Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AT LAST!- 2012 Series One.

After a long day of school, I was surprised by a target bag on the kitchen table. My dad, coming home from work early, decided to do me a favor. Inside the bag were 3 packs of brand new Topps, and one cereal box. I jumped. Let's check out the first packs of the season:

Pack 1:
174- Yadier Molina. In the past, my 1st card of the year has been pretty good. From 2010's Omar Vizquel to 2011's Michael Cuddyer. This is possibly better.
187- Jose Altuve. Sophomore Slump.
Gold Futures of Mark Trumbo. Looks like a good player.
24- Ike Davis. I'd give a damn about this guy if he had a good sophomore season. He didn't.
164- Carl Pavano, the man allergic to pinstripes.
157- Anibal Sanchez. I don't know how I'll get used to that Miami logo.
260- Brian Wilson. One of the craziest closers in recent memory. He makes Sparky Lyle look like a saint. And there are no saints who sit on cakes.
101- David Hernandez. I witnessed an awful start by Hernandez back in 09. No wonder the Orioles traded him.
231- Dexter Fowler (not a serial killer)
170- Jacoby Ellisbury. Least it wasn't a Youkilis.

Pack 2-
305- Chipper Jones. If and when this guy retires, Cooperstown is 6 years away. There is no doubt.
46- Peter Bourjos.
102- Chase D'Arnaud. Saw him play. Decent player.
142- Travis Wood. Nearly no hit my Phillies. No respect.
Golden Greats- Willie Mays. Peak Performances Mach 3.
Gold Standard of the man I'm proud to share my surname with, Mike Schmidt. I like this insert set.
202- Andrew Carnigan
245- Adam Lind
43- Brett Wallace
99- Mike McKenry. Doumit's gone. Someone has to fill his shoes.
2 bullcrap leader cards

Pack 3-
37- Napoli. NAPOLI. NAPOLI!
63- Nate Schierholz. Geez, this guy's still playing? Surprised SF hasn't given up on him yet.
76- Ian Kennedy. Sadly, former Yankee.
293- Eric Thames. decent prospect.
Sandy Koufax Golden Greats.
A Classic Walk offs insert of Alfonso Soriano.I love the idea, but Soriano's homer, while awesome, wasn't really Classic. If you want a classic Yankee postseason home run, pick one of Reggie's three.
202- Andrew Caringan again
97- Jim Thome, commemorating his 600th home run, and impeding Hall of Fame induction.
179- Denard Span
206- David Robertson. Has been playing since 2008, yet everyone thinks last season was his rookie year. Sigh...
299- Mitch Moreland. I think Texas is kinda done with him.
effing leader card

21- Chris Ianetta
303- Danny Valencia. Minny's hoping for his comeback.
230- Justin Morneau. Ditto.
1- Ryan Braun. You know what...even after his outage as a steroid abuser, I still can respect the guy.
161- Dee Gordon. Future talent.
255- Scott Rolen. Great player.
213- Alex Avila. I think he had a great season.
244- Serigo Santos
199- Adam Dunn. Dunn tips his hat to his Chicago fans, who clearly want him taken out of the South Side on a bus.
221- Luke Gregerson
leader cards
62- Ben Revere
241- James McDonald. How does he still have a contract?
249- Trevor Plouffe
141- Brandon Belt. Might have a decent career.
195- Ben Zobrist
2 unnecessary doubles
57- Yuniesky Betancourt. Surprising season last year
8- Mike Adams
137- Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Apparently, Jason Varitek's heir apparent.
35- Eric Hosmer. Hoping he leads his team to better days.
268- Miguel Cairaauuugh
252- Dellin Betances rookie. I have is BowChro rookie from 5 years ago. This helps
219- Jordan Pancheso
41- Devin Mesoraco
79- Austin Romine rookie. Yes, what about the OTHER notable Yankees rookie. Please?
202- Andrew Carnigan again. Goddammit
323- Jason Isringhausen red
132- Will Venable red
93- Skip Schumaker. The real one.
197- Brendan Ryan
20- Craig Kimbrel
13- Vernon Wells. If he can still hit, Anaheim's lucky
155- Matt Cain.
301- Alexi Ogando. Interesting story
12- WIIIIILSSSOOOOON Ramos. Glad he's better
269- Jason Vargas. Nice throwback
56- Geovany Soto. Bleeeahhh. His career isn't what it used to be.
143- George Kottaras
104- Brett Anderson
222- Chris Coghlan
110- MARK TEIXIERA doing that cheek thing he always does
314- Matt LaPorta
264- Chris Carpenter Highlight
185- Pablo Sandoval. This time he is fighting no one.
182- Michael Brantley, the lord of the dance.
176- Nolan Reimold
162- Max Scherzer
2 leader cards
42- Drew Pomeranz Rookie GOLD
Golden Moments of Barry Larkin
Michael Bourn mini
Jackie Robinson Golden Greats
Chipper Jones Gold Standard
Jose Tabata Gold Futures
It's a Golden Moments jersey of Travis Wood. Any Reds fan want to take it out of my hands?
Dawson/ Upton Timeless Talents. Legendary Lineage Mach 3
Golden Giveaway card
7- Mickey Mantle. Double
84- Brian Matusz
111- Kevin Slowey
38- Felipe Paulino
151- Chris Davis
318- Erik Bedard
97- Jim Thome cl again

Well, those were some pretty good packs. I did get a game used, but it's for trade. Still, a great way to start the collecting year.

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  1. nice post. i opened my first topps 2012 today - will post stats later...