Thursday, November 16, 2017

MVPs: Well Deserved Edition

Now, I know what you're thinking. How am I not pissy about Aaron Judge not getting MVP? I mean, it's been 7 years since CC Sabathia got robbed for Cy Young, and you still go on about that, but why not this?

...Because I kinda knew that Aaron Judge wasn't gonna be MVP from his August alone. Like, unlike Jose Altuve, Judge was human this year. Judge made mistakes. He struck out a ton. But throughout the entire season, Jose Altuve hit for average, hit home runs like hell, played great in the field, and did a tremendous all-around job of playing baseball, as he's done every year since 2012. So, of course, he deserved the MVP over Judge, and I ain't mad.

With Giancarlo Stanton winning, you also need to talk about the fact that Joey Votto was trailing him the entire time, and almost won had it not been for 2 Stanton votes. I mean, both Stanton and Votto are among baseball's best, and while Votto has kind of already made his Cooperstown case clear, Stanton had a HUGE all-around year, hitting like hell the entire time, and still being able to hit for average. His 59 homers have drilled him into the records until somebody, probably him again, chases Ruth, Maris (and those other guys).

These two deserved to be the 2017 MVPs. For both, it was about damn time.

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  1. I was glad to see both of these guys win the MVP Awards... but wouldn't have complained if Votto or Judge did either. All four had great seasons... and there are arguments for each of them.