Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Topps Series 1

After yesterday's success, it appeared like I wasn't done with Topps this week. A friend of my dad's, after giving up on the set (like most collectors out there), gave his pack results to my dad to give to me. The generosity is appreciated, because while there were no BIG MOJO HITZ, there were some nice inserts and a surplus of Golden Giveaway codes.

Base Cards of notable players:
209- AJ Burnett. Sigh, I SAID NOTABLE!
208- Mark Reynolds. Okay, he had a good season last year, but notable he isn't.
207- JP Arencibia. Nope, still not notable.
200- Miguel Cabrera, That's more like it. Surprised they didn't change his position in time.
188- Bobby Abreu. A Philly legend. That's about the only place he'll ever recieve legendary status.
171- Koji Uehara. Saw him pitch for Baltimore. When he's well he's ferocious.
165- Michael Morse. His 2011 season was a thing of beauty.
138- Pedro Alvarez
133- Ivan Nova. Yep, that's the exact same photo as last year.
300- Josh Hamilton. If the rest of his career holds up, he's a hall of famer. If.
295- Jayson Werth. Please get better.
288- Miguel Montero.
285- Drew Storen. Decent closer
274- Alex Liddi. Mariners rookie, and they're basically booming with prospects.
265- Aroldis Chapman. Is it me or does every Chapman card look the same?
251- Jason Bay
250- Jered Weaver. Jered is enraged by the fact that Justin Verlander had a better season than him.
240- David Wright
225- Michael Pineda. One of the best prospects in baseball on his sophomore year. Woo.
242- Eric Young. And with every good prospect there is a failed one.
216- Jason Kipnis.
180- The Greatest Closer of All Time, Mariano Rivera
167- Starlin Castro cl. Could be great.
166- Brennan BOESCH
152- Chad Billingsley
328- John Lackey. His career's going downhill.
322- Ricky Nolasco. Still can't get used to that Miami logo
320- Matt Holliday
128- Lucas Duda. John Kruk 2.0.
126- Eduardo Nunez. Jeter's heir apparent?
117- Carlos Ruiz.
116- AJ Pierzynski
103- Madison Bumgarner. Saw him pitch. Deserves more credit than he gets.
98- Dominic Brown. Probably will not get much playing time.
96- Grady Sizemore. Used to be my friend Josh's favorite player. Then he kept getting injured.
89- Dontrelle Willis. What a comeback. Now a Phillie.
85- Jason Heyward. Needs a comeback.
80- David Price. Is wrong, bitch. Never gets old.
69- Dee Gordon.
58- Tim Hudson. Used to be awesome. Is getting old.
55- Michael Young.
315- Dustin Ackley. Looks to be a great help for Seattle
47- Luke Hochevar
23- Cory Luebke
19- Yonder Alonso
17- Alex Rios. Overused.
16- Desmond Jennings
10- Jon Lester
3- Jaime Garcia.

Gold cards:
Cole Hamels. Saving that one.
Brennan Boesch
Stephen Drew
Yunel Escobar
Chris Sale

Classic Walkoffs: 2 different David Oritz' from 2004. Damn championship season...
Timeless Teams: Sandburg/Uggla, Aparicio/Castro,
Gold Futures: Craig Kimbrel, Jason Kipnis, JP Arencibia
Golden Greats: Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Albert Pujols. Does the latter deserve that company?
Golden Moments: Dennis Eckersley, Asdrubal Cabrera, Joey Votto
Gold Standard: Paul Molitor, Willie McCovey, Tom Seaver, Jim Thome,
Red Cards: Yonder Alonso, Aaron Crow, Orlando Hudson

These were some nice finds, and were a good addition to the series one search. Now, to find that elusive Jesus Montero rookie...

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