Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FINALLY A PACK BREAK! 2009 Topps Rack Pack

Well, I finally got my hands on some.

I'm about to rip into two 36-card packs. And I hope I don't pull any Black border crap that all the bloggers have been going through.

Let's rip it!

Pack 1- Section 1

171- Jeff Bailey. No talent rookie that spent 10 years in the minors.
15- Nate McLouth.
161- Brendan Harris. WHERE'S THE BEEF?
285- Justin Duchscherer- Finally, we get someone semi-good.
218- Emanuel Burriss
313- Jamey Carroll.
263- Elijah Dukes. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.
250- Josh Hamilton. Whoa, two big Hamiltons in one month!
238- Jorge Cantu. I'm on a roll!
229- Cesar Izturis. Meh.
81- League Leaders. Ryan Howard, Adam Dunn and Carlos Delgado- Numbered to 2009!!!!
Josh Hamilton Topps Town. Are these the best inserts they can come up with?
224- Max Scherzer.
12- Andrew Carpenter. He's a Phillie, and he's high up, so I'll look him up.
17- Bobby Cox. Again, wearing his tomato costume.
109- Tom Gorzelanny. Another Pirate, down the drain.
317- Jarrod Saltolamacchia- Alright, now we're talking.
220- JAAAAAYYY BRUUUUUUCE! Now, let's end it strong!
48- Mike Napoli. I said strong.

Pack 1- Section 2

167- Aaron Harang
58- Travis Snyder
190- Chien Ming Wang- YANKEE!!!
52- Marco Scutaro
316- Brian Stokes
68- Kyle Lohse. Pitched for the Phillies 2 years ago.
127- Leaders. Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Quentin and ALEX RODRIGUEZ!!!
139- Postseason Highlights (Yay!) Matt Stairs (AW!)
147- Leaders- Ryan Howard, David Wright and Adrian Gonzalez.
157- Brandon Webb and Dan "Why do they always make me look asian" Haren- Classic Combos. Even more classic- the checklist is ON THE COMBO CARDS AUUUGGGHHH!
Turkey Red Ervin Santana. Wow, they want EVERYONE in this insert series.
22- Evan Longoria and David Price Classic Combos
42- Jeff Francoer. Her we go, hoepfully we get some good ones in here!
125- Roy Oswalt. Come on, I'm on a steak!
223- Dave Roberts. Painful memories of the 2004 ALCS fly by.
20- Brad Lidge. We got a Phillie!
297- Bud Black

Pack Two, Section One

235- Chad Billigingsley.
69- Rich Aurilia
303- Zach Duke. Another Pirate, but he's a good pirate!
244- Sean Rodriguez. This guy looks good.
111- Troy Percival
166- Josh "Current Red Sock" Bard.
43- Joe Mauer, Dustin Pedroia, Milton Bradley Leaders
4- Chipper Jones, Albert Pujos, Matt Holliday Leaders. WILL THIS EVER STOP??
Tim Lincecum Topps Town
217- Albert Pujos MVP. Now we're talking.
208- James McDonald.
202- Gary Sanchez
236- Kelly Johnson
198- Conor Jackson. THIS IS MADNESS!!
277- Asdrubal Cabrera. Best. MLB. Name. EVER!
2- Omar Visquel. This might be his last card, since right now, he's still a free agent.
57- JoJo Reyes.
199- Ramon Castro.

Pack 2 Section 2

21- Jack Wilson. Why all the Pirates?
118- Josh Johnson. Okay, this is getting better.
80- Brian McCann. SWEEET...
261- Jose Bautista- ......MOTHER OF GOD!
116- Omar Infante.
153- Lastings Milledge. Have him.
163- Ross Gload.
270- Grady Sizemore!!!!
Legends of the game Mickey Mantle- WOOOOOOOO!
267- Michael Bowden. BOOOOOOOO!
191- Postseason Highlights Shane Victorino. VICTORY...
166- Jeff Baker. ...No!
98- Akinori Iwamura. No!
120- Mark Texiera. YES! YES! YES!
291- Chris Coste.
24- Brandon Inge.
46- Brad Ziegler.

Overall it was a great pack, and I hope to be ripping some more, soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Postseason deal...after the postseason.

Ken Griffey Jr. finally made it back to Seattle...and what a trip it has been.

Ken started his career in 1989 with the Mariners. He won not only lots of awards, but he was on a great lineup of Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez (Muy Bien!) and Randy Johnson in the rotation. Then, for some STRANGE reason, he got traded to Cincinatti for Brett Tomko. Okay, why send the FUTURE OF THE GAME to the Reds for a RELEIVER??? Fortunately, he fit in on the reds, making his way to 600 Home Runs last season. Then, in July, ONCE AGAIN, the Reds traded a Future Hall of Famer to the White Sox.

Now he's back, so I don't have to yell at these teams for trading him anymore.

Also, Lost was on again last night. My head will never be the same.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The David Price is Right?

I know how it's going out there. Topps and Upper Deck are throwing all the gimmick cards they can possibly come up with out into the packs. This is getting ridiculous. Last season alone we had cards of three rookies on WBC Teams, a Governator, a man who should have been in the White House for the last eight years, and a record that never happened. And the season before THAT, we had a squirrel, a rookie, and the president and a HOFer sharing a picture with a future HOFer.

Ridiculous, Eh?

Now, I will attempt to grade the new gimmicks from a scale of 1- being the least gimmicky- to 10- being the most impossible.

We'll start with that Obama card. Chris Harris at Stale Gum told people to guess, and he actually got a correct assumption. The card was pretty practical (Unlike Bush sharing a card with Mantle and Jeter), and it sorta made sense, so I'll give it a 4. That's like a Jacoby Ellisbury Topps UH#100.

The Griffey/ Jordan card. Wow, did they really think they could pull this off? I mean, Jordan didn't even play in the stinking Major League, and yet he got an Upper Deck "insert" and another Upper Deck "Insert". Maybe they should put aside the fact that no one collecting baseball even CARES about basketball. I give it a 7

The other David Price. Why? He already has a card in that area, so why do we need another one? And why does it have to be a gimmicked variation? Why done we just stick with the one we have, Upper Bleeccch?!?! This is ridiculous, yet not that ridiculous. So it gets barely a 6

The CC Sabathia Yankee card. This one I can understand, but why didn't you save CC until series 2 Topps??? Y'now, just in case that happens!!! So while all of the other Yankee fans groan, we have to scour every pack to find ONE card of him in a Yankee uni. THANKS TOPPS! 5!

Those Upper Deck Predictor cards. Without explanation, I'm giving this Lame-o idea a 10!

Any I forgot?

Friday, February 13, 2009

The End...and the Beginning

I can't believe time moves so fast. Pitcher and Catchers report tomorrow. UGGGHHHH!

It's been such a stellar offseason, yet some of the biggest names in the game haven't been signed. Ken Griffey Jr. Pudge Rodriguez. Manny Ramirez. Nomar Garciaparra. Orlando Cabrera. You get the idea here.

Let's take a look back at the splendid offseason New York had.

  • Traded for Nick Swisher
  • Traded for Angel Berroa
  • Signed AJ Burnett
  • Signed CC Sabathia
  • Signed Mark Texiera
  • Resigned Andy Petitte

And there were also some losses- either traded or signed with another team.

  • Traded Wilson Betemit to Chicago (Sox)
  • Lost Jason Giambi to Oakland
  • Lost Bobby Abreu to LA (Angels)

And of course, the retiring of Mike Mussina.

But this doesn't mean our hopes for a big 2009 are dead.

In fact, 2009 looks like the season we need in our trophy case.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its the middle of the day...

...And I still can't figure out what's going on on Lost

We lost another one

The Angels seem to be cramming as many power hitters as possible into their lineup (Remember, they already have Torii and Vlad). Wanna know how I know that? Because they just signed Bobby Abreu.

But it's okay- at least we in New York have a pretty okay lineup. But the angels were at the risk of losing Garrett Anderson when they signed Bobby. Because nobody knows if Garret's getting signed or not.

That suspense makes this game fun.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are the Nationals Dunn?

Adam Dunn, that is, who signed with the Nats today. This'll make up for the lack of homer hitters in DC...or not

Ryan Zimmerman, Dmitri Young and Nick Johnson all can hit well. It's just that I question the teams sanity by signing a player that will overshadow it rising star. Dunn will take them one of two ways. He will take them past their "Laughing Stock" era (Don't worry, think of the 1962-67 Mets) that lasts a few years and bring them to their "Oh my God, are they actually winning?" era, much like the 2008 Phillies (YEEEAAAAHHH!). Or, maybe he'll take them into their "Never gonna get it, never gonna get it, NEV-UH gonna get it, never gonna get it" era.

I would like to see both.

A Roid

Okay, you've seen me rip apart Andruw Jones, now I'm gonna rip apart my favorite player. And Rodriguez be thy name

Alex Rodriguez started a nice career with the Mariners in 1995. For about 5 years he blew Seattle away with his homers and style of play. Then he signed with the Rangers in 2000. Then in 2004, New York got a hold of him. Somewhere between 2000 and 2004, something happened. Something completely unexpected

He took bleeping steroids.


Why would he do this? Hew as already a great player! When did he think "Hmm, I'm going to destroy my career without anyone noticing. But HOOOOOWWWWW???" It was completely idiotic of him, or anyone in that matter, to do that. Think of his fans. NOW THEY THINK THIS GUY IS A FRAUD! Joe Torre was right- A-FRAUD!

I think you know how I feel. I am completely devastated by this news. He was Baseball's future. Then he tore it apart.

There are 2 Good Sides to this
1- Definite Hall of Famer

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More signings

Apparently Jeff Weaver has signed a 1 year deal with the Dodgers. This is a deal that could get his career back in the saddle, although it never really was. He had a pretty good career, but he's not a really big star, like Andy Pettite or John Smoltz. He's just Jeff Weaver, and he's in the same line as Kenny Rogers - the aging star who isn't getting noticed.

Also, Randy Wolf signed a deal with the Dodgers as well. It seems that after Greg Maddux, Brad Penny and Derek Lowe left, they need a serious pitching addition. Weaver and Wolf will help if they are used the right way. Randy Wolf was a superstar with the Phillies- until he had Tommy John surgery, missed 2006 and was dealt to the Dodgers and then the Astros.
He's a great pitcher, not an endless nomad like Jeff Weaver.

Speaking fo Philadelphia, Tom Gordon, who played with BOTH my favorite teams has signed with one of my least favorites- the Diamondbacks. Why? Let me put it this way-
"2001- A World Series Oddessy"
Yanks- "Open the pod bay doors, Randy"
Yanks- "But we were on a streak!"
You get it?
The Backs have housed a few good pitchers like RJ, Brandon Webb, Curt Schilling and Dan "The Man" Haren, not to mention some good bats like Adam Dunn, Justin Upton, Eric Byrnes and Luis Gonzalez. Adding Tom Gordon will help sooth the team from the loss of their pitching ace.

Also, there was a teensy weensy issue involving PED's and one of the greatest players in the game right now. I don't know if you heard. I'll post that one tomorrow.

In Case you haven't heard...

Some sweating, tired, clumsy veteran just signed a minor league deal with the Rangers. I don't know if you've heard of him--He used to be a star in Atlanta. His name is Andruw Jones.

People who are not farmiliar with Mr. Jones' work, it's simply this- Started in 1996 with the Braves, had a pretty decent career until he had a crummy 2007, and after he crappily signed with the Dodgers last season, had an even crummier 2008. Then LA released him, and then Texas got a hold of him. I was starting to think that I was looking at Mario Mendoza.

Anyway, Mr. Jones (Who has nothing to do with Counting Crows) signed a Minor League contract with the Texas money trap- I MEAN RANGERS!!! I am now starting to think that the Rangers are desperate. But they aren't, you see, and therin lies the problem. They have Hank Blalock, Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Jason Jennings, Everyday Eddie, and a few injured pitchers. Do they really NEED this guy? Andruw may or may not help them, but if they let him into the Majors, Mr. Jones may mess them up.

I can see the Braves regretting their descision to not resign this man, because now he'll be destroying many other teams.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Card Show- Sweet Swag

A few days ago I went to a Card Show down at the somewhat-local mall. I was stunned. Being that this was my first in a while, I simply looked first, THEN gorged! There were a lot of hot products- 2009 Topps, all the inserts, Numbered, Turkey Red, you name it- and a lot of products that were hot back in the day- tons of random Early 00's packs-.

In fact, my dad (Who came with me) answered a Trivia Question about Ron "Louisana Lightning" Guidry (He went to Guidry's first game. Talk about a Yankee fan) and we won a free Guidry card! I chose one of the only ones we didn't have:1983 Topps #440 (Above)

If that wasn't enough, I got a few packs of older stuff. 1995 Topps was a dead end, no need to show it (Dave Henderson and Ruben Sierra were the only ones I knew). But I ended up getting 2 packs of 2003 Topps, which I started back in the day but couldn't finish.
Pack One-
Lance Berkman- #230 Awesome! Still no Yankees though...
Frank Thomas #109 Great player, close to retirement, but cool. Where are my Bronx Boys
Hideo Nomo #93 Boooo! Former Red Sock! Get him out of here!
Hobby Masters Kazuhisa Ishii HM2 Who? Never heard of him! And how is he a Hobby Master then?
Tony Armas Jr. #149
Ruben Quevedo #111
This pack is beginning to smell- wait!
Greg Maddux- #105 NICE! Retiree! That is getting better
Jason Giambi #356 DINGDINGDINGDINGDING! Yankee in the house!
Not the best Yankee, but a Yankee nonetheless
Mike Mussina #190 Wow, another Retired Yankee. Now let's end it strong!
Brent Butler #241 The exact opposite of strong
Pack 2-
Geronimo Gil #131
Carlos Baerga #45
John Halama #280
Art Howe Manager #282
Fernando Vina #223
Add the fact that I already have a Vina in my basement from 6 years ago.
League Leaders NL HR #345
Sosa, Green, and ANOTHER BERK! This pack wants me to move to Houston.
Future Stars Philly Marlon Byrd/ Jorge Padilla #322
Huh? A rookie of a kid who'll never get anywhere? Nah!
Future Stars Twins Michael Cuddyer/ Michael Restovich #329
Huh? A rookie of Michael Cuddyer? Things are looking up!
Future Stars Rangers Hank Blalock/ Mark Texiera #324
Huh? A ROOKIE OF A CURRENT YANKEE? This is bound to be my hit, right?
Future Stars Devil Rays Josh Hamilton/ Carl Crawford #325

(Jaw slowly drops)
Oh my god, this is the best pack EVER!!!! Aside from all those nameless people at the beginning, this ROCKS!
End with a checklist, something 09 Topps doesn't have!!

Wow, that pack blew my mind back then. That means that there are plenty more Card Shows to come!!!

First Post

Welcome to Cards that Ruth Built. My family has been into card collecting for a while. In fact, my grandfather got 1948 Bowman from his pocket money when he was young. He passed the trend down to my father, who made the most of it, and then I started.

This blog is about my adventures in pack breaking, box busting, and searching for great cards. Oh, did I mention that I'm a big Yankee fan? No doubt about it. Pinstripes all the way. And part of the blog is looking for those Yanks. Being that I live in the Philadelphia area, I also collect Phillies, but not as much.

My first few posts will be showing off my prized possesions, while afterward, I'll move on to the real things- whether it's 2009 Topps or 1995 Donruss, I'll rip it. I've got time. And I'll also talk about some other baseball news, transactions, and some stuff that's going on in real life.

Welcome to my world, and after a while, you won't want to leave.