Sunday, May 31, 2009

By the Numbers:

Number of Series 2 Short Prints JayBee has found- 2
Number of 2008 Series 2 Gimmicks- 6
Number of 2009 Series 2 Gimmicks (So far)- 0
Number of new Yankee/Philly players who will be getting cards in their new unis- 2 (Swisher, Burnett)
Number of packs of Series 2 I have opened- 0
Number of boxes of Series 2 I have opened- 0
Number of packs of Series 2 Dan has opened- 0
Number of strikes Target has left- 0

This is getting ridiculous, Target!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's the end of May

Target has no Series 2

Chris Harris is running off with all the Audobon Boxes- I can't find a thing

There are no apparent gimmicks at the moment

Series 2 has really cool photography

JayBee is already starting his SERIES 2 SP search

Dogs and cats are living together!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


I didn't find a single thing of Series 2

Despicable, Target, despicable

Apparently, I was wrong

Looks like I could've just shut my yapper

Peavy is staying on the Padres.

Well played, Peavy, well played

PS- I will be on a SERIES 2 HUNT today- expect another post later.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the middle of May...

It's almost Summer time
The sun is shining
The birds are singing
Jake Peavy is getting signed by the ChiSox- wait


Yes it's true. Mr. Peavy has finally found a home in Chicago...yes, I can tell that Mr. WhiteSoxCards is already beaming with excitement. I guess it's safe to say that Summer may be the most surprising one we've seen in a while.

Also, Kris Allen won American Idol last night

this prompts another WHAAAAAAAATTTT?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Project- Time Machine

My first two projects were crap...and now my 3rd will be, but that's the fun of it.

The main focus is to take a picture of a current player and photoshop it into an older design. I am not a very good photoshopper, so they may look a little sloppy.

I've been having fun with the concept lately, so you might see it soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Leaf 2004 Mike Mussina
Donruss Classic 2003 Magglio Ordonez
1992 Donruss Mike Piazza Rookie
Fleer 2007 Derek Jeter
1990 UD Barry Larkin
94 Donruss Barry Bonds
07 Bowman Justin Morneau
1996 SPx Jason Schmidt
94 Donruss Mike Lieberthal rookie
07 Topps Freddy Sanchez insert
94 Donruss Ozzie Smith
Cal Ripken
Mike Piazza
Mike Mussina
Tom Glavine
Jim Edmonds
2000 SP Authentix Craig biggio
Topps Mantle insert
07 UD Jimmy Rollins
Jason Giambi
2005 Fleer Grady Sizemore
Joba rookie
08 UD Timeline Josh hamilton

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Card Show (Notice how I didn't say Sweet Swag)

I went to another card show today. It was much smaller than the last one, and because of that, I didn't get much. Fortunately, I got some stuff from the 10 cent bins. A lot was from UD 1995.

2004 Topps Jose Mesa
Placido Polanco
Vincente Padilla
Andy Pettite All Star
1996 UD Dennis Eckersley.
I got most of these card because they were either on different teams than I know them on or they were just good players. Eck was on the Cards.
1995 UD-

170- Deion Sanders. On the Reds, and he's just a Rarity.
178- David Cone. Good Player.
218- Armando Benitez Rookie. It's his rookie!
222- Jason Giambi Rookie. I like him!
89- Darryl Strawberry. On the Giants and Great Player.
97- Man-eee-hee-hee Ramirez. Back when he was on the Tribe
96- Jim Thome. Back when he was on the Tribe.
95- Dave Winfield. Wait a sec- raise your hand if you weren't on the Tribe!
98- Goose Gossage! GOOSE! And it's his last card, and he's on the Mariners.
107- Paul Molitor. Back in his days in Toronto, I mean, Le Jays.
65- Mark Grace. Great player.
45- Fred McGriff. CRIME DOG!
16- Lee Smith. Back when he was on the Angels.
20- Bo Jackson. My dad is smiling.
30- Rickey Henderson. I am smiling.

In addition to that, THE PACK GUY WAS THERE!!! I ended up with a pack of 01 and 02 Topps.

Let's start with 01

283- Rick Bottalcio. Who?
85- Bill Meuller. Meuller...Meuller...FRYYYYEEEE?
92- Scott Karl. These cards have the little O-Pee-Chee inspired box that says "Traded to..."
15- Jim Thome. MORE! MORE! MORE!
120- Jorge Posada. KEEP GOIN!
Glistening Gold Sammy Sosa. NO WHAMMY, NO WHAMMY!
377- Golden Moments Mark McGwire. WOOOOOO!
365- Ooh, a rookie mix. Ty Howington, Josh Kalinowksi and Josh Girdley. Ugh.
358- Draft Picks. Mike Stodloka and Sean Burnett. Sigh...
383- Golden Moment of...Roger Maris, who I already have.

2002 Topps
612-Darrin Fletcher. Past Phillie.
512- Denny Hocking. Who?
652- Marlins Team Card. Look how pleasant they are. That was when they WEREN't kicking our asses in the World Series.
674- Mike Hill Rookie. Who?
701- Omar Vizquel Gold Glove. That's it!
585- Miguel Tejada. Back when he wasn't lying.
520- Robby Alomar. GOD!
488- Hideki Irabu. Hey, didn't we get this guy last time?
681- Nick Alvarez Rookie. Who?

Okay packs, Good picks. It was an alright show, and I just found out that the Moorestown group will be back in July.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Manny trips! For once, not on his team in the playoffs!

Manny Ramirez got a 50 game suspension for drug use. Fitting, because he seemed to be taking all the credit for the Dodgers winning. Is someone else going to step up? Russ Martin?

I for one am surprised and I hope that everything is alright when he comes back in July.

There's the good part

Now, remember Manny was on the Red Sox for a while?

Well, I do, and because of that, I hope that his first game back his team gets killed.

Nothing personal Manny, it's just my job

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Target is just playing with me now

I went to Target today and all that I could find was a pack of 08 Timelines and the 2000 Yankees Topps set. I am pissed that I could've gotten at least some UD, but apparently, God doesn't want that to happen.

Let's just open these damn things

As for the Timeline-

2-David Wright
47-Josh Hamilton
20- Albert Pujos
125- 1992 Paul Janish. Who?
184- 1995 Callix Crabbe. Who/
280- Phil Hughes. Nice pack

Now for the Team Set

CC Sabathia- Photoshopped into his new uni.
Mariano Rivera. Card looks nice.
Derek Jeter. Awesome.
Chien Ming Wang. Same as regular Topps.
Hideki Matsui. I have to check, but I think it's the same.
Joba the Hutt. Nice shot.
Jorge Posada. Hip, hip, JORGE!
AJ Burnett- also crapily photoshopped.
Robinson Cano.
Xavier Nady, looking awesome.
Johnny Damon
Mark Texiera. This is why I bought this, for the Tex Mex over here.
Alex Rodriguex. Same as regular topps.
Nick Swisher- one game pitcher (Cue classy 70's cop show music)
And of course, the Mick.

Overall, pretty nice, but seriously, Target has to start getting with the times.

The Rundown 1996- Cards 27-30

Card 27- Tony Fernandez
Tony was on the Yankees in 1996, which is surprising because I've never heard of him being on the Yankees. He was on the Blue Jays for a while until 1990, where the Bule Jays played tag with Fernandez and he ended up wandering around baseball, with stints on the Padres, Mets, Reds and Yankees. After 1996, he went to the Indians, until he returned to Toronto in 1998, and after a short stint with the Brewers, back again in 2001, before his retirement.
Chance of getting into the hall of fame- 40%- If he's lucky.
Card rating- 5. Shot of him making a play has some action to it, but not too much.

Card 28- Rich Becker
Rich was on the Twins when the card came out. Rich was a rookie in 1996 with the Twins, and not much had happened before. Not much happened after either. In his last three seasons, he was a nomadic machine, having 1/2 season stints with the Orioles, Mets, Brewers, A's, Tigers and A's again.
Chance of getting into the Hall of Fame- Zero. No one knows who this guy is.
Card Rating- 7. Another action shot, but it's in mid catch. Great card.

Card 29- Andujar Cedeno
Who? Says here that he was a Padre. Andujar was with the Astros for a few years until he flip-flopped around, going to several teams in his last few years.
Chance of Getting into the Hall of Fame- Zero. Again, no one knows this guy.
Card rating- 6. Elegant shot of him running to the base from the front. Pretty good.

Card 30- Paul Molitor
Now we're talking. In 1996, Paul was with Toronto, I mean LE JAYS! But the Hall of Famer has more history than that. Paul made his debut in 1977 with the Brewers. Paul and Robin Yount soon fought for the BEST BREWER EVER competition (That might soon be taken over by the World's Fattest Vegetarian), but in 1993, he signed with Toronto, and in 1996 he signed with the Twins, before his retirement in 1998.
Chances of getting into the Hall of Fame- 100% The fact that he IS in the Hall of Fame helps.
Card rating- 8. Nice shot of him going in for the swing.

I might get a few Target packs today, so be prepared.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Rundown 1996- the Rookies

Number 16- Ben Davis
I've never heard of this guy. And I'm starting to think that no one else has either. Why might you ask? I have his rookie card...from 2001.

Number 17- Juan LeBron
Never heard of this one either. Says he was an Outfielder for the Royals. Hmmm, maybe he got the minor treatment because of the other two outfielders- Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran.

Number 18- Tony McKnight
Nope, no knowledge of this Astro. He was a pitcher, which is surprising because there really wasn't that much going on in the rotation in 1996.

Number 19- Ryan Jaroncyk
Again, I don't know. This guy was a shortsop for the Mets, which proves the many setbacks they had before Reyes.

Number 20- Corey Jenkins
This is like the year that no one rookied. Corey was an outfielder for the Red Sox. He stopped playing when he realized he was playing for the Red Sox.

Number 21-Jim Scharrer
No name known. Played First Base for the Braves. I don't think Dayf knows who this guy is.

Number 22- Mark Bellhorn
Finally someone I know. This guy was a utility guy for a few teams in the late 90's early 00's

Number 23-Jarrod Washuburn
Someone else I know. Jarrod was a good pitcher that we were supposed to try and get at the start of last season, but we chickened out of.

Number 24- Geoff Jenkins
Now we're talking. Geoff was an awesome outfielder for the Brewers and Phillies.

Number 25- Sean Casey
Even better. This recent retiree played for a bunch of teams, and he was still an awesome player.

Number 26- Brett Tomko
Seattle traded Ken Griffey Jr. for this guy. Shame on them.

Tomorrow, I'll get into a few regular cards