Philadelphia's hero has returned. Hopefully returning as well- wins.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Greinke Edition


This guy has been one of the names on the list of people that may be traded before August, and quite frankly, I can't see why. Okay, his contract may be up, but he's pitching well, having incredible consistency at home, and the fact that he isn't an All Star kinda feels fixed, like Tony LaRussa hates him and Johnny Cueto. 

So if and when this guy gets traded, I hope it's to a team that needs him. I hope he's traded to a team that will respect his abilities, and use him wisely. After all, this man won the Cy Young three years ago, and has become one of baseball's most intelligent pitchers. 

(Also, I'm kinda hoping he's traded to the Phillies. And I really hope this happens if we keep Hamels...unless we end up stupidly trading Hamels to the Brewers for Greinke. If this happens, remember I called it.)

(Which means it probably won't.)

Coming Tomorrow- He was the right-fielder/DH on my team for seven seasons, and he was a magnificent hitter. He'll always be a Yankee in my mind, which is why I find it so hard to swallow him in a Tampa uniform.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Freese Edition


(Footage of David Freese playing ball).

ANNOUNCER: David Freese. St. Louis' Hero. To many, he's a saint. But to most...

(Shot of Freese's face turns red)

ANNOUNCER: He's a scoundrel.

Cut to a man in a regular sports shirt.

GUY #1: David Freese refused to sign my kid's ball. He also refused to sign his cap, his baseball card, his rally squirrel, and him.

Cut to another guy.

GUY #2: David Freese drenched my house with Gatorade, and laughed maniacally at us.

Cut to Ryan Howard.

RYAN HOWARD: David Freese sprained my ankle, and refused to fess up for it. Also, he's the devil's spawn.

Back to a shot of Freese, zooming closer to the camera.

ANNOUNCER: David Freese...not a champion...not a hero...not America's choice. 

(Paid for by the Association for Voting Bryce Harper to the All Star Game)

BRYCE HARPER: I'm Bryce Harper, and I approve of this Clown Question.


Coming Tomorrow- He should have been voted to the All Star Game. Most sportswriters are baffled by this. Hopefully, a spot will open up, and this former Cy Young Award winner will return to the ASG.

Now What?


The Astros have lost one of their biggest stars to the NL East. Their team is now made up of Jose Altuve, Brett Myers, JA Happ and a band of unknowns. The only way this team can go is down, unfortunately.

Hopefully this team will get a rehash next year when it jumps divisions. Otherwise they'll continue to land in last. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Oswalt Edition


This is the first 1990 Topps custom I've ever made. I just wanted to start with that.

This man perplexes me. I feel like he only pitches well when he's in Texas. He has some good seasons in the 2000s for the Astros, despite injuries toward the end of it. And then he gets traded to the Phils, and does absolutely nothing for us. He tries here and there, but at the end of the day he was the third of the Philly 3, and the fourth of the Philly 4. 

Of course, then he comes back to Texas and starts pitching well again. Is this a theme?

Is this like with Carl Pavano, where he basically got sick the moment he put on pinstripes? Similar to Javier Vazquez. It's like taking a fish out of a big bowl, and moving it into one the EXACT SAME SIZE, and it weakens...and you throw it back in the old one and he's just fine. It makes no sense!

But who am I to try and make sense of the whole thing? I'm not Ron Washington.

Coming Tomorrow- He didn't make the All Star Team, and it's for good reason...this man from the Archway is slowly becoming one of my least favorite players. 

All Star: Starters in Custom Form.

Being that the All Star game is a little more than a week away, I figured I'd commemorate it by placing my customs of the starters for each team into a diagram of the field. It's kinda sloppy and cramped, but it's a good concept, and it's a good way to diagram the progress of the team.

And also, here are the new customs, as in the ones I made especially for the All Star Game.

Custom Card of the Day: Thome Edition


I was going to post this one last night, but due to time, I couldn't. I was going to post it this morning, but due to immense sleeping because of midnight Spider Man premiere, I couldn't.

I'm finally posting this one. And I felt like I had to get it out there. Thome remains one of my favorite players. If he sticks with the O's, I will be seeing him play yet again in August. And I personally can't wait for that.

Sometime today I will likely be doing something involving the All Star Rosters, and my customs. Keep watching the skis...I mean, skies.

Coming Tonight- They say that everything's bigger in Texas. Well, with this guy, everything sucks in Philly. But, after joining the other Texan team, he's back to his former mojo.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Bauer Edition


Not much to say. Made his debut, pitched pretty well, high prospect, will probably become a huge starter. Either way, I'm just thanking my lucky stars that nobody else has been removed from the All Star roster yet. That thing was pretty good. 

Coming Tomorrow- He was a great pitcher for Houston, and then he came to Philly and stunk, and now he's back on top. Has he been following the Javier Vazquez and Carl Pavano handbook of sucking in the Northeast?

2012 Archives: Good Heavens, a Well Collated Pack!

Well I'll be!

I  picked up a pack of Topps Archives today at Tarjay. I was still discouraged over last week's absolute abomination, so I bought it on a whim. I saw Stephen Strasburg's head peeking out of the wrapper, and that was a decent sign. Just wait, I thought, the rest of the pack will either be doubles or 1987 Bip Roberts short prints.

But then, here's what was in there. Absolutely no doubles. I mean it. All cards I needed for the set, plus one insert, a very good one at that.

Here's the results:

151- Stephen Strasburg. All Star #1.
19- Brandon Beachy. Was hurt last week, and kinda ruined his chances of making the game.
68- Drew Storen. A very good reliever.
121- Heath Bell. Another very good reliever. Now why is he absoutely tanking this year?
100- Miguel Cabrera. All Star #2
140- Buster Posey. All Star #3. Should have been a reserve.
186- Brian Wilson. Got hurt. A shame. This guy is fun to watch. Especially when he performs with the Beach Boys.
8- Matt Moore. Hello obligatory decent Rays pitcher rookie.
65- Jordan Zimmerman. Another decent Nats pitcher.
105- Torii Hunter. Deserves more credit than he gets.
Carl Yastrzemski Deckle Edge. A very good insert to get. Besides, who doesn't love Yaz. I'm a Yankee fan, and I still respect him. Still, if any rabid Boston fans want this card more, shoot me an offer.
104- Yovanni Gallardo.
155- Ichiro. Why isn't he on the All Star Team?
50- Albert Pujols. Ah, I see why he isn't.

So all of those cards, minus the Yaz, I need for the set. It's terrific. It really is.

2012 All Star Rosters: My Opinion

Some times I do things only for tradition's sake, and not for the sake of anyone else. Last year I had a whole post about how I was simply "meh" on the All Star Rosters. And people disagreed with me. And then the rosters got worse when people got injured and the dreaded starter pull-out rule reared its ugly head, which meant we were left with the "some-star team". Which proves that if I gloat, or if I say it's too good, it'll bite me in the ass.

Here we are again, a year later, and I'm doing the exact same thing, for tradition's sake only. I'll go through each roster, and voice my opinion on them. I'll start with the NL, because Ron Washington decided to pull the midterm route and push the rest of the roster to the last minute.


1B: Joey Votto. Reds. I can get behind that, I guess. He had my vote...only because the guy I was gonna vote for had his achilles shattered by Jason Motte. Yes, I'm blaming Fozzie on this one.
2B: Dan Uggla, Braves. Voted for him as well. Deserves it, though I kinda wish Brandon Phillips got it.
SS: Rafael Furcal, Cardinals. I still voted for Rollins, but Furcal played better.
3B: Pablo Sandoval, Giants. WHOOOOOA, No. I'm sorry. David Wright had the better season. But either way, I don't hate Panda, and Wright will be a reserve anyway.
C: Buster Posey, Giants . Chooch deserved it. I'm sorry, but he had the better season. Posey's awesome, but Chooch was hitting better.
OF: Matt Kemp, Dodgers,  Melky Cabrera, Giants,  Carlos Beltran, Cardinals. 2/3 of this outfield I trashed earlier in the season. I said the Cabrera trade was stupid and lopsided, and I said that Beltran was a crappy way to replace Pujols. I also said that Matt Kemp would have an even bigger season than last. Am I terrible at predicting things or what? They'll probably call Hunter Pence to replace Kemp. I hope.

Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers. Yeahhhhh, that's about right.
Craig Kimbrel, Braves. Kinda saw it coming.
Aroldis Chapman, Reds. Having a great season, and deserves it.
Gio Gonzalez, Nationals. Not one Washington starter, but two pitchers. Okay, fine. Gonzalez and Strasburg were some of the best in the league, so I can get behind that.
Stephen Strasburg, Nationals. I apologize for Todd Van Poppel comparisons. He's awesome now.
Cole Hamels, Phillies. Totally deserves it. Only one of the Phour who's playing well.
Jonathan Papelbon, Phillies. Really? Cholly keeps him in too long, and he still gets the nod. Alright. Won't say no to another Philly.
Wade Miley, D-Backs. Okay, fine. They needed a nod.
R.A. Dickey, Mets. Where's Johan? Still, I'll take the knuckler.
Lance Lynn, Cardinals. Having a great season.
Joel Hanrahan, Pirates. You know, because there's always one anonymous Pirates pitcher that gets an All-Star nod, that you've never heard of. Here's this year's.
Huston Street, Padres. Uhhh...Carlos Quentin?
Matt Cain, Giants. Of course.

C: Carlos Ruiz, Phillies. Of course.
C: Yadier Molina, Cardinals. Alright, I'll take it.
SS: Starlin Castro, Cubs. Having a good season.
1B: Bryan LaHair, Cubs. Haven't seen him play, but judging by nod, obviously better than Jim Thome.
2B: Jose Altuve, Astros. Good, they needed a nod.
3B: David Wright, Mets. Yeah, he should be where Panda is.
2B: Ian Desmond, Nationals. I met him. Seems good enough to go.
OF: Jay Bruce, Reds. Yeah, he deserves it.
OF: Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies. Why is he the only Rockies nod?
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers. Why is he the only Brewerd nod? Zack Greinke, hello?
OF: Andrew McCutchen, Pirates. Yup. He deserves it.
OF: Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins. Only Marlin on the roster? Wow. Nice job, Ozz.


1B: Prince Fielder, Tigers. Yeahhh...kinda saw that coming.
3B: Adrian Beltre, Rangers. Voted for A-Rod, but I guess he's better.
C: Mike Napoli, Rangers. I strongly disagree. I think Matt Wieters deserves to start.
OF: Josh Hamilton, Rangers,  Curtis Granderson, Yankees,  Jose Bautista, Blue Jays. I thought Adam Jones would get Bautista's spot. Oh well.
DH: David Ortiz, Red Sox. Yeah, they needed one guy. Still voted for Raul.

Matt Harrison, Rangers. Kinda thought Holland would beat him.
Joe Nathan, Rangers. Wow. What a comeback.
Felix Hernandez, Mariners. Still did not deserve the Cy Young in 2010.
Ryan Cook, A's. Nope. Nope. Nope. Give that back, and give Jemile Weeks his nomination.
Justin Verlander, Tigers. Of course.
CC Sabathia, Yankees. Sad that the only Yankee pitcher on the roster is hurt. Hopefully Rafael Soriano or Ivan Nova will jump in.
CJ Wilson, Angels. Yeah, I guess so.
Jered Weaver, Angels. Of course.
Jim Johnson, Orioles. Kinda thought Jason Hammel would get it.
Chris Sale, White Sox. Yeah. I thought so.
Chris Perez, Indians. One of the best closers in the AL. Deservingly so.
Fernando Rodney, Rays. Where Rafael Soriano should be.
David Price, Rays. Yeah, fine.

C: Matt Wieters, Orioles. Should be starting.
C: Joe Mauer, Twins. Welcome back, buddy.
1B: Paul Konerko, White Sox. I can kinda see that happening.
2B: Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians. Yeah.
3B: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers. Voted for him over Beltre.
SS: Elvis Andrus, Rangers. I guess so.
2B: Ian Kinsler, Rangers. Thank God he didn't get the starter nod.
1B: Mark Trumbo, Angels. This will be the 2nd straight AS game without a Pujols.
OF: Adam Jones. Damn right.
OF: Mike Trout. DAMN RIGHT!
OF: Adam Dunn. Fitting, really. No Ichiro either.
DH: Billy Butler. Fine, him over Moustakas.

As for the final man vote, Chipper Jones or Bryce Harper will likely prevail, while Yu Darvish should win the AL.

Overall, I don't think they're that bad. I just wish there were more Yankee pitchers.