Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Noda Disrespect


Well. We have our first to 50 losses before we've had out first to 50 wins, almost confirming the likelihood of once again having an 100-game-loser before a 100-game-winner is crowned. Somehow I feel Rob Manfred is to blame, but I could be wrong.

But yeah, the A's are 12 and 50, one of the worst starts for an MLB team in years, and a level efficiency already likened to the 1962 Mets by my dad. And it's not as if there aren't people doing things well on this A's team right now; Esteury Ruiz is going to cross 30 steals in the next week, Brent Rooker is providing a ton of offensive pop at DH, Ryan Noda has been a fun rookie standout as a hitter, and Ramon Laureano is still a great defensive asset. But like, pretty much every other working player on this team has an asterisk next to them, like 'yes, I suppose they're good, but this stat also exists.'

The best starter on this team is J.P. Sears, he has a 4.20 ERA, 60 Ks and 1.104 WHIP. He's 0-3. If this team had more run support, there's a chance he wouldn't be, but starters A.) aren't exactly mowing down opposing offenses and B.) aren't exactly winning games in Oakland. I've counted 2 wins from Oakland starters, and this is even with Paul Blackburn back. Oh, by the way, Paul Blackburn's back, I didn't know this til just now, he's given up 6 runs in 9 innings. The feel good 2022 story may not repeat immediately. But people like Kyle Muller, Ken Waldichuk and Luis Medina aren't exactly inspiring fear in the hearts of the Astros' lineup. The only legitimately good starter they've had this year, Mason Miller, lasted 4 starts before landing on the IL. 

The team's cumulative ERA is 6.69. It should not shock you that this is the worst in baseball. It should also not shock you that the A's have a .218 batting average, the worst in baseball. Ironically, though, they've hit more home runs than 6 teams, including the knowingly contact-emphasizing Cleveland Guardians. And, ironically, Ruiz has put the team 4th-highest in the majors in stolen bases. They're not bottoming out in every category, but they are bad, and they show no signs of immediate improvement.

The biggest hit to this team so far seems to be the stalling in legislation to get the Athletics a new home in Vegas, which is now in jeopardy thanks to 'running behind schedule'. If this ends up falling through and making the A's stay in the Coliseum, it just means that whatever deity is making decisions just wants the A's to suffer. I haven't seen a team get this kind of awful luck since the last decade of Expos baseball. 

Coming Tomorrow- Not the guy I expected to be leading the charge in Denver this year, but welcome nonetheless. 

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