Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day: 2011 Bronx Hopes

I usually do one of these when Pitchers and Catchers leave for Spring Training, but I forgot about that back in February, and am doing it now. Today is the official Opening Day for MLB, even though Philly plays their first game tomorrow. That's when I'm wearing my Halladay jersey, because if I wear the Yankee one, I'll probably get booed, being that I'm 20 minutes from Philly. But usually, at the beginning of the year, I list the players added and subtracted to the New York roster. Like so...

  • Gained Rafael Soriano in Free Agent deal

  • Gained Russell Martin in Free Agent deal

  • Gained Eric Chavez in Minor League deal (was later promoted, yay)

  • Gained Bartolo Colon in Minor League deal

  • Gained Freddy Garcia in Free Agent deal

  • Gained Mark Prior in Minor League deal

  • Resigned Mariano Rivera

  • Resigned Derek Jeter

  • Signed Andruw Jones to a Free Agent deal

But there were also losses.

  • Andy Pettite retired.

  • ...yeah, that's it.

Still, it looks like an interesting season ahead of us. The insiders are saying we won't get very far, but hopefully, 2011 will prove them wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Been wearing jerseys all week...
    Twins on Mon #7 Mauer
    D-Backs - Tues No #
    Brewers - Weds #7 Hardy
    getting a ton of crap for my Mickey Mantle today
    and I'll be sportin my Utley tomorrow for sure!!
    Go Phillies!!!