Friday, February 26, 2010

Yet Another 2010 Topps Cereal Box

I already looked at the Guaranteed Refractor, and it's HONUS WAGNER. Nice.

Here we go...

188- Joe Blanton
87- Darin Erstad
49- Jorge De La Rosa
2- The Rookie Card of the year
114- Chris Ianetta.
48- Joey Votto, hidden behind the other young star, Jay Bruce
303- Chris Snyder
29- Aubrey Huff
60- David Wright
11- Orlando Cabrera. Now on the Reds
13- Melvin Mora- now on the Rockies
81- Ryan Theoit
176- Yovanni Gallardo
267- Cito Crying
35- Rick Porcello
128- Garrett Mock
315- Scott Kazmir...ON THE ANGELS
275- JA Happ NL ROY...wait, that's just how I imagined it. Chris Coghlan NL ROY
228- Chris Pettit
222- Grandy
92- ECK!
286- Javier Vazquez, on on the Yankees
86- The Mechebag
131- Some sucky BoSox rookie
33- Adam Moore
296- Braves
194- Neil Walker.
120- POSADA! OH YEAH! I got it before Night Owl did!
10- Clay Kershaw, speaking of Night Owl
167- Padres
198- Marlins
History- Nolan Ryan's 7th No-Hitter
ANOTHER McCovey Turkey Red
Tales- red sox jersey
Roger Maris Peak
Johnny Damon When I grow up
Andy MacCutchen ToppsTown
185- Matsui
74- Casey Blake
230- JoBro
271- Jermaine Dye
319- Ryan Franklin
200- Roy Halladay
17- Dexter's Lab
150- Joe Mauer
44- Howie Kendrick
61- Skip Schumacher
96- Jon Garland, now with...uh, who cares
178- Kerry Wood
83- Badly photoshopped Mark Teahen
Ryan Church

Good pack. (Sorry I'm in a hurry. Cheeburger Cheeburger awaits).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Ever Trade...with Baseball Dad

A few days after I put out my plea for some Yo Momma Cards, I got an email from Baseball Dad, saying he had some he didn't need, and he'd throw in a few Yankees "off his dartboard" I offered my assorted Topps inserts and Indians, and away I went.

Now, a week later, the results-

3 Cards from the Babe Ruth 100 year set from 1995.
1989 Fleer Rickey Henderson. I don't believe I have this one.
2001 Golden Moments REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!
MORE REGGIE! 1987 Turn Back the Clock.
2010 Mark Teixiera Turkey Red. That is what I like seeing.
2009 Goodwin A-rod. I didn't have this one, and it's a damn cool card.
2010 Legendary Lineage of The Iron Horse and Mark Teixiera
2008 Wal Mart Portraits of Joba Chamberlain. ALL RIGHT!
2008 SP Authentic of Chien Ming Wang, the man whose fanbase includes my dentist, and the country of Taiwan.
2008 Allen and Ginter Mariano Rivera. Did not have this one.
Some 2008 Bowman Prospects
2008 Opening Day DEREK JETER!
2008 A Piece of Cra- I mean HISTORY! Of Joba Chamberlain
2008 UD Masterpieces (Weren't we just talking about this) of SANDMAN!!!
2008 Bowman Johnny Damon, who has since packed his bags for Detroit
2008 Timelines Derek Jeter and A-rod

And now the Yo Mamma Cards-
1959 Bob Gibson
1965 Juan Marichal
1970 Steve Carlton
1989 Gary Sheffield
1998 A-ROD (She actually threw this one out!)
2008 Tim Lincecum

And the icing on the cake...

2009 Allen and Ginter Relic of CC Sabathia!!!

From an Ex CC town to the current one. That is nice.

I think that trading is going to be the centerpiece of this blog's future. Because this turned out really, really well.

The Hertitage Kerfuffle

As you have seen throughout the blogosphere, 2010 Heritage (The 10th successful product of Time Travel Company "Heritage") is live, and I've seen results posted all around. People have asked me if I'm going to try and complete it.

My answer- no. But I will eventually find the Yankees, the Phillies, and any other star cards I feel like picking up at card shows. It looks like a damn cool set, but collecting Heritage is not my main goal. That's usually based on completing either this year's flagship set, or past sets (like 1995 Donruss and 2008 Masterpieces) that I love but could never complete.

And yeah, I'll try and get the inserts too. I've seen Ruth, Whitey and Maris inserts flying around, and I'll track them down.

COMING TONIGHT- My first ever trade post. I'll post as soon as I get the package. Only thing I'll give away- it involves those Yo Mamma cards that are listed as "Coming"

(and this guy)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chan Hooooo Boy

Remember last year, when Chan Ho Park pitched in the World Series? Remember how he looked so scraggly, so unshaven

He's going to the Yankees...which means he's going to have to shave.


Monday, February 22, 2010

The weekend without a pack

This weekend was my first weekend since the weekend Topps came out that I haven't opened any cards. I didn't do it for a reason, but my wallet wasn't burning a hole this week, and I wanted a weekend without new cards.

I mean, new as in 2010, but I will be getting some new cards sooner or later.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Yankee year foretold

Last year when Pitchers and Catchers reported, I nailed my prediction that the Yankees would win the world series. This year, I'll do it again.

I mean, they are unstoppable. Incredible pitching, wonderful hitting and defense like a brick wall. Here's the people we added to our roster

  • Traded for Curtis Granderson
  • Signed Nick Johnson
  • Singing Randy Winn (an Omen)
  • Resigned Andy Pettite
  • Traded for Javier Vazquez

With the additions of Johnson and Vazquez, it's back to the 2004 team almost!

But we also lost some people over the offseason.

  • Traded Austin "The Man" Jackson and Phil Coke to Detroit
  • Traded Melky Cabrera to Atlanta (You can have him!)
  • Did not sign Johnny Damon- signed with Detroit
  • Did not sign Hideki Matsui- signed with California, or Anaheim, or whatever
  • Did not sign Chien Ming Wang (a bad sign for my dentist and the country of Taiwan)- signed with Washington (I'm so sorry)
  • Did not sign Matt Holliday even though the were GOING to- he signed with St. Louis.

But you know who we still have?

  • Derek Jeter
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • CC Sabathia
  • The Sandman, Mariano Rivera
  • Mark Teixiera
  • Jorge Posada
  • Robinson Cano
  • Andy Pettite
  • AJ Burnett
  • Joba "The Hutt" Chamberlain
  • Nick Swisher
  • Phil Hughes
  • and 27 World Championship trophies


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr. Damon goes to Detroit

It's like the Yankees and the Tigers made a trade this season. A centerfielder for a left fielder, each going to each other's teams while not in the same deal. Damon and Granderson on opposite teams still.

(I was going to a do a "DO IT FOR JOHNNY!" joke, but I couldn't find a Matt Dillon screencap from that movie. Damn google images)

Friday, February 19, 2010

More Odd News

Apparently, this year Topps put out another Opening Day set, which should really be retired and be replaced with Topps Total. Screw Contract infringement, screw the fact that MLB says they have to, they don't have to.

Why can't they just bring back Topps Total and let us be happy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You're not gonna believe this one

Guess who Topps hired to do an anecdote about baseball cards on their new Million Card Giveaway site?

He never quits, does he?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The verdict on the Million Card Hullabaloo

You've all sen it, not just on my blog, but every activ blog in the blogosphere. Millions of collectors logging their codes into a slow moving sites, and getting back either crappy 80's and 90's cards, or 60's and 70's cards of people that you've never heard of unless you buy their barbeque sauce (That's right, Boog).

I got some pretty good cards, two of which I actually had, and the other two are genuine classics (Not the 1993 Chiamparino, he sucked). Others aren't getting much more. In fact, a few of the bloggers were impressed by the crap they got (Nobody got a Bip Roberts- I am thouroughly suprised about this)

My verdict- I think it's okay. True, it's not giving me anything to write home about, but at least if I get more, i'll see if I can get anything better.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Results for the Million Card Giveaway

First Card- Ichiro Rookie-

What I got- 1987 Ron Roenicke. Sorta what I thought would come out of this

Next Ichiro Rookie #2-

What I got- 1975 Terry Forster. Nice, a 1975 card of a pretty good player. I'm satisfied

Next- Carl Yazstemski All Star

What I got- 1993 some Marlins rookie. Bluh

Finally- Roy Campanella

What I got... 1965 Don Buford. Now I'm happy- I got a 65 card of another good player.

So my results were mixed, but I KNOW I'll be adding more codes and trading for more cards eventually.

The Great Million Card Scam

I'm calling it- the Topps Million Dollar Giveaway cards will not give you greats like Ichiro, Campy and Yaz.

A few clues.

1. Dayf has noted that the entire page is filled with 89 topps. Smooth.
2. WhiteSoxCards has noticed a 92 Leaf Omen on the page.
3. "Card to be unlocked isn't necesarily the one pictured"

Either way, I will try it out a bit later, and you all will be the 2nd to know (I'll be the first) if this Million Dollar Giveway is destined for the bottom half of a certain year end award post.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Battle of the 2010 Cereal Boxes

Because I am LOVING the new Topps, I bought 2 cereal boxes- a Jackie Robinson and a Lou Gehrig.
Let's rip them

52- Billy Butler
278- Carlos Delgado
255- Chris Davis
133- Freddy Sanchez
193- Shairon Martis
323- Jim Thome.
59- Kevin Gregg. What's with all the doubles
82- Jason Marquis
149- Jose Guillen
270- Michael Brantley
324- Alex Rios
282- Nationals Franchise
231- Luke Scott
209- Alexei Ramirez
309- Gerald Laird
327- Albert Pujols MVP
314- Angel Pagan
65- Nick Swisher, the real one, not the gimmick I pulled 3 weeks ago.
172- Joe Mauer MVP. Both MVP's in the same pack!
261- Matt Carson
300- Chase Utley!!!!
280- Mark DeRosa
321- PAT THE BAT!!!
198- Marlins Franchise
8- Leaders
274- Stephen Drew
171- Leaders
42- Leaders
260- YANKEES Franchise
Brad Penny Gold Numbered
Cards my mom threw out...oh crap, it's the same 1962 Mickey Mantle I pulled
HISTORY- Maris breaks the record
Ryne Sandberg Turkey Red
Million Giveaway
TALES- The Ortiz jersey prank.
Lineage- Manny and Jimmie Foxx
Peak Performances- Johnny Mize
Justin Upton ToppsTown
262- Homer Bailey
173- Kendry Morales
47- Brad Penny
125- Ichiro
229- Daniel McCutchen
166- Mr. Byrnes
285- Kurt Suzuki
239- Juan Uribe
70- Cole Hamels
105- Madison Bum....
152- Nyjer Morgan
226- Juan Rivera
241- Rocco's Modern Life
78- Cesar Izturis


48- Joey Votto
303- Chris Snyder
29-Aubrey Huff
60- David Wright
135- Ryan Dempster
177- Adam Lind
216- Mike Cameron. Thankfully still on the Brewers
6- ChiSox Franchise
202- Giants Franchise
162- Wade Davis
142- Tim Hudson
99- Garrett Jones
28- Jonathan Sanchez
43- Marco Scutaro
46- Chad Tracy
9- Lincecum CY
298- Orioles
220- Randy Johnson
191- Mat Latos
137- A's Franchise
54- John Lackey
284- Ross Ohlendorf
119- Wilkin Ramiurez
4- Leaders
268- Juan Pierre and his magical looking hat
306- Milton Bradley
265- Angels
199- Mariners
102- Twins
73- Leaders
Hey! A card my mom threw out, this one of Ryne Sandberg
Turkey Red- Johnny Bench
TALES- Ozzie Smith doing a backflip
Lineage- Rickey Henderson and Car; Crawford
Peak Performance- Grady Sizemore
Ricky Nolasco Young again
Joue Mauer ToppsTown
230- Johnathan Broxton
271- Jermaine Dye
319- Ryan Franklin
200- Roy Halladay
17- Dexter Foiwler
62- Kevin Millwood
91- Erik Bedard
186- Andrew Bailey
170- Jason Bay
250- Mark Teixiera
225- David Price
77- Kenshin Kawakami.
123- Jeff Samakaskfjhfjdshgfewhgfriuhgfhrugfr

And now, both Refractors=

Albert Pujols

and Ricky Nolas- nah, just kidding

Jimmie Foxx

All in all, decent rips, the highlights being Ryno, Johnny Bench, Pujols and Foxx

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Hurt

A solid 18 year career
A fanbase in the Windy City
A definite retired #35
Being so damn huge without steroids
Classy, all around good guy
Never played in Bronx, but never played in Fenway.

Just wait 6 years, Frankie. That's when everyone's going to realize how awesome you were.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The enigma that my mother threw out

I'm going to try and complete the Cards your mother threw out insert set.

There, I said it. I'm doing it for a couple of reasons- it's a cool set, a few bloggers don't like it, and I have to complete it before series 2 comes out. I was trying to complete the Trading Card History Set 2 years ago, but that couldn't be accomplished with packs alone.

I also am saying this because until quite recently I was a quiet blogger. All I did was post customs and deny trade responses, mainly because the blog was for news and artistic purposes, until last month, when I posted a few sets I like on the sidebar down below, and I posted my email address on my profile. I didn't want to be a quiet blogger anymore.

So here is what I have so far of the Cards that my mother threw out.

1958 Orlando Cepeda
1960 Carl Yazstremski
1961 Roger Maris
1962 Mickey Mantle
1964 Brooks Robinson
1974 Dave Winfield
1980 Rickey Henderson (Original Back)
1986 Tony Gwynn (Coming)
1987 Bo Jackson
1995 Mike Piazza

If there are any CYMTO that are lying around that you don't want, I'll take them.

A little later, I'll post what I have of Trading Card History.

(Custom Cards will return when I get Spring Training Photos)

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Curious Case of Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon wants to play left field for the Yankees. Randy Winn is supposed to be playing left field for the Yankees.

Johnny could end up in Atlanta, and for the sake of my Phillies, we wouldn't want that. After all, if the Braves make the playoffs- ah, nevermind. You're not allowed to know yet.

But still, Damon as a Brave? Nobody else saw that coming?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When the Saints go marching in

Oh when the Saints
Go marching in
Oh when the Saints go marching in...
Oh, I'd hate to be in Indiana
When the Saints go marching in

When Tracy Porter
Runs down the field
When Tracy Porter runs down the field
Peyton's pants, were probably crap-filled
When Tracy Porter ran down the field

Oh when the Colts
bonk off the goal
Oh when the ball bonks off that goal
It was probably greased by Archie
When the ball bonked off the goal

Oh when the Who
Are inable to sing
Oh when the Who just cannot sing
It sounded like the dying breath of an Orca
When the Who just couldn't sing

Oh when the Colts
Are favored to win
They will always pull a Favre
That means whenever 30 million people are on you
You get the bad case of the yiiiippps

Oh when the blogger
Has hit his peak
By doing bad renditions of songs...
I'm just glad I'm not a traded
Or I would've been bipped by now...

What a super bowl. The underdogs came from behind to beat the Favored contender. Just like on Survivor

2010 Topps Again...with a twist

It's super bowl Sunday, and to celebrate, I have a blaster of 2010 Topps.

Here's the twist, the NL will be battling the AL to see who wins the pack bowl. "Good" players are worth 3 points, Inserts are 5 points, Legends inserts or 10 points, and Yankees/Phillies are 15 points. If I get a game used or auto (which I will not) it'll be 25 points. I already opened the patch card, and it's Grady Sizemore. Can't get much worse.

Pack 1-
128- Garret Mock of the Nationals
277- Jarrod Washburn of the Tigers
202- Franchise history of the Giants (no points)
54- John Lackey. 3 points.
8- Leader card
Turkey Red Matt Holliday. 5 points.
Tim Lincecum ToppsTown. 5 points.
78- Cesar Izturis
AL 3, nl 10

Pack 2-
162- Wade Davis
142 Tim Hudson. 3 points
284- Ross Ohlendorf, ex Yankee but not a good one
274- Stephen Drew
Legendary Lineage of Ty Cobb and Grandy. 10 points.
MigCab ToppsTown 5 points
164- Carlos Carrasco, top rookie for the Indians. 3 points
240- Ricky Romero, rookie for the Jays. 3 points.
AL 19, NL 13

Pack 3-
289- Lyle Overbay. 3 points
307- Henry Rodriguez
305- Juan Fransisco
When they Were young of an Oriole rookie. 5 points
Another MigCab ToppsTown. 3 points.
262- Homer Bailey. D'oh!
173- Kendry Morales
47- Brad Penny. 3 points
AL 30, NL 16

Pack 4-
87- Darin Erstad. 3 points
49-Jorge De La Rosa
163- Josh Butler
145- Justin Upton. 3 points.
HISTORY...Jackie Robinson. 10 points
Turkey Red Ryne Sandberg. 10 points
Pujols ToppsTown. 3 points since I have it.
200- Roy Halladay. 3 points.

AL 33, NL 45

Pack 5-
68- Brandon Inge
234- Rays Franchise
9- Lincecum Cy Young 3points
Rickey Henderson Card that my mother did not throw out, but just in case she did, I got the original back variation!!! 15 points!
Man Ram Peak Performance. 5 points.
Josh Hamilton ToppsTown. 5 points
158- Jeff Niemann
353- Ronny Cedeno
AL 53, NL 53

Pack 6-
99- Garret Jones
28- Jonathan Sanchez
119- Wilkin Ramirez
171- Leaders
1962 Mickey Mantle that my mom didn't throw out, but I don't have. 15 cause he's a Yankee.
Justin Verlander when he was young. 3 points cause I have it
Eva Longoria ToppsTown. 3 points cause I have it
185- Matsui. 15 points
AL 89, NL 53

Pack 7-
3- Derrek Lee. 3 points
11- Orlando Cabrera. 3 points
298- Orioles
198- Marlins franchise
1987 Bo Jackson Card that my mom didn't throw out. 10 points
Turkey Red Mickey Mantle. 15 points
Justin Upton Topps Town. 5 points.
279- Randy Wolf. 3 points
AL 116, NL 64

Pack 8-
13- Melvin Mora 3 points
220- Randy Johnson. 5 points, just because.
TALES- Called shot. 15 points. This is getting unfair
Legendary Lineage Ryan and Grienke. 10 points
70- Cole Hamels. 15 points
55- Man Ram. 3 points
105- Madison Bum
AL 134, NL 102

Pack 9-
81- Theiot
176- Yovanni Galladro- 3 points
191- Mat Latos
HISTORY- 1st game ever
Giving back CYMTO- Ichiro. 5 points
Joe Mauer ToppsTown 5 points
152- Nyjer Morgan. 3 points
226- Juan Rivera
AL 144, NL 108

Pack 10
35- Rick Pocello, 3 points
137- Rickey Franchise History, 10 points
288- BoSox Franchise. -5 points.
1964 Brooks Robinson trhat I don;t have. 10
Peak Performance Evan Longoria, 5
MigCab Gold ToppsTown, 5
241- Rocco Baldelli

Final Score-
AL173, nl 108


In conclusion, this box contained a lot of Cards my mother threw out, and a lot of AL cards.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

5 Days without a post...

The day I was going to get another pack of cards and post, God does not allow me to get out my house.

It snowed again. Yeah, on the day I was supposed to check Target for more 2010 Topps.


Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Topps Series One Retail Box Break

Aw yeah. I'm back in Jersey, ripping packs and I just glanced at the Exclusive Patch. It's Lou Gehrig from the 1937 World Series. Life is good

Pack 1-
13- Melvin Mora. Now in Colorado
81- Ryan Theroit
66- Kyle Phillips
1995 Mike Piazza- This card, my mom probably threw it out. I still don't have the card to this day.
Ricky Nolasco When they Were Young
ToppsTown of SuperAwesomeJapaneseInsertKingHIIIIIYAAAA (Ichiro
250- Mark Teixiera

Pack 2-
304- Adam LaRoche
248- Jason Kendall
222- Grandy Throwback
A Cool HISTORY card of the 1st ever Baseball Game
Justin Verlander When they were young
Vladdie ToppsTown
50- Zach Grienke
113- Willy Taveras

Pack 3-
59- Kevin Gregg
110- Andrew McCutchen
68- Brandon Inge
322- Travis Buck
102- Twins Team
Willie McCovey Turkey Red
ManRam ToppsTown
170- Jason Bay

Pack 4-
255- Chris Davis
133- Freddy Sanchez
131- Some Sucky BoSox Rookie
HISTORY= Babe Ruth Retires
ANOTHER Vladdie ToppsTown
111- Ty Wiggington
290- O-Hud

Pack 5-
114- Chris Ianetta
48- Joey Votto
154- Pedro Feliz (I love how they play Feliz Navidad every time he came up to bat. They usually killed the music at "Feliz-"
Cobb and Granderson Legendary Lineage
ANOTHER Ichiro ToppsTown
201- Tigers
158- Not Drunk Jeff Niemann
252- Ronny Cedeno

Pack 6-
330- Brandon Allen
52- Billy Butler
92- Eck
Gold Numbered Dodgers History (OOOOOOHHH!)
Halladay Peak Performances
MigCab ToppsTown
256- A crappily photoshopped Akinori Iwamura
130- Vladdie

Pack 7-
286- Vazquez, now on the Yankees
1961 Roger Maris- Not thrown out, but I don't have it
OY! Hank Greenberg Turkey Rd
Eva Longoria ToppsTown
107- Scott Hairston
211- Kelly Schoppach

Pack 8-
323- Jim Thome, now on the Twinkies
266- Humberto Quintero
199- Mariners
1974 Dave Winfield- Not thrown out, I have it.
Peak Performers Curt Schilling
Ryan Braun ToppsTown
89- JA Happ

Pack 9-
234-Rays Franchise
3- Derrek Lee
11- Orlando Cabrera
299- Gary Sheffield
32- Reds Team
Duke Snider and Andre Ethier
Halladay ToppsTown
213- Ricky Nolasco

Pack 10-
278- Carlos Delgado
86- Summers Eve Meches
Tales of the Game- REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!
Big Mig ToppsTown
53- Craig Counsell
144- Rich Harden
208 Tim Wakefield

I am quite satisfied. I got Reggie, TexMex, Stretch and Feliz Navidad, but I also got YOOOOOOOOOOUK.