Friday, May 11, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Dunn Edition

The #1 question people are asking right now is "What happened to Albert Pujols?" The truth is, really, that he's having a crappy season. Believe me, it happens to everyone. Derek Jeter had a slump in 2003 that nearly derailed his season, but luckily he rebounded and helped his team make the World Series. Pujols...people are hoping he'll turn around, but nobody knows how.

Either way, the guy above could tell Pujols about having a crappy season.

Remember the Adam Dunn of the 2000's? Remember how awesome he was? He hit monstrous amounts of homers for Cincinatti, and his one-two punch combination with Ken Griffey Jr. proved to be deadly. Sure, his team never did very well, but he could really hit. He spent the later half with the D-Backs and the Nationals, the latter of which he did pretty well with.

Remember the Adam Dunn of last year? Remember how torrid he was?

Chicago fans will be the first to tell you that Adam Dunn pissed them off last year. Thankfully, so far he's been redeeming himself, hitting homers and actually playing like Adam Dunn. So maybe it was a one year thing, or at least that's what South Siders are hoping.

So maybe Albert'll bounce back next year, and maybe he'll become the hitting giant we know and love. If it worked with Adam Dunn, it'll work with anyone.

Coming Tomorrow- Meanwhile, on the other side of Chicago, another young ex-Cincinattian is making a new name for himself.

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