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Nostalgic Box Break: 1994 Stadium Club Series 3 (Part 2)

Yesterday, we began our rip into a box of 1994 Stadium Club Series 3. It was a bit of a spoiler that today I posted that Julio Franco was one of the last three cards I needed to complete the series. So yes, I did will enough in this box to almost complete the set. Spoiler alert.

Then again, it's a third series, and I usually come within inches of completion of a usual Series 3 of Stadium Club, so it's not really a spoiler.

Ah, who cares. On with the rip.

Pack 13:
Cards I needed: 7/13
Doubles: 5/13
Inserts: 1/13
Hall of Famers: 1/13

Three cool sideways shots. Jeff Treadway's is the best, because there's a could of dust in the distance.

Our Fantastic Finisher on the pack is the Big Hurt himself, Frank Thomas. I'm happy he made it into the Hall of Fame. He is a classic hitter.
Our 'Finest' insert is of the 1993 ROY, Tim Salmon. Back in 1994, he was evidently a big deal.

I didn't do a group shot for Pack 14, so we'll dip right into it, with a card of Darrin Jackson, and a rookie card of one of the Alex Gonzalez' that played in the MLB. Don't make me figure out which one.

Willie McGee, in one of his few seasons on the Giants, hits a homer, alongside two guys that I don't really know too well.

Our rookie Rocker this pack was of Bob Hamelin, the eventual '94 AL ROY. What we're learning is that the AL did not have a great sense of career in picking their Rookies of the Year.
Meanwhile, David Justice is the umpteenth Finest insert.

Carlos Delgado's rookie card actually showed up in the 1993 Stadium Club set, appropriately enough in Series 3. I like this card a lot though. Look at that smile.
Javy Lopez in catcher's gear, like basically everybody else in this set.

Pack 15-
Doubles: 3/13
Cards I need: 10/13
Hall of Famers: 1/13
Guys named after hotel chains: 1/13
Three stars of the 90's. Al Leiter was a great pitcher for the Blue Jays and Mets. Felix Fermin was a nice infielder. Marquis Grissom was an excellent power hitter.

Howard Johnson was an All-Star with the Mets. Here he is wasting his career away in Denver.
Dan Wilson, in yet another catcher's shot.\

John Smoltz was signing at the White Plains show I went to a few months ago. I didn't get his signature, because I didn't know how much it was.
Steve Trachsel is best known for being the guy that gave up Mark McGwire's 62nd home run of the 1998 season.

Pack 16:
Doubles: 12/13
Cards I needed: 1/13
Vince Coleman saved this pack from being a complete waste of time. Then again, any Vince Coleman after the 80's ended is a waste of time.

Pack 17-
Doubles: 6/13
Cards I needed: 7/13
Hall of Famers: 1/13

I posted this combo for the Rick Sutcliffe. This was sadly Sutcliffe's last season, which makes this card with the Cardinals one of his last. It's a pretty awesome shot, too.

Jose Rijo had one more season before embarking on a half-decade-long stint on the DL. Poor guy.
Eddie Murray, in a wonderful shot, was still doing awesome things on the Indians, and had a few more years left in his career before his retirement in 1997.

Pack 18:
Doubles: 4/13
Cards I need: 9/13
Subset cards of future stars: 2/13
Hard to believe that Mitch Williams was still playing after the '93 series. I've heard he's a nice guy, and he's local, but...sad.
Delino Deshields was one of the guys that lured Pedro Martinez out of LA. Sorry for reminding you, Night Owl.

These are pretty cool, because Carlos Delgado and Manny Ramirez would become huge stars after these cards came out. To get them in the same pack is pretty nice too.

Pack 19-
Doubles: 5/13
Cards I need: 8/13
Botched super-prospects: 1/13
Guys that should be in the Hall of Fame: 1/13

Bobby Jones, the guy who gave the Mets a reason to play Counting Crows over the loudspeaker during warmups.
Todd Van Poppel, whose sheer existence makes Stephen Strasburg bless his throwing arm daily.

Lonnie and Bream are great players...but that teal is distracting me.

Jack Morris, one of the best pitchers of the 80's, played his final season as a member of the Cleveland Indians. Yes, he did indeed show up to spring training with the Reds, but he didn't actually play a game in Cincinnati. Therefore, this Stadium Club issue of Morris in an Indians jacket is one of his last cards. At least it's a nice one.

Pack 20-
Doubles: 11/13
Cards I need: 2/13
Steroid Abusers: 1/13

Juan Gonzalez and Darren Holmes were the only salvageable parts of this pack.
Pack 21-
Doubles: 4/13
Cards I need: 9/14
Hall of Famers: 1/13
Blogosphere Legends: 1/13


Hector Carrasco is a pretty terrible career pitcher.
Greg Maddux, on the other hand, is pretty awesome. He did indeed have a Fantastic Finish.

Pack 22:
Doubles: 6/13
Cards I need: 7/13
Not a whole lot going on here. Steve Karsay was an okay pitcher, Melido Perez' double play shot is cool, and Fernandez has a nice lunge going, but it's a pretty boring affair.

Pack 23:
Doubles: 11/13
Cards I need: 2/13
Awesome players on cards I need: 2/13

Yup, it's Crime Dog and the Big Unit, which definitely sounds like a cop show. Both cards are pretty awesome, and both guys are great players. Plus, the Johnson is a Dugout Dirt insert, so...

I mean, how cool is that? That is so 90's and so awesome.

Pack 24-
Doubles: 4/13
Cards I need: 9/13

Not much going on, but the Alan Mills card is pretty nice.

So, there's the box. In a few days, when you all have had a chance to breathe, I'll post the next box I got from Amazon. And...truth be told, it's not too different from this one. Just a few Series' earlier.

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  1. Love the Stadium Club box breaks!

    I've got a little over 30 cards from your 95 Stadium Club want list, and could look up some other stuff from 88 and 91 Topps - let me know if you're interested in a trade!

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