Friday, July 25, 2014

Custom Card of the Night: Scherzer Edition

Not enough can be said about the Detroit Tigers' rotation.

Okay, by that I mean the Detroit Tigers' rotation with the exception of Drew Smyly. Drew Smyly is the Steve Avery of this rotation. He comes fifth, and simply isn't as good as the rest of the gang.

Any other year it'd come down to Verlander and Scherzer. This year it's Scherzer and Porcello. That doesn't count out Verlander and Anibal Sanchez though, because both are having modest enough seasons. Max Scherzer is, once again, having a dynamite season, and Rick Porcello, who was basically a failed prospect a second ago, is also surging.

Will Scherzer repeat for the AL Cy Young. It'll be the first time a Jewish pitcher has won multiple Cy Young awards since Sandy Koufax. And as a half-Jew myself, I could use something like that. Again, it's looking like it's either Scherzer or Felix Hernandez for the Cy, which means it's two pitchers looking for their second, and while I'd like to once again bring up the fact that Felix didn't exactly deserve the first one, I'd still prefer it if Max Scherzer finished strong and got two in a row.

Unless somebody else comes into the race and takes it away.

Coming Tomorrow- A pitcher for the Rays. Whether he will still be pitching for the Rays by the end of the month is up for debate.

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