Monday, June 29, 2009

Mariano Rivera

Trevor Hoffman

Mariano Rivera

Both members of the 500 club!

They are both definitely going to the HOF


BTW- I will be going on vacation until Friday- where I'm going has no WiFi, so no posts until then.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson, now playing for the Angels

Today we mourn a wacko
His name was Jacko
Life, he could not complete it
So now, he has...Beat it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Cereal

The Series 2 just keeps coming. This week, I got a Target cereal box, Lou Gehrig on the frong. Good luck charm if it's a yankee. On the front of the clear pack of cards, there's Gio Gonzalez, and on the back is Kerry Wood.

Let's rip

522- Gio Gonzales. Nice prospect gotten in the Haren trade
496- Charlie Manuel. Ahh, good old Charlie
448- Jeff Clement. That's a stinky Jeff
371- Jeff Francis. And there's a good Jeff
334- Blake DeWitt. Have him
575- Clay Kershaw. Have him
588- Dontrelle. Have him
530- Felix Hernandez. Have him
What follows is 10 cards of crap I do not want to talk about
495- Eric Chavez. Awesome
645- Paul Maholm- Dahhhhhhh
372- Rickie Weeks. Decent player
422- Hank Blalock. Nice player
491- Paul Bako. Dahhhhhh
524- Free Andy LaRoche
605- Rick Ankiel. Good player
348- Tony Pena. Dahhhhhh
374- Kevin Kouzmanoff. Pretty good player
WBC Adrian Gonzalez. Nice player
Legends of the Game Robin Yount. Wow
Turkey Red Jose Reyes. Awesome
And a double of the same Topps Town Granderson I have
456- Jason Kendall. Back on track
365- Buherle bird gets the worm
356- Ervin Santana Regular
382- Silly Mo-Fo Pena.
424- Jorge Campillo. Dahhhhh
498- Kyle Davies. This pack is really killing me here
556- Brendan Ryan
413- Ruben Gotay
419- Braden Looper
468- Derek Lowe! FINALLY!
633- David Patton.
What follows is a series of sucky doubles
341- Willy Taveras. ON THE REDS!
368- Trevor Hoffman- ON THE BREWERS
558- Edgar Renteria- ON THE GIANTS!
355- John Smoltz- ON THE RED SOX! BOOOOO!
619- Chris Carter. Dahhhhhhh
504- Feliz Pie- ON THE ORIOLES
441- Andrew Bailey. Dahhhhh
471- Kerry Wood. Great end to an okay pack.

My only chance for redemption is my Chrome Refractor, which judging by the rest of this pack, might be a double. Only one way to find out

Heh, no comlaining there. This tops off a pretty good pack, where you can only espect me to find some more out there soon

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This may come as a surprise to no one, but Sammy Sosa DID take steroids.

I can hear everyone out there going "OHHHH, RIIIIIIGHT!"

This was the most predictable thing since Texiera going to the Yanks

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 (Again)

I got another pack of series 2, this time not a cereal box, juts a little two pouch pack. Ryan Howard on the front, which means my luck will get better

Let's rip

525- Jimmy Rollins. Already this pack is off to a good start.
565- Jose Lopez. Bleh
641- Jesse Litsch. Who?
659- Torii Hunter. One of the best outfielders of the past decade
345--Steven Drew- Bleh
548- Danks again
545- Matt Garza again
601- Combo
It's a career best auto of Akinori Iwamura. Not a very good player, but a great card.
Speaking of the best luck in the world, 445, Joe Nathan GOLD NUMBERED!
Topps Town of Kosuke Fukudome. NICE!
553- Jeff Karstens! HAH!
482- Jason Jaramillio. Some rookie.
595- Vernon Wells. HEY!
557- Jayson Werth! WHOA!
513- Bronson Arroyo! WOOOOOO!
478- Jose Molina- Dahhhhhh
444- Jody Gerut. Dahhhhhhh
344- TOWLIE!!!!

Compartment 2

393- Alex Cintron. Meh
460- Nick Markakis. This is an outfielder sweep!
538- Carlos Guillen. Whoo-hoo!
349- Justin Masterton. Dahhhhhh
450- Hanley Ramirez! YEEEAAAHHH!
466- Wilson Betemit. Oh, come ON!
434- Combo crap
576- Another Wakamatsu.
Turkey Red Grady Sizemore. WOW!
503- Carlos Gonzalez. Gotten in the Holliday trade.
373- Joe Martinez. Who?
363- Jhonny Peralta. This guy is so bad, he can't even spell his first name right!
432- Wlademir baldjadjfjjoasjfiuihai
509- Lou Montanez
603- Jose Reyes. WOOOO!
625- Jim Thome. AWESOME!!!

Well, I'd say this was an awesome pack break, even though I got a lot of crappy base cards, I still got my first pulled auto. So it wasn't all a miss

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009...Topps...Series 2...2 boxes of Cereal...series 2

Thank you, Bob Sheppard

Well, I went to Target today, and I found the last 2 boxes that the store had, and luckily I am about to break them. Blake DeWitt is on the front of one, while Talyor Teagarden is on the front of the other. Dewitt goes first

Let's rip

334- Blake DeWitt. Meh
575- Clayton Kershaw. YEAAAHHHHH!
566- Dontrelle Willis. I don't know how he'll rebound
530- King Felix of Hernandez. WOOO!
440-Fausto Carmona. Just got sent down to the minors.
388- Humberto Quintero. Who?
622- Kurt Suzuki. We will never see this man's is always being covered by a catcher's mask.
535- Ryan Doumit
611- Jeremy Hilary Boob- Jeremy Hermida. (I hope SOMEONE gets that Yellow Submarine Reference)
639- Corey Hart. Surprisingly, might be beaten by Corey Feldman AND Corey Haim!
375- Carlos Quentin. Why did the D-Backs give this guy up?
400- Alfonso Soriano. Hard to believe that this guy was traded to get A-Rod
402- Nick Blackburn. Who?
476- Edinson Volquez. Nice pitcher.
531- Frank Fransisco. Not as good as Cal California.
519- Dioner Navarro. I used to have a piece of his bat.
582- Yunel Escobar. Who?
602- Carlos Gomez. Good so far...
620- Ryan Zimmerman. Awesome player.
346- Mike Cameron. Am I crazy or did this great player already get a Series One card.
654- Brian Schneider. Him instead of Estrada? Sigh...
608- Cristian Guzman. DC fans think he's good- I feel sorry for Chris Harris when he goes up there.
521- Dana Eveland. And the crap-fest rolls on!
483- John Lannan. I prefer George Harrasan.
436- Ryan Theriot. Sigh...
362- Luke Montz. Who?
At this point in the pack, the inserts come in.
356- Ervin Santana Gold. WHAAAAA! YEESSS!
Frank Thomas Legends of the Game- Wait! This guy isn't even done playing yet! Even so, awesome...
Josh Hamilton Turkey Red. YESSSS!
Daisuke Topps Town. WOOOO!
537- Anthony Reyes. And now, beack to the crappy circus of Base Cards.
510- Ryan Ludwick...
469- Michael Cuddyer. Keep it up...
423- Melvin Mora. Keep going...
364- Kevin Millwood. AWWWWW!
350- Pedroia. BOOOOOO!
369- Matt Harrison.
401- The ghost of Tony LaRussa. Seriously! He looks awful on this card!
653- Nick Evans
333- Some combo card
396- Alex Cora
477- Josh Willingham
579- Rocco Baldelli. BOOOOOOO!
387- Adam Everett
658- Rick Porcello. WHAT IS UP?
486- JJ Putz. WHOA!
474- Franklin Guttierez. Sigh...
616- KOJI UHERA!!!!!!!
342- Gerald Laird.
416- Josh Whitesell
427- Brain....bleh!
446- Matt Holliday. ON THE A'S! Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun
429- Mike Hampton. ON THE STROS! Dun...Dun...Dun!
408- Ronny Paulino...ON THE MARLINS! DUN DUN!!!!
505- Scott Olsen- HEY!
And our first refractor. Dun...dun...dun
Thurman...Munson...DUN DUNNNNNN!

Our second pack-

412- Taylor Teagarden
445- Joe Nathan
507- MELK!
546- Matt Cain. Bleh...
337- Bobby Jenks. DA SOX!
453- Javier Valentin
563- Fransisco Cordero. Nice player
607- Jarrod Washburn. Ugh
443- Gavin Floyd.
480- Prince Fielder. What a player.
562- Cecil Cooper. Not Cecil Fielder, though.
578- Adam Kennedy
618- Brandon Backe. When looking at this card, I hurt my Backe.
517- Kevin Fransden. Bleh
464- Bobby Cros-COME ONNNN!
533- Darin Erstad. All Right...
560- Adrian Beltre. Getting better.
612- Joel Pinero.
447- Freddy Sanchez.
646- Chris Ianetta. Ugh!
590- Johnny Damon! WOOOOOOO!
502- Yovani Gallardo. You see what this kid's been doing?
421- BJ Ryan
Some WBC card of someone I've never heard of.
Smoltzie Legends.
Topps Town Granderson
399- WANDY!
376- RAJAI!
600- Jake Peavy. Wow, 400, 500, and 600 in the same pack!
623- Aaron Hill
497-Clint Hurdle. Heh, heh, heh, Clint!
459- Brian Bannister
523- Brandon Morrow.
633- David Patton
597- Randy Wolf. Good pitcher
536- Khalil Greene. Heh!
403- Trevor Cahill. Nice prospect.
637- Donald Veal. Most likely to be eaten by Prince Fielder.
499- Edwin Moreno
593- Kenshin Kawakami. Good prosepct.
591- Elivs Andrus.
479- Brad Nelson
657- Aaron Heilman
414- Cha Seng Baek
466- Wilson Betemit
434- Combo Crap
576- Wakamatsu
548- Danks for the memories
545- Matt Garza
601- Crap combo

The refractor is...
Nolan Ryan

Wow, great packs which can only mean that there's more coming.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, it's official, Randy Johnson finally hit 300


No, I mean 300 Wins!

I'm really happy for him, and I hope to see him dine at the HALL OF FAAAME soon

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It all happened too fast

Nate McLouth is now on the Braves (Dayf is probably giggling with glee)

Sammy Sosa is now, as he might say it.."El, I suck at faking my own language"

Tom Glavine is now without a team

Vincente Padilla, who started going crazy on my Yankees this week, was also released.

And it's official- BILL killed Bill!

2009 Upper Deck Series...ONE!

Well, as you can see by the title, I still can't find any Topps or UD Series 2.

Fortunately, I got a pack of UD Series 1, one that I haven't gotten much of lately

Let's rip

60- Jeff Smarty Pants. One of the best Cubs prospects...and one of the most hard to pronounce names in the MLB
32- Ramon Hernandez- Now on the Reds, sporting a facemask on a Topps card
4- Dan the Man Haren- He and Brandon Webb have big shoes to fill after the Big Unit moved to San Fransicso
130- Gary Sheffield. Now on the Mets
193- Chad Billingsley. This pack is on a roll!
142- Jeremy Hermida. Can I stop?!?!?
429- Fernando Perez- Who?
444- As Team Leaders
Travis Snyder Rookie Debut.
420- Casey McGehee. Whoho?
452- Braves Leaders. Yawn
270- Ian Kennedy. EPIC FAAAIL!
253- Oliver Perez. Mets are lucky.
287- Jack Cust. This guy used to be walking around the MLB with a suitcase wanting to play everywhere. Now he's with the A's
322- Barry Zito. The A's dealt this one off to the Giants- not the first time!
305- Matt Capps. Insert your own joke here.
339- Kenji Johjima. Ichiro's second banana before Griffey came along.

2nd Compartment

67- Geovany Soto. Nice player!
58- Jason Bay. Someone the PIRATES gave up.
16- David Eckstein. ECK!!!
163- Mike Aviles. No MSPaint messups here. Bravo, UD.
128- Edgar Renteria. Now on the Giants, I beleive
191- Supermanny Ramirez. Why you lie, Man Ram?
476- CC Sabathia Checklist (GASP) ON THE BREWERS! AAHHHHHH!
410- Will Venable. Who?
Chris Lambert Rookie Debut- I VOTED FOR ADAM!
466- Derek Jeter! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
231- Kevin Slowey. I need someone whose Quickey
214- Ryan Braun. I might have this one
248- Moises Alou. Meh.
282-Mark Ellis. NOOOOOOO!
373- Marlon Byrd. AUUUUUGGGGHHH!
356- Yadier Molina. Pujols' second banana.

Overall, great pack. Can't wait for series 2