Saturday, July 11, 2009

Card Show part 2

I was about to head out the mall's door when who did I see? Everbody's favorite money grubbing wax dealing octegenarian, The Wax Man!!!

I got a few packs, 2 2003 and 1 2ooo.

Let's start with 2003.

666- SIGN OF THE DEVIL!!! Also, it's Jeff Francis' draft pick card. WOOOOO!
418- Brad Ausmus. Nice player
520- Arthur Rhodes, take me home.
503- A GOLD CRAD, crap it's Octavio Dotel. Dammit.
686- Bengie Molina Gold glove
535- Brendan Donnely
490- Randy Lose

Pack 2

167- Erubiel Durazo, shared a rookie crad with Pat Burrell
197- Farnsworth
58- Luis Rivas
186- Brent Abernathy THE
79- Ramon Martinez. CRAP
353- Season Highlights Adam Kenndey. KEEPS
252- Joe Randa
19- Danys Bayez
136- Bob Wickman- COOOMMMIIINNG!
214- Our only hit, CC Sabathia.


268- Orel Hershisher. Night Owl's favorite card.
323- Dustin Hermanson. Dahhhh
336- Kelvim Escober. Dahhhh
266- Dave Roberts.
428- Andy Benes.
20th Century's best of TONY GWYNN!
277- Miguel Cairo
297- Royce Clayton
288- ABB
423- Dmitri Young. Finally something non-crappy
378- Darryl Hamilton. Back to the crap.

Wow, that break sucked, but at least I got some good rookies instead of last time.

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