Sunday, November 29, 2009

White Plains Show Grabs

I have returned from the dark recesses of Westchester. I happened to have a family gathering around the area of the White Plains show, so I thought "why not?" and went to the show. No I did not see this guy, but I beleive I saw his profile. And no, I'm not stalking him.

Yes, I did pick up some cards

Diamond Kings-
2002 Roger Clemens
2003 Mark Prior, Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds,
2007 Ozzie Smith
2008 Tony Gwynn, Greg Maddux, Mike Schmidt

The Old Topps-
1973 Luis Aparicio (for a quarter!!!)
1975 Rich Gossage, Gaylord Perry
1976 Phil Niekro, Gary Catrer, Lou Brock,
1977 Dennis Eckersley
1978 Rod Carew, Dave Winfield
1979 Johnny Bench, Lou Brock, Dave Winfield, Steve Carlton, Willie Stargell, Jim Palmer, Rod Carew
1980 Rod Carew
1981 Steve Carlton
1984 Jim Palmer
1985 Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver
1986 Carlton Fisk
1989 Traded Nolan Ryan

The Rookies-
1995 Bowman Jorge Posada
1996 Topps Nomar Garciaparra
1998 Bowman Miguel Tejada
1998 UD something Magglio Ordonez
1999 Topps Pat Burrell
2001 Topps Travis Hafner
2003 Donruss Champions Brandon Webb, Shane Victorino, Hank Blalock, Adam LaRoche, Brandon Phillips, Angel Berroa, Orlando Hudson, Jack Cust
2003 Donruss Chone Figgins
1994 Pinnacle Derrek Lee
2001 UD JJ Hardy, Jeremy Bonderman
2004 Topps Carlos Quentin.

Great show, even better swag

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Update

I had a great thanksgiving today. No, I didn't have a lot of Jim Kaa- I mean, turkey.

BTW- Might be going to the White Plains show, as my "Thanksgiving/Hannukah" party is in that area. What a twist.

Of course, this means I won't have Wifi, so this is my last update until Sunday

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The White the Venus Fly trap...

Will grab anything and anyone in sight. Like ANDRUWJOOONES and Omar Vizquel from the Rangers.

Also, that's not the only reason I'm a little mad today. This is:

Just un-freaking-believable. THANKS A LOT, TOPPS!

Dollar Store Bust of 2008 Timeline

I looked in the Dollar Store today, because everyone else has been finding cards. All they had baseball-wise was 2008 Timeline. Oh, well, sweet set anyway

Let's rip

Pack 1-
23- Matt Kemp
5- Johan Santana
41- Justin Verlander
95- This is a nice one. Yashika Yubata rookie.
163- Joe Mauer
198- Josh Hamilton DIE CUT

Pack 2-
10- Chase Utley
36- Jim Thome
9- Hey, wadaya know, it's Texiera on the Angels!
27- A-Rod
68- Ryan Blackburn rookie
136- David Ortiz

Pack 3-
17- NOW WE'RE TALKING! Ken Griffey on the White Sox
1- Jose Reyes
37- Grady Sizemore
71- ROSS F^%^%&^% OHLENDORF!!!
Yankee Stadium Crapload of Tommy Heinrich
145- A-Rod

Pack 4-
19- Prince Feilder
28- Derek Jeter
46- Torri Hunter
111- 92 UD Elijah Dukes
189- Glen Perkins
275- Hideki Matsui Timeless Teams

Pack 5-
18-Ryan Bruan
45- Vladdie
50- Erik Bedard
120- Jonathan Van EVERY FREAKIN GAME?
1- Jose Reyes again
289- Jake Peavy timeless teams

Okay, I hope to get back there when they have better packs, but this is a good product.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Congrats to our winners

Sigh...not one Yankee

Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 Pack Retail Blaster of 2009 Topps Updates

Yeah, another one. I really, really like this product, so I keep tortuing you guys with more packs/boxes of them. WHAT FUN!

We'll end with the patch, I don't know if it'll make the box better or worse

Let's rip

Pack 1-
191- Ben Zobrist
152- Barbaro Cannizares
323- Ramon Ramirez
22- Brett Gardner. A double, but he's still awesome
13- SCOTT Hairston
Legends of the Game- Johnny Mize....ON THE YANKEES
And to ruin Yankapalooza, Josh Beckett Topps Town

Pack 2-
53- Clete Thomas
176- Diore Hernandez, this kid looks good.
71- Chutley All Star
274- Joe Mauer Homer Derby
Carl Crawford Topps Town
80- Matt Staris
250- Mark Teixiera, who I already have

Pack 3-
200- Randy Johnson
157- Josh Hamilton All Star
121- Brandon Inge All Star
302- Casey Kotchman
GOLD NUMBERED...Oh, wait, it's Kevin Cash
Justin Verlander Topps Town
130- Randy Johnson the same pack!

Pack 4-
231- Josh Bard
169- Mark Kotsay
40- Carl Pavano
263- Matt Holliday
151- Jayson Werth All Star
HOLY CRAP, A SHORT PRINT!!! GYAAAHHHH! It's Ty Cobb on the A's. This card is pretty cool.
Jacoby Ellisbury Topps Town
92- Edwin Encarnacion

Pack 5-
219- Ken Takahashi Rookie
156- Heath Bell All Star
148- Jason Bay All Star
Johan Santana Turkey Red
Carl Crawford GOLD Topps Town
146- Juan Cruz
326- Nate McLouth
104- Geoff Blum

Pack 6-
201- Jordan Zimmerman
183- Guillermo Quiroz
227- Edwin Jackson
249- Brian McCann All Star
240- Jason Marquis All Star
PROPAGANDA of Manny Ramirez
Chris Carpenter Topps Town
328- Matt Palmer

Pack 7-
8- Lance Broadway
2- Felipe Lopez
266- Jonathan Brozton
267- Miguel go back to Cairo
69- Combo

Pack 8-
125- Fernando Martinez
30- JA Happ
110- Justin Masterson, whom the Red Sox traded for Vic-Mart
Propaganda of AAAAAADRIIIA- Wait, what's with the Brewer emblem?
Gold Topps Town Russ Martin
297- Brett Cecil
142- Jorge Highlight
97- Juan Castro

Pack 9-
194- Ty Wiggington
23- Sean O'Sullivan
315- Jerry Hairston Jr.
Ryan Braun All star
King Feliz Topps Town
77- Jeremy Reed
304- Combo
137- Farting Ross Olendorf

Pack 10-
68- Eck
49- Edwin Jackson
235- Joe Nathan All Star
292- Yuniesky Betancourt
231- Hunter Pence All Star
Michael Young Topps Town
269- Cliff Floyd
118- Blake Hawksworth

My last chance for mojo, the patch...
DUKE SNYDER!!! WOOO...oh, right, Dodger

Well, great rip, I got a short print and a Duke...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Veterans out the wazoo

A few more Super Veterans for you guys. Am running out of player ideas. You guys have any players that you'd like to see on a Super Veteran? I'm open to ideas (because I don't have any)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yet Another Contest...or two

First, Traded Sets has made it's triumphant return with a sweet contest- check it out here

And if that weren't enough, Dayf is running a contest too! And somehow, it's even MORE confusing!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yeah, as you can see I've been photoshopping a lot lately, and I really haven't gotten any response in a while? Do you guys still like the Veterans, or should I move on to other things?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Super Veterans

Okay, only one of these bad boys was made on a request. If there's anyone you want to see on a Super Veteran, let me know, I can crank it out. It really isn't hard at all.

BTW- Pedro in both photos has John McCain eyes


Monday, November 16, 2009


Bailey and Coglhan are ROY?

Okay, one day in and I KNOW I'm not getting anything out of a certain contest

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009 Sears Crapfest

While getting a needed appliance at Sears, I wondered if the place still sold cards. So Iwandered over to the register, and lo and behold, crappy repack boxes right in front of me. But hey, it's cards, so why not.

I'll just report on the highlights

1988 Fleer-
Braves sticker. Yee-haw.
Denny Martinez. Hey, what's this. A small bitemark on the left side? Who would do such a thing- better go get the stake.
Ed "More chins than a Bruce Campbell convention" Lynch.
Hey, waddaya know, it's Jeff Montgomery's Rookie.

1988 Topps
Tony Gwynn
Tony Gwynn All Star
Eddie Murray

1990 Topps
Sandy Koufax Turn Back the Clock

1990 Donruss
Robin Yount
Mark Grace

1989 Score
Fred Lynn
Mark McGwire
Fred McGriff

2006 Fleer
Derrek Lee
Paul LoDuca
Tim Wakefield
Miguel Tejada, who according to this card, works at the Lumber Company. Also, works at Balco.

1990 Upper Deck
Doc Gooden
Julio Franco Checklist
Reggie Jackson 500 Home Run

2006 Ultra
Richie Sexson Home Run, which looks like a game used but isn't
Lucky 13 Paul Wilson. NOW WHAT THE-
Lucky 13 Rickie Weeks
Diamond Producers of PROOOOONK
Darin Erstad

1997 Collector's Choice
Star Attractions Die-Cut of Juan Gonzalez
Darryl Strawberry...ON THE YANKEES
Wilton Guerrero Rookie
Eddie Murray on the Angels
Andy Pettite
Tim Salmon
Albert Belle on the White Sox
HOLY CRAP! It's something damn close to ANDRUWJOOOONES' rookie!
And because any late 90's pack wouldn't be complete without him, Ken Griffey Jr.

1993 Leaf
Orel Hershiser
Mike Piazza
Frank Thomas
Another Juan Gonzalez
and Robin Yount

1998 Score
John C3POlerud (I'm sorry Chris. It was right there)
Jeff Kent
Mark Grudzielanek
Eric Davis
Johnny Damon
Mo Vaughn

Okay, that wasn't the best way to spend ten bucks, but I got something damn close to Andruw Jones' rookie, and Jeff Montgomery's rookie.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snazzy New Logo

Yeah, I decided that I had to be geeky and make a logo for the blog.

Any thoughts? Should I change it?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Life is funny

Just a few minutes ago, I turn on the radio, and I hear this new song. They said it's brand spanking new by Jay-Z and A-Keys adn somehow I feel I've heard it before. Suddenly it hits me-

They performed it live at Game 2 of the Series. And I was there to witness it.

Just a thought. Go about your business unsubbing me (or not)

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hmm, who's the big player we know and love that wears #13?
And as an added bonus, I'll throw in a new Hall of Fame card of someone who's been considered Bad Luck to the Yanks

Monday, November 9, 2009


Who did-

How the-




(Sorry, still a bit surprised by the news)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Super Veterans

Right off the Photoshop grill, here are some more Super Vets

While I'm at it, I might as well post a preview for another future project
EDIT- Yeah, I screwed up the decals on the Thome. I'll fix it later.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A couple of Super Veterans

Because you've been asking...or are some of the Super Veterans I've been working on

Friday, November 6, 2009

One way to fix defeat by Yankees-

Trade for hotshot Milwalkee shortstop to replace bat-killer and aging shortstop.

Translation- Welcome to Minnesota JJ Hardy...hope you survive the expirience.

Thursday, November 5, 2009





(Hey, he's just an outfielder...)

Updates and Highlights- Back for More

So I was feeling great today. My team won the world series, I was off from school, it was just a great day to be me. How do I celebrate? I bought 5 packs of Updates, because A- I love this set so much, and B- I need me some propoganda cards.

Let's rip

37- Adam Kennedy
58- Omar Quintanilla. I love Updates because of the obscure players
207- Garrett Jones
218- Cliff Lee- OH YEAH! I'm still a Phillies fan and I needed this card. WOOO- oh, right.
325- Torii Hunter All Star
253- Captain Veggieburger All Star
Chris Carpenter Turkey Red. I like this insert set better than the full release a few years back.
King Felix Topps Town. Okay, I hate this insert.
111- Livan...LIVAN LIKES HIS MON-AY!!!
174- Omar Vizquel
9- Johnathan Broxton
79- Robert Andino

Pack 2-
200- Randy Johnson
157- Josh Hamilton All Star
231- Josh Bard, the Where's Waldo of the 2009 season
87- Jake Peavy for the 3rd time.
98- Hanley Ramirez, the only time I'm tired of him
265- Morneau AS, have him
Wade Boggs Legends of the Game...Yankees!!
Alexei Ramirez Topps Town. The next big thing? Well, maybe if he's traded.
310- Scott Richmond- who?
262- Possibly Drunk Jeff Niemann
271- Cattalanotto prod
36- Postseason Highlights of NOT BUHERLE...just Konerko and Dye. Why did I trade packs with this guy?

Pack 3-
278- Gaby Sanchez Rookie.
238- in Kevin, not as in what he's not getting from us next season.
106- Johnny Gomes
33- Daniel Bard rookie
178- Josh Beckett All star
282- Victor Martine- HOW DID I GET THREE SOX IN A ROW???
252- Verlander All Star
48- Pujols All Star
320- HOLY CRAP A GOLD NUMBERED...of that Schlereth guy...
Chris Carpenter Topps Town
154- Gerardo Parra Highlight
178- LaTroy

Pack 4-
40- Pavano, who was always hurt with the Yankees
125- Fernando Martinez, finally a good rookie-WHAT'S THIS?
281- Youk all star
316- All Star combo
89- Phil Hughes
PROPAGANDA!!!!! of Ryan Braun
270- Papi and A-rod...Public Enemies
288- Jon Garland, uneccesarliy on the D-Backs

Last Pack-
303- Luke French
143- Matt Maloney
214- Jason Propane-Elaini
13- Scott not Jerry Hairston
71- CHUUUT All Star
Babe Ruth on the Braves Legends
ANOTHER PROPAGANDA...this time of Hanley Ramirez
Russ Martin Topps Town
118- Blake Hawksworth
117- WBC Combo


Btw- just found out about the 1st offseason move of 2010- Mark Teahen is now a White Soc!!! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ALL THE WHITE SOX!!!


Thank You, Boys. It's been a great year.
(I can hear the booing already)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It could happen

27. It isn't that big a number. For one team, it's the biggest there is. My team is on the way to finishing their 27th world series.

...or maybe not. It might be a jinx saying this a half an hour before the game starts.

Rocky is on one of the HBOs, which is funny. A story about an underdog who comes from out of nowhere...and still loses. And the underdog is from Philadelphia. Now how can we relate this to an event that is occurring in 30 minutes???

Nevertheless, I still roll on. I haven't posted customs in a while, I do realize that. That's because I'm working on a bit of a project. Here's a little work-in-progress shot

Monday, November 2, 2009

This series is officially awesome

I'm so sorry, but I have a feeling that this guy might not be a world friggin champion anymore
Hope you can settle for this guy

I mean, we only need one game
Stranger things have happened right
Okay, maybe not that strange, but you get the point