Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Year, Another Young Frankenstein Reference

(Dr. Fronkensteen rings a bell. Two doctors roll in a gurney, carrying AJ Burnett. He does not look like he's pleased to be part of this demonstration)

Fronkensteen: Mr. Burnett here, who has never pitched for my ballclub, nor have I given any instructions to him, has graciously offered his services for this afternoon's demonstation. Mr. Burnett, will you hop up on your feet and stand beside this table.

(AJ does so, though it takes him a few tries)

Fronkensteen: Nice...hopping.

(He motions for AJ to turn around).

Fronkensteen: Mr. Burnett, will you raise your left knee...please.

(AJ Does so).

Fronkensteen: You have just witnessed one of the few things Mr. Burnett still knows how to do. He has sent a nerve impluse to his brain, which then sends it back to the spinal cord to the leg, obviously passing the defunct right arm. Mr. Burnett you may lower your knee.

(AJ Shrugs and lowers the knee)

Fronkensteen: Reflex movements are those that are made independently at will. This subject's best relexes used to lie within his right arm and left leg. You filthy yellow son of a BITCH!

(He knees AJ in the right arm. AJ is shocked).

Fronkensteen: We are not aware of thse impulses. Neither is Mr. Burnett, due to the fact that apparently his right arm can barely move anymore, according to him. But what if we block the impulse, or in this case, incoming baseball, by reducing pressure, which can be done with any ordinary ice pack just at the posterior of the nerve roots.

(He straps the icepack around AJ's neck. AJ has no idea what the hell is going on).

Fronkensteen: Let's give this a few seconds.....why you mother grabbing BASTARD!

(He knees him in the right arm again. No movement or reaction this time)

Fronkensteen: As you can see, no injury is seen. AJ is perfectly fine

(AJ's eyes wander around, as he can't control anything)

Fronkensteen: In spite of our mechanical magnificence, if it were not for this continuous stream of ice and wellness flowing into a normal, healing 2nd starter, HE WOULD a PITCHER...IN...HOUSTON!

(He removes the icepack from AJ's neck. AJ falls back onto the table in agony, helped by the doctors and lone lawyer)

(There is applause. Fronkensteen turns to the lawyer)

Fronkensteen: Give 'im an option for 2012.

Happy Halloween. May your obscure references be funnier than mine.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Season bites the dust

Figures that I have the closer to close the 2011 season out. Fitting too- I'm not too happy that the Cards won, but I'll deal. As long as it doesn't create a whole 70's A's kinda thing. But it was a great series, and I'm glad they won.

So what does this mean for me in November? Well, a few things. For one thing, I'll be posting about numerous trades that occur during the offseason. I'll be busting packs, mostly Topps Update, and some of the new football stuff. I'll be making some more longer posts whenever a controversial topic comes along (like the Buckner one from a few days ago). And, best of all, I'll be working on Year By Year Customs for December, and a new layout for customs in my room, which'll be next year's Blog Photo. And, in the midst of all this, I'll be turning 16 in November. So, busy month for me.

Another thing I'll be doing, from now until the start of the season? Checking this

Friday, October 28, 2011

There will be Seven

Is it just me, or will this series never end? David Freese's home run last night made sure this series would stretch even longer. Still, at least it's developing into one of the better Series' of the past few decades. It's been stretched to a game seven, it's had heroes and villains, with decent pitching and hitting. All we need now is that miracle play to end it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Game 6, bottom of the ninth, Stanley on the mound, Wilson at bat

A couple of the other bloggers are sharing words on Bill Buckner, and I figured I'd share my insight, despite the fact that it happened 9 years before I was born.

I first read about the Buckner play in some baseball stats novel about baseball bloopers. I forget the name, but the name doesn't matter. I thought it was funny, how that guy let the ball loose and ruined his own name. Then I looked at the date and team. And three towns over you could hear me laughing uncontrollably.

Now, many people have told me their stories of how they saw the play, and their reactions to it. A friend of my dad's began his major collection (ticket stubs) due to this game, as well as finding a newfound affection for the man that hit the single. My dad recalls the event with a smirk and a good attitude- my dad the Yankee fan loves to talk about the day he saw the Red Sox pay.

But even if I am a Yankee fan, inclined to point and laugh at Buckner like Nelson Muntz, I still feel kinda sorry for the guy. He was already a Dodger hero, a Cub hero, and was slowly becoming a Boston hero. And then, with one play, it vanished. If that play hadn't have happened, Buckner would have been the series hero, he would have been hailed as a Red Sox Hall of Famer, and he would have allowed Dennis Leary to emit something close to a smile. But the Mookie play ruined his career, much like the 1993 Series ruined Mitch Williams' career, or the 2001 Series slightly ruined Byung Hyun Kim's career (and yet he kept on going!). To this extent, I feel like Buckner doesn't deserve all the death threats he's getting.

And yet today, there are still many Buckner haters in the Boston/New England area. Absolutely nothing will change this. Not even an appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Buckner apologizing, or the damn team winning the series twice in a decade. The fans will still hate Buckner, from this day 25 years ago until the day he dies (or the day an enraged Boston fan strangles him, whichever comes first). And that's the even sadder part. Hell, New Yorkers must love him. I imagine he's a nice guy, and that he and Mookie Wilson go out for Milkshakes every month or something. But in Boston, he's worse than the Devil.

Still, when it comes to the Bill Buckner play, either you hate Buckner, or you love the Mets. And while it's hard to find a clear side in that argument for a Phillies/Yankees fan, I have to side with neither. I don't hate Buckner, but I loathe the Mets (Not that I hate Mets fans...hell, my extended family's loaded with 'em).

I just hope that if there ever comes a time that the Phillies play the Red Sox in the World Series, and the Sox are in position to win, and they put Bobby Jenks on the mound, and leave an aging Kevin Youklis at first...I hope something even worse happens to him. Then, maybe Buckner will get some respect, and people will go back to hating Youk like they should.

Or just can't call 'em anymore...just ask Wilson, Stanley and Buckner.

Could the Rangers win it?

Thanks to Mike Napoli's homer last night, the Rangers are in position to win the World Series. But can they do it? As long as St. Louis unravels a bit more, and the Rangers keep fighting, they will. I still think they're the better team to win, because they've never won, and also because they didn't defeat my Phillies.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tied Yet Again

And once again, with the help of Derek Holland, the Rangers have a legitimate shot at winning the World Series. Which is nice. Cause I'm running out of Cardinals customs.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, right...there's still a World Series going on.

Please don't hit like that when the Phillies are in town. Ever.

Sorry I fell behind on posting customs, the series kinda got a little boring. No offense to the Cards/Rangers diehards. There are more interesting Series matchups out there.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's On!

While it may not be the most exciting World Series matchup, this is sure to be a fun one. Still, my money is on Texas, because they haven't killed any of my teams this year. Which means I've kind of forgiven them. But you all know how long that'll last...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Well, Crap

Wasn't really looking forward to a Cards-Rangers Series. Oh Well.

Go Rangers! And yes, this may be the only time you ever hear that phrase out of me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 $10 Boxes of Topps Update Series!

Noticeably, I've been having a surprisingly shallow card-buying year. High School has gotten in the way a bit, as well as a bit of work. But at least I'll be able to enjoy Update Series by buying multiple packs this year. Let's see the product in all its awesome glory:

Box 1:
286- Rich Thompson. He's from Australia.
307- Casey Coleman
317- Craig Counsell. What a career he's had. Hope he gains his second World Series ring.
253- Scott Linebrink? He was on the Braves?
165- Al Albequerque. What a redundant name.
153- Matt Guerrier. Didn't help the Dodgers any
266- Jason Isringhausen. One of the best closers of the early 00's. Glad he's back home.
285- David Purcey.
300- Carl Freaking Crawford. He didn't have the greatest season, but hopefully he'll rebound...just not for Boston.
28- Adam Kennedy
136- Brandon Crawford Rookie Debut
164- Hector Noesi.
205- DJ LeMahieu
239- JJ Hardy, an obvious Comeback Player nominee
280- Kyle Farnsworth. Great Baseball Glasses. 327- Blake Beavan
185- Orlando Hudson. One of the better defensive 2nd basemen of the last decade.
71- Jeff Francis.
276- Yuniesky Betancourt. What a season he had.
94- Ryan Vogelsong. What a story.
2- Ty Wiggington. Bluh
Ethier and Kemp Diamond Duos
204- Brian Wilson All Star RED
112- Lonnie Chisenhall RED. Saw him play.
302- Alex Torres
146- Jordan Walden AS.
31- Curtis Granderson AS
242- Matt Holliday HRD
128- Mariano Rivera Checklist
60- Heath Bell AS
306- Brandon Phillips AS
238- Carlos Beltran AS
88- Orlando Cabrera
87- Clayton Mortensen
214- Matt Daley
243- Chris Denorfia. Nice throwback
226- Steve Pearce
265- Willie Harris.
212- Pat Neshek.
284- Laynce Nix
103- Josh Collmenter Rookie
233- John McDonald
330- Lance Berkman. What an amazing season for this guy.
318- Brayan Pena
8- David Robertson.
102- Sean Burnett. Has a few blown saves, according to a fellow spectator at the Nats game I attended.
123- Brad Penny. Washed up now
17- Craig Gentry
218- Matt Kemp HRD
26- Jered Weaver cl
57- Tony Campana.
Luis Gonzalez 1993. Dammit, why can't I ever get Die-Cuts?
318- Brayan Pena GOLD #'D TO 2011.
Joe Morgan Mini
419- Kelly Johnson VOMIT SHINY CARD!
345- Austin Jackson VOMIT SHINY CARD!
Danny Duffy Topps 60.
Holy Crap, it's a relic. More specifically, it's a James Shields AS Workout Jersey. Nice. Could have done better, but still nice. If any Rays fan pines for it, it's up for grabs.
175- Mike Trout Rookie
131- Jeff Keppinger
319- Corey Patterson
58- Tim Lincecum AS
229- Asdrubal Cabrera
4- Brian McCann AS
82- Mark Ellis
304- Hunter Pence AS. Sadly, he's still wearing an Astros uni in this.
321- Gaby Sanchez AS
268- Yadier Molina AS.
162- Troy Tulowitski AS

Box 2-
298- Yorvit Torrealba.
139- Rafael Soriano!
90-James Russell
15- Aaron Heilman
269- Sergio Santos
99- Carlos Villanueva
221- Jamey Carroll
293- Wilson Ramos.
135- Grant Balfour
69- Gerald Laird
25- Tim Stauffer. A buncha no-names. Where's the good stuff?
262- Javy Guerra
277- Sam LeCure
6- Prince Fielder AS
81- Aaron Harang
160- Victor Martinez.180- Daniel Moskos
261- John Buck
159- Alex Cobb
137- Willie Bloomquist
Hosmer and Freeman Duo
116- Shawn Camp Red
272- Jorge Cantu Red
113- Chris Perez AS
98- Alexi Ogando AS
202- Derrek Lee. Borderline HOF.
59- Matt Kemp AS
163- Adrian Beltre AS
293- Howie Kendrick AS
323- Jhonny Peralta
310- Scott Rolen AS
84- Kung Fu Panda AS
190- Alexi Ogando
48- Scott Hairston
213- Louis Coleman
96- Ryan Hanigan
241- Brandon Wood
156- Humberto Quintero
76- Nolan Reimold
296- Bobby Jenks. Sorry Boston, no tradebacks
40- Brian Fuentes
44- Matt Treanor
116- Shawn Camp
236- Jose Morales
314- Armando Gallaraga
56- Ryan Adams
117- Michael Stutes
152- Julio Teheran
215- Michael Dunn
235- Jason Giambi
Heath Bell TT
1978 Dan Meyer. Not a die-cut, but still not bad.
289- ERIC CHAVEZ GOLD #'D TO 2011.
Cole Hamels Mini
620- Luke Hochevar Vomit Shiny
411- Josh Bell Vomit Shiny
Joe Morgan Topps 60
349- Starlin Castro AS
252- Derek Jeter cl
134- Michael Bourn
130- David Robertson AS
91- Brandon League as
287- Matt Joyce AS
292- Mike Adams
49- Rickie Weeks AS
294- Edwin Jackson

Nice packs. As a Diamond Giveaway postscript, I redeemed a Brookyln Dodgers ring and a Babe Ruth ring. Still, a great product that I'll be getting more of.

Repeat Offenders

After besting the Tigers in 6 games, Nelson Cruz and the Rangers are headed back to the World Series. With the Giants well out of the running, maybe this time it'll be a little easier for them to take the throne. But with the Brewers or Cardinals in the way, you never know what'll happen.

I'd also like to pay my respects to a fallen team.

You may have bested my Yankees, and your star pitcher may be winning the Cy Young this year, but the Detroit Tigers have had an amazing season, one even I can respect.

I'm personally hoping for a Brewers-Rangers series, because it would be even more painful if the Cards got in after beating my Phillies. So...go Milwaukee.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fighting Back

These guys have lengthened the series to 6.

While these guys have tied their series at 2.

Coming down to the wire. Personally hoping for a Rangers-Brewers WS, so one of them can stop complaining that they've never won one.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things are getting insane

3-1, in position to advance. Honestly, I think they'll win.

First of all, isn't that card awesome?

Second of all, this guy has a 2-1 lead over Milwaukee. No offense toward any Cards fans, but last week's loss still stings. I kinda want the Brewers to win, cause I hate them the least.

But forget about bias- look at that card!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In come the Cardinals

Or, more aptly, here comes Albert Pujols. The guy went crazy at the plate last night, decking homers left and right, and shattering the Brewers' offense.

I do realize the Rangers won too, but I didn't make a Nelson Cruz card.

Monday, October 10, 2011

And the Brewers raged on

This guy, along with his teammates, swatted down the Cards for a Game 1 victory. Also, who else thought I could squeeze that many letters into that design?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meanwhile, back at the playoffs

The Rangers, as well as the rain, conquer the Tigers for game one of the ALCS.

It seems pretty weird watching this postseason from the stands, instead of ACTUALLY ROOTING FOR SOMEONE!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Weird Postseason

The ball cracked off the back toward lower right field. Howard ran to first and hurts himself 1/4 of the way there. Punto recieved the ball, and tossed it to Pujols. Howard collapsed in a heap on the first baseline. Pujols, Punto and Carpenter collided for a bearhug, and the rest of the team followed.

I sighed, sadly, as I looked for a rule calling that would render the ball foul, of that Howard's injury would incite a do-over. But as the Cardinals began dousing each other with champagne, and as the angry members of the crowd sauntered out of the stadium, depressed that they had come this far only to lose, I realized that wouldn't happen. I flipped off the TV, and, because as a teenager this is my first instinct, ran to Facebook. Everybody I knew was saying the exact same thing "It was Howard's fault, and he should be traded". Okay, maybe people didn't say it in all Caps, and with the right spellings and punctuation, but they all spoke loud enough to irk this proud baseball fan. I had no choice but to post something true: "There's always next season". Despite the fact that it was the truth, it got less likes than the guy saying "Howard did this because he wanted to stay true to his hometown".

Still, as I sighed heavily, I realized for the first time since the terrible postseason of 2007, both of my teams had been knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. We all remember 2007, where the Phillies fell victim to the Rockies, who would later lose the series, and the Yankees fell victim to the Indians, as well as the Flies. And the sad thing is that nobody expected the other teams to win then either. The Yanks and Phils should have kept going on, but they were defeated.

This also incites something I hadn't even thought about until last night: Who do I root for? The four teams still remaining in the playoffs are all not favorites of mine. Three of them have defeated my teams in the playoffs. The Brewers...they're just the Brewers.

Still, it's gonna be hard to watch this postseason, now that both my teams are gone, and there's no one good to root for. Bring on the offseason...let's get the Yankees some more pitching.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Defeat Again

It sucks to be a Yankee fan when everybody wants you to lose. Last night, Alex Rodriguez was the goat for us, and couldn't seem to even hit the damn ball. I'm a little mad at the team right now, because we HAD IT. We were very close, and now we've been knocked out first round. By the Tigers, of all teams. It feels embarassing.

It's not to say that the team won't overcome. Hell, we might sign some free agent pitchers, trade for some new pitchers, and make sure our aging stars are backed up. We should have gone farther than this. And it pisses me off.

For the next month, my hope rests on Philadelphia.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A night of ties

Ties the series with Philly on a sliding catch no one could believe.

Helps tie the series with Milwaukee.

So if nobody else is counting, there are three tied series' waiting to be settled tonight. I hope both my teams advance.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meanwhile, the postseason rages on...

It was almost like something out of a fantasy movie when this guy pitched a stellar game, keeping the Yankees alive and tying the series. AJ should be proud.

With assistance from Ben Francisco, gains a lead over St. Louis, and puts them in elimination danger.

Decks three home runs, and blasts Tampa Bay out of the Postseason.

Even down two games, shatters the Brewers' defense to stay alive.

Tonight: Things get interesting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It could happen

For the second year in a row, the Yankees have found themselves a few games into a series, without a lead. It happened last year in Texas, and it's happening now with Detroit. While I will not agree that Detroit is the better team, I will say that to go out in the first round would be pretty terrible. And yet it could happen. Last year, we were hoping to get to the World Series, but for some reason Texas was better than us.

This also might be the second year in a row that I'll have to live with the Yankees not making the World Series. Because it could happen. The Tigers could advance, with the help of Justin Verlander and 4 other pitchers that aren't very good. But we have the hitting, and we have the bullpen. In all theory, the Yankees should be leading this series, but the Tigers have just simply been getting ahead.

The Tigers are leading the series because of luck alone. Sure, they have a great #1 pitcher, and they have good hitters like Miguel Cabrera and Alex Avila. But with all due respect to any Detroit fans, they shouldn't be getting this far. They're not a sound team like the Yankees are, and I hope this fact eventually dooms them.

The bottom line is that I'd personally like the 2011 Yankees to start playing like the 2009 Yankees. In the same vein, I'd personally like the 2011 Tigers to play like the 1997 Tigers. Which ultimately gives away the outcome I'm hoping for.

Monday, October 3, 2011

After a good day comes a bad one

Somehow, ties the series at 1.

Also somehow ties the series at 1.

Rockets the Brewers by their second win.

Today better be a good baseball day. Please.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is why I love October

Grand Slams the Tigers to finally win Game 1.

Two Run Homers to help save the Phils against the Cards.

Batters down James Shields to tie the series.

Holds off Arizona with the help from a firey offense.

The best part is that it's only just begun.