Saturday, August 31, 2013

Football Custom Card of the Day: Kaepernick Edition

Man, you have to think of poor Alex Smith at this point. He spent a few good seasons as the 49ers QB, and he was consistently okay. Then, the one season where they get good, he's replaced by the backup, and the backup leads them to the Super Bowl.

That must be pretty embarrassing.

The backup in question has actually become one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, despite looking like a player off my high school football team. He's got nice speed, he's strong, and he has run himself a few touchdowns.

Only his inexperience is working against him now. Also, this will be a year where he'll be expected to repeat, which isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. If he wants to remain one of the better quarterbacks out there, he'll need to really work hard this year.

Also, I know this isn't the greatest choice for a second custom, but he's a surging sports figure, and I have to capitalize on that. Besides, I wasn't gonna do Tebow.

Coming Tomorrow- Former Jets standout, current Buccaneers standout.

Custom Card of the Day: A-Rod Edition

Now, I know that every fiber of your body has the urge to immediately hate the person on this card...but just bear with me for a second. I'm as pissed as you are that he took steroids, and that he lied about doing them again. But...right now he's actually hitting well.

That's the thing. Not since 2009, when the Yankees were in the World Series, has A-Rod hit this well. He's had a couple of down seasons, mostly attributed to aging. But now you can say he's finally hitting again.

Now, most naysayers attribute this to the obvious, that he's probably just juicing again behind our backs. I highly doubt that's likely, as I think this time he's learned his lesson. Though you never know. This is A-Rod we're talking about.

Still, I'm glad he's at least got his bat back, and I'm glad he's actually made a respectable comeback.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the best defensive shortstops in the game right now, only in his second year.

Friday, August 30, 2013

I may have done something crazy...

That's right. Football customs.

Don't worry, I'm not doing this due to a lack of free time, or boredom. I'm simply doing this because I was bound to sooner or later. Besides, the baseball ones have gone momentarily dry, though I'll still definitely work on those.

Also, it'll be a way of keeping consistent and relevant in months like November and January, when my posts are usually inconsistent. And also, with all the football boxes I've been receiving, I have been turning into a football card collector, as well as a baseball card collector.

Dunno if I'll alternate these with baseball ones, but I might need to put another baseball one online tonight, and it's a Yankee. I guess this all worked out, then.

A discounted blaster of 2012 Topps Heritage

Boy, I've been getting a lot of cards lately.

Most of these purchases are more spaced out than it looks, they just take a while to post. Today, while out trying to get pages for my binders, I found a box of 2012 Heritage lying around at Target, for cheap. Being that my local Target decided NOT to restock on Topps Football, I grabbed the box, mainly because I loved last year's Heritage set.

Pack 1-
4- Leaders card. In 2011, the AL Home Run leaders were Jose Bautista, Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, Mark Reynolds, Adrian Beltre and Ian Kinsler. Only Beltre still leads in homers, yet he's in sixth.
94- Wilson Ramos.
132- Cole Hamels, who had a really nice night the other night, blanking the Mets.
388- Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval. Dunno who's benefitted more from that nickname, Sandoval or DreamWorks.
69- Michael Morse, back when he was still on the Nats
A Then and Now insert, comparing Harmon Killebrew to Jose Bautista. Again, this was 2012, back when we were all convinced that Bautista was a god.
312- Rays team card
372- Scott Downs
118- AJ Pierzynski. Evidently he's been hot lately for Texas, though I haven't seen that much evidence.

Pack 2-
305- Ryan "Tatman" Roberts, whose star has faded a bit since 2012, unlike his tattoos.
326- Ramon Hernandez, who has since retired.
190- Matt Holliday. I have the red border version of this, but this is the plain version.
68- Friendly Foes insert of Ryan Vogelsong and Andre Ethier.
395- Daniel Hudson
163- Matt Cain
440- Jonathan Sanchez, who was traded for Melky Cabrera.
347- Chipper Jones, in his final season. Great player.
128- Seth Smith.

Pack 3-
274- A Rookie Stars 4-fer. Out of these guys, there are no standouts, though there are okay people like Alex Liddi and Jared Hughes
181- A very somber looking Brent Morel. I imagine he just saw his team's stats in 2013.
392- A Tribe Thumpers combo of Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana, who were kind enough to stay on the team.
152- Nick Hagadone
414- Corey Hart, who hasn't really been too big this season.
110- Chase Headley.
A 63 Flashback of the demolition of Penn Station. A sad event, as it would go on to host two mediocre sports teams.
315- Hector Noesi. Man, that trade didn't help ANYBODY.

Pack 4-
402- Davey Johnson, who the Nats should be very thankful for.
267- Nick Hundley
319- Adam Jones, who had another fantastic season for Baltimore.
116- Vance, The Vanimal, Worley.
297- Derek Holland, having a not so great season? I haven't paid attention.
483- Mike Stanton...RED BORDER. Too bad it doesn't say 'Giancarlo'.
198- Joe Benson
82- Greg Holland
413- Huston Street, who should at least be happy he had the 2005 season.

Pack 5-
243- Jordan Pacheco
295- Cory Luebke
146- Mike Napoli Postseason Highlight
361- A-Rod. I have this one.
Holy crap, I pulled a game used!
It's a clubhouse collections relic of CARL CRAWFORD!
I know it's not the greatest season to pull a Crawford from, but he's still a great player.
433- Rickie Weeks
323- Chase D'Arnaud
170- Lonnie Chisenhall.

Pack 6-
134- Jim Leyland
281- Jason Marquis
386- Another rookie stars card, of Yankees Brackman, Betances and well as Mariner Jesus Montero.
183- Mark Teixeira
328- Elvis Andrus
The Disembodied Head of Mark Teixeira insert
228- Rookie Stars. Not much going on here.
260- Anthony Rizzo

Pack 7-
166- Travis Hafner, back when he was still on the Indians
265- Rookie Stars, with Steve Lombardozzi being the most relevant, which says a lot
21- Drew Stubbs
56- Cliff Lee
373- Michael Young, who just hasn't been hitting.
Hank Aaron Flashback
377- Orioles tc
423- Neftali Feliz
227- Josh Thole

Pack 8-
192- Justin DeFratus. Ha.
5- NL ERA Leaders. In 2011 they were Kershaw, Halladay, Lee, Vogelsong and Lincecum. Now they are Kershaw, Harvey, Hernandez, Corbin and Greinke. 1 out of 5.
244- Jason Motte
422- Dusty Baker
50- Madison Bumgarner
14- Justin Masterson
478- Roy Oswalt, still a Phillie.
175- Matt Garza
286- Star Rookies. At least Matt Moore's in here.

Well, that was actually pretty nice. That Carl Crawford relic sat on shelves for a year. Hm.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Panini Football vs. Topps Football, Part Two: Topps

Yesterday, I showed the results of the two rack packs of Panini. Quality cards, and great set, but it was my second time opening packs of it. I came for something new, and thankfully, I snatched a blaster of Topps, as well. Will it stack up? Let's find out

By the way, since this is a blaster, I got a guaranteed patch card, and it's of Vernon Davis, of the 49ers...a team that kicked my Packers' ass last year. Terrific.

Pack 1-
197- Torrey Smith. Fitting that my first Topps football card of the year is a Raven, one of the Super Bowl champs.
396- Kroy Biermann. And, already, here's a player I don't know. Good ol' Topps.
117- Adrian Peterson MVP and Offensive Player of the Year. Glad they're saving cardboard by putting both achievements on one card.
a Future Legends insert of Tyler Eifert, who's a rookie for the Bengals.
75- Jamaal Charles, who's back to being awesome. Reid will have fun with him.
27- TJ McDonald rookie
428- Terrance Williams rookie. Oh, great, another Cowboy
70- Alfred Morris. Funny how I didn't hear a thing about Morris during the season, and now I keep pulling cards of him. Hm.

Pack 2-
157- Bernard Pierce, former Temple Owl. By the way, anyone else find it weird that, in the basic info section, Topps lists everyone's Twitter handles? Like, people collecting cards in 10 years won't find that dated?
188- Speaking of dated, HEY, IT'S ASANTE SAMUEL!
409- Malcolm Jenkins
a Joe Montana mini, which is nice
36- Bears tc
178- Damontre Moore
335- Shawn Williams
163- Fred Davis.

Pack 3-
15- Harry Douglas. Sounds like a character on an 80's sitcom.
342- Ryan Kerrigan
81- Bruce Irvin
A 4,000 Yard Club insert of Andrew Luck. These look pretty nice.
Legends in the Making insert of Larry Fitzgerald.
48- Chad Greenway
202- Stedman Bailey. Boy, I've been pulling a lot of cards of this guy.
366- Robert Mathis.

Pack 4-
4- Jacquizz Rodgers
162- Daryl Washington
254- Mohamed Sanu
106- Jets team card GOLD #'D TO 2013.
Calvin Johnson (Jr.) 1,000 Yard Club insert
100- Tom Brady, who will likely spend this season on the bench. Ha.
245- Speaking of players who will likely spend 2013 on the bench, HEY, IT'S MATT BARKELY!
348- Jermichael Finley

Pack 5-
45- Andre Roberts
231- Ndamukong Suh. The man who can kick Matt Schaub in the crotch on Thanksgiving and get away with it.
Reggie Wayne mini. Glad that the minis this year are
Janoris Jenkins Future Legends
323- Bucs tc
259- Josh Boyce
421- Chris Harper
408- Osi Umenyiora, hastily photoshopped into a Falcons uniform

Pack 6-
189- Jonathan Stewart
418- Mike Tolbert
280- One of the best young QBs in the game, Russell Wilson
325- Roddy White
Gridiron Legends of Rod Woodson, always nice to pull in a pack of meh.
Legends in the Making of Andre Johnson
267- Justin Tuck
272- Quinton Patton. This guy again?

Pack 7-
383- Greg Olsen
167- Raiders tc
364- Trent Cole, great to pull an Eagle
168- Darren Sproles
Chris Johnson 1,000 Yard Club
209- Jarvis Jones again.
350- Tony Gonzalez, which would have been a great card if he actually decided to retire.

Pack 8-
165- Alshon Jeffery
334- Luke Keuchly, ROY
Arian Foster mini
4000 Yard Club insert of Josh Freeman.
84- Seahawks tc
242- Tyler Bray
201- Sheldon Richardson
187- Ryan Clady. No stats for a veteran player?

Pack 9-
90- Julius Peppers
174- BenJarvus Green-Ellis
329- Thomas Davis. Man, what a generic name.
Future Legends of Alfred Morris
319- Earl Thomas
107- DJ Fluker
49- Dee Milliner
103- Max Unger

Pack 10-
238- Jermaine Gresham
17- Vontaze Burfict
152- Brian Cushing
216- Janoris Jenkins
Legends in the Making of a badly photoshopped Darrelle Revis
274- Jonathan Cooper
226- Cameron Wake

Man, that was kinda underwhelming. I kinda ran out of things to say at the end. It just felt mailed in, like a redone version of last year's set. Still, there is some effort around, and there are some good inserts. I'll give it a B. Meh.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Ruf Edition

It's very convenient that the Phillies wore throwbacks during the game depicted on this card. Not only are the throwbacks awesome, but the time they're throwing back to is very similar to the current timeperiod in Phillies history.

Let me splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Right now the Phillies are rebuilding. Sure, they still have the stars that made them great when the won the World Series, and when they were the best team in baseball (in 2011). But these guys aren't performing as well as they did when they won it. It's similar to the Phillies teams in the years following their World Series in in 1980. They had respectable years, had a year where they brought in a bunch of huge stars (1983), a year where all those huge stars left (1984), and a year where they brought in youth with no real avail (1987).

And if we're making this comparison....

Roy Halladay is like Steve Carlton. Some people may call this a stretch, but hear me out. Both have won multiple Cy Young awards. Both made a name for themselves with the Phils. Both had one or two okay years, while still retaining a good reputation. Both are heading into the near-end of their careers, yet are still pitching well in inconsistent years.

Chase Utley is like Mike Schmidt. Once again, hear me the bleep out. Both members act as nothing more than a constant. When the team is good, they play well. When the team sucks, they still play well. When they're needed, they hit. When they need to field, they field well. Age slows them down a little bit, but they're still pretty good.

Darin Ruf is like Von Hayes. The young, hard-hitting, well-playing star who comes in toward the end of the dynasty, tries very hard to clean things up, and ends up carrying too much of a burden. Knowing what happened to Hayes, this does not bode well for Ruf, as much as I love him as a player. Still, both can get their team out of any situation, as Ruf has done in the past.

Jonathan Papelbon is like Steve Bedrosian. More known for their exploits on more successful teams. Both did actually pretty damn well with the Phillies, despite naysayers. Both do their best as closer to a team that doesn't get the opportunity often. Both end up leaving for a better team, though I don't know where Papelbon thinks he's going.

Ryan Howard is like Juan Samuel. Great players, in consistency, speed, and hitting ability, yet toward the end of their run with the Phils, they begin to show early signs of age, and begin to stop performing well. As great as they were, they're now just kinda there in the lineup. Eventually signed for 50 seconds by another team (and we all know it's coming with Howard).

J.A. Happ is like Dickie Noles. Spent 30 seconds with the team to win a World Series ring. Has since been with 7 other teams, and hasn't done very well since.

Jimmy Rollins is like Greg Gross. As great players as they are, after a while people just seem to forget they're still there, which says a lot about how far they've come.

Cliff Lee is like Shane Rawley. Spent a lot of time with different teams, but are defined by their performance in Philly. Have a few decent seasons, but can't seem to perform the same after a while. Still generally good pitchers.

Jonathan Pettibone is like John Denny. Has one good year. One.

See? The similarities are more similar than you might have thought. I'm not saying they're bound for the bottom, but they're probably gonna rebuild with younger stars and try again soon. I hope the Jays aren't there to stop them this time, though.

Coming Tomorrow- Ooh, this is gonna be an iffy one. The Yankees' starting third baseman. Yeah, that one.

Panini Football vs. Topps Football, Part One: Panini/Score

I know, fair readers, you guys are all football-carded out, but I figured that I'd show some cards of that, barring any trades, I'm keeping. You know, the old fashioned way.

The thing is that, though the Giveaway was nice and all, I still needed a taste of general flagship cards, stuff that was worth money not because of its relicness, but because of its basicness. And I had been looking for Topps Football for a week or so. Today, I was at Target, and found a blasterful.

A blasterful.

Like, there were no packs left, there were no hanger boxes, and there was a single blaster left on that shelf. So, naturally, I scooped it up. And because I was willing to match it with a company I had been talking up SO DAMN MUCH in the past week, I got two more rack packs of Panini. Today, I am opening the Panini.

I'm probably just gonna rate each product at the end of each rip, so the love will most likely be going Panini's way. Just saying.

Pack 1:
66- Ronnie Hilman. Not too many guys named Ronnie anymore. Like, probably just him and the guy from Whodunnit. And yes, I realize that I'm the only blogger out there who actually watched that show. It was fun.
218- Fred Davis. Another name you rarely see anymore.
64- Willis McGahee. Currently a free agent, I think.
91- Vick Ballard. Should have been Foles Ballard. Frigging Kelly.
167- Antonio Brown. Those old throwbacks aren't getting any prettier. Would have preferred the Gotham Rogues wear those
19- Dennis Pitta.
142- Andre Brown
81- Jermichael Finley (boy, a few doubles)
46- Geno Atkins
21- CJ Spiller.
154- Darren McFadden. A shame his team's destined for last again.
49- Greg Little. Same as McFadden.
200- Josh Freeman, who is both #200 and #250 in this set. Somebody at Panini must really like Josh Freeman.
194- Sidney Rice, now being joined by former teammate Percy Harvin
100- Paul Posluszny
149- Jeremy Kerley
31- Jonathan Stewart. Currently on leave. Jonathan Oliver will start for him.
238- Christian Ponder AIRMAIL. Have it.
251- Jake Locker AIRMAIL. Have it.
332- Aaron Mellette Rookie. Have it.
377- Okay, it's one I don't have. Johnathan Franklin Star Rookie
298- RG3 The Franchise
275- Tony Romo The Franchise. WHY THE HELL DO I KEEP PULLING ROMO??? GAAHH!
199- Patrick Peterson Future Franchise
305- Andy Dalton Future Franchise. FUTURE? Like, he's pretty much the face of the franchise NOW. Unless the Montgomery-Burns-esque owner is the face of the franchise currently.
261- Road to the Super Bowl Ray Lewis. Have it.
92- Dwayne Allen
168- Lawrence Timmons
40- Andy Dalton. Funny, we were just talking about you...
143- Jason Pierre-Paul, who, even at live premieres celebrating his team's success, still looks like he's about to kill someone. Great guy, though...
20- Ed Reed. Shown as a Raven. Credited as a Texan. Yet, somehow, I prefer this to the crappy photoshopping at Topps.
187- Michael Crabtree
123- Tom Brady. Five years ago this season was the big year where Brady only played one game, and Matt Cassell had to take over. And somehow, Matt Cassell in 2008 beats Tim Tebow in 2013.
50- Trent Richardson. KILLED for my fantasy team last year. Glad I had him.
201- Vincent Jackson. Great shot by Panini.
195- Golden Tate
101- Chad Henne, who should be done by now. But no. Still goin.
150- Antonio Cromartie, who evidently still exists. Somebody tell Topps.
32- Greg Olsen.
179- Philip Rivers. According to the pattern, because his team faces Philly in their first home game, Rivers will earn his first ring this year. According to common sense, faaaaat chance.
6- Patrick Peterson, who sounds like either a Marvel comics supporting character or a Family Guy supporting character.
118- Jarius Wright.
242- Mark Sanchez. Now, I like to joke around about Tony Romo, and I like to say he sucks at life, and he's a horrible QB. Yet when I think of the worst QB in the league, I almost automatically think Sanchez. The man had so much potential, and now look what he's doing. Poor guy.
250- Josh Freeman. Have it.
433- Tyler Eifert Star Rookie
366- Ezekiel Ansah Star Rookie
269- Ray Rice The Franchise
278- Aaron Rodgers The Franchise. Damn right.
325- Ryan Mathews Future Franchise
317- Rob Gronkowski Future Franchise
259- Dennis Pitta Road to the Super Bowl.

Pack 2-
76- James Jones.
39- Lance Briggs. Appropriate enough to follow a Packer with a Bear.
43- Mohamed Sanu
160- Jeremy Maclin. Nice to finally get an Eagle. Sadly, a lot of dinged edges in this pack.
84- Arian Foster. Gets a star status without really performing well. Dare I call it Romoesque.
57- DeMarco Murray.
190- Vernon Davis. I love this shot.
126- Stevan Ridley
69- Calvin Johnson Jr. Is he...he isn't trying to do a Cal Ripken Jr. kinda thing. What's next, Calvin Johnson Sr. becomes head coach?
172- Sam Bradford
53- D'Qwell Jackson
204- Kevin Ogletree
198- Percy Harvin, in Seahawks border but still in a Vikings uni.
104- Anthony Fasano
209- Kendall Wright
110- Mike Wallace.
182- Vincent Brown
237- Airmail Ryan Tannehill
248- Airmail of Colin Kaepernick
399- Margus Hunt Star Rookie
36- Marquise Goodwin Hot Rookies
281- Maurice Jones-Drew The Franchise
274-Trent Richardson The Franchise. Really? Not Future Franchise? Okay.
316- Christian Ponder Future Franchise. And yet a two year vet gets Future Franchise while a former rookie star gets Franchise. Nobody other than maybe RG3 or Wilson can pull that off. It's like your mom dating a guy younger than you are.
329- Kendall Wright
260- Ed Dickson Road to the Super Bowl. Have it. End of the dinged cards.
85- Owen Daniels
58- Jason Witten. Oh, goody, another Cowboy.
191- Anquan Boldin, with 49ers banner.
127- Shane Vereen. Not to be confused with the former Featured Player. I bet nobody reading got that joke.
70- Ryan Broyles
35- Brandon Marshall, who can't seem to stay in one place.
135- Jimmy Graham. Only somebody as crazy as Graham could work in New Orleans.
205- Ronde Barber
199- Richard Sherman
105- Tony Moeaki
210- Nate Washington
111- Lamar Miller
207- Jake Locker. Hm, the Titans must really like him.
10- Steven Jackson
122- Jared Allen
25- Scott Chandler
240- Drew Brees AIRMAIL
246- Sam Bradford AIRMAIL
390- Khaseem Greene Star Rookie
395- Oh good, a rookie I've heard of. Manti Te'o Star Rookie, which is a nice one to pull. Hope he actually gets some playing time.
268- Matt Ryan The Franchise
290- SHADY MCCOY The Franchise. Yeah, pretty much
320- Stephen Hill Future Franchise
328- Doug Martin Future Franchise
255- Torrey Smith Road to the Super Bowl

So, that was Panini. I love this set, and I love how simple at is, but the quality issues and dings nick a few points off the score. Overall, it gets an A-, but I still love it.

Tomorrow, I unveil the Topps. Yes, you're getting a lot of football from me this week.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses: 2013 Panini Momentum

Now, boys and girls, can you say "high end"?

Don't answer that. It was rhetorical.

But oh my fricking gosh is this set high end. Of course, the emphasis is on rookies, but it is on making the rookies look like gods. Like, that's why Geno Smith looks godlike in this. And remember, this is only the Jets' backup. Still, this is a high end, hit-heavy rookie set. Why my contact would even remotely think I would enjoy this box is beyond me, but I'm rippin 'er anyway.

As you can see, we have 10 packs, with only 6 cards per pack. In each pack, you get four base cards of veterans, a base card of a rookie, nongimmicked (for the most part), and a hit. That's right. One hit per pack. And it's always gonna be a rookie. This should be interesting.

Pack 1-
Base Cards- Kevin Kolb, who Panini decided not to photoshop into a Bills jersey (which seems odd, as you'll see later), Isaiah Pead, Antonio Brown, TY Hilton
Rookie Base- Kenjon Barner. No, not Kentwaan Balmer. Kenjon Barner.
Our first hit is...oh, come on, THIS ISN'T EVEN FUNNY. NOT REMOTELY. ANOTHER &*^&*^&*^&*^$##ING COWBOY! GAAHH! This is Gavin Escobar, numbered to 399. Gah. Blah. AARGGGH!
Pack 2-
Base Cards- Matt Forte, Mark 'What the hell am I still doing on an official roster" Sanchez, Maurice Jones-Drew, Steve Smith.
Rookie Base- Andre Ellington hit in this box is so mind-numbingly awesome that it makes up for every Cowboy, Steeler, Red Sock and every bad card I've ever pulled. At
That would be a Rookie Team Threads game used of Tavon Austin. Yes, the same Tavon Austin who was drafted first overall this year. Not since me pulling a 2010 relic of Bradford, Tebow, McCoy and Claussen have I pulled this big of a potential awesome card. If Austin turns out to be awesome, then this card will make me rich. Also, it's numbered to 15. Like, all the other ones are numbered lower. This one's numbered to 15. That's amazing.
Pack 30
Clay Mathews, Andy Dalton, Kendall Wright, and Matt Flynn. Now, if they couldn't photoshop Kolb into a Bills jersey, how can they PS Flynn into a Raider jersey. Hell, he's probably still wearing a Packer jersey in the original photo.
Rookie Base- Ezekiel Ansah. Well, at least it's a first-rounder
My hit this pack is a game used/auto of Quinton Patton, of the 49ers. It is numbered to 399. I have never heard of Patton, so I don't know if I should be pleased or not.
Pack 4-
Base Cards- Jay Cutler, Miles Austin, Matt Schaub, and- oh, well ANOTHER crappy photoshopping, this one of Danny Amendola. Like, what do they have against Kevin Kolb. Not like he was juuuust signed by the Bills before this went to press or anything. It was back in, like, March. Ish.
Rookie Base- Bjoern Werner. What's his name, Werner. What's it mean, diddly. (I fully expect absolutely no one to get that reference. Nobody gets references to Joel episodes.)
My hit in this one is definitely someone I've heard of, and someone you all should know...
Yes. You are reading that correctly. I pulled an autographed card of Manti Te'o, who was one of the biggest college stories this year. That's awesome. Numbered to 199, too.

Pack 5-
Base Cards- Drew Brees, JPP, Trent Richardson, Torrey Smith.
Rookie Base- The man on the box, folks. GENO...SMITH! I got a Geno Smith rookie. Not an auto, but I ain't complaining.
...that is a big swatch. This is a Robert Woods upside jumbo game used, which is nice, except I've never heard of the guy.
Pack 6-
Base Cards- RG3, Demaryius Thomas, Jermaine Gresham, Rashard Mendenhall (MORE PHOTOSHOP!)
Rookie Base- Chris Harper
My, isn't this a Rams-heavy box? My game-used is a Stedman Bailey Rookie Team Threads. Pretty nice one, though that first name...
Pack 7-
Base Cards- Vincent Jackson, Andrew Luck, Randall Cobb, Alfred Morris
Rookie Base- Jordan Reed
This pack brought to you by the Washington Redskins. My auto was a Phillip Thomas, numbered to 599.
Pack 8-
Base Cards- Antonio Comartie, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones, another Steve Smith
Rookie Base- Marquise Goodwin
Another upside jumbo! This one's of Montee Ball, whose name sounds familiar, because how can you forget that name?
Pack 9-
Base Cards- James Laurinitis, Pierre Garcon, Matthew Stafford, DeMarcus Ware
Rookie Base- Vance McDonald
Another Steeler. Thankfully, this Markus Wheaton auto is numbered to 199, so...there is that.
Pack 10-
Base Cards- JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, Ray Rice, Eli Manning.
Rookie Base- Travis Kelce.
And, my final hit... actually a pretty nice one, of 6th overall pick Barkevious Mingo, of the Browns. Hopefully, he'll at least bring some actual talent to Cleveland

...and that's the giveaway. Six boxes, loads of hits, loads of Cowboys. All in all, good fun. Tomorrow, I'm gonna showcase all the hits that are still available, for anyone who feels like grabbing them at the last minute. But still, this was a fun break.

Custom Card of the Day: Victorino Edition

I'm glad to announce that things are back to something close to a normal posting schedule for me. Customs in the morning, football rip at night, occasional musings on different cardboard things sporadically, etc. Good news is all this two-a-day posting might lead to a nice month in terms of posting, which is odd, cause it sure didn't start that way.

Shane Victorino is someone who I wish I would have heard more about this season. It's his first year as a Red Sock, and he didn't really accomplish much this season. And it's sad, because I spent a while waiting to customize him, and by the time I finally get around to it, there's no demand, except for my own. This is similar to the Youk custom I still haven't made, and probably never will.

I mean, yeah, I still think Shane Victorino is a great player, but he's gone down a lot from when he was with the Phillies. He's not as quick, he doesn't hit as much, and he doesn't look like he's having as much fun. I think that, while he's still great, the best days were a while ago.

Still, better him than the alternative. I'd rather see him as a Red Sock than Lee.

Coming Tomorrow- In Philly, all the talk is about my favorite Philly player coming back, and yet there's a rookie that's making headlines and popping homers in the same park.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses: 2013 Panini Elite

I thought it was over. I thought I was done ripping packs for this gigantic contesty thing, and I thought that I could just take everything that wasn't claimed and live a long and prosperous life.

However, my mysterious contact thought otherwise.

My contact, on Tuesday of last week, informed me that he/she had two more boxes for me. They were both 2013 products, and they were both Panini products, since the contact heard that I loved the Panini box.

The first of these boxes was a box of Donruss/Panini Elite, however I received it in packs form, instead of encased in the box. The reason for this being my contact had to carry these boxes through the tightest of situations, and had to eliminate the box entirely, throwing the packs into his/her briefcase. However, said briefcase was nearly mauled by a crocodile (so I hear), robbing the box of a few packs, so we are left with 19 packs, which isn't the roundest number, but there is still definite potential.

This is another 'big mojo hit' box, as game useds and parallels are abound, as well as a pretty nice base set. So let's dive in-

Pack 1-
Base Cards- Tom Brady, Steve Smith, Steven Jackson and Hakeem Nicks.
I really like the base set, I think it's a minimalistic version of a lot of the old Donruss Elite sets, plus it echoes a 90's-ish look. Also, the photography is nice, and I love the use of throwbacks.
Also, we got a tremendous hit in this pack, though it's not one I'm proud of...
That is a Tony Romo Status die-cut parallel. And it is numbered to 49, which is one of the better numbered cards I've pulled. Remember, I'm an Eagles fan, and I absolutely despise Romo. So imagine someone like me...pulling THIS. I am not amused.
Pack 2-
Base Cards- Antonio Brown, Alfred Morris, Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles.
Also, I got another parallel in this...
And it's another fricking Cowboy. I am dead serious, this isn't funny. How the hell did the Eagles fan get all the damn Cowboys?? This one is numbered to 199, and it's of Joseph Randle.
Pack 3-
Base Cards- Jimmy Graham, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, Matthew Stafford. Two people that have Super Bowl rings, and two people who will probably never get Super Bowl rings.
Also, I got another parallel.
Thankfully, this one isn't a Cowboy. It is, however, Darius Slay of the Colts. Numbered to 999. It's a shame that Panini is taking the Topps route and gimmicking the rookies in this set.
Pack 4-
Base Cards- Michael Vick, DeMarco Murray, Frank Gore, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Chris Givens. No inserts, but a card of the unfortunate Eagles starting QB is sort of an insert. In that it should only be in certain packs.
Pack 5-
Base Cards- Vick Ballard, Patrick Peterson, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Doug Martin. Those last three cards alone should make this a great pack, but I also landed the box's first game used.
This is a Stepfan Taylor New Breed game used relic card. While I have never heard of Stepfan Taylor, I will say that it's a nice sized swatch, and it's numbered to 399, which is nice.
Pack 6-
Base Cards- Brandon Marshall, Arian Foster, Ryan Tannehill and Ben Roethlisberger
I also pulled an insert...
This is a Passing the Torch insert of Warrick Dunn, a Bucs 'legend'. I forgot to show, but Doug Martin is on the back, hence the name.
Pack 7-
Base Cards- Eli Manning, Reggie Wayne, Michael Crabtree and AJ Green.
I also got a gimmicked rookie card of Stedman Bailey, numbered to 899. In my book, when someone has the same first name as Oprah's boyfriend, it's never a good sign.
Pack 8-
Base Cards- Vernon Davis, Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Ryan, Jake Locker and Brian Hartline.
Also, this pack held my second and final (?) game used, and it was marginally better.
That is an instant impact game used of Denard Robinson, numbered to 399. All I know is that this guy made the cover of NCAA 2014, so that has to mean something.
Pack 9-
Base Cards- RG3, Greg Jennings, Tony Romo, Tamba Hali. Out of everyone on this pack, I current only have respect for RG3. Jennings could have picked ANY OTHER TEAM...
Our first autograph of the box is a sticker, unfortunately, but it's of Jarvis Jones, the 17th overall pick, and a member of the Steelers. Numbered to 299, and it's a pretty nice one. Do all the hits have to be of teams I don't like?
Pack 10-
Base Cards- Steve Johnson, Denarius Moore, Dez Bryant, Torrey Smith, and Mark Sanchez. No inserts, but Sanchez is disappointing enough.
Pack 11-
Base Cards- Josh Gordon, Phillip Rivers, Andrew Luck, Larry Fitzgerald.
I got another numbered card in this one. In my opinion, it's better than the Romo.
I mean, not in numbering, as it's a 1/83, but it's a player I don't hate from a team I actually feel for. Denarius Moore isn't too bad, either.
Pack 12-
Base Cards- Jay Cutler, LeSean McCoy, Randall Cobb and Kenny Britt
Also, I got an insert
This is a Zoning Commission insert of Marshawn Lynch, which is not a bad one. I also like this insert because it's full bleed, and the photo pops.
Pack 13-
Base Cards- Demaryius Thomas, Russell Wilson, Mike Wallace and CJ Spiller.
Also, I got what is possibly my favorite numbered card of the box, not for its player, but for how effing cool it looks.
This is a Hard Hats insert of Kerwynn Williams of the Colts, numbered to 299. I love this card because not only is it a die cut, and not only is it numbered, but this is a transparent card. See? In this picture, it looks like it blends in with my carpet. It's pretty cool.
Pack 14-
Base Cards- Cecil Shorts, Julio Jones, Bilal Powell and Josh Freeman.
I also pulled my second auto, and...oh gosh it's just sad...
I MEAN...WHY? JUST WHY? What did I deserve to get a THIRD mojo Cowboys hit in the box, another Joseph Randle, this one numbered to 299 and sticker autographed. I don't understand it. Did my contact know? Did this person want to play a cruel trick on me? It's not funny at all. Really.
Pack 15-
Base Cards- Mark Ingram, Andy Dalton, Jonathan Dwyer, Dwayne Bowe, Joe Flacco. All nice cards, and nice too, cause there's no insert
Pack 16-
Rob Gronkowski, Calvin Johnson, DAVID WILSON APPEARANCE AAAHHHHH, and Brandon Weeden.
I also pulled a much nicer insert.
SHADY! Glad to see someone I actually tolerate make an appearance. This is a Primary Colors insert of LeSean McCoy, and It's great to actually get an Eagle, albeit a non-numbered, non-mojo one. Still, as much as I'd like this for my own PC (heh), I am leaving it up to the masses, if they desire it.
Pack 17-
Base Cards- DeAngelo Williams, Jeremy Maclin, Peyton Manning, Daryl Richardson and James Jones. All good, because no inserts.
Pack 18-
Base Cards- Pierre Garcon, Adrian Peterson, Cam Newton, Willis McGahee and Sidney Rice. Another insert-less pack.
Pack 19 (last one)-
Base Cards- Darren McFadden, Jason Witten, Justin Blackmon and Roddy White
And I got one last numbered card...
A gimmicked rookie of eventual Broncos one-year backup Brock Osweiler Zac Dysert, numbered to 899. Not the worst one to pull.
So, as much as I love the set, and as much as I enjoyed getting these hits, I have to say that this was the absolute worst box for an Eagles fan. Steelers and Cowboys and Colts stuff right and left. Like, at least I got a Shady insert at the end there.
Again, if there's anything in this box that you want to have, make your voice heard in the comments. Tomorrow we bust the final box, of 2013 Panini Momentum. And yes, I assure you, it's less infuriating. I think.