Monday, April 5, 2010

Philadelphia Weeps Once More

The hero of my decade in football, Donavan McNabb, has been sent away to the holy land (otherwise known as Washington). Oh, man. It was a smart move to the execs- he's been playing poorly the last few years, and we needed Michael Bip- sorry, Michael Vick to fight with Kevin corn on the Kolb. They just wanted McNabb to disappoint people elsewhere.

The fans, however, think that's a load of crap. McNabb has been that city's football savior for over a decade, leading them to (lose) a Super Bowl, and to (lose) the NFC championship game against the (sigh) Giants. The bloodthirsty Philadelphia fans that I, myself, have become to comfortable with, will not take this news easily. All I know is half the Eagles fans I know will be wearing a Green #5- everyone else will just exclaim they forgot, and move on.

I know people (specific people) who will disagree me, but McNabb would have been great to stay an Eagle, instead of just going to the Land of the Playoff Squandering Bleeping Redskins.

Football is a sad sport- Especially in Philadelphia.

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