Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Guerra Edition

Up until a few weeks ago I had absolutely no idea who this guy was. I know, shame on me.

The name first came up when I asked for requests one night, intending to use some names I heard of. A Dodger fan piped in, and suggested Kemp and Ethier, but also Javy Guerra. I didn't know who that was, so I kinda set him aside.

About a week later I found a yahoo article about the Dodgers' closer using his entrance music to honor mexican refugees. Sure enough, I found out right then and there that Javy Guerra was the Dodgers' closer. 

It is at this point that I might add that I had no idea Jonathan Broxton was in Kansas City until halfway through last month. So then I thought "oh yeahh...THAT'S who's closing in LA. Ohhh." 

I promptly slapped myself for not knowing that. Guerra is erasing any memories of Broxton, or even Gagne. He's a really good closer, and may have a future with the team.

Coming Tomorrow- Satchell  Paige isn't remembered for much in terms of the MLB, but he's remembered for pitching a game in 1965 in his sixties. He's the current holder of the oldest man ever to pitch a baseball game. And thanks to this man, his record is in danger.


  1. His future might not last long if he keeps pitching like he has lately. ERA over 5. Three blown saves. Last year he was almost perfect. But not this year.

  2. I think they named Kenley the new closer yesterday but I could be wrong. Probably a smart move.