Sunday, April 25, 2010

Card Show- Buck Bins, Dime Bins and1 Yo Mamma

Yes, there was another card show at the local mall this weekend. As usual, I embarked on the quest for swag, and I only ended up with 1 Yo Mamma cards- a 2004 Alfonso Soriano- regular back. I got it for a buck, and since I was relatively broke at the time, I couldn't get any more.

But still, I did get quite a bit of cards from one particular dealer (who sounded a hell of a lot like Jimmy Stewart). Here's my Dime Bin triumphs

2007 A&G Perez Sketch of Nick Markakis, Nick Swisher, Jermaine Dye, Mark, Teahen, Carlos Lee.
2004 Topps Greg Maddux
2005 Donruss Champions Travis Hafner (Rangers), Bert Blyleven (Twins)
1993 Topps Traded Barry Bonds
1998 Donruss Wade Boggs
2006 SP Authentic Carlos Zambrano, Scott Posednik, Erik Bedard, Jeff Francoer, Ramon Hernandez
2003 MVP Hideo Nomo, Andres Galaraga, Mike Cameron, Mark Grace, Ivan Rodriguez
2005 Fleer Authentix Paul Konerko
2007 Bowman Heritage Cliff Lee (sob)
2002 UD World Series Heroes Fred McGriff
1995 Donruss Jeff Conine
2002 Fleer Tradition Update Andres Galaraga
1986 Topps Don Sutton
2006 SPx Jeremy Bonderman, Huston Street, Alfonso Soriano, Torii Hunter, Jim Edmonds, Carlos Lee
1995 Upper Deck Ryan Klesko

Another dealer had buck bins filled with Yankees, Mets, old time stars. So I bit
2000 Topps Cal Ripken
2003 All Time Fan Favorites Monte Irvin, Ernie Banks, Mickey Rivers
2007 A&G Sketch Jose Reyes
2008 Masterpieces Jorge Posada, Hideki Matsui, Robinson Cano

All in all, pretty decent show. Cool cards, and most of the cool sets I spoke about earlier.

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