Wednesday, September 13, 2023

One Team, Multiple Jesuses


Luis Arraez: 4.5 WAR
Marlins Named Jesus: 4.7 WAR.
Need I say more?

I...I probably should say some more things. 

The Marlins have caught fire in September, began the month with a six-game winning streak, and did their absolute best to draw attention to that rather than the debilitating losses they've received at the hands of two teams, the Dodgers and Brewers, who will be winning divisions this year.

I am thoroughly impressed with the full team effort that's cropped up in Miami this year. After last year, when the Marlins got rid of Brian Anderson, Miguel Rojas and Pablo Lopez, I thought it would be harder for things to bubble up after that. Slowly, the ensemble effort formed. For one, it's becoming clear that Kim Ng's insistence on including Jesus Luzardo in the Starling Marte deal was a crucial one, as Luzardo has been a very big part of this Marlins team, leading the team in strikeouts with 186 and in wins with 9. In this period without Sandy Alcantara, there will be more reliance on Luzardo, and he's still definitely in his prime, and can brush off the odd weak start and still give you consistency. Braxon Garrett, Eury Perez and Edward Cabrera have been similarly impressive this year, and the rotation is a solid young group effort that I was worried would be tarnished without Trevor Rogers.

As for the other Jesus, Jesus Sanchez has been having a great season after a couple years of learning the ropes. Sanchez has a .266 average, 49 RBIs, 13 homers and an .809 OPS. It's production that took a bit longer than expected but has been worth the weight. Right now, the Marlins have Sanchez, Jazz Chisholm, Luis Arraez, Jake Burger, Josh Bell, Dane Myers and, somehow, Xavier Edwards, all hitting well. The power gambit of Bell and Burger has paid off handsomely, there's 34 RBIs and 15 homers between them. Jon Berti's only stolen 14 bases this year but Jazz Chisholm has 19, so they'll be alright long-term. This is an immensely varied and versatile team that could have a great deal to build on as they work on repeating if this year goes well.

And while 2023's playoff admittance is still an 'if' for the Marlins, their September has already brought them back towards the center of the wild card race, as they're only 1.5 games behind the last spot. It will not be easy, and even if one team is beginning to pull away, the Marlins cannot have this stretch break their extremely strong season. I'd love to see this team advance, even if I know that the hardest work is yet to be done.

Coming Tonight: One of several really impressive relievers out of Detroit this year.


  1. Kim Ng has done a pretty good job as GM, yet no one seems to acknowledge the shrewd moves she's made.

    That said, she needs to acquire a closer named Jesus. I think you know why.

    1. ah yes, you mean what i almost titled the post?