Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Rack Pack A Thon

For Easter today, I got 4 rack packs- 1 206, 1 Heritage, and 2 Topps. I'll rip 'em in that order


292- Jeremy Guthrie
277- Andy Pettite
155- Adam Dunn
210- Pat the Bat Burrell. Such a shame they used the same photo for A&G, Heritage and 206.
Holliday Mini
193- Jake Peavy
252- Ryan Braun
269- Russ Martin
238- Mark Buehrle
120- My Man Derek Jeter Bronze
251- Francisco Cordero
141- Prince Fielder

Onto the Heritage-

362- Brandon Allen
245- Ryan Howard
179- Chase Utley...2 Phillies in the same pack!320- Priates
173- Boston Team Card
297- A's
374- Brad Hawpe
349- Jose Guillen
9- Albert Pujols New Age Performers
161- Madison Bum
104- Jorge Posada!
259- Jose Reyes
Manny Ramirez MVP.

And now the Highlights (or the things I didn't have) from the Topps rip.

Code Card- Redeemed as 1999 Tino Martinez, cool a Yankee!
Miguel Cabrera Copper Topps Town
Ryne Sandberg 1983 Yo Mamma- which I already had
Manny Ramirez Turkey Red
Manny Ramirez Legendary Lineage
Albert Pujols Peak Performances
A-rod at a point where he wasn't on roids
History- Frank Robinson's Triple Crown
95- Carl Crawford
CYMTO- 2000 Randy Johnson- Not only did I not have this one, but she did indeed throw it out.
Cole Hamels Turkey Red!
Tales- Ty Cobb

Good rip -Finally a new Yo Mamma card, and a bunch of Phillies

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