Saturday, July 11, 2009

Card Show- Sweetest Swag of all

Yes, after a break from collecting, I made a return to my local mall for a card show, with the usual suspects. We were missing the trivia guy, but we still got through with a lot of awesome cards.

First, one of the tables had a load of Series 2 I didn't have. I couldn't get Derek Jeter and Colby Rasmus due to lack of money. Here's the many series 2 cards I got.

411- Troy Tulowitski. Decent player who suffered a sophmore slump last year.
390- Joey Votto. Awesome player.
354- Mike Aviles. WHAT THE FRAK??? Look at the MSPaint error on this one! This is crazy!
465- Troy Glaus. Second banana at the moment to Mr. Pujols.
456- Jason Kendall. Not what he used to be...then again, he didn't used to be much.
454- Carlos Silva. Former Philly player.
452- Orlando Cabrera. I love this year's set because it has all the updated unis. For example, Orlando in an A's uni.
430- K-Rod. K-Rod in a mets Uni.
431- Ramon Hernandez in a Reds's uni...and LOOKING STRAIGHT AT YOOOOU!
385- Mike Jacobs in a Royals uni.
391- Dan Haren still in a D-Backs uni.
357- Huston Street in a Rockies uni.
367- Bobby Abreu in a Angels uni. Topps, you complete me...
247- Jason Bartlett. Been doing a lot for the Rays lately.
485- Aaron Rowand. This guy being one of the best ChiSox Outfielders in recent history says a lot about the team. Thankfully, he's on the Giants here.
484- Chris Carpenter. Not to be confused with Cris Carpenter, who sucked.
481- Nyjer Morgan. This Pirate was recently traded to Washington, which isn't like he's being demoted.
475- Larry Jones. Known to his friends as Chipper, known to Dayf as "CHIPPAH!"
473- Jered Weaver. Wow. Look at this card. Funniest pose of the year. Jeff who?
472- Bill Hall. Part of the stellar Brewers infield...i think.
470- Lance Berkman, who can't stay out of my hands lately.
458- Jeremy Hilary Bonderman
457- John Maine. The Mets are lucky.
435- Carlos Lee, the man who used to suck but somehow got changed in Houston.
425- Curtis Granderson.
415- Josh Beckett. This Beckett isn't as bad as the lousy price guide.
405- Todd Helton, Mountain Man.
394- Barry Zito. Somehow, the third best pitcher on the Giants.
386- Jonathan Papelbon. I have nothing to say about this jackass.
392- Brandon Phillips. Nice player.
332- Chone Figgins. Great player.
380-Aramis. (This is the card where they put his last name)
379- Howie Kendrick
365- Buherle bid gets the worm.
370- Victor Von Doom Martinez.
359- Jason Varitek. BOOOOOOOO!
487- Travis Hafner. Overshadowed by Grady Sizemore.
501- Jeff Suppan. I will need an entire class of college students to find out what the hell he's doing in this picture.
508- Kenji Johjima, More proof that Mike Sweeney is the lone American on this team.
515- Gary Sheffield. Just when I thought that Topps was updated, this card has him on the Tigers.
528- Nick Swisher. Tyring to be slick by slapping fives on his way to the plate. Slick, wish, slick. We traded for you, now we can trade you at will.
529- Fernando Rodney. Fernando has been absent from last year's set.
532- Garret Anderson. Topps regains my trust because Garret Top is on the Braves.
539- Miguel Olivo. Used to be good on the ChiSox and Marlins. Used to.
540- Russell Martin. In this picture, one of the ChiSox is knocking Russ's hat off. Aparently they hate Canadians.
541- Jason Bay. Speaking of Canadians...
550- Silly Beltran! The All Star Game is for kids...apparently Jayson Werth.
552- Eric Byrnes. Exxxxxcelent.
554- Adam LaRoche, probably the best player on the Pirates right now.
558- Edgar Renteria. Am I crazy or did Edgar already give us his series one offerning as a flying squirrel?
570- Davud DeJesus. DeJesus Christ!
574- Nate Schierholz. He's going to be great, I tell you! Listen to me!
580- Scott Kazmir.
587- Adam Dunn on the Nats.
585- Alexi Ramirez. Most Oddly shaped head in the MLB
594- Milton Bradley. Let's play Monopoly, which Milton is in.
605- Rick Ankiel. What a comeback.
610- Forever Young
621- Oliver Perez. Great player.
640- BJ Upton
649- Luke Hochevar, the future of the Royals bullpen
660- Jacoby Ellisbury.
656- Delmon Young, the future of the Twins.

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