Sunday, April 12, 2009

Topps 2009 3 Pack Extravaganza

As you can see, 3/4 pack extravaganza has become a regular feature, whenever I can get my hands on the stuff.

Anyway, it's easter, and while other kids opened little plastic eggs with glee, I didn't. I went to local Target and got a few packs of Topps. I'm almost finished with Series One, but I'm still looking for Kotchman, Edwin, Maddux and Price.

What are we waiting for? Let's rip!

Pack 1

261- Jose Bautista. Eh, not that much to brag about.
116- Omar Infante. Plays like an Infant(e)
171- Jeff Bailey. BOOOOOOOOOOO!
114- Chris Dickerson. Who?
162- Mike Cameron. Have him. Something to trade.
81- League Leaders. Howard, Dunn and Delgado.
Legends of the Game Cy Young. Nice!
Topps Town Johan Santana. Awesome!
196- Jason Motte. Wait-who?
33- Jose Guillen. Once confused for Yuniesky Betancourt.
142- Brad Penny. Good Player, have him and BOOOOOOO!
156- Carlos Pena. According to the picture, otherwise known as PEE-na.

Pack 2-

68- Kyle Lohse. Used to be on the Phils, now just a crappy pitcher.
124- Reed Johnson. I have seen this card on the web only because of its blackness, but no black border here.
241- David Newhan. Who?
75- Rich Harden. Have him. He looks so elegant in a Cubs uni.
238- Jorge Cantu. Have him.
229- Cesar Itzuris. Meh.
Topps Town of Jake Peavy. Sweet.
248- Scott Lewis. Who?
291- Chris Coste. Okay.
34- Brandon Inge. Bleah.
17- Bobby Cox.

Pack 3-

82- Miguel Cairo. Meh!
240- Ryan Braun, looking like crap.
133- Brandon Jones. Who is this guy?
92- Luis Castillo. So strange to see him in Mets uni.
226- Neal Cotts. WHO IS DAT GUY?
Legends of the Game of Cal Ripken Jr. I've been getting a lot of Cal lately.
Topps Town Carlos Quentin. Decent player.
93- James Parr. Who?
6- Raul Ibanez. Have him, and he's on the Phils now.
32- Daric Barton. Who?
219- Shin-Soo Choo. Choo?
181- Jerry Manu- OH PLEASE!!

In the end, not very impressive packs, maybe because I only need a few cards. Should have gotten UD.

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