Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10-pack Series 2 Rip!

I finally got some Series 2 from my hometown Target, so here we go

Guaranteed Patch- Carlton Fisk from 72 AS Game.

Pack 1-
456- Clayton Richard
536- Matt Palmer
601- Blake DeWitt
642- Paders
George Sisler Vintage Legends
Andre Ethier 2020
Billy Butler TT
346- Taylor Teagarden

Pack 2-
352- Cameron Maybin
442- Giants Kid
566- Maicer Itzuris
Code card- here's who I get-
1976 Doug Rau. Okay
Peak Performance BJ Upton
Ian Kinsler TT

I'm running out of time, so I'll just do the highlights

494- Andrew Miller
589- Edinson Voloquez
2009 Rick Procello Yo Mamma
Mauer/Bench Lienage
A-Rod TT
Clete Thomas Gold
1995 Babe B-Day Yo Mamma Original Back
Ty Cobb Turkey Red
McCovey Vintage Legends 53
Cole Hamels WS
CAL 93
Monte Irvin Peak
Clay Kershaw 2020
Eddie Matthews Turkey
64 Eddie Matthews Yo Mamma
Felix Peak
Foxx/Feilder Lienage
McCutchen 2020

There, I'm done. Good packs!