Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Continuation of the worst trade day ever

Mike Cameron, why couldn't you have just stayed at home. But NOOOOOO. You had to sign with Boston.

Also, I have nothing that bad to say about Matsui, that the Angels are basically recreating the Yankees 2008 outfield. All they need is Damon.

And finally, The Halladay deal isn't final quite yet. In other news, Brian Cashman says "Exxxxxcelent"

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  1. Enjoy Mike Cameron, I'm thankful the Brewers didn't try to sign him again.

    When he was hitting .320 after May, I asked a friend if we could send him to the minors for 2 months since he was due to hit .220 for a couple of months. I wasn't even joking. Too bad the Brewers didn't think of it first.

    But yeah, you'll love his defense.